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‘We’re fighting a ghost’: six months on, coronavirus victories remain fragile

Governments are at a nebulous stage: past the initial shocks but still without a clear end in sight Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageNobody is clapping any more. Six months since Covid-19 registered as an urgent threat, and one country after another spiralled into lockdown, the nightly outpourings of solidarity with essential workers have petered out.Governments behind which people rallied earlier in the outbreak are again facing criticism and scorn. Panic at the scena...
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Google wants to be only destination for Search and digital advertising: 14 key takeaways from Pichai’s deposition before the antitrust subcommittee

Given that Google earns more than $100 billion, there is “a fundamental conflict of interest between serving users who want to access the best and most relevant information and Google’s business model, which incentivises Google to sell ads and keep users on Google’s own sites,” David Cicilline (D-RI), the chair of the subcommittee, said at the Big Tech CEOs’ hearing before the House subcommittee on antitrust on July 29 (available to watch here). But Google CEO Sundar Pichai clarified that ads ar...
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Covid-19 in the Middle East: 'Normal life is back – including the tensions'

The Guardian’s international correspondent on the last few months in Jordan, where he is based, and across the region For most people, the first few days and weeks were pretty scary. We were reading stories about hospitals being overwhelmed, death rates growing exponentially. It’s never been as high here as it has been in Europe, but we did feel it here early on. It felt initially like an adrenaline rush. Jordan had one of the harshest lockdowns – for a period, you couldn’t leave your home for a...
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Comment on perfect blueberry muffins by Jordan S

They look yummy! Planning to try them today. However, one question regarding the addition of blueberries, is it after stirring for the second time of at the start itself?
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Orphaned toddler grows up in shadow of massacre, coronavirus

An infant boy who survived a shooting last year that left his parents and 21 others dead now likes to thumb through picture books and dance to a Batman jingle with his grandmother, according to an uncle who helps care for the 1-year-old. It will be years before Paul Anchondo learns what happened to his parents in an event that many El Paso residents still struggle to comprehend, Tito Anchondo said. Anchondo's brother Andre and sister-in-law Jordan died in the shooting at a Walmart store.
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Dr. Fauci and Rep. Jordan have a tense exchange over limiting protests because of the coronavirus

During the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis on Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan pressed Dr. Anthony Fauci about limiting protests to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
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Jim Jordan tries and fails to get Fauci to say protesters should be arrested for gathering during pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci wants to make it clear he's got nothing to do with the justice system.Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appeared before Congress on Friday for a hearing on the federal government's coronavirus response. That's where Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who's been skeptical of restrictions meant to stem the virus' spread, tried to get Fauci to distinguish between protests against racism in the U.S. and bans on businesses r...
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Blackhawks’ News & Rumors: Kubalik, Crawford, Game Recaps & More

In the latest edition of Chicago Blackhawks’ News & Rumors, this piece is the most exciting because it is the last one that will be done before the Blackhawks’ season officially resumes on Aug. 1. Chicago had an exhibition game on July 29 and the result came as a pleasant surprise. Here is the latest with game recaps and new stories to come from the team. Game Recap The exhibition game against the St. Louis Blues was a fun one. When you are a team that wouldn’t have made the playoffs in ...
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Live updates - Rep. Jordan presses Dr. Fauci on role of protests in coronavirus surge

Fauci told lawmakers he was hopeful a vaccine would be available by late fall or early winer.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Fauci resists Republican effort to turn testimony against protesters

Top U.S. infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday resisted efforts by a staunch ally of President Donald Trump to turn his testimony about controlling the coronavirus pandemic into criticism of protests against racial injustice. Fauci clashed with Representative Jim Jordan at a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on the Coronavirus, after the Ohio Republican demanded Fauci's opinion about whether protests should be curbed or eliminated to control the pandemic....
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4 Famous Movie Lessons That Didn’t Make A Lick Of Sense

By Jordan Breeding,Caleb Gritsko  Published: July 31st, 2020 
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4 Reasons College Athletes Need To Get Paid Now

By Jordan Breeding  Published: July 31st, 2020 
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District Attorneys Say Victims Are Not Being Heard Ahead Of Convicted Inmates’ Early Release

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – What about the victims? That’s what local district attorneys are asking the state after two people facing life in prison were released this week in Yolo County over COVID-19 concerns. The state says they need to protect the inmates and staff from COVID-19 and mitigate the spread. But some say that comes at a cost: the victims’ voice. Over the past week, CBS13 has highlighted two victims affected by these early releases. These families are now afraid that someone they thought...
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Jordan 'rotten meat': Child dies and 800 poisoned near Amman

A restaurant near Amman where the shawarma meat was not refrigerated is thought to be the source.
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These 3 moments from Big Tech's blockbuster antitrust hearing could come back to haunt the companies, according to Wall Street analysts

The CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google were grilled during a five-hour congressional hearing on Wednesday. The hearing followed an antitrust investigation into the power and size of the Big Tech companies. Analysts at Wedbush identified the three moments from the hearing most likely to come back and bite the companies. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Over the course of five hours on Wednesday, the CEOs from the world's four biggest tech companies were grilled by ...
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More than 800 hospitalised in Jordan food poisoning outbreak

Child dies after surge of cases that health minister linked to single restaurant offering cheap meal dealA food poisoning outbreak in Jordan has hit more than 800 people and killed a child, all of whom ate cut-price shawarma from a restaurant outside Amman, the health ministry has said.The owner of the restaurant selling the popular rotisserie meat and bread snacks in the Baqa’a district north-west of the capital was arrested, local media reported. Continue reading...
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Republican lawmakers hijacked a historic antitrust hearing to air conspiracy theories and accuse tech companies of secretly working to undermine Trump

Republican lawmakers used a widely-anticipated House subcommittee hearing with the world's most powerful tech CEOs to air grievances and accuse tech companies of secretly working to undermine President Donald Trump's reelection campaign. The hearing erupted into a shouting match several times as Democratic lawmakers accused their Republican colleagues of pushing "fringe conspiracy theories." Ohio congressman Jim Jordan implied Google is trying to give former Vice President Joe Biden an edge ov...
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Jordan and Perri: Kiss breakfast hosts on 'stepping into huge shoes'

Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely on early mornings, listening figures and diversity in radio.
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Tech Hearing Goes Off The Rails As Jim Jordan Flies Off Topic

As if by reflex alone, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Wednesday managed to divert a long-awaited congressional antitrust hearing featuring the CEOs of four major tech companies with a sideshow about “unmasking.” The Ohio congressman took things off the rails a few minutes after 3 p.m. He’d just finished asking Google CEO Sundar Pichai about a nearly four-year-old email in which a then-Google employee referred to the company’s support for a get-out-the-vote program as a “silent donation.” (Google d...
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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said social media is a 'nuance-destruction machine' when asked about his views on 'cancel culture'

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said social media is a "nuance-destruction machine" during a historic antitrust hearing that also featured the execs of Facebook, Google, and Apple on Wednesday. The comment was made in response to a question asked by Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican, who probed the four CEOs for their opinion on "cancel culture." The hearing was designed for Congress to grill the execs over anticompetitive business practices used by their firms, but as expected, lawmakers veered off course ...
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Jim Jordan explodes when asked to put on a mask, pivots to 'unmasking' of Michael Flynn

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has successfully twisted a public health concern into a conservative conspiracy theory -- but not the one of the dozens of COVID-19 conspiracies one might expect.During a Wednesday hearing with the country's four biggest technology companies, Jordan used his questioning time to claim Google tried to help Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Penn.) was up next, and started her questioning by saying she would pivot from "fringe conspi...
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Fiery exchange erupts at congressional antitrust hearing

After Rep. Jim Jordan's (R-OH) questions for Google CEO Sundar Pichai during a hearing before a congressional antitrust committee, a fiery exchange erupted between members of the committee regarding Jordan's subject matter.
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Why 90 Day Fiance's Brittany Is Thankful Cameras Followed Her During Trip To Jordan

The star of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way does not regret inviting TLC to document her trip to Jordan.
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Whicker: Can the NBA survive in the ecosystem it built?

Where were they all standing when the music stopped? The Lakers were sitting on top of both the Western Conference and the rim, knocking away shots like kings on a mountain. The Houston Rockets, also known as Smurfin’ USA, were trying to find a title by running through everyone’s legs. The Milwaukee Bucks, a fiery dumpster for so long, were setting historic standards for creating garbage time. And the Clippers had learned to win in between guest appearances by Kawhi Leonard. The music comes back...
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'Put your mask on!': Lawmakers erupt after Jim Jordan throws a temper tantrum during the big tech hearing

On Wednesday, the CEOs of some of the biggest US tech companies testified in front of lawmakers about any potential antitrust violations, although many questions were off-topic. US Rep. Jim Jordan used his time to question Alphabet CEO Sundar Puchai about alleged anti-conservative bias in Google's practices, and continued to grill the CEO after his time had expired. Lawmakers quickly slammed Jordan for his interruptions. US Rep. Jamie Raskin yelled at Jordan to "put your mask on" before questi...
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"House Democrats have been waiting for more than a year to grill Attorney General Bill Barr, a man they’ve accused of all manner of professional misconduct..."

"Today they finally had their chance, as Barr testified, at long last, before the House Judiciary Committee. For Trump and Barr’s toughest critics, however, it was a frustrating experience.... Many of the committee’s senior Democrats chose to use their limited time not to seek answers from Barr but to make speeches. 'Reclaiming my time' quickly became the anthem of the day. 'This is a hearing,' the attorney general complained at one point. 'I thought that I was the one who was supposed to be hea...
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Barr Clashes With House Democrats in Testimony, Defending Protest Response

The deployment of federal agents to confront protesters and rioters and attacks on the Russia investigation highlighted a contentious hearing.
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Barr Clashes With House Democrats in Testimony, Defending Protests Response

The deployment of federal agents to confront protesters and rioters and attacks on the Russia investigation highlighted a contentious hearing.
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Barr Clashes With House Democrats, Defending Responses to Protests and Russia Inquiry

The deployment of federal agents to confront protesters and rioters and attacks on the Russia investigation highlighted a contentious hearing.
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Tapper rebukes Jim Jordan: You owe CNN reporters an apology

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) played a montage of violence at protests around the country and removed crucial context from what CNN reporters said about it. CNN's Jake Tapper says Jordan owes these reporters an apology.
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