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Lou Reed Concert Film Berlin Streaming Free Online for the Next Week Last laughs can be sweet, and according to music journalist, Anthony DeCurtis, his friend, the late Lou Reed, “reveled” in the critical drubbing that greeted his 3rd solo album, 1973’s Berlin. Not immediately, however. Berlin, which followed hard on the heels of Reed’s widely adored Transformer, had a painful, protracted delivery. This was due in part due to RCA execs getting cold feet about releasing Reed’s grim concept record as a double albu...
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John Cale – “Lazy Day”

John Cale is always around -- just recently, in fact, he popped up on the excellent Kelly Lee Owens track "Corner Of My Sky." He's always working on something or another, but now it's been a bit since he's released a new album. (His last, 2016's M:FANS, was a reimagining of his 1982 … More »
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Andrew Bird – “Andalucia” (John Cale Cover)

Andrew Bird has a lot going on these days. Many years ago, the handsome whistling bastard was a member of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, the briefly-huge swing revivalists. Last month, Bird reunited with the Zippers for the first time in 22 years, performing a song for NPR's remote cameras. Bird is also More »
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Michael Sheen Faces Down A Toaster In Kelly Lee Owens’ “Corner Of My Sky” Video

Kelly Lee Owens released her excellent Album Of The Week-worthy Inner Song last month. One of its many highlights is "Corner Of My Sky," a collaboration with the legendary John Cale. The song is a reflection of Owens and Cale's shared Welsh heritage, and for its official music video they brought … More »
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Watch the Velvet Underground's John Cale on "I've Got A Secret" TV game show in 1963

While the maestro John Cale is best known as a founder of the Velvet Underground, his association with the group followed Cale's deep involvement with the avant-garde classical music scene. During the early 1960s, Cale performed with John Cage, La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, and many others, and pioneered the drone/minimalist sound that continues to… Read More
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Slowly does it: chord changes in 639-year-long organ piece

Fans gather in a German church to hear the first new sound in John Cale’s composition, Organ/ASLSP, for six yearsHundreds of fans have attended a special kind of musical happening at a church in Germany: a chord change in an organ piece that is supposed to last for an entirety of 639 years.The performance of the Organ/ASLSP (As Slow As Possible) composition began in September 2001 at the St Burchardi church in the eastern town of Halberstadt and is supposed to end in 2640 — if all goes well. Con...
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Slowly does it: chord changes in John Cale's 639-year-long organ piece

Fans gather in a German church to hear the first new sound in composition, Organ/ASLSP, for six yearsHundreds of fans have attended a special kind of musical happening at a church in Germany: a chord change in an organ piece that is supposed to last for an entirety of 639 years.The performance of the Organ/ASLSP (As Slow As Possible) composition began in September 2001 at the St Burchardi church in the eastern town of Halberstadt and is supposed to end in 2640 — if all goes well. Continue readin...
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The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

Every week the Stereogum staff chooses the five best new songs of the week (the eligibility period begins and ends Thursdays right before midnight). This week's countdown is below, and you can listen to a playlist of all our 5 Best Songs on Spotify. More »
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Kelly Lee Owens – “Corner Of My Sky” (Feat. John Cale)

We're finally only a few weeks away from the release of Kelly Lee Owens' sophomore album, Inner Song, after it was announced way back in February. Owens has shared a handful of tracks in that time -- "Melt!," "Night," and "On" -- and today she's back with another song, … More »
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Hear Brian Eno’s Rarely-Heard Cover of the Johnny Cash Classic, “Ring of Fire”

"Ring of Fire" has been covered many times and in many ways since Johnny Cash released it in 1963. But for all its recognition as one of his signature songs, Cash's "Ring of Fire" is itself a cover — or another interpretation, in any case, of a tune originally written by Cash's wife June Carter and songwriter Merle Kilgore for June's sister, Anita Carter. Though it made nothing like the mark Cash's recording did, the original "Ring of Fire" has its appreciators, a group that may well inc...
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1980's 12-year-old post-punk sensation Chandra sings "Concentration"

Reddit: Chandra Oppenheim’s story is one of the most innocent but interesting stories to come out of post-punk NYC. After glam moved into punk and punk moved into post-punk/new wave/no wave/noise/outsider disco/mutant disco/art punk/etc/etc, it was a musical free for all. So it makes sense that an unassuming 12-year-old from Brooklyn would enter the scene backed by a post-punk, outsider disco group under the name Chandra. Chandra Oppenheim was just twelve years old when her debut album ‘T...
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"They said Torres continued to call out to Boone saying he couldn't breathe, to which she is heard saying, 'That's on you. Oh, that's what I feel like when you choke me.'"

From "Florida man dies inside suitcase, girlfriend charged after claiming they were playing hide and seek: report" (Fox News).Boone allegedly told police that they thought it would be funny if he got inside the suitcase, Fox 35 Orlando reported. She allegedly said they were drinking at the time and she passed out on her bed. When she woke up-- hours later-- she allegedly said she found him unresponsive and not breathing....But she made videos, which police retrieved from her phone. Deputies said...
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Listen to Brian Eno's beautiful cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"

In 1990, Brian Eno and John Cale made a wonderful experimental pop/art rock record called Wrong Way Up, released by Warner Bros. Records. At the time, the label would send out 7" records to alt.rock/college radio stations to promote their new releases. The promo series, called Soil Samples, featured different artists on each side of the record performing songs that weren't included on their new albums. Above is Brian Eno's contribution to Soil Samples #3, a sublime cover of Johnny Cash's "Ring...
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Bryce Dessner: I’m the Same Musician Wherever I Go

Bryce Dessner is the first person we have ever featured on NewMusicBox who glowingly talked about both Paul Simon and Helmut Lachenmann. Like many of the most inventive creative musical minds of the early 21st century, Dessner does not compartmentalize music into different genres. However, it is clear that he has learned different lessons from his immersion into different kinds of music-making and that these lessons have made him a stronger musician, whether he is writing songs and playing lead ...
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J. Robbins – “Winter Sun” & “Magic And Lies”

J. Robbins has had a busy year. For one thing, Jawbox got back together. Jawbox, the great and important DC post-hardcore band that Robbins once led, had reunited exactly once for a Fallon performance in 2009. This year, they headed out on their first tour since their 1997 breakup. Robbins did something else … More »
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Ears Wide Open: Pluralone (Josh Klinghoffer)

Josh Klinghoffer has more than earned his bona fides, and now it is his time to shine a bit. Widely known as the guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers, the onetime sideman for PJ Harvey, Beck and Gnarls Barkley is releasing his first solo album, “To Be One With You” under the pseudonym “Pluralone,” out Nov. 22 via ORG Music. The album features guest spots from current and former Red Hot Chili Peppers bandmates Flea and Jack Irons, respectively. Members of Klinghoffer’s experimental band Dot Hacker...
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Bauhaus thrills at Hollywood Palladium as reunited goth icons play first show in 13 years

Not until the very end of the night did any of four members of Bauhaus, playing together for the first time since 2006, speak directly to the crowd in the packed Palladium on Sunday, and then only a quick acknowledgment — “Thank you for welcoming us back” — from singer Peter Murphy. But no one in the packed venue needed Murphy, guitarist Daniel Ash, bassist David J or drummer Kevin Haskins to tell them how momentous this night was. It’s been 40 years since the English post-punk band’s debut sing...
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Levitation 2019 Initial Lineup

Levitation, the music festival formerly known as Austin Psych Fest, will return to venues across Austin this November. Today the fest has shared its first batch of performers, topped by John Cale of the Velvet Underground. Also on deck are the Black Angels, Angel Olsen, Devendra Banhart, High On Fire, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile, Chelsea … More »
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The 50 best songs about Europe – ranked!

Brexit is delayed – so voyager avec nous on a trans-European tour of music, from Paris to Berlin via Finistère. Tout le monde à bord!Poor old Lloyd went to Amsterdam and all he got was double pneumonia in a single room. And, by the sounds of it, his love life is going horribly wrong. Just don’t ask him about the price of medicine (obviously he didn’t get his European health insurance card). It’s enough to make anyone go No Deal, really. Continue reading...
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Soul Serenade: Rufus Thomas, “Walking the Dog”

“His music … brought a great deal of joy to the world, but his personality brought even more, conveying a message of grit, determination, indomitability, above all a bottomless appreciation for the human comedy that left little room for the drab or the dreary in his presence.” — Peter Guralnick As Dr. King once famously said, longevity has its place. And when it comes to a career in music, longevity is something that’s widely sought after but all to seldom experienced. We often celebrate the sin...
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Marissa Nadler – “Poison” (Feat. John Cale) & “If We Make It Through The Summer”

Marissa Nadler is renowned for her distinctly gothic aesthetic, vulnerable lyrics, and delicate croon. With the pair of confessional new tracks she’s shared -- "Poison," which features the Velvet underground legend John Cale, and “If We Make It Through The Summer" -- she delivers on these expectations and more. Her last full-length album, her eighth, … More »
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Ratso – “Our Lady Of Light” (Feat. Nick Cave)

After decades of being around the music world, 70-year-old writer Larry "Ratso" Sloman is finally diving right in. Ratso has helped pen memoirs for Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis and Kiss' Peter Criss, written lyrics for John Cale, and covered Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder tour for Rolling Stone. And now, he's releasing his debut … More »
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Leonard Cohen’s Last Work, The Flame Gets Published: Discover His Final Poems, Drawings, Lyrics & More

It's a perverse irony or an apt metaphor: Leonard Cohen is best known for a song that took him five years to write, and that went almost unheard on its debut, in part because the head of Columbia’s music division, Walter Yetnikoff, refused to release Cohen’s 1985 album Various Positions in the U.S. “Leonard, we know you’re great,” said Yetnikoff, “We just don’t know if you’re any good.” It might have been Cohen’s summation of life itself. It wasn’t until Jeff Buckley’s electric gospel cover in ...
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Bandsintown Launches NYC Performance Space At Velvet Underground Experience

Concert discovery platform Bandsintown announced the launch of The Bandsintown Studio, a dedicated performance space located at the new Velvet Underground Experience exhibition, which opened on Oct. 10th. The Velvet Underground Experience is billed as a multi-media art and music exhibition, focusing on the early NYC roots of the pioneering rock band The Velvet Underground. The exhibit looks at the band and its influence on everything from music and fashion, to art and popular culture, set a...
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A Walk Through Velvet Underground History With John Cale

Touring a multimedia experience dedicated to the 1960s group with one of its founders.
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10 Movies That Somehow Didn’t Win an Oscar

10 movies that somehow didn’t win an Oscar The Academy Award is the greatest honor a movie can receive. An Oscar win gives a film’s box office draw a boost and allows the cast and crew to land bigger, better projects in the future. Oddly enough, sometimes a deeply moving film or an industry-changing classic doesn’t win a single Oscar. These are some of our beloved films snubbed by the Academy. 10. Shawshank Redemption (1994) After being wrongly accused of killing his wife and her lover, a ...
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Hear the Very First Pieces of Ambient Music, Erik Satie’s Furniture Music (Circa 1917)

Who invented ambient music? Many fans of the genre might say Brian Eno, though Brian Eno himself makes no such claim. Still, the records he labeled with the word "ambient" in the 1970s and 80s did much to popularize not just the term, but a certain conception of the form itself. "For me, the central idea was about music as a place you go to," he said in an interview about his recent ambient album Reflection. "Not a narrative, not a sequence that has some sort of teleological direction to...
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Enter Digital Archives of the 1960s Fluxus Movement and Explore the Avant-Garde Art of John Cage, Yoko Ono, John Cale, Nam June Paik & More

When it comes to the influence of the arts on everyday life, it can seem like our reality derives far more from Jeff Koons’ “augmented banality” than from the Fluxus movement’s playful experiments with chance, conceptual rigor, and performance. But perhaps in the face of Jeff Koons world, these are precisely the qualities we need. Mainly based in New York, and “taking shape around 1959,” notes the University of Iowa’s Fluxus: A Field Guide, “the international cohort of artists known as Fluxus e...
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Book Notes - Alex Higley "Old Open"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Bret Easton Ellis, Kate Christensen, Lauren Groff, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Jesmyn Ward, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Thought-provoking and rich in humor, Alex Higley's novel Old Open is an auspicious debut. Publishers Weekly wrote of the book: "Higley wonderfully captures Russ's self-consc...
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Photographer Puts Her Archive of Photos Documenting the 1970s New York Punk Scene on Instagram: Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Lydia Lunch, Tom Verlaine, and Even Jean Michel Basquiat

A post shared by Julia_gorton_nowave (@julia_gorton_nowave) on Aug 30, 2017 at 6:10am PDT Just when you think the fabled downtown New York 70s punk scene centered around CBGBs has no more secrets to offer, another homegrown documentarian appears to show us photographs (on Instagram) we’ve never seen and tell some pretty nifty stories to go along with them. Julia Gorton came to New York from her native Delaware in 1976 and used a Polaroid camera to capture her firsthand encounters...
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