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Licorice Pizza' Soundtrack: Hear Jonny Greenwood's Theme

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Licorice Pizza hits select theaters today, with Alana Haim in a starring role. The movie’s soundtrack is mostly filled with music contemporaneous to its 1973... #alanahaim #paulthomasanderson #licoricepizza #jonnygreenwood
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Jonny Greenwood – “Licorice Pizza”

Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film Licorice Pizza hits select theaters today, with Alana Haim in a starring role. The movie’s soundtrack is mostly filled with music contemporaneous to its 1973 setting, but frequent PTA collaborator Jonny Greenwood did contribute at least a little bit of score to it. The Licorice Pizza Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out today and it features a Greenwood track called, you guessed it, “Licorice Pizza.”
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Jonny Greenwood on the Dark Power of His Music for ‘The Power of the Dog’

One of the most intriguing, and certainly dark and disturbing, scores of this season is Jonny Greenwood’s music for “The Power of the Dog,” filmmaker Jane Campion’s Western starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a surly, complicated cowboy in early 20th-century Montana. It’s one of three scores the Radiohead musician-songwriter has in end-of-year awards contention. Pablo Larrain’s […]
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Stream Jonny Greenwood’s Score For The New Movie The Power Of The Dog

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has been scoring films ever since 2003, when he composed the music for the documentary Bodysong. Lately, though, Greenwood has been extremely busy with that particular side hustle. Just last week, Greenwood released his score for Spencer, the new Pablo Larrain film about Princess Diana. Greenwood also did some score cues for Licorice Pizza, the forthcoming movie from his longtime collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. And today, we get to hear a whole other Jonny Greenwoo...
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Jonny Greenwood’s Spencer Score Out Now, Power Of The Dog & “Licorice Pizza” Coming In Next 2 Weeks

It’s a boom time for Jonny Greenwood film scores! The Radiohead guitarist’s baroque classical and free jazz-blending soundtrack for Spencer, Jackie director Pablo Larraín’s new drama about Diana, Princess Of Wales, is out now — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
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Radiohead: Kid A Mnesia review – two classic albums, plus surprises

(XL)The band’s 20th-anniversary reissue of Kid A and Amnesiac along with unreleased material makes for fascinating listening Recorded together but released a year apart, Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001) marked a huge departure from the increasingly baroque guitar-led anthems of Radiohead’s first three albums. The broadening of their palette to embrace Warp-influenced electronica, free jazz and krautrock abstractions initially baffled many (the Guardian awarded Kid A two stars, while Melody Maker...
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Jonny Greenwood, Hans Zimmer Among Likely Original Score Contenders for Oscars in 2022

It’s impossible to guess, some three months away from the nominations, what might be up for Oscar in the music categories. But we can’t resist trying. The only sure thing seems to be that English composer Jonny Greenwood will be nominated for at least one Oscar and maybe two. The Radiohead guitarist has been nominated […]
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Full Trailer for Jane Campion's Extraordinary 'The Power of the Dog'

"A man's made by patience and the odds against him." Netflix has revealed the full official trailer for Jane Campion's latest film The Power of the Dog, a gritty western romance set in Montana (though filmed in New Zealand). This first premiered at the 2021 Venice Film Festival to rave reviews, and also stopped by all the other major fests this fall: at the Telluride, Toronto, and New York Film Festivals. They spent months filming this in harsh conditions in New Zealand, and it's finally rea...
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Hear Two Jonny Greenwood Songs From The Power Of The Dog

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has shared two new songs, “West” and “25 Years,” from his forthcoming soundtrack to the Jane Campion-directed film The Power Of The Dog.
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Hear Two Tracks From Netflix’s ‘The Power of the Dog’ Score by Jonny Greenwood (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety can exclusive debut two of the ominous tracks from Netflix’s highly anticipated film “The Power of the Dog,” one of the leading contenders for the Oscars this awards season. The songs, composed by Jonny Greenwood, digitally release on Oct. 26. The two tracks, titled “25 Years” and “West,” show the range of Greenwood’s composition […]
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Jonny Greenwood – “Crucifix”

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood wrote the score for the upcoming film Spencer. A biographical drama about Diana, Princess Of Wales, née Spencer, directed by Jackie‘s Pablo Larraín and starring Kristen Stewart, Spencer is Greenwood’s first film score since his work on Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Phantom Thread and Lynne Ramsay’s’ You Were Never Really Here in 2017. The movie and its score are both out next month, and you can preview Greenwood’s contributions by streaming the emotionally heavy classica...
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The 14 Greatest Thrillers Of The 21st Century

The thriller is one of the hardest genres to define, because thrillers cross over so much with other genres. From the erotic thriller, the psychological thriller, the cold war thriller, the detective thriller, and all the way through to the action thriller — and let's not forget to take a detour into the seedy underbelly of the neo-noir -- this really is the genre that has something for everyone. While the '80s and '90s were a heyday for erotic thrillers, the 21st century brought a fresh injecti...
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Thom Yorke’s Son Noah Releases Radiohead-esque Debut Single

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s son Noah has released his debut single, and between the falsetto and the In Rainbows-esque guitar, it sounds a whole lot like Radiohead.
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Oscars Predictions: Best Original Score – Jonny Greenwood Has Three Compositions In Contention

Variety's Awards Circuit is home to the official predictions for the upcoming Oscars and Emmys ceremonies from film awards editor Clayton Davis. Following history, buzz, news, reviews and sources, the Oscar and Emmy predictions are updated regularly with the current year's list of contenders in all categories. Variety's Awards Circuit Prediction schedule consists of four […]
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Spencer Review: Kristen Stewart Gives A Raw, Brilliant Performance In This Haunting Fable [TIFF 2021]

Princess Diana wanders through the ornate but empty halls of the Sandringham Estate, a living ghost in an expensive gown. She drifts, she sways, she dances. She is haunted by a million different memories and the anxieties of what might come. Not far from here, her family home still stands – abandoned and boarded up like a haunted house. A little farther from that, a scarecrow stands in an empty field. When she first arrived here, the scarecrow was clad in one of her father's jackets. She is surr...
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The 12 Best Film Composers Of All Time

There's more to a film score than an opening theme, though many of the more recognizable composers got to where they are by writing the theme to a beloved franchise. Film scores set the mood. They create an environment. As far as post-production goes, music is as important as editing when it comes to tone and pacing. Sometime you don't even notice the score in the background of a film, and that's powerful too. There's a reason that a lot of people like listening to film scores while working. It'...
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All 8 Paul Thomas Anderson Feature Films Ranked Worst To Best

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the most significant filmmakers of his generation, a director whose name alone is enough to generate anticipation for one of his films. Anderson's movies are characterized by methodical pacing, alienated characters, and striking imagery, and yet he's never been bound to just one genre, tone, or location. His films range from uproariously funny to crushingly emotional. Often, they manage to be both at the same time.Anderson's newest film, "Soggy Bottom," is a '70s c...
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Netflix’s The Power of the Dog Teaser Starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for Oscar-winning filmmaker Jane Campion’s forthcoming film adaptation of Thomas Savage’s 1967 cult novel The Power of the Dog. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch and will have its world premiere next week at the 2021 Venice International Film Festival, which will then be followed by a limited theatrical release on November 17.  It is scheduled to make its Netflix debut on December 1. The Power of the Dog teaser, which you can check out along with t...
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The Power Of The Dog: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)Netflix isn't exactly known for its quality these days, but in addition to pumping out forgettable fluff, the streamer will occasionally finance a project from a major auteur and justify our ongoing subscriptions. That's happening this year with "The Power of the Dog," a new film by acclaimed filmmaker Jane Campion. Read on to le...
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Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog Announced as Centerpiece for New York Film Festival

Film at Lincoln Center has announced Jane Campion’s Netflix Original The Power of the Dog as the Centerpiece selection for the 59th New York Film Festival, making its New York premiere at Alice Tully Hall on October 1. The film will be having its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival this September (via Variety). We’re thrilled to announce that Jane Campion’s mesmerizing new film THE POWER OF THE DOG, starring Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, and Benedict Cumberbatch, is the Centerpiece selec...
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'River' Film Trailer About the Relationship Between Humans & Rivers

"Where rivers wandered, life could flourish… They have shaped us as a species." Dogwoof has unveiled the first official trailer for another stunning new documentary film titled River, a follow-up to the doc feature Mountain made by filmmaker Jennifer Peedom a few years ago. River is a cinematic and musical odyssey that explores the remarkable relationship between humans and rivers. Featuring text by Robert Macfarlane, with music by Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO),...
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A Look at Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood’s Debut as the Smile at Glastonbury 2021 Livestream

The new band—with drummer Tom Skinner—was a surprise addition to Live at Worthy Farm on Saturday
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The Smile: Radiohead stars to debut new band at Glastonbury live-stream

The Smile, featuring Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, will make their debut on Saturday night.
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Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood form new project, the Smile

Group, which also includes Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner, will make their debut at Live at Worthy Farm, filmed on the Glastonbury festival siteRadiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood have formed a new project called the Smile.It is a trio with jazz drummer Tom Skinner, who plays in Sons of Kemet and other groups including solo project Hello Skinny. Nigel Godrich, Radiohead’s longtime producer who also plays with Yorke in Atoms for Peace, is also involved. The Smile are named after a Ted H...
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‘Spencer’ Image Gives Us a New Look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana

Time for another look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer, the upcoming film from Jackie director Pablo Larrain. There was a lot of talk about how Stewart was “unrecognizable” when the first image, which you can see above, was released for the film. I didn’t quite agree with that assessment. However, I do think Stewart is almost unrecognizable in this new image, which you can see below. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something else going on here beyond a wig. Prosthe...
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Radiohead Ballets: Watch Ballets Choreographed Creatively to the Music of Radiohead

Since Radiohead’s last release, A Moon-Shaped Pool, members of the band have been absorbed in other projects. They’ve turned their band’s website into an archive for their discography and a library for rarities and ephemera — sending not-so-subtle signals their time together has reached a natural end, even if drummer Phil Selway said in 2020 “there are always conversations going on…. We’ll see. We’re talking.” Two of the band’s most prominent members, guitarist Jonny Greenwood and frontm...
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Official Joy Division & New Order Podcast To Feature Guests Johnny Marr, Damon Albarn, Liam Gallagher, Radiohead’s Greenwoods, & More

The story of Joy Division and New Order is being told in the new, officially sanctioned podcast Transmissions: The Definitive Story. Narrated by actress Maxine Peak, the series will feature exclusive interviews with the band's Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, and Gillian Gilbert, plus a whole star-studded lineup of special guests. Guests will include … More »
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Kid A Turns 20

Sitting across his desk from Thom Yorke last fall onstage at the Ed Sullivan Theater, Stephen Colbert posed a question to the Radiohead frontman. "For decades you've been writing music that is uneasy and anxious with regards to society, our government, technology, the general direction of the world," the Late Show host said. "How does … More »
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New to Stream: MUBI Unveils July 2020 Film Slate

New to Stream: MUBI Unveils July 2020 Film Slate MUBI, the premiere streaming service for curated films, has revealed its July lineup which continues to showcase exciting new exclusives, rediscovered gems, and carefully curated retrospectives. As part of MUBI’s commitment to showcase more work from Black filmmakers, this month’s slate will present a double bill from the pioneering Black artist Bill Gunn, starting with his 1973 cult classic film Ganja & Hess and followed by Personal Problems, ...
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Tonight’s Classic Radiohead Concert Is From 1994

Since early April, Radiohead has been putting video of one classic concert a week up on YouTube (playlist here). Tonight’s show, which starts streaming at 5pm ET, is from a really interesting point in the band’s evolution. In May 1994, Radiohead had released only one album (Pablo Honey) and no one knew whether they were going to be anything more than a one-hit wonder. At the time, the group was in the midst of recording The Bends and the setlist contains several songs from that album, includ...
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