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narcissists at work

The following series of tweets by @HoarseWisperer is an incredibly good examination of how people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) control those who work for them. I am sure many of us have witnessed similar behaviours in toxic workplaces. Naming and understanding these behaviours can help us deal with them. I have expanded some abbreviations and highlighted what I think is the key insight. I worked for a severe narcissist for a while. I just realize I’ve never written specifically...
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Give your mom the gift of mindfulness

Get a 1-year subscription to Big Think Edge for your mom this Mother's Day! A subscription unlocks dozens of lessons on our premium video learning platform.Big Think Edge teaches soft skills or, as we like to say, "thing you can do with your head", like divergent thinking, decision-making, and communication and leadership skills. None What can mindfulness do for your mom? Quite a lot of good, actually. Although the details of our lives differ from person to person and age to age, stress and anxi...
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meetings, bloody meetings

My introduction to organizing meetings was in the military, where different types of meetings had standard structures. The Orders Format was something any officer could recite from memory. During officer training we were shown the 1976 John Cleese film, which was updated in 1993 — Meetings, Bloody Meetings. Cleese, a manager, is convicted in a dream of the following: Chairing without due thought & preparation. Failure to signal your intentions for the meeting. Negligent ordering of the agenda &...
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Why humor is an essential life skill

Studies have shown that a sense of humor can improve your mental and physical health, boost your attractiveness, and improve your leadership skills.There are a variety of theories and styles of humor, each of which can improve your understanding of the subject.Humor may be a critical life skill, but can it be taught? None Mark Twain said that "Humor is the great thing, the saving thing after all. The minute it crops up, all our hardnesses yield, all our irritations, and resentments flit away, an...
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John Quarmby dead: Fawlty Towers' health inspector passes away aged 89

John Cleese is leading tribute to his Fawlty Towers co-star John Quarmby dead [Author: Louise Randell]
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White House Interns are Superheroes

Martha Gimbel used to work at the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) and has noticed that a new report for the CEA has some unusual interns: The Economic Report of the President has revealed that the quality of interns at CEA is much better than it was when I was there….we never got cool ones like Steve Rogers, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Aunt May, and John Cleese — Martha Gimbel (@marthagimbel) March 19, 2019 This falls under the “Brown M&M” principle, whereby sm...
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Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne Among Student Interns Listed On WH Economic Report

WASHINGTON (AP) — This year’s Economic Report of the President credits an unusual group of interns that includes the alter egos of Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America, Monty Python alumnus John Cleese, Kathryn Janeway from “Star Trek: Voyager” and the corpulent Star Wars villain Jabba the Hutt. These names are credited with helping to assemble the 711-page report issued Tuesday on the health of the U.S. economy and President Donald Trump’s economic agenda. The names appear to be following ...
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Jabba the Hutt, Bruce Wayne, John Cleese among interns praised in Trump's Economic Report of the President

The Economic Report of the President, just released today, includes some interesting intern names over there at Donald Trump's Council of Economic Advisers. Interns like Steve Rogers, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Aunt May, and John Cleese. Also Jabba The Hutt. [PDF]. They may or may not change it. CNBC White House reporter Christina Wilkie and the news team figured out how to decode some of the odd names of interns who were called out by name for praise in the report, released ear...
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Steal from your heroes: John Cleese on Big Think Edge

John Cleese teaches a video lesson for Big Think Edge called "Make Your Mark with Humor".The Monty Python alumni and comedy legend has some unexpected advice to get your creativity out of your mind and onto the page. Subscribe to Big Think Edge before we launch on March 30 to get 20% off monthly and annual memberships. None Who better to show you the ropes of comedy than Monty Python alumni John Cleese? Humor is valuable in its own right. It's also a perfect tool for connecting with others and c...
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Taika Waititi will write and direct ‘Time Bandits’ series for Apple

Taika Waititi, the comedic filmmaker best known for directing “Thor: Ragnarok,” has signed on to co-write and direct the pilot of a “Time Bandits” series currently in development for Apple. The series is being co-produced by Anonymous Content, Paramount Television and Media Rights Capital. Deadline broke the news of Waititi’s involvement. The “Time Bandits” series was first announced last year. It’s based on the cult classic Terry Gilliam film of the same name, which follows a young boy who tags...
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John Cleese Revisits His 20 Years as an Ivy League Professor in His New Book, Professor at Large: The Cornell Years

Creative Commons image by Paul Boxley It takes real intelligence to successfully make dumb comedy. John Cleese and his Monty Python colleagues are a premium example. You can call sketches like the “Ministry of Silly Walks” and “Dead Parrot” surrealist, and they are comparable to the absurdist stunts favored by certain early 20th century modern artists. But you can also call them very smart kinds of stupid, a description of some of the highest forms of comedy, I’d say, and one that applies to so...
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Monty Python’s Best Philosophy Sketches: “The Philosophers’ Football Match,” “Philosopher’s Drinking Song” & More

From dead parrots to The Meaning of Life, Monty Python covered a lot of territory. Educated at Oxford and Cambridge, the Pythons made a habit of weaving arcane intellectual references into the silliest of sketches. A classic example is "Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion Visit Jean-Paul Sartre," (above) from episode 27 of Monty Python's Flying Circus. The sketch features writing partners John Cleese as Mrs. Premise and Graham Chapman as Mrs. Conclusion, gabbing away in a launderette about ...
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The Best Movies Set in Boys Schools That You’ve Never Seen

(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies. This week we tour some exclusive boys schools that won’t leave you cringing at the prospect of cruel cretins crawling out into the world.) Private schools for boys, usually exclusive and typically religious in some way, have been getting a bad rap in recent months for the miserable behaviors exhibited by their students and graduates. The truth ...
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BritBox Subscribers Hit Half a Million

The number of subscribers to BritBox has hit 500,000, the streaming platform said Thursday. The streaming platform, launched as a collaboration between BBC Studios and ITV, is designed to offer U.S. and Canadian viewers the best of recent and classic British television content. The streaming service saw its initial launch in the U.S. in March […]
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Zoe Ball welcomes listeners to new Radio 2 Breakfast

BBC Radio 2’s new breakfast show started this morning with Zoe Ball welcoming listeners old and new to the programme and the new team. Zoe’s first song was Respect by Aretha Franklin just after 6.30am on Monday. Her team includes Richie Anderson on travel, Mike Williams on sport, weather with Carol Kirkwood, news with Tina Daheley and a daily Pause For Thought. Zoe says: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be following in the giant footsteps of Chris Evans as the host of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. T...
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Film Review: ‘Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer’

It may be “the most wonderful time of the year,” as the song goes, but let’s face it, not all things Christmas are created equal. There are the tree ornaments you cherish, and others that can fill space in the back. There are movies that become classics, like “Miracle on 34th Street” or “Elf,” and […]
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Monty Python's Michael Palin on laughter, human contact, and adventure on the high seas

Hear! Michael Palin's Michael Palin impression Consider! His thoughts on John Cleese's thoughts on Political CorrectnessLearn! Stuff you never knew about North Korea, Polar exploration, and more! None Jason: I recently spent several hours on a transatlantic flight zooming in and out of the interactive map of the Earth on my seat's personal entertainment unit. Exploring tiny islands in the polar North…impossible inland seas in the middle of Central Asian deserts…Places so remote and strange t...
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Monty Python Icon John Cleese Has 2 Brutal Questions For Evangelical Trump Fans

Comedy legend called the president "a sleazy, corrupt, egotistical and mendacious sociopath."
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'Speechless' meets John Cleese: How a gamble paid off for ABC sitcom

Second season of "Speechless" ended with the family evicted - and no guarantee the show would return. This season starts with a trip to London.
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STING LIKE A V. NCT Motorcycle’s Angry ‘Predator’ Ducati 750SS

Written by Martin Hodgson From Comedian John Cleese talking about the Monty Python writing process, to Axl Rose’s decade long attempt to make a single album, we’re often told that creativity takes time. But when you’re a custom motorcycle workshop without celebrity levels of cash to tide you over the job just has to get done. Seemingly with endless brilliant ideas running through his veins, David Widmann at Austria’s NCT Motorcycles has been turning out one hit after another. The teams latest...
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Cleese leaves co-stars 'Speechless'

John Cleese stars in season three of ABC sitcom "Speechless," which has recently been shooting in London. The actor's co-stars discuss what it was like working alongside the comedy legend. (Aug. 13)            [Author: AP]
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Unseen ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ Sketches Unearthed in Michael Palin’s Archives

A Wild West bookshop and an amorous pink knight never made it into “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” alongside the killer rabbit of Caerbannog and the Knights Who Say “Ni!”, but the unused sketches have been unearthed in the private archives of Python member Michael Palin. The British Library confirmed the find to Variety, […]
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Unseen ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ Sketches Found in Michael Palin’s Archives

A Wild West bookshop and an amorous pink knight never made it into “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” alongside the killer rabbit of Caerbannog and the Knights Who Say “Ni!”, but the unused sketches have been unearthed in the private archives of Python member Michael Palin. The British Library confirmed the find to Variety, […]
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John Cleese to Guest Star on ‘Speechless’ Season 3 Premiere

John Cleese is joining the ABC comedy “Speechless” in a guest starring role. The iconic British comedian will appear in the show’s two-part third season premiere as the estranged father of Minnie Driver’s character, Maya. Cleese will play Martin, described as hot-tempered, grudge-holding, sharp-witted, and irresistibly charming. The season premiere will begin filming in London […]
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‘Hunter Killer’ Trailer: Gerard Butler Tries to Save the Russian President in an Explosive Navy Thriller

Every now and then, Hollywood decides to submerge themselves in Navy thrillers like U-571, Crimson Tide, The Hunt for Red October and of course, Battleship. Now the time has come for Gerard Butler to take a crack at commanding under the sea. Hunter Killer follows Gerard Butler as Captain Joe Glass, who is at the helm of a highly sophisticated nuclear attack submarine called a “hunter killer.” When the Russian president is kidnapped in a coup, he takes it upon himself to team up with a crew of...
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Jhonattan Vegas takes helicopter to The Open, barely makes his tee time

The 1986 film "Clockwise" starring Monty Python actor John Cleese tells the story of a clock-watching headteacher's journey to chair an important conference thwarted at every turn.
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A closer look at the small island of Nevis | Letters

Richard Stallman on passing laws making it a crime for local property to be owned by secretive foreign owners, David Murray on John Cleese moving to Nevis, and Chris Baker is reminded of San SerriffeOn reading your article about disguising owners of wealth through opaque corporations in Nevis (‘A bright light needs to be shone on this cockroach’, The long read, 12 July), I thought of a possible approach for correcting the problem, one that was not considered in the article.Other countries can pa...
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Frank Lloyd Wright Creates a List of the 10 Traits Every Aspiring Artist Needs

No figure looms larger over American architecture than Frank Lloyd Wright. From the early 1890s to the early 1920s he established himself as the builder of dozens of striking, stylistically innovative private homes as well as public works like Chicago's Midway Gardens and Tokyo's Imperial Hotel. But by the end of that period his personal life had already turned chaotic and even tragic, and in his professional life he saw his commissions dry up. Just when it looked like he might not leave much o...
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Why John Cleese is leaving the UK for Nevis

The Monty Python star blames newspapers and Brexit for his decision to relocate to the Caribbean.
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