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Monopoly Place Names Are Just As Redlined As Real Life Cities

To wit: Cyril and Ruth Harvey, “who played a key role in popularizing the game, lived on Pennsylvania Avenue (a pricey $320 green property on the board); their friends, the Joneses, lived on Park Place. … The Harveys employed a Black maid named Clara Watson. She lived on Baltic Avenue in a low-income, Black neighborhood, not far from Mediterranean Avenue. On the Monopoly board, those are priced cheapest, at $60.” – The Atlantic
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The Hedonic Treadmill and How You Can Jump Off

Ever heard of the hedonic treadmill? Nope, it’s not the latest and greatest Peloton cardio contraption. It’s a metaphor from behavioral psychology, and it might just offer up some useful insights on your happiness, and how to build a healthy work-life balance. But before we get to metaphorical treadmills, let’s talk about baked goods. Picture the perfect cookie. Consider how weird it is that a simple convergence of flour, eggs, and sugar can bring so much contentment. Through some miracle of bio...
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Bubble Watch: Do homebuying binges signal trouble in Southern California?

“Bubble Watch” digs into trends that may indicate economic and/or housing market troubles ahead. Buzz: Southern California homebuying in 2020 produced a record-smashing, second-half rebound during a coronavirus-tethered economy. Source: The DQNews/CoreLogic database of monthly purchasing trends — counts of closed transactions and their median pricing for all residences, existing and now — dating to 1988. The Trend Let’s quickly replay 2020, with some help from my trusty spreadsheet. The pandem...
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A woman who studied 600 millionaires discovered where you choose to live has 2 effects on your ability to build wealth

Living in a home you can easily afford is the key to building wealth. xavierarnau/Getty Images Your neighborhood plays a huge role in how much you save and spend, according to two researchers who studied millionaires. If you live in a pricey home in an affluent neighborhood, you're more likely to mirror your neighbor's consumption habits. This can affect your ability to accumulate wealth over time, as can the home's price — most millionaires live in a home they can easily afford, which all...
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Sequoia picks its horse in the consumer carbon offset market, leading a $2.5 million round for Joro

Sanchali Pal first woke up to the world’s climate crisis after watching the 2008 documentary Food Inc. The Princeton undergraduate saw the film in 2011, and it started her on the journey that would lead her to launch Joro, the Sequoia-backed startup that monitors consumer spending to offer tips on how to offset and reduce a user’s carbon footprint. After scoring a job at the development firm, Dalberg, then working in India and Ethiopia, Pal returned to the US to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business...
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What Covid-19 Taught Me About Financial Freedom

What Covid-19 Taught Me About Financial Freedom is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!We’re now in the 6th month of the Covid-19 pandemic and I know a lot of people are focusing on prioritizing their health and finances more than ever. We’ve all had to endure so many changed over these past few months and also reassess important factors like personal finance. For me, I’ve realized that traditional financial education and rules of thumb a...
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A 35-year-old US Navy sailor who used military perks to 'house-hack' his way to passive income explains his strategy

Mike Damazo and his wife, Grace. Courtesy of Mike Damazo Mike Damazo is a petty officer in the US Navy stationed in Japan. Over the past seven years, he's used military benefits to invest in real estate. Damazo "house-hacked" a home he bought outside Fresno, California, using income from renters and his own military housing allowance to cover the mortgage. He also owns a townhouse in San Diego, which he purchased for 0% down using a Veterans Affairs loan and hopes to sell for...
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Christian Minimalism? Was Jesus a Minimalist?

(The following is a transcription from a video Joshua Becker and I recorded. Please excuse any typos or errors.) So was Jesus a minimalist? Jesus and minimalism is what we’re talking about in this article. I’m interviewing my good friend, Joshua Becker. He is of of the leading voices of minimalism. I encourage you to check out his great blog. Joshua has also written several books teaching his theory of practical minimalism. In this discussion, we’re looking to see if minimal...
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Money Mistakes That (Mostly) Women Make

We all make money mistakes, but some bad financial moves seem to be more characteristic of women. I’m sure there are plenty of male-specific money mistakes too, but as a woman, I can probably write better about my own gender.  So here they are – money mistakes that women tend to make. Spending Too Much On Clothes and Shoes If you’ve read my previous posts on this blog, you already know I believe that Women Should Save More, and Spend Less on Designer Shoes. It’s not that looking good or being...
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Miramax’s Fletch Reboot Taps Jon Hamm to Lead & Produce!

Miramax’s Fletch reboot taps Jon Hamm to lead & produce! It’s been over five years since we last heard that Jason Sudeikis (Booksmart) was set to take on the iconic role of Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher in a reboot of the Chevy Chase-led franchise at Warner Bros. and now The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Jon Hamm (Tag) has signed on for the titular role at Miramax! RELATED: Dexter Fletcher to Direct Paramount’s The Saint Reboot PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandA...
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Nissan Ariya: Keeping Up With the Pack

Don’t have a compact EV crossover in the works? Are you even an automaker? Keeping up with the industry Joneses is a longstanding tradition among automakers, and Nissan, despite its troubles, isn’t throwing in the towel when it comes to cutting-edge competition. After revealing a concept CUV last year that promised gas-free driving and a […] The post Nissan Ariya: Keeping Up With the Pack appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Weekend reading: Is your ISA keeping up with the Joneses?

What caught my eye this week. S eekers after financial freedom like us don’t posture about the car we drive or plonk our new handbag or iPhone down in the middle of the table when we meet our friends. But you do still see one-upmanship in this community: “Call this a bear market? I don’t even look at my portfolio unless at least one major High Street bank has gone bust.” “Call 15% a savings rate? That’s more like a rounding error compared to what I sock away by living in my tent in the Rhon...
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Keeping up with the Joneses: Cloud hosting biz UKFast's founders sell up

Secarma may be next for Inflexion buyout Cloud hosting biz UKFast's founders, Laurence and Gail Jones, have "exited the business" as a private equity firm ups its stake – all as UKFast itself starts eyeing up Jones-owned infosec biz Secarma.…
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For the Internet-savvy Generation Y, travel experiences shared online have replaced material goods as a form of social currency

With globalisation and the rise of digital technology, "keeping up with the Joneses" is becoming harder than ever before. In a recently published study, MSc graduate Ms Lauren Siegel and Dr Dan Wang of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University show that for the Internet-savvy Generation Y, travel experiences shared online have replaced material goods as a form of social currency. New approaches to destination marketing are needed if tourism ...
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8 Red Wings Trade Deadline Predictions

Steve Yzerman and the Detroit Red Wings are a weekend away from the much-anticipated 2020 NHL Trade Deadline. And while we likely won’t see a firesale, Yzerman has the opportunity to advance the rebuild a few steps. As usual, patience is the theme. The goal isn’t to bring in players to help today’s team. Instead, the Red Wings are focused on the future and will prioritize acquiring prospects and draft picks this year. Related: Red Wings Mock Trade Deadline: 4 Crafty Deals But before we ...
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Montreal Canadiens Need to Develop their Farm System Plan

Since the collapse of the Montreal Canadiens’ 2017-18 NHL season, general manager (GM) Marc Bergevin has been working on a retool. The Canadiens have focused on building a younger, faster team that frames better in an NHL that has been trending in that direction for several seasons. Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson) Despite improvements to the NHL roster making the team more competitive and exciting to watch, there have been no playof...
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How To Keep It Real on Instagram

It’s something that would have sounded utterly outrageous only a few short years ago. And while there are arguments for why you shouldn’t build your business on rented land and how many people have gone about it the wrong way, it is possible to make a very comfortable living as an Instagram influencer. You partner with brands, you post pretty pictures, and you smile and filter your life all the way to the bank. But are attitudes shifting? Have careful curation and photo editing gone too far, and...
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Thrift Store Owners Say Homeless Person Wrote Racial Slur With Human Feces On Business

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Dollar Thrift co-owner Melissa Jones said when her husband Thomas opened up the back gate near their store he saw something he couldn’t believe. “They used the bathroom back there, took their own feces and rubbed it on the wall and put the n-word on the wall,” Thomas Jones said. “I cried. I cried for my husband and my children. I cried for all the hard work that we put into the store,” Melissa Jones said. Melissa believes this vile smeared message was done by a homeless pers...
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Week 9 Daily Fantasy Football cheatsheet: Attack of the Joneses

Week 9 of the 2019 Fantasy Football season is here, and our six experts have revealed who they would choose in their Yahoo Daily Fantasy lineups using a budget of $200. The ultimate goal: To build the perfect lineup. Our “Fantasy Football Live” crew is doing a guru challenge again this season.
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How to Use Instagram Marketing? Influencers Can Promote Your Business!

How to use Instagram marketing for your business? You may be tempted to simply join the site and create content for it. Big mistake! Influencers can promote your business much more effectively. Let’s start at the beginning though: When a colleague asked on Twitter who has written a brilliant Instagram marketing guide my willingness to help made me start my favorite search engine – Ecosia – and look for one. Of course I found like a dozen more or less comprehensive Instagram marketing...
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Why You Don’t Need an Instagram Marketing Guide – Seriously!

When a colleague asked on Twitter who has written a brilliant Instagram marketing guide my willingness to help made me start my favorite search engine – Ecosia – and look for one. Of course I found like a dozen more or less comprehensive Instagram marketing guides – most of them written by tool makers who make money by helping you market on Instagram. Yet before I clicked and compared those my brain finally started working. I remembered the odd statistics and reports about Instagram....
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Goliath review: Wall Street, Main Street … and Warren as McGovern 2.0?

Matt Stoller’s look at ‘the 100-year war between monopoly and democracy’ is highly relevant to the primary raceWall Street is scared. Elizabeth Warren has surged to the front of the Democratic pack and some of the party’s biggest donors are threatening to close their wallets or worse: donate to Donald Trump. Related: Envy in Politics review: why keeping up with the Joneses is a political trump card Continue reading...
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Envy in Politics review: why keeping up with the Joneses is a political trump card

A fascinating study indicates that the president’s support is based on more than political animus aloneWhat motivates Donald Trump’s political base, a major factor behind the silences and squirms of Republican officials these days?Dissections of what the president’s mass of supporters thinks, feels and perceives have pointed to their vanished jobs, stagnant incomes and precariously low savings; their ideological commitments to conservative judges, lower taxes and nationalist foreign policy; and ...
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Open Mike: RTFM

["Open Mike" is the not always off-topic Editorial page of TOP. It appears on Wednesdays, except when Mike is a day late and a dollar short again.] - It stands for—of course you know this—"Read The [expletive deleted] Manual." Once upon a time, one of my standard pieces of advice for new camera buyers was that they spend a solid hour or two (!) familiarizing themselves with their new camera. (That amount of time dates this advice. Now I would have to say a day or two, or a week.) I had a litan...
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Digital trends: The holy grail of a successful marketing campaign

Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends is like keeping up with the Joneses –  it’s exhausting. Staying on top of new developments like voice search, AI and chatbots is not easy. Regardless, professional marketers have no choice. They must stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends if they want to make a mark in the noisy digital space. Think about Apple – arguably its dominative and influential brand offers its audience exactly what it wants: simple, on-demand mar...
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Balance Professional Growth And Mental Health

by Francisco Serrano, CEO at 121 Striking out on our own was never going to be easy. By starting, owning and growing a new enterprise, we accepted the sleepless nights, gluing our eyes to computer screens, languishing for days at a time behind a desk. It’s rough, yet it’s our life, and we love it. But should we? A growing societal conversation in the United States has been revolving around mental health and it is beyond time that we examine how it plays a role in our entrepreneurial and small b...
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August Funding Explain the Reasons Americans Take on Debt

Maybe you can relate to this. You look at your credit card statement and suddenly, you see tons of purchases that drove up your bill and pushed you further into debt. Yet, you don’t really recall spending so much money. That’s what debt looks like to many people. They don’t realize they’re going into debt until they’re deeply gone, so to speak. August Funding sees this happening all too often.The good news is they also see people get out of debt once they learn what it is they’re doing to accumu...
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Moat Investing: Keeping Up with the Joneses

This article was originally published on
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Flames’ Treliving Sticks to His Plan

The 2019 trade deadline came and went without fanfare for the Calgary Flames. The Winnipeg Jets added Kevin Hayes. The Nashville Predators added Wayne Simmonds and Mikael Granlund. The San Jose Sharks added Gustav Nyquist. The Vegas Golden Knights added Mark Stone. Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving didn’t load up at the 2019 trade deadline. (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) In the midst of their best season since 1988-89, the top team in the Western Conference raised eyebrows for t...
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Money Matters, But Money Isn’t Everything

Does being rich make you happy? Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says here that it does to some extent, but that there’s more to life than chasing after money. Of course, Mr. Bernanke is not the only one to have this view on money and happiness. Numerous studies on happiness support his conclusions. Here are a few thoughts on the points : Basic Human Needs Must Be Met When people say that money does not buy happiness, they generally mean “extra money.” I think we can all agree, and research support...
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