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Think Outside the Building

SYSTEMIC SOCIAL ISSUES cannot be solved by a few people working in isolation. They can be better addressed by breaking out of traditional approaches and collaborating with others. Rosabeth Moss Kanter likens these traditional approaches to castles. In Think Outside the Building, she writes, “Castles are any set of institutional structures that loom large and feel permanent. Castles are monuments to the past and to past thinking, museums of preservation.” Moving outside of these castles is the b...
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Provenance raises $800,000 from Humanity United, Digital Currency Group, others

U.K.-based Provenance has raised $800,000 from Humanity United, a foundation that is part of the Omidyar Group, Merian Ventures founder Alexsis de Raadt-St. James, Digital Currency Group, Plug and Play Tech Center, and angels in the United Kingdom, including the Angel Academe and John Taysom, founder of Reuters Venture Capital. The company’s technology tracks products along a supply chain using blockchain and targets the food industry.
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