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The biggest leak in Supreme Court history

In a city full of anonymous sources, the Supreme Court is famously leak-proof. But a century ago, the court had a serious leak on its hands. Judge John Owens of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit joins SCOTUStalk to tell the tale of Ashton Embry, the Supreme Court clerk who was at the center of the scandal. He also shares stories from his time clerking for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, opens up about how the 9th Circuit is coping in the COVID era, and reveals his thoughts on cameras i...
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The Handwriting on the Wall: What We Can All Learn From the Paige Patterson Scandal

In many ways, I am a son of Paige Patterson. Some would describe me as a son of the Conservative Resurgence, the movement he helped spearhead. Over the course of my fifteen-year ministry, I’ve been able to serve in conservative churches and on conservative boards because of a conservative convention, and I have Paige Patterson to thank for it. Not personally. It’s not like he pulled any strings for me. We don’t have that kind of relationship. But he did spearhead a movement from which I’ve benef...
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Buddhist nationalists and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar part II: the rise of religious nationalism and Islamophobia

Since August over 420,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar, citing human rights abuses and seeking temporary refuge in Bangladesh. In part one we looked at the background and context of the Rohingya crisis. In this second part of Sarah Seniuk’s and Abby Kulisz’s interview with Michael Jerryson, they look at the role of Buddhist nationalism and the impact of Islamophobia in the developing crisis.    Sarah: How do you see the relationship between the Burmese government and the military affecting the con...
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Federal Judge Uses Pop Culture In Pithy Dissent

Here's a citation you don't often see from a federal appellate judge.
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Pet-Friendly Hotels: Ruffing It

There is traveling, and there is traveling with a dog. This distinction was clear throughout the 3,000-mile road trip my wife and I recently made from our Florida home to New England and back with our 15-year-old pug, Macy. A 24-pound ball of fur, grunting and sleeping, Macy is a calm and quiet traveling companion, and was more like luggage than a passenger. Except when it came to lodging. Then, she was the number one factor in determining where we would lay our road-weary heads. For decades, m...
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Our New Favorite Federal Jurist Punches Up Opinions With Pop Culture References

Federal judge binge-watches shows and can't stop thinking about them when he's at work.
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This Federal Judge Just Loves Nerding Out

Judge Owens agrees this is the law, but that doesn't mean he thinks it should be the law.
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Did Abbott Let Scammy Trump U Off Easy? This Ex-AG Staffer Says He Did

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is living every Republican’s worst nightmare these days: being tied to a controversy surrounding Donald Trump. For that, he has John Owens to thank. In an interview with TPM on Friday, the morning after outlets in Texas published stories with the retired career government lawyer's allegations, Owens said he had been so busy with press inquiries that he barely had time to finish breakfast. “I am praying it’s just the 24 hour news cycle,” Owens said. Read More → [Author...
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This Federal Judge Is As Obsessed With Game Of Thrones As The Rest Of Us

What's this federal judge like underneath his robes?
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It Grows

The Dallas Morning News reports that Texas state prosecutors built a $4.5 million fraud case against Trump and Trump University. But the case never went forward because it was deep-sixed by then-Attorney General and now Governor Greg Abbott (R). The former deputy director of Abbott's Consumer Protection Division, John Owens, tells the DMN: "“The decision not to sue him was political. Had [Trump] not been involved in politics to the extent he was at the time, we would have gotten approval. Had he...
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A Husband’s Manual for Marriage

Husbands, when was the last time you stared into the face of a task that you thought you could tackle, only to find out it was basically impossible? It might have been when you confidently opened up the box hoping to assemble that new two-in-one double bike trailer and jogger for your child. Or when you tried to fold the fitted sheet for your wife. Maybe it was when you started taking the squirrel problem in your attic personally and set out to get rid of your pesky and persistent nemesis. What...
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b-pack opens London office

Cheerio! b-pack opened a new office in the Square Mile. The Atlanta-based software and services company that specializes in SaaS Cloud Procure-to-Pay solutions said the new office will develop new opportunities in the Northern European region and help serve the company's existing customers like Telehouse and UDG Healthcare plc (LON: UDG). United Kingdom-based John Owens, has been named the regional director responsible for business development of b-pack in Great Britain, Ireland and other Nord...
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