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Podcast #698: The Secrets of Public Speaking From History’s Greatest Orators

Despite the fact that public speaking remains an important and relevant skill in our modern age — you never know when you’ll need to give a toast at a wedding, pitch an idea at work, or champion a proposal at a city council meeting — most of us get very little instruction these days in how to do it effectively. Fortunately, my guest says, we can look to the great orators of the past to get the public speaking education we never received. His name is John Hale, and he’s professor of archeology...
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When You Finally Figure Out Why You’re Having Déjà Vu

Three roommates embark on a journey of life, laughter, and love as they try to figure out why one of them is experiencing a raging case of déjà vu. Déjà vu is that weird feeling you get sometimes You know the one. The feeling of “I’ve seen this before,” or of “I’ve been here before,” or of “I’ve eaten this exact bacon-gouda quesadilla before.” It’s that creepy sensation that sort of escapes description; sort of like walking through a ghost place, or tasting the memory of a shade of sou...
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These Guys Reveal The Most Surprising Wonders Of Eating Fish And I’M GLUED

In theory a fish is like any other thing you’d get at the grocery. You buy it. Bring it home. But that’s just the beginning. Fish deserve time with your friends As Jack and Ahmed kick back, watching their favorite unspecified foreign tv entertainment program, Ryan walks in holding a new purchase in his strong, silent hands. At first, the guys don’t see what he’s holding. They consider a dinner option, with Jack and Ahmed thinking pizza, when they suddenly notice that Ryan is holding a ...
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Los Angeles man held for alleged court bomb threats

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A South Los Angeles man has been arrested for allegedly making online bomb threats that forced the evacuation of the Inglewood Courthouse. John Hale was arrested Wednesday on a federal indictment. A message to his attorney wasn’t immediately returned. Federal prosecutors say that over several days in May, Hale sent messages […]
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The Chaotic World of Funny Car Chaos! Race weekend from a Promoter’s Point of View

For the past fifteen years, I have dedicated my life to the sport of drag racing as a photographer, race reporter, and participant. My wife and I spend every weekend from mid-January to early December at a drag race somewhere across this great country. In addition to serving as President of the Southwest Heritage Racing Association, which is the largest and most rapidly-growing independent drag racing series in the Southwest, I also find the task of hosting large, single events very intriguing. ...
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Like beer? Like to run? These clubs are made for you

Beer and running have finally found a happy medium through a growing social trend: pub runs. Throughout Southern California, more and more running groups are meeting in the vicinity of local breweries to run a few miles before mingling over beers. The point of the pub runs is not to become a stronger or faster runner – although one certainly can reap these benefits as well – but to have a place where one can socialize over beer. Ultra marathoner Justin Flores, 30, of Anaheim said he joined the O...
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Free (Kindle) Poison Springs' Feud by S. J. Bounds [Ranch War Widow Revenge Western]

Poison Springs' Feud by the late British author S. J. Bounds (ISFDB, Wikipedia, SFE), a prolific multi-genre author whose influence has been honoured by the creation of the British Fantasy Awards' Sydney J. Bounds Best Newcomer Award, is his vintage standalone western historical action novel, this one a Homeric-sounding tale of a sheriff's widow's ensuing suitor feud turning deadly as one of them will apparently stop at nothing to eliminate the rivals in his way, possibly including her original ...
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Medical association shares concerns

Medical association shares concerns The Tennessee Medical Association met with the Sun Wednesday and shared several issues they're working to change. Check out this story on Russ Miller, right, and John Hale, left, met with The Jackson Sun editorial board Wednesday to discuss concerns the state's medical community has.
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Other Fiction Harte, Bret: Snow-Bound at Eagle's. v1. 9 Dec 2014

Francis Bret Harte (August 25, 1836 – May 5, 1902) was an American author and poet, best remembered for his short fiction featuring miners, gamblers, and other romantic figures of the California Gold Rush. In a career spanning more than four decades, he wrote poetry, fiction, plays, lectures, book reviews, editorials, and magazine sketches in addition to fiction. As he moved from California to the eastern U.S. to Europe, he incorporated new subjects and characters into his stories, but his Gold ...
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