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These 2D perspectives unfold to form 3D furniture

Remember all the time spent creating a perspective drawing and trying to get those angles right? Well, this 2D form turned furniture will take you back to those moments with pure nostalgia!South Korean designer Jongha Choi has created a line of space-saving furniture that can be hung on your wall when not in use. The collection, named “De-Dimensions” plays with visual forms, transforming a two-dimensional form into a functional three-dimensional object. Comprising of a stool and a bench, each ...
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Fold-flat furniture looks like isomorphic illustrations when it's collapsed Jongha Choi's Master's thesis for Design Academy Eindhoven involved the creation of "De-dimension" furniture, which collapses into a flat, easily stored form when it's not in use -- but when it's in its flat form, it looks like a perspective drawing of its expanded shape. (more…)
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These pieces of furniture can fold to become two-dimensional art

In micro-apartments, beds, tables, stoves, and more are tailor-made to collapse and disappear. Rarely do they ever make a statement when tucked away. Korean designer Jongha Choi has taken the concept of collapsable furniture in a different direction. He's designed a line of pieces that, when folded, look like isometric representations of their three-dimensional shapes. The result is an optical illusion that can be mounted flat on a wall.   Choi's presented his project, called "De...
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Furniture that Flattens Into Wall Art Is Perfect For Cramped Apartments

Just because you live in a cramped downtown apartment doesn’t mean you don’t want to entertain. So here’s a brilliant way to keep some extra seating around, without wasting precious floor space once all your guests have left.Read more...
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Furniture Designed to Enable Rituals: Jongha Choi's Cigarette Chair

Designer Jongha Choi has been getting a lot of buzz on his De-dimension furniture pieces, the ones we spotted at Milan. To refresh your memory, here's what his fold-flat, Shaker-furniture-meets-M.C.-Escher pieces do: De-dimension from jongha on Vimeo. Those pieces are polished and function beautifully. But we also found a very different style of piece in his archives, something that's more contraption than furniture. Check out his amusing Cigarette Chair: Cigarette Chair from jongha on ...
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Flexible LEDs, Paper Power and Women in Italian Design

Each day our editors will roundup our favorite sights and projects from Salone Milan Design Week. Today we look at highlights from the Triennale Design Museum and Spazio Rosanna Orlandi. The Subtle Power of Paper One component of the Triennale was the SUBTLE Takeo Paper Show, which demonstrated works from different artists and designers demonstrating the unsuspecting power of subtle concepts visualized using paper. One featured project took inspiration from the forms of pencil shavings;...
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