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It’s Been 5 Years Since Russian Cash Was Allegedly Funneled Into The Trump Campaign. Why Wasn’t It Charged Until Now?

Imagine for a moment if it had come out during the 2016 campaign or in the first year of the Trump presidency that GOP political operatives were accused of illegally funneling Russian money into the Trump campaign. Now, some five years later, that’s precisely the accusation federal prosecutors are making in a new case in DC. What took so long? [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Once-Pardoned GOP Operative Charged With Funneling Russian Cash Into Trump ’16 Campaign

Two Republican operatives were charged this month with a scheme to funnel money from a Russian businessman into former President Trump’s 2016 campaign, a document unsealed on Monday reveals. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Thousands Of Afghans Are Trying To Flee. Glenn Beck Says He Has A Way Out.

On the dusty tarmac of an airport in Northern Afghanistan, six planes have been waiting for days. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Durham Grand Jury Indicts Lawyer At DNC-Linked Firm

A grand jury empaneled by John Durham returned an indictment on Thursday against an attorney whose firm has represented the Democratic National Committee. The indictment charges Michael Sussmann, a cybersecurity attorney at law firm Perkins Coie, with one count of lying to the FBI over statements he made in September 2016 about since-debunked ties between the Trump campaign and a Russian bank. [Author: Cristina Cabrera and Josh Kovensky]
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Jan. 6 Panel Reacts To Milley Reveals: We’re Investigating It All

As reporting from a forthcoming book about Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Gen. Mark Milley roils Washington, the panel investigating the Capitol insurrection has said that questions about the Pentagon’s role fall within the scope of its probe. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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The 5 Biggest Bombshells In The Woodward-Costa Book

The initial reports on the contents of the new book by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa came trickling in this afternoon.   [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Milley ‘Eroded’ Civilian Control Of Military With Trump-Era Crisis Actions

In the days after the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley reportedly became “involved” in the country’s nuclear chain of command, and also assured his Chinese military counterpart that an attack from the U.S. was not forthcoming. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Bannon, Guo-Linked Media Company Part Of $539 Million Settlement In SEC Probe

A firm linked to former Trump campaign chairman Stephen K. Bannon was part of a $539 million deal to settle charges emanating from an alleged illegal stock offering scheme, the SEC said on Monday.  [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Giuliani Pal Admits To Soliciting Foreign Money For U.S Political Campaigns

NEW YORK – An associate of Rudy Giuliani’s told a federal judge on Friday that he solicited campaign contributions from a wealthy foreigner as part of a bizarre plot to get political juice for a marijuana business. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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The Stars Are Aligned For A Once-in-a-Generation Change To A More Progressive Tax Code

Over the past 30 years, Congress has enacted roughly three major tax hikes. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Brazilian Authorities Question Jason Miller After CPAC Event In Brasilia

Trump adviser Jason Miller claims he was questioned by authorities Tuesday as he prepared to board a flight to leave Brazil’s capitol. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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What Is CPAC Doing In Brazil?

Trump adviser Jason Miller made news on Tuesday when Brazilian authorities allegedly questioned him for hours after he attended CPAC Brasil 2021, held in Brasilia. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Cops Nab Woman Carrying ‘Maderna’ Vax Card To Enter Hawaii

The “Maderna” vaccine won’t get you into Hawaii. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Feds Charge FL Developer In Alleged Gaetz Extortion Plot As Sex Probe Grinds On

As the federal investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) reportedly continues, there’s been a related charge in Pensacola, Florida: a man who allegedly tried to turn the Gaetz investigation into a personal payday. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Jan. 6 Panel Sends Doc Preservation Requests To Social Media, Telecom Companies

The House Jan. 6 Committee demanded on Monday that 35 social media, email, and telecommunications firms preserve records that the panel has deemed potentially relevant to its investigation into the Capitol insurrection. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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EXCLUSIVE: Newly Unsealed Transcript Reveals Crux Of Mueller’s Collusion Case

Internal Trump campaign polling data from the 2016 election was sent to a person close to Russia’s leader, according to recently unsealed statements by a prosecutor from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Jan. 6 Panel, Taking Wide-Bore Approach, Demands Records From Social Media Companies, Tech Giants

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack announced a broad request on Friday for records relating to the insurrection from social media and other internet-related companies. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Some Who Advocated For Keeping Troops In Afghanistan Now Express Contrition. Most Are Silent.

As the U.S.’s two decade war in Afghanistan draws to a close, very few former officials involved in prosecuting it have publicly struggled with the consequences. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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READ: Judge Refers ‘Kraken’ Lawyers For Potential ‘Disbarment’ In Scathing Opinion Over Big Lie

The team of “Kraken” attorneys who sought to overturn the 2020 election “scorned their oath, flouted the rules, and attempted to undermine the integrity of the judiciary along the way,” according to a Wednesday opinion from a Detroit federal judge. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Reliving 2020 On Bill Barr’s Cell Phone

It was Sept. 12, 2019. Congress was asking why the Trump administration appeared to be concealing a whistleblower complaint, as the White House lifted a mysterious block on $350 million in military aid to Ukraine. And Attorney General Bill Barr, then-head of federal law enforcement in the Trump administration, was watching a Downton Abbey screening at the British Embassy. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Capitol Police Say Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Acted Lawfully

The Capitol police officer who killed Ashli Babbitt followed his training and department policies during the Jan. 6 shooting, the law enforcement agency said. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Judge Slaps Proud Boys Leader With Tougher Sentence Than Gov’t Wanted

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to five months in D.C. jail on Monday, more than federal prosecutors requested in the case. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Former Giuliani Ukraine Crony Set To Change Plea In Manhattan Federal Prosecution

Igor Fruman, a former Rudy Giuliani associate who aided the campaign to squeeze Ukraine into providing dirt on Joe Biden, is set to change his plea this week from his current plea of not guilty. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Why Did Hungary’s Strongman Hire An American Strong Man?

A south Florida bodybuilder with a "pugilistic" Twitter presence secured a contract last year to spearhead a campaign by Hungary as the central European nation sought to ingratiate itself with the MAGA right. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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Here’s A Good One

Josh Kovensky talks with the Georgia couple whose property was raided by the FBI last week as part of the Jan. 6 investigation. [Author: David Kurtz]
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FBI Seizes Devices, Clothes Of Militia-Linked Couple Who Were In DC On Jan. 6

In a raid earlier this month, the FBI seized electronic devices and outfits worn to the Capitol on Jan. 6 from a Georgia couple who are linked to the head of a Three Percenter offshoot group. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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WATCH: President Biden Speaks About Kabul Evacuation

After nearly twenty years of occupation, the U.S. is scrambling to complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan.  [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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More Alarming Details Emerge About The Extent Of The Coup Campaign At DOJ

House and Senate committees are getting a clearer picture of the depth and breadth of former President Trump's campaign to enlist the Justice Department in his effort to overturn the results of last year's election. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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READ: Judge Says House Dems Can Get Some Of Trump Tax Records

A federal judge partly upheld a subpoena that House Democrats issued for former president Trump's tax records, ruling that a Supreme Court decision last year rendered portions of the subpoena unenforceable. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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NYT: Ex-US Attorney Tells Senators Trump Fired Him When He Wouldn’t Support Big Lie

Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia Byung J. Pak told Senators on Wednesday that he resigned from his position in January because Trump was going to fire him for refusing to declare that the election was corrupt, the New York Times reported. [Author: Josh Kovensky]
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