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Kumail Nanjiani To Lead Political Thriller The Independent

Kumail Nanjiani to lead political thriller The Independent While Kumail Nanjiani (The Lovebirds) is best known for his work in the comedy genre, he is looking to break character type as he has signed on to star in the upcoming political thriller The Independent, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: New The Eternals Set Photos Feature Kumail Nanjiani & Kit Harington The film, written by Evan Parter and directed by Emmy-nominee Amy Rice (By the People: The Election of Barack Obama) ...
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What’s the state of black film today? These experts explore the range of African-American movie achievements

Melvin Van Peebles had directed a few short films in the late ’50s when he left San Francisco for Hollywood with the goal of trading his day job on a cable car for a career behind the camera. “They said, ‘We don’t need cable car operators as film directors,’” said his son Mario Van Peebles, a second-generation filmmaker, as he introduced a newly restored version of his father’s first feature “The Story of a Three-Day Pass” at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 16. “He said, ‘No,...
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The creator of 'Hunters' caught the attention of Amazon and Jordan Peele with an 80-page series bible and enough ideas for 5 seasons

David Weil, the creator of Amazon's new series "Hunters," talked to Business Insider about how he got the series made without another TV show on his resume. Weil wrote a spec script for the pilot and an 80-page series bible that detailed his ideas five years ago. After one network passed on the series, Amazon picked it up. "Get Out" director Jordan Peele, who executive produced the series, was already on board at that point after having read Weil's script. Weil also discussed how writing the s...
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TV Bits: Netflix Cancels ‘Insatiable’ While in Talks to Renew ‘Lucifer,’ ‘The Last OG’ Season 3, and More

In this edition of TV Bits: Netflix cancels Insatiable after two seasons Lucifer in talks with Netflix for another season The Last O.G. season 3 trailer unveils April premiere date Superstore renewed by NBC for a sixth season And more. Netflix seems to have lost its taste for Insatiable. The dark revenge comedy starring Debby Ryan, Dallas Roberts, and Alyssa Milano has been cancelled after two seasons, reports Deadline. The series — which follows Ryan’s overweight Patty after an accident ...
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‘Hunters’ Showrunner Nikki Toscano on the Show’s Unorthodox Style and Balancing Thrills With Reverence [Interview]

Al Pacino takes on his first streaming television series in Amazon’s new series Hunters . He plays Meyer Offerman, a Holocaust survivor leading a team of Nazi hunters in 1977 New York. While  David Weil created the series,  he shares showrunner duties with Nikki Toscano. Toscano comes from shows like 24: Legacy, Shades of Blue, State of Affairs, Revenge and Bates Motel . Jordan Peele’s company Monkeypaw Productions produces Hunters. Toscano spoke with /Film by phone this week abo...
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Al Pacino and Carol Kane Had a ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ Reunion on the ‘Hunters’ Set

Nearly 45 years after Al Pacino and Carol Kane appeared in Sidney Lumet’s classic film “Dog Day Afternoon,” an Amazon Prime Video series about Nazi-hunters in 1977 New York City has brought them back together. Go figure. “I’m proud to be working with him again,” Kane told Variety at the “Hunters” premiere on Wednesday night […]
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February 18 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

BEGIN SLIDESHOW February 18 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases Welcome to’s February 18 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon! New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD Jojo Rabbit When a lonely German boy (Roman Griffin Davis) finds a Jewish girl hiding in his attic, he must confront his own fanaticism in this darkly funny comedy from writer-dire...
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Mandatory Streamers: The Walking Dead Returns for Season 10B

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Mandatory Streamers: The Walking Dead returns for Season 10B Welcome to Mandatory Streamers, our column covering the best new streaming content coming your way every week! For the week of February 17, The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its 10th season, promising a massive escalation in the war with the Whisperers. Check out the best shows debuting and returning online this week as well as the latest renewal announcements below and be sure to visit our mother s...
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8 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Read (or Re-Read) Before Their Adaptations Hit the Screen

Each month we share an avalanche of new books to feed your need to read. But there are also tons of older sci-fi and fantasy books worth your time, too—including those with the added interest of television or movie adaptations on the way. Here are eight titles you should add to your read (or re-read) list; if you…Read more...
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Amazon’s Nazi-Killer Epic Hunters Can’t Tell the Difference Between Vigilante Justice and Equal-Opportunity Sadism

If your aim is to tell a nuanced story about heroism, historical trauma and revenge, it’s probably best to keep Nazis—by which I mean the literal perpetrators of the Holocaust—out of it. From a thematic perspective, it’s very hard to win with these guys. Depict them as brilliant, bloodless killing machines, and you’ll burnish their terrifying mythology; choose instead to paint them as dimwitted, incompetent henchmen, and you’re liable to trivialize the suffering and deaths of millions. A fe...
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The Last O.G. Season 3 Trailer: Tracy Morgan’s TBS Comedy Returns in April

The Last O.G. Season 3 trailer: Tracy Morgan’s TBS comedy returns in April After scoring rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, Tracy Morgan’s hit TBS comedy The Last O.G. is set to return for a third season, with the cable network debuting the first trailer for the next chapter that also unveils an April premiere date. The trailer can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Tracy Morgan Joins Eddie Murphy in Coming to America Sequel The Last O.G. centers on Tray (Morgan), an ex-co...
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Exclusive The Twilight Zone Blu-ray Clip: The Wunderkind

Exclusive The Twilight Zone Blu-ray clip: The Wunderkind Ahead of the well-received series’ Blu-ray release, CBS has given an exclusive clip from The Twilight Zone revival episode “The Wunderkind” starring John Cho (Searching), Jacob Tremblay (Good Boys) and Alison Tolman (Fargo), which can be viewed in the player below! Click here to pre-order The Twilight Zone Season One Blu-ray before it arrives Tuesday! RELATED: Twilight Zone Season 2 Cast Revealed, Jordan Peele to Pen Ep...
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Hunters Red Band Trailer: Al Pacino Leads the Bloody Hunt for Revenge

Hunters Red Band Trailer: Al Pacino leads the bloody hunt for revenge Amazon Prime Video has released the red band trailer for executive producer Jordan Peele’s forthcoming action-thriller series Hunters, featuring new footage from the series which highlights the titular group’s brutal Nazi hunt for righteous revenge. Starring Oscar winner Al Pacino, you can check out the video in the player below! RELATED: Jordan Peele’s Hunters Trailer: Revenge Is Righteous Hunters’ A-list cast includes Lo...
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‘Hunters’ Red Band Trailer Lets Al Pacino Curse at Nazis

Amazon Prime Video has released a new trailer for the Jordan Peele-produced series Hunters, and it finally lets Al Pacino curse at Nazis. The alt-history series follows a team of Nazi hunters living in New York in the 1970s who are on a mission to uncover the hundreds of high-ranking Nazis hiding out in the U.S. Watch the new red band Hunters trailer below. Red Band Hunters Trailer When you’ve got a stylish, hyperviolent alt-history series about a bunch of Jewish vigilantes who hunt dow...
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How ‘The Stepford Wives’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Influenced the Films of Jordan Peele

The 92nd Academy Awards have come and gone and while Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us went unrecognized — even in the Best Actress category, where Lupita Nyong’o’s versatile dual role surely deserved a nomination —  horror aficionados know the real score regarding the best films of last year. So does Janelle Monae, whose opening musical number featured back-up dancers in red Us jumpsuits and white Midsommer dresses, with Monae herself being crowned the flowery May Queen and other notable sn...
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Prime Video movie rentals will likely be on sale for Prime Day 2020 — here's what we expect

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is set to launch later this year, and the event will likely include some great Prime Video deals and exclusive streaming events. For last year's Prime Day, Amazon offered 50% off rentals on popular movies on Prime Video, so we expect a similar promotion for Prime Day 2020. For access to even more great deals during the sale, check out all of our Prime Day 2020 coverage. If you want to save now, you can also check out our Deal of the Day and Insider Coupons pages for curre...
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Favorite Films of 2019

We conclude this recap of 2019 movies with a traditional top 10 list, only a month and a half (or so) late! This marks the fourteenth year in a row that I've posted a top 10, which is a pretty respectable streak. For reference, previous top 10s are here: [2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006] I always try to find some sort of themes for the year in movies, which is a total fool's errand, but I guess I'm a fool because I enjoy trying it out. Th...
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Here’s Everything New on Amazon Prime Video in February 2020

Hunting for a new show to binge? Amazon Prime Video is rolling out a new series Feb. 21 — and it has Al Pacino in a starring role and Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us) as executive producer. Created by David Weil, Hunters tells the fictional story of a squad of Nazi hunters in 1970s New York. The Amazon original movie Honey Boy, which had a theatrical release in November 2019, is available on the streamer on Feb. 7. The film, directed by Alma Har’el and written by Shia LaBeouf, is a semi-autobiogr...
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As social media platforms brace for the incoming wave of deepfakes, Google's former 'fraud czar' predicts the biggest danger is that deepfakes will eventually become boring (GOOG, GOOGL)

Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok recently announced plans to tackle the spread of "deepfake" videos on their platforms as the new form of misinformation gains momentum. For now, deepfakes still look artificial and creating one requires as much effort as "Hollywood-level art," F5 Networks AI chief Shuman Ghosemajumder told Business Insider. But "perfectly realistic" deepfakes aren't far off, and as our brains get used to them, that "purely false information" will simply become our new reality, he...
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Everything Coming to Amazon Prime in February 2020

Jordan Peele’s upcoming show “Hunters” is among the slew of new movies and TV series that will be added to Amazon Prime Video next month. Peele executive produced “Hunters,” a drama following a group of Nazi hunters in New York City in 1977. The first season, created by David Weil, stars Al Pacino, Logan Lerman and […]
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‘Hunters’ Super Bowl Trailer: Celebrate the Big Game by Cracking Some Nazi Skulls

Amazon would like you to watch their new drama series Hunters and they’ve spent Super Bowl cash to create a new trailer and put it in front of the largest possible audience. Ahead of the weekend’s big game, a new trailer for the upcoming series about Nazi-hunters seeking out and destroying fascists-in-hiding in 1970s New York City has arrived and it looks slick and brutal. Watch it for yourself below. Huners Super Bowl Trailer While Al Pacino is the face of the show (he plays the leader...
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Hunters Super Bowl TV Spot Previews New Amazon Prime Series

Hunters Super Bowl TV spot previews new Amazon Prime series Amazon Prime Video has released the Super Bowl TV spot for executive producer Jordan Peele’s forthcoming action-thriller series Hunters, highlighting the beginning of the hunt for the Nazi officials, who have infiltrated America. Starring Oscar winner Al Pacino, you can check out the video in the player below! RELATED: Jordan Peele’s Hunters Trailer: Revenge Is Righteous Hunters’ A-list cast includes Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum...
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Bryan Cranston Remakes ‘The Shining’ for a Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial

This weekend brings us Super Bowl LIV, and with it will be a bunch of star-studded new commercials pushing all the biggest brands in front of one of the largest television viewing audiences of the year. But in the internet age, it’s more important to go viral before the Big Game, and some of this year’s biggest commercials are already online. One of them will be of particular interest to fans of Mountain Dew, Bryan Cranston and Stanley Kubrick. Mountain Dew has just launched their new Mounta...
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TV Bits: ‘Parasite’ Miniseries, ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story,’ & More

In this edition of TV Bits: Bong Joon-ho teases more details about his Parasite HBO miniseries Jodie Whittaker confirms her return for Doctor Who season 13 Impeachment: American Crime Story adds new cast members And more Bong Joon-ho has teased more details about the upcoming Parasite miniseries based on his Oscar darling that suggest the involvement of his original cast. In an interview with The Wrap, the Oscar-nominated director described his miniseries with Adam McKay as a “six-hour-lo...
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2019 Kaedrin Movie Award Winners

The nominations for the 2019 Kaedrin Movie Awards were announced last week. Since then the Vegas odds-makers and Howard Ratners of the world have been going bonkers, so it's time to announce the winners so that the criminals trapped in that weird vestibule thing can be buzzed out (get it? I'm being topical! For the approximately zero of you who have seen Uncut Gems, at least.) Next week, I'll announce the winners of some more goofy, freeform categories that we call the Arbitrary Awards, and not ...
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The Best Cinematic Needledrops and Song Choices of 2019

Since the dawn of film, music has always been an essential component. A director’s use of a particular song can become synonymous with a scene and bring an added layer of emotion. The use of music in 2019 was no exception and it was hard narrowing this list down to just ten. The movies here used music, either as needle drops or performed, to give audiences insight into the narrative or their character. Honorable mentions : “Don’t Kill My Vibe” from Teen Spirit , “Just a Girl” from Cap...
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Go Behind the Scenes of Jordan Peele’s Hunters Series in New Featurette

Go behind the scenes of Jordan Peele’s Hunters series in new featurette Amazon Prime Video has released the first featurette for executive producer Jordan Peele’s Hunters, offering us a behind-the-scenes look at what the viewers should expect to see in the forthcoming action-thriller series. Featuring interviews by creator David Weil and some of the cast led by Al Pacino and Logan Lerman, you can check out the video below! RELATED: Jordan Peele’s Hunters Trailer: Revenge Is Righteous Hunters’...
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/Film’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

With 2019 officially in the record books, it’s time to look ahead. And from the cold wastelands of January, the rest of 2020 certainly looks promising. Well, at least it looks promising for the movies. After hunkering down and deciding on a list of 25 movies we most wanted to see in the next year (a process that was recorded as a podcast), the team voted on the final ranking. And here we are. These are our 25 most anticipated movies of 2020. 25. Coming 2 America August 7, 2020 It’s been...
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Bad Lip Reading outtakes: 2019 New Orleans Saints

Bad Lip Reading will soon be releasing a new NFL video, and if it's anything like their previous NFL videos, it should be hilarious. However, to get us warmed up, they recently released some sneak peak footage and outtakes featuring the New Orleans Saints. As a nod to Keenan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele and their classic sketches, the Saints introduce themselves with some pretty crazy names. Some of the classics here include Queece Boringman, Cake Coffin and Dirt Stick. I thought I’d uploa...
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Lorena Bobbitt Biopic Greenlit at Lifetime

Lorena Bobbitt’s story is getting the biopic treatment. Lifetime has greenlit “I Was Lorena Bobbitt,” a feature about the woman who became a household name and made tabloid headlines when she cut off her husband’s penis with a knife in 1993 after years of abuse. Bobbitt was the subject of a Jordan Peele-produced Amazon docuseries […]
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