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Everything We Know About The Great Season 3 So Far

Huzzah! "The Great" is coming back for season 3, which is great (sorry) news for all of us watching at home, but bad news for the young Catherine II and her efforts to bring the Enlightenment to Russia. Season 2 only doubled down on the dark absurdism of season 1, throwing everything from surprising pregnancy cravings to crocodiles and war-mongering enemies in Catherine's path. At the same time, the show continued to chart its namesake's growth into an effective leader, evolving her from the dar...
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Sollten wir für Aufgaben beim Bewerben bezahlt werden?

Die Corona-Krise hat auch Spuren auf dem Arbeitsmarkt hinterlassen. Arbeitnehmer:innen auf der ganzen Welt verlassen ihre alten oder wenig erfüllenden Jobs und weigern sich, zu dem Leben zurückzukehren, das sie vor COVID hatten. Sie kündigen in Massen, um etwas Besseres zu finden – sei es, um ihre Träume zu verwirklichen, einen guten Zweck zu unterstützen, der ihnen am Herzen liegt, oder um eine bessere Work-Life-Balance zu finden. Arbeitsmärkte weltweit ändern sich im Moment. Auch die Art un...
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Kramb - baker's percentage calculator

Kramb - baker's percentage calculator Submitted by Joanna on January 1, 2022 - 11:08am. Hello everyone!First of all - happy new year :)To make this year' baking a bit easier, I've spend last weeks of 2021 making this simple baking calculator. What differentiates it from other calculators, is the fact that it counts the total hydration including also starter hydration, eggs content and yolks content, if you'd wish :) The need to manually calculate content of water in starter and...
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Eye Liner is 4 minutes of bliss for your eyeballs by video artist Joanna priestly

Eye Liner is a colorful, short animation by Joanna Priestly that made me feel as if I was watching a magical world unfold underneath a microscope. It sent me into a meditation, guided by alien-like forms. The beautiful music takes my brain to outer space, or the deep sea. — Read the rest
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The 20 Most Romantic Christmas Movie Moments, Ranked

While most audiences watch Christmas movies for yuletide splendor, the ever-growing genre always seems to have a romantic trick or two up its sleeve. From madcap comedic adventures to dramatic epics, holiday films almost find time for a good love story somewhere along the way. In a cinematic landscape that features Christmas stories starring everyone from the Muppets to Buddy the Elf to Batman, it's fascinating to see how these lovey-dovey elements continually sneak into even the most unexpected...
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Poland Angers U.S. by Rushing Through Media Law

By Anna Koper and Joanna PlucinskaWARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's parliament passed a media bill on Friday that critics say aims to silence a news...
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Joe Manchin is throwing cold water on paid leave again, threatening to leave the US as the world's only developed economy without mandated time off for workers

Sen. Joe Manchin seen at the US Capitol on June 8, 2021 in Washington, DC.Samuel Corum/Getty Images Democrats are still hashing out their party-line social spending package, and what will be included. Paid leave was omitted from President Joe Biden's initial framework, but got added back in. But Sen. Joe Manchin — who didn't support the proposal before — is doubling down in his opposition. Democrats have already made deep cuts to their party-line social-spending bill — and key centris...
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Poland Turns Water Cannon on Rock-Throwing Migrants at Border

By Pawel Florkiewicz and Joanna PlucinskaWARSAW (Reuters) -Polish security forces turned water cannon on migrants who threw rocks from across the...
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Poland Turns Water Cannon on Rock-Throwing Migrants at Belarus Border

By Pawel Florkiewicz and Joanna PlucinskaWARSAW (Reuters) - Polish security forces turned water cannon on migrants who threw rocks across the...
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Meet the West Virginia family that lost half their income because the parents couldn't get 2 weeks of paid leave: 'There were times I had to wait until payday to get my kids their prescriptions'

Advocate JoAnna Vance joins families, parents, and caregivers as they bring their stories and voices to Capitol Hill to call on Congress to include paid family and medical leave in the ‘Build Back Better' legislative package. Paul Morigi/Getty Images for PL+US Two weeks of paid leave from his mining job would've given Edmund Vance time to get substance abuse treatment. Instead he had to take a job with less than half the pay and struggled to stave off a pile of debt. Sen. Joe Manch...
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It's Worth It: Pregnant Iraqi Woman Tells Migrants to Keep Crossing EU Border

By Yara Abi Nader and Joanna PlucinskaBIALYSTOK, Poland (Reuters) - Umm Malak, 26 and due to give birth in weeks, was willing to go through...
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37 beautiful coffee table books to give as gifts in 2021

Here are 35 great coffee table book gifts, from poignant works by photojournalists to iconic never-before-published photos of living icons. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Insider A good coffee table book is a decor piece that's filled with stunning images and entertains guests. We compiled a list of 37 coffee table books that will make great gifts for everyone in your life. Want more book-related gift ideas? Check out the best gifts for book lovers. Unlike the dog-eared, beaten-down tomes often...
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Hundreds of Migrants Stuck at Poland-Belarus Border, More Clashes Feared

By Kacper Pempel and Joanna PlucinskaSOKOLKA, Poland (Reuters) -Hundreds of migrants camped out near the Belarusian border with Poland in freezing...
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Hulu Releases First Look at Gillian Anderson in ‘The Great’ (TV News Roundup)

Hulu released a first look at Gillian Anderson as Catherine’s mother Joanna in Season 2 of “The Great,” which premieres Nov. 19. The comedy-drama, billed as “anti-historical,” satirizes the story of Catherine the Great, Empress of All Russia. Elle Fanning stars as Catherine in the series, which charts Catherine’s rise to power as well as […]
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Exclusive-Polish Gene Project Moves to Drop Chinese Tech on Data Concerns

By Joanna PlucinskaWARSAW (Reuters) - A European Union-funded project to build a genomic map of Poland plans to drop gene-sequencing technology...
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Comment on homemade dulce de leche by Joanna

Can I use 2% milk? Also, can Dulce de leche freeze?
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7 Best Side Hustle Ideas For Couples

7 Best Side Hustle Ideas For Couples is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money! You can’t deny the power of side hustling. It’s one of the best ways to make extra money, boost your savings, pay off debt, and get back on track. In fact, nearly half of working adults say they need a side hustle to help make ends meet and loosen their budget. If you’re married or in a relationship, the idea of side hustling with your partner might have crossed ...
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Page 69: Unbroken Bonds

    Disclaimer: The Page 69 Test  is not mine. It has been around since 2007, asking authors to compare page 69 against the meat of the actual story it is a part of. I loved the whole idea of it and so I'm stealing it specifically to showcase small press titles - novels, novellas, short story collections, the works! So until the founder of  The Page 69 Test  calls a cease and desist, let's do this thing.... In this installment of Page 69,  We put Dawn Hogan’s UNBROKEN BONDS to t...
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The 15 Best '90s Comedies Ranked

The '90s were a landmark decade for comedy films. The growth of independent filmmaking allowed unique comedic voices to reach mainstream audiences. "Saturday Night Live" generated a new batch of comedy stars, many of whom made successful screen debuts during the decade and are still active today. The old guard was still around, too, creating characters with more depth and nuance than any parts they played during the '80s. It wasn't just live-action, either; for the first time, adult animated sho...
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Pegging: Wieso so viele junge Frauen gerne ihre Partner penetrieren

2001 fragte der Sex-Journalist Dan Savage in seiner Kolumne „Savage Love“: „Welcher Begriff soll von heute an die gängig akzeptierte Beschreibung dafür sein, wenn eine Frau einen Mann mit einem Umschnalldildo in den Arsch fickt?“ Seine Leser:innen antworteten: „Pegging.“  20 Jahre später ist Pegging beliebter denn je. Der Online-Sexshop Lovehoney gab an, 2020 fast 200 Prozent mehr Umschnalldildos verkauft zu haben. Auch in Film und Fernsehen wird Pegging immer häufiger gezeigt – zum Beispiel ...
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Hobbies that make money: Turning your hobbies into cash

Ever had that twang of regret as you stumble upon old hobby supplies and you realize that you haven’t done anything hobby-related in years? Or what about another twang? The one where you feel guilty that you’re spending money on a hobby when you could be building your empire? You could do both. Zero regrets and absolutely no guilt. Your hobby might just become your family’s vacation ticket or pay for your kitchen remodel. Even better, what if your hobby is the reason you can retire yo...
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The Use Case Podcast: Storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley

Storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 114. This week we have storytelling about Censia with Joanna Riley. During this episode, Joanna and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing Censia. Joanna is an expert in all things teams and tech. Her […]
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Comment on deviled eggs by Joanna

In reply to PL. This was the one I immediately thought of when I watched the egg tik tok!
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Comment on peach pie by Joanna

In reply to Elise. My grandma always put a layer of breadcrumbs at on top of the bottom crust before the fruit, and I’ve adopted that technique to absorb extra juices – however have not tried it in this recipe.
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So Long, I Am Jumping the Shark

Well, this is awkward. I’ve never shied away from including myself in my own stories, but it’s not often that I am my own story. I guess now’s as good a time as any to get real, as I say goodbye to the place I’ve long called home.Read more...
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Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins For Your Weekend [07.24.21]

Happy, happy, happy weekend! Let’s not let the everyday routines numb us to the miracle of living every day! Some real, down in the bones JOY to celebrate today! Links & stories 100% guaranteed to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in a Good God redeeming everything. Never, ever give up…there really is hope, even for us. Serving up only the Good Stuff for you & your people right here: Jessica Walker Jessica Walker Jessica Walker ...
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Chip and Joanna Gaines talk moving from ‘Fixer Upper’ to building Magnolia TV network

By Alicia Rancilio Chip and Joanna Gaines made a name for themselves thanks to their knack for renovating homes. Now they’re ready to put their skills to work on building an entire TV network. The couple known for restoring old homes and buildings into styles varying from industrial to farmhouse are making the transition to TV executives with Thursday’s launch of the first steps toward their Magnolia Network. It will feature dozens of hours of new unscripted content and archive shows. Related ...
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Comment on ultimate zucchini bread by Joanna

This was tasty. I had some lavender buds just dried from our garden so I eliminated the spices and added some crushed buds and lemon zest – I took a suggestion from a Bon Appetit recipe and put the lemon zest and lavender buds with the sugar into the food processor first. Great flavors. Mine came out even a little too moist. I think this is probably because I weighed the flour – for me, Smitten Kitchen recipes (cookbooks and website) consistently have more flour by volume than by weight, and I h...
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Comment on zucchini butter spaghetti by Joanna

I made a half portion of this and ate it all myself while my husband was out of town. It was incredible and I can’t wait to eat it again!!
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Chip Gaines: Cheering on Joanna as they built Magnolia Network is 'the role of a lifetime'

"It's been fun," Joanna Gaines says of creating Magnolia Network with her husband, Chip. His playful advice for couples? "We do not recommend this."       [Author: USA TODAY]
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