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Big Ears 2022 Has Animal Collective, Low, Yves Tumor, & Lots Of John Zorn

Tennessee’s Big Ears is reliably one of the more interesting and adventurous festivals out there, and it looks like that’s not going to change in 2022. In March, after being forced to cancel last year, the four-day fest is returning to venues around downtown Knoxville for the first time since 2019, and it’s bringing quite a lineup with it.
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New to Stream: OVID’s January 2021 Movie Lineup

New to Stream: OVID’s January 2021 Movie Lineup, the curated streaming destination for documentaries and art-house films, has announced its January streaming lineup! Documentary premiere highlights for next month include Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter’s Space Dogs, which documents the life of Moscow’s street dogs and traces their story back to Laika, the first dog in space; Martina Kudlacek’s Notes on Marie Menken, the story of one of New York’s outstanding underground filmmakers who in...
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Soul Coughing’s Mike Doughty On His New EP Ghost Of Vroom 2

Mike Doughty may have left Soul Coughing two decades ago, but Soul Coughing never really left him. On his brand-new EP with bassist and longtime collaborator Andrew “Scrap” Livingston, Doughty has purposefully sought to revive his alt-jazz-rock project, which was famously born out of the ‘90s underground jazz scene in New York and resulted in … More »
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‘He Was More Than One Of The World’s Great Soundtrack Composers — He Was One Of The World’s Great Composers, Period’: John Zorn On Ennio Morricone

“For me, his work stands with Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Ellington and Stravinsky in achieving that rare fusion of heart and mind. … His meticulous craftsmanship and ear for orchestration, harmony, melody and rhythm resulted in music that was perfectly balanced; as with all master composers, every note was there for a reason. Change one note, one rhythm, one rest, and there is diminishment.” – The New York Times
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John Zorn – Musician Inside The Cracks

Though Zorn has operated almost entirely outside the mainstream, he’s gradually asserted himself as one of the most influential musicians of our time. His projects and endeavors during the past 40-plus years could fill an encyclopedia: from rigorous classical works and radical reimaginations of Ennio Morricone film themes to deep explorations of his Jewish heritage under the Masada banner, whimsical neo-exotica, and sprawling improv excursions, where his sometimes jagged, sometimes supple saxop...
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Shorties (R.I.P., Author Charles Portis, New Music from Anna Calvi, and more)

R.I.P., author Charles Portis. Stream a new Anna Calvi song that features Charlotte Gainsbourg. February's best eBook deals. eBook on sale for $1.99 today: The Collector's Apprentice by B.A. Shapiro Stream a new Waxahatchee song. Hannah Rothschild recommended books of British satire at Literary Hub. Stream a new song by Greg Dulli. BuzzFeed and Literary Hub featured new essays by Brandon Taylor. Aquarium Drunkard found some interesting music at Bandcamp. Book Riot re...
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Glass Half-Full, Mug Half-Empty

“The best investment for one year is to grow grains; the best investment for ten years is to grow trees; the best investment for a lifetime is to educate people. What you gain from one year’s growth will be grains; what you gain from ten years’ growth will be trees; what you gain from a hundred years’ growth will be people.”—Guan Zhong To me all problems, and not just those found within the music biz, are best solved through education. To every civilization education is paramount. The noblest jo...
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Open Mike: So You Say You Like Everything

["Open Mike" is the everything goes, often off-topic editorial page of TOP, wherein the hounds are released! It appears on Wednesdays. Note for this week: I'm just having a little fun here, so please don't take this personally. Gotta keep myself entertained too.] - RayC wrote: "Okay, I’ll play. I admit I was taken aback by the statement: 'It's a middlebrow conceit to say "I like everything!" in a chipper voice, which to real music aficionados means that music isn't very important to that perso...
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Closing out the twenty-tens: Schell’s picks for 2019

Though our decade technically has another year to go, the marketing appeal of “Hits of the XXs” type formulations tends to overwhelm such semantic niceties. So as we leave the 2010s behind, there’s more than a little Web-based generalization to be found regarding their musical character and trajectory. I’ll try to keep things in perspective as I review some of the highlights of 2019 that embody the breadth and caliber of contemporary Western art music. All of the following selections are availab...
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Bryce Dessner: I’m the Same Musician Wherever I Go

Bryce Dessner is the first person we have ever featured on NewMusicBox who glowingly talked about both Paul Simon and Helmut Lachenmann. Like many of the most inventive creative musical minds of the early 21st century, Dessner does not compartmentalize music into different genres. However, it is clear that he has learned different lessons from his immersion into different kinds of music-making and that these lessons have made him a stronger musician, whether he is writing songs and playing lead ...
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The Piece So Hard Even Barbara Hannigan Couldn’t Sing It

“On paper, John Zorn’s Jumalattaret … looks impossible: breathless vocalise; abrupt transitions from head-spinning complexity to folk-song simplicity; and, within the span of a single measure, whispering, squeaking and throat-singing like a winter storm. It’s the kind of piece that leaves you asking, repeatedly, over the course of its 25 minutes: Can a voice even do this? The answer, for Ms. Hannigan, is yes. It took a lot of practice, a thwarted summer vacation, and a well-timed email to get ...
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The Unsingable Music That Stumped a Diva

John Zorn’s song cycle “Jumalattaret” pushed the new-music master Barbara Hannigan to her limit.
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two ground-breaking quartets

The Pyxis Quartet has just finished a month-long rehearsal and performance period that involved two of the most challenging pieces for modern string quartets (at least until we do an Elliot Carter or John Zorn cycle, that is) – Georg Friedrich Haas’ Third String Quartet and George Crumb’s Black Angels. The Haas was a reboot … Continue reading "two ground-breaking quartets"
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PledgeMusic Owes This Indie Artist $197,559

Progressive composer John Zorn is owed $197,559 for a completed PledgeMusic campaign that he was never paid for.  "The Book Beriah," a box set of 11 albums to be released on his own Tzadik label. features different groups interpreting his compositions inspired by Jewish folk music. Limited is in the process of filing for Administration, the UK version of a bankruptcy. "This is a lot of bread for us, it really is. After three years of work on this project, with dozens of ...
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As A Crowdfunding Platform Implodes, A Legendary Composer Rebounds

For John Zorn, realizing an ambitious, 11-album project was only possible through a crowdfunding campaign — except that the company he used, PledgeMusic, went bankrupt. It may cost him a lot of money.(Image credit: Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images/Getty Images)
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Writing about jazz in the post-modern gig era

How should music reference works deal with jazz in the era of multi-genre freelancing? Back in November 1983, when I asked Stanley Sadie, series editor for Grove Dictionaries of Music, if he’d ever thought of having a New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, jazz seemed to be a reasonably coherent genre with a connected succession of styles. Maybe I was just being young, naive, ignorant. Or maybe the notion of jazz as something coherent hadn’t yet started to completely unravel, even though all sorts of cha...
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Acid Testing the Revival of Psychic TV and Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth

None Over the past ten years, an arcane impulse has slowly re-emerged in underground music. Formerly content to survive on the fringes of various dark subcultures (and mostly in the basements of self-anointed purists), the occult and its signifiers—spanning design, text, and sonic elements—are now crawling out of the depths of the musical imagination, and reclaiming territory once ceded. This stygian urge, both ideological and artistic, is subtler than just love of the abject, and more purposef...
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The Best Jazz of 2018

None Almost 20 years into the new century, it is increasingly tough to say what "jazz" even is, not to mention choosing the best of the category in any given year. The wealth of great music flowing from the jazz tradition is huge and wide, with much of it still coming as straight-ahead swing, dazzling bebop, sultry singing in the style of Ella Fitzgerald or Joe Williams, or funky groove music that thrived in the 1970s fusion heyday. We believe the music of the "jazz" tradition that defined 2018...
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The Magic That Happens in a Week

When I first arrived at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier for a campus visit, I was just in time for the electronic music showcase. I’d had a long flight and a drive through unfamiliar country. I was a little weary, and a little wary. I’d been to a lot of electronic showcases and fixed-media installations over the course of looking for a grad school. They’d started bleeding into each other. And none of them made me feel like my voice had any place in the programs I was visiting. Th...
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But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct!

Music videos are everywhere: pop artists create videos designed to go viral and to sell albums. Budding directors often cut their teeth making music videos and big names like M. Night Shyamalan, Gus Van Sant, Diane Keaton, and even Martin Scorsese have directed music videos, seemingly for fun. (It is way fun.) Formidable artistry sometimes emerges from the genre, like Beyoncé’s ingenious all-video “visual album” Lemonade, with seven directors working on the project, including herself. Technology...
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Misfits and Geniuses

The success of my course “Tragedy and Inspiration” spurred me to think of other meaningful ways to group contemporary music in a compelling music appreciation-style class. “Misfits and Geniuses” became my next course. I started with the attractive idea of creative rebels who bucked traditional boundaries and existed on the fringe. Which composers wrote new rules, expanded the space for music, and crossed dividing lines? This course includes Charles Ives, John Cage, George Crumb, John Luther Adam...
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This Week's Interesting Music Releases - April 20, 2018

DRINKS' Hippo Lite (the second album from Cate LeBon and Tim Presley's collaboration), Lord Huron's Vide Noir, and Sera Cahoone's The Flora String Sessions are the new releases I can recommend this week. Roxy - Tonight's the Night Live captures highlights of two 1973 Neil Young performances. Reissues include a remastered and expanded edition of Pete Townshend's Who Came First. This week's interesting music releases: Alexis Taylor: Beautiful Thing Alison Moyet: The Other Live Collection ...
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tours announced: Nipsey Hussle, Arctic Monkeys, Magic Numbers, Petra Haden, more

Plus: Minus the Bear, Blonde Redhead, The Voidz, The Essex Green and more. Continue reading… [Author: BrooklynVegan Staff]
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John Zorn's Masada w/ Secret Chiefs 3 & more @ Symphony Space (pics)

John Zorn's Masada aims to ”put Ornette Coleman and the Jewish scales together” and he's been writing Masada material for about 25 years now, with 613 compositions as part of the Masada collection. On April 12 at Symphony Space, Zorn held a special concert to celebrate the release of ”The Book of Beriah,” the third and final book in the tome. It featured three of groups that are part of the extended Masada family: Zion80 who played a series of works titled ”Hod,” Secret Chiefs 3, who performed ”...
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Red Ink Beneath Streaming’s “New Dawn” [Marc Ribot]

Legendary guitarist Marc Ribot explores the impact of ECM Records move to Spotify as part of broader shift for the label, the effect it will have on artists, and what the next best course of action is. ________________________ By Marc Ribot from The Trichordist Guest Post from the legendary guitarist Marc Ribot. One point that Mr. Ribot makes we would like to further emphasize at the outset: without DMCA reform there is no “market” for Copyright Royalty Judges to set rates under...
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The Stone moved to the New School (2018 schedule includes Thurston Moore, Secret Chiefs 3, more)

After 13 years in the East Village, John Zorn's improv-friendly club The Stone moved to The New School. 2018 residencies include Bill Frisell, Thurston Moore, Secret Chiefs 3, and more. Continue reading… [Author: BrooklynVegan Staff]
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John Zorn’s Club the Stone Begins a New Life on the Other Side of Town

After 13 years in the East Village, the saxophonist is embracing better acoustics (and fewer aromatics) at the New School.
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This Week's Interesting Music Releases - February 2, 2018

Anna Burch's Quit the Curse, Bat Fangs' self-titled debut, and Field Music's Open Here are the three new albums I can wholeheartedly recommend this week. Archival recordings include two Lou Reed live recordings (Thinking of Another Place and Waltzing Matilda). This week's interesting music releases: Anna Burch: Quit the Curse AWOLNATION: Here Come The Runts Bat Fangs: Bat Fangs Bert Jansch: A Man I'd Rather Be (4-CD box set) Dandy Warhols: Live Sonic Disruption [vinyl] Django Django: Mar...
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Milford Graves: Sounding the Universe

It is difficult to place Milford Graves into a category. He is lauded as a master drummer of the 1960s avant-garde jazz scene, credited with inventing the martial arts form yara, and is established as both an herbalist and acupuncturist in New York City. Additionally, Graves is a passionate researcher of human biology and brings that knowledge to all of his work. Milford Graves’s music career began with improvisation. As a young kid, he taught himself to play by experimenting with the sounds he ...
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Stream CLERIC's Sprawling Avant-Garde Metal Masterpiece, Retrocausal

Cleric is one of the most unique and brilliant modern metal bands around, a fact the group cemented forever with... The post Stream CLERIC's Sprawling Avant-Garde Metal Masterpiece, Retrocausal appeared first on Metal Injection.
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