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Roger Stone Is Sentenced

Trump’s longtime friend and political adviser, Roger Stone, will be sentenced today by Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Prosecutors initially suggested that he should serve 7–9 years in prison for   false statements to Congress and the other ways he meddled with the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation in 2017 and 2018. But the case has become a flashpoint for concerns of presidential influence over the Justice Department. The DOJ last week watered down its sentencing recommendation, ...
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There’s No Resurgence In American Manufacturing. It’s A Myth.

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. In a towering act of sycophantry, the National Association of Manufacturers announced Friday that it will be giving Ivanka Trump the organization’s first ever Alexander Hamilton Award for “extraordinary support of manufacturing in America.” The organization made the outrageous claim that “no one”  — no one! — has ever “provided singular leadership and shown an unwavering commitment to modern manufacturing in America” l...
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Senators Weigh Final Vote On Impeachment

Senate Republicans voted down a motion to call witnesses in a push to short-circuit the impeachment trial, making it the first in history to not feature witness testimony. Now, senators are making speeches announcing how they’re thinking about their final vote on whether or not to acquit. The impeachment trial is expected to wrap up on Wednesday afternoon. Follow along below. [Author: John Light]
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How The Trump Administration’s Attempt To Perpetuate The Voter Fraud Failed Miserably

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. The following was adapted from Election Meltdown: Dirty Tricks, Distrust, And The Threat To American Democracy, by Rick Hasen, out today. As the 2020 election approaches, we are seeing intensifying attempts to suppress the vote. There’s an irony in these attempts, which come after four years during which arguments that such laws are needed to combat phantom voter fraud have collapsed under the weight of evidence. Even ...
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LIVEBLOG: Trump’s Team Continues Defense Of The President

The Senate impeachment trial entered its second week on Monday. After House impeachment managers finished their case against President Trump, the President’s legal team is laying out their defense. Follow along below, and refresh this page for updates. [Author: John Light]
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Impeachment Resumes

The Senate trial officially gets underway at 1 p.m., but we’re expecting pretrial motions at 9 a.m. and responses to them at 11 a.m. Follow along in our liveblog, here. [Author: John Light]
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Third Time’s The Charm?

The Affordable Care Act could be headed back to the Supreme Court again — just in time for the 2020 election. [Author: John Light]
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Announcing: The 2019 Golden Duke Winners!

Hear ye, hear ye! After much deliberation by our esteemed judges, it’s time to recognize our 2019 Golden Duke winners. Ex-Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA), the namesake of our annual awards, got himself locked up in prison for eight years after taking some $2.4 million in bribes. Six years after his release in 2013, we here at TPM continue to honor his legacy by highlighting the year’s most ridiculous figures and fiascos in the political world — a deeply competitive field that only seems to g...
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How American Comedians Should Handle Trump And Trumpism

Satirizing president Trump isn’t easy, and it’s no secret that American comedians have struggled to do it. We have an article in Cafe today by five writers — four of whom grew up in countries that had recent brushes with authoritarianism — about what the U.S. can learn from comedy abroad. Other countries have dealt with leaders like Trump, and the circumstances that lead to his rise, before, and satirists there have had to find ways to make lemons into lemonade. This Cafe piece looks at how they...
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The 2010s Were The Decade That Bent Democracy To The Breaking Point

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis.  The decade that began in 2010 witnessed the gravest threats to the integrity of American democracy since the Civil War. It was the age of extreme polarization and political gerrymandering. It saw an unprecedent intervention in an American presidential election by a hostile foreign power and the advent of a dangerously self-serving president. Now it has ended with only the third impeachment of a president by the full U...
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The Golden Dukes Have Arrived

It’s time to dole out our annual Golden Dukes, recognizing the biggest political disasters of the year. And what a year it has been. We’re introducing a new feature for 2019: TPM members can vote for which of the nominees they’d like to see win. Cast your ballot here. [Author: John Light]
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The December Democratic Debate

We’ll be liveblogging our way through the last Democratic debate of 2019. Refresh the page for updates. [Author: John Light]
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Rick Gates Sentenced To 45 Days In Jail, Three Years Probation

Paul Manafort associate Rick Gates was sentenced Tuesday to three years of probation and 45 days in jail, which he will be allowed to serve on weekends. He was also ordered to pay a $20,000 fine. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson noted that, in weighing the sentence, she also had to consider the signal it would send to others who committed similar crimes. “This is what I’ve been struggling with in anticipation of this sentencing for a long time,” she said, according to Politico. Jackson no...
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Who Makes Money When a Bunch of Conspiracy Theorists Throw a Party at Trump’s Hotel?

This story first appeared at ProPublica and WNYC.  ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. This month, about a thousand supporters of President Donald Trump gathered at his resort in Florida to discuss a variety of unsupported theories. There were panels on the “Russia Hoax” and “Voter Fraud in the USA.” One speaker endorsed the theory that former President Barack Obama had planned t...
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How a Tax Break to Help the Poor Went to NBA Owner Dan Gilbert

This article first appeared at ProPublica. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. Billionaire Dan Gilbert has spent the last decade buying up buildings in downtown Detroit, amassing nearly 100 properties and so completely dominating the area, it’s known as Gilbertville. In the last few years, Gilbert, the 57-year-old founder of Quicken Loans and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has ...
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How We Ended Up With The Myth Of The Evil Labor Union

This piece is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. It is an excerpt from “Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events,” out this month.    The wage-price spiral narrative took hold in the United States and many other countries around the middle of the twentieth century. It described a labor movement, led by strong labor unions, demanding higher wages for themselves, which management accommodates without losing profits by pushing up the prices ...
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How Each Candidate Stood Out In The October Democratic Debate

Another twelve person debate didn’t afford any one candidate much time to shine. But here is some of what stood out to us about each one. #debate_table img { width: 100%; display: block; }#debate_table td { padding-bottom: 32px; }#debate_table td:first-child { width: 166px; padding-right: 16px; } @media screen and (max-width: 768px) { #debate_table td:first-child{ width:100px; } } Joe Biden seemed to get off to a weirdly shaky start when asked about Trump’s Ukraine and Chi...
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It’s Another Debate

We’ll be watching along with you tonight as twelve Democratic presidential contenders take the stage, and TPM’s New York team will be liveblogging our reactions. (Pretty sure the DC office is busy with the Nationals game.) Follow along here. [Author: John Light]
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Politics In America Has Changed And We Need A New Way To Talk About It

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. The 2016 election and President Trump’s first term in office has transformed politics in this country. His election represented not only a radical change in policy but an assault on what we consider fundamental American values. Going into the 2020 election, many on the left are thinking about the work that the next president and Congress will have to do to repair the damage done since 2016 and address the crises Trump ha...
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It Took Decades, But The Anti-New Deal Crusaders Have Triumphed

Made possible by The American judiciary has been transformed over the past generation. Until recently, liberals were accustomed to thinking of the Supreme Court as an ally. Under Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1950s and 1960s, the Court struck down school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education (1954), cemented the doctrine of one person, one vote in Baker v. Carr (1962), established a constitutional right to privacy in Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), along with dozens of other legal a...
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Inside The Christian Legal Army Weakening the Church-State Divide

Made possible by This story was reported in partnership with Type Investigations. N ever before has the Christian right been as elated about the prospects for transforming the federal judiciary as it is now, with the Senate engaged in the rapid-fire confirmation of judges nominated by President Donald Trump. As the confirmations mounted — 43 appellate and 99 trial court judges by the summer recess this year — Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell became the toast of such pivotal...
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Courthouse Dispatch

A federal judge had some tough questions this morning for the President’s lawyers about his attempt to block a congressional subpoena. Tierney Sneed reports from the courthouse. [Author: John Light]
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This Week: A Report Much Worse Than The Public Was Led To Expect

Going into this week, we knew we’d get the Mueller report — and on Monday the Department of Justice told us when: Thursday. That announcement reportedly set off a wave of anxiety among White House officials about what the report would reveal they told the special counsel. In the days before the report went public, Trump tried to distract the public with attention-grabbing antics, touting a plan to bus asylum seekers to sanctuary cities and, in one characteristic tweet, demanding that someone “...
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It appears Attorney General Bill Barr will be submitting a summary report of special counsel Mueller’s findings to Congress within the next hour. [Author: John Light]
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This Week: A Judge Agrees With Mueller That Manafort Lied

An Aug. 2, 2016 meeting in a Manhattan cigar room — at which then-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort met with a former colleague linked to Russian intelligence, Konstantin Kilimnik, to discuss a peace plan for Ukraine — is key to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, prosecutor Andrew Weissmann told U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson at the hearing last week. A transcript from that hearing also suggests that special counsel Robert Mueller’s office believes Manafort lied in the hope...
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This Week: Administration Squirms As Congressional Oversight Swings Into Gear

During the State of the Union address Tuesday, President Trump took a jab at the spate of investigations coming his way from House committees, newly under Democratic control. “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation,” the President rhymed. Democrats were unimpressed. Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the statement an “all-out threat.” She interpreted the President’s turn of phrase to mean he “wasn’t going to cooperate” on legislation “unless we didn’t exerc...
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Some Observations On The State Of The Union

For TPM members, our reporters and editors — some on Capitol Hill, some following along at our offices in D.C. and New York — will have a sort of live blog of quick reactions to the State of the Union. Follow along here. [Author: John Light]
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A Bigger Mess Than We Knew

A judge’s ruling reveals the Trump administration effort to add a citizenship question to the census to be a much bigger scandal than it initially looked. These tip-of-the-iceburg moments could happen a lot this year, as the Democratic controlled House begins issuing subpoenas, Tierney Sneed explains for Prime members. [Author: John Light]
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The Powerful Role Confusion Plays In American Elections

Made possible by A TLANTA, GEORGIA — When Georgia State University student Nicholas Perry went to vote for the first time at Atlanta’s Liberty Baptist Church on Election Day, he didn’t understand why poll workers made him cast a provisional ballot. His address on file was for his home in Dacula, Georgia, he was told, but Perry said he had updated his registration to his campus address. He tried to argue, but the line of people waiting to vote was long and the poll workers’ patience was limit...
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