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Patrick Stewart Is Reading Every Shakespeare Sonnet on Instagram: One a Day “to Keep the Doctor Away”

  View this post on Instagram   It has led me to undertake what follows. When I was a child in the 1940s, my mother would cut up slices of fruit for me (there wasn't much) and as she put it in front of me she would say: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." How about, “A sonnet a day keeps the doctor away”? we go: Sonnet 1. A post shared by Patrick Stewart (@sirpatstew) on Mar 22, 2020 at 4:28pm PDT After receiving...
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Filipino church administrators charged with labor trafficking, immigration fraud

A federal grand jury has charged three administrators of a Filipino megachurch, Kingdom of Jesus Christ, with operating a scheme of labor trafficking and immigration fraud. Prosecutors alleged that the administrators forced some of its members into long hours of soliciting funds for the church and its leaders, most times with no pay, and were often forced into fraudulent marriages so they could remain in the United States to continue their work. Some workers were kept here through student visas....
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At a Van Nuys church, allegations of abuse, harsh punishments detailed by federal prosecutors

On the Sunday after FBI agents raided their compound and arrested three church administrators as part of an immigration fraud investigation, members of the Van Nuys chapter of a Philippines-based megachurch held worship services behind locked doors and shuttered windows. Outside, scattered on the porch of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ church at 14424 Vanowen Street, were rusted door hinges, ripped from the front entrance during the Jan. 28 raid in which agents swarmed the compound that includes a ...
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Philippine church managers denied bail in immigration fraud case

Two Philippines-based church leaders charged with participating in an immigration fraud scheme were ordered held without bail on Thursday, Jan. 30, while a lower-level defendant was released on $35,000 bond. U.S. District Judge Autumn Spaeth denied bail for Guia Cabactulan and Marissa Duenas, but let Omar Rodriguez Jr. out on bail. Cabactulan and Duenas were arrested Wednesday at a KOJC compound in Van Nuys, where they lived. The three are accused in connection with a scheme that arranged for sh...
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John Barton, Co-Founder Of Royal Shakespeare Company, Dead At 89

"As a playwright, with two ten-play dramatic cycles inspired by classical Greek drama to his credit, he enlarged the ambition and dimensions of theatre ... Through his work as a director, and above all as a teacher, [he] changed the way we play and hear Shakespeare. His editing and literary carpentering restored neglected Shakespeare plays […]
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RSC founder and 'Shakespeare genius' John Barton dies

The British theatre director, who co-founded the Royal Shakespeare Company, has died aged 89.
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Obituaries: John Barton, Founder of Royal Shakespeare Company, Dies at 89

Barton was the host of the popular series Playing Shakespeare.
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Into the woods with Shakespeare

Fear and forests, writes Shakespeare scholar Professor Anne Barton, go hand in hand. Forests are where we get lost and meet wild men, where chaos rules and anything can happen. Shakespeare uses forest settings, sometimes magical, sometimes menacing, in many of his plays. In As You Like It, the Forest of Arden is a place of freedom, transformation and love – but also hardship for the shepherds who work there. When in Macbeth Birnam Wood does come to Dunsinane, Macbeth knows he is doomed. B...
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'Life Threatening' Hurricane Harvey Strengthens To Category 2 Storm

HOUSTON (AP) — Harvey continued to intensify as it steered for the Texas coast, with the forecasters saying early Friday that it had strengthened to a Category 2 storm. The hurricane with the potential for up to 3 feet of rain, 125 mph winds and 12-foot storm surges could be the fiercest such storm to hit the United States in almost a dozen years. Forecasters labeled Harvey a “life-threatening storm” that posed a “grave risk” as millions of people braced for a prolonged battering that could swam...
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The Question That Won't Go Away About Muslims and Terrorism

Why don't more Muslims denounce extremism and terrorism? I can still count on that question surfacing whenever I teach about Islam in various Christian contexts. For the most part, it is asked by sincere, thoughtful people who are concerned about the world and sometimes confused about Islam. It reflects the fact that many people consider Muslim responses to extremism inadequate. Some--including both marginal voices and respected commentators--even talk of "deafening silence." Answers to the que...
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Islamophobia Is More About Phobia Than Islam--A Christian Perspective

Recently a flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse was delayed two hours, stalled on the runway, because one passenger became concerned when she perceived a man of Middle Eastern descent scribbling what appeared to be Arabic on a piece of paper. Was he an Islamic terrorist? Was he scrawling out his intentions to hijack the flight and create mayhem? It turns out the man was an Italian economics professor at University of Pennsylvania who was scribbling an algebraic equation. He wasn't a terrorist; ...
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Shakespeare outdoes Game of Thrones in the BBC's Hollow Crown

The Henry VI plays are condensed into two servings of power battles, sex and witchcraft with fine performances from Hugh Bonneville and Sophie OkonedoShakespeare’s early histories used to be written off. Harold Bloom, in his massive book on Shakespeare, devotes a derisory seven pages to the three Henry VI plays and tells us “they do not live now”. But, as RSC revivals of the complete trilogy by Michael Boyd and Terry Hands have proved, they make terrific theatre. I would guess that the first two...
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EasyJet founder to vote against chairman amid dividend row

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou plans to use 20m shares to oppose John Barton’s re-election to board of budget airline in protest against falling share priceSir Stelios Haji-Ioannou will use some of his easyJet shares to vote against the airline’s chairman at its annual general meeting in a protest against the company’s dividend policy and falling share price.EasyJet’s founder said he would use a token 20m shares, not his full 34% stake, to oppose John Barton’s re-election to the board at Thursday’s me...
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How Would Jesus Read the Difficult Verses of the Qur'an?

Recently a teenage Muslim in Pakistan cut off his own hand because he believed it caused him to commit blasphemy. At the local mosque, the imam asked for a show of hands of those who do NOT love the Prophet Muhammad. It was a rhetorical question. The 15-year-old, Anwar Ali, mistakenly thought the imam asked who DOES love Muhammad. He enthusiastically raised his right hand, only to be ridiculed as a blasphemer. Horrified, the young man went home and chopped off his right hand. Muslim commentator,...
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The Best Answer to Bad Guys with Qur'ans is Good Guys with Qur'ans

I grow tired of hearing non-Muslims exclaim that Muslims are not all terrorists. It is, of course, true. But it doesn't require much insight and rarely adds anything new to our society's strained discourse about Islam and terror. In fact, it often serves merely as a bone that critics throw out to claim they are fair before launching into a commentary about the vices of Islam as an ideology. As a Christian, I try to imagine what it would be like to hear non-Christians discussing my religion in s...
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How to Help Your Religion Win in 2016

Recently I read a blog post by a Christian pastor saying Christianity is the largest and fastest growing religion on earth. He credited evangelism as helping Christianity stay ahead of Islam, its closest "competitor." He then encouraged fellow Christians to have winning attitudes which produce winning results: "If we think we are losers we tend to act like losers and we get loser results. Embrace the belief: the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing!" Assuming good sources and the best of inten...
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