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Behold the Photographs of John Thomson, the First Western Photographer to Travel Widely Through China (1870s)

In the early 1860s, a few Westerners had seen China — but nearly all of them had seen it for themselves. The still-new medium of photography had yet to make images of everywhere available to viewers everywhere else, which meant an opportunity for traveling practitioners like John Thomson. “The son of a tobacco spinner and shopkeeper,” says, ” he was apprenticed to an Edinburgh optical and scientific instrument manufacturer where he learned the basics of photography.” In 1862 Thomson sa...
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Scots photographer who captured China

John Thomson spent a decade during the 19th century capturing images from all walks of life in the Far East.
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The pioneering Scots photographer who captured China

John Thomson spent a decade during the 19th century capturing images from all walks of life in the Far East.
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Twitter detectives solve Edwardian photos mystery

Amateur photographer John Thomson found 100 glass negatives in his loft from the early 20th Century.
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English idioms about family life and conjugal felicity

Several friendly comments urged me to continue the series on English idioms I started last week (see the post for August 12, 2020). That post was devoted to naval phrases. The comments suggested all kinds of topics, sewing and cooking among them. However, not all subjects are equally easy to tackle. Though in the shoreless sea of English idioms, one can find more than enough examples about anything, the material on which I can draw is limited. I depend on my database, which is fairly representat...
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11 Stunning Colorized Photos Showing The Street Life Of Victorian London From Over 140 Years Ago

According to Tom Marshall, a professional photo colouriser: “n the mid-1870s, Scottish photographer John Thomson captured the daily toil and struggle of the ‘street folks’ of London, in a series of photos that laid the foundations for modern photojournalism. Working with a radical journalist called Adolphe Smith, Thomson produced a monthly magazine ‘Street Life in London&# Source
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Dave Berry creates new podcast all about dads

Bauer Media has launched a new original podcast series with Dave Berry from Absolute Radio’s breakfast show. Dadpod is the first series under the helm of newly appointed podcast editor Maria Williams, and is a six-part series hosted sponsored by Royal London. The idea is born from a feature on the Dave Berry Breakfast Show in which Dave would quiz celebrity guests including Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Caine on their ‘Dad-Vice’. Featuring a different guest each week, this new podcast seri...
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PayIt, a payments platform designed for public services, raises $100M+ from Insight Partners

Government services, for many, epitomize the worst of bureaucracy: they are, at their low point, large, lumbering organizations working under strained budgets, staffed by lifer employees who don’t get much say in improving things, and lots of paperwork. But as ageing public information infrastructure grinds to a halt and public services start making the switch to digital, that image is slowly starting to change, and the tech companies helping this along are reaping some of the rewards. Today one...
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Mike Sweeney plans Children in Need Extravaganza

BBC Radio Manchester presenter Mike Sweeney is to hold a Children in Need Extravaganza at The Lowry Theatre on Thursday 6 December. Tony spoke to Mike Sweeney on his BBC Radio Manchester show to share memories of his previous visits to Manchester: “I’ve had some fine old times in Manchester in the early 80s, some really good fun. My memories go back to the really early days back at Piccadilly Radio and BBC Saturday morning Breakfast show. “I like Chinese food and always pop into Manchester’s ...
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Time for an Articling Student Union in Ontario

Tomorrow is Labour Day across Canada, where everyone in the country is provided a statutory holiday under s. 166 of the Canada Labour Code. The federal Interpretation Act, designates in s. 35(1) the first Monday of the September as Labour Day, and every province has employment standards legislation mandating the day as a statutory holiday as well. The origins of Labour Day go back to March 25, 1872, when the Toronto Typographical Union went on strike for the nine-hour workday, backed by 10,000 w...
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Woodland Hills paperboys remember the days of delivering the Green Sheet

“Even today, if we all went out on the sidewalk right now, we could probably porch the paper every time.” – Brady Connell, former member of the infamous Dolorosa Street Paperboy’s Dynasty. If you had a newspaper route as a kid, you know what he’s talking about – porching the paper. Whether you threw it with a forehand fling or used the backhand slice over the handlebars, the goal was to hit the porch, not the rose bushes. And, heaven help you if you missed them both and hit the window. Of course...
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Fay Ripley feared ITV would 'drop' Cold Feet

As the cast prepare to begin filming reunion, the actress says new series will be like seeing old friends again [Author: Telegraph reporter] [Link to media]
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