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Sharpie-Gate was a Harbinger

Matt Shuham has a good run-down here of the comical toadying behind the scenes in “Sharpie-Gate” which was unearthed by the newly-released Inspector General’s report. Read it. It is worth remembering that while Sharpie-gate was from the start comical and absurd it was never “funny.” Taxpayers pay hundreds of millions of dollars to collect, distribute and publicize data about the weather to protect lives, property, economic vitality and more. When the President falsifies that data for trivial an...
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Into The Storm

From TPM Reader ES … I remembered a wistful email exchange we had on election night in 2016 – now we were going to see how resilient American institutions truly are or something to that effect. In retrospect our mistake was to only consider institutions like government and the press, and not the myriad of other small-i institutions that, taken all together, make up society. I am very scared of what’s coming for 3 reasons: – first, the pandemic will last much into next year, vaccine or not –...
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Beach Reads, But At Home… Without The Sand And Surf: TPM’s July Reading Recs

When I decided this month’s reading list would be centered around the idea of beach reads I could not have foreseen the number of cooking memoirs my coworkers would suggest. In retrospect, I shouldn’t be too surprised given the number of recipe swaps that take place among TPM staff and the fact that we have a Slack channel simply entitled “food.” Now I’m hungry. I did find that trying to define the term “beach reads” to the TPM office was surprisingly difficult. What makes reading a good book...
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Even In New York We’re Dropping the Ball

I mentioned yesterday that New York’s COVID numbers were moving in the wrong direction – albeit from extremely low levels and within the range that could simply be statistical noise. Today they’re a bit better. Let’s hope they keep in that direction. But New York, which currently is doing vastly better than any other state in the country, makes a different point. Even here, where daily cases are in the hundreds and the percentage of positive tests hovers around 1% it is not remotely good enough....
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Can You Try This?

We know you’re celebrating. But today is the last day to take us up on our offer of a two week free trial of Prime AF. That’s TPM with no ads of any sort ever. You can start the trial by clicking a single button. You can end the trial just as easily any time during the two weeks if you decide you don’t want to upgrade – just a single button click. What’s more giving it a try is a big help for TPM and our incredible, hard-working staff of journalists and techs and designers who bring you the new...
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I seldom think anything good about Donald Trump. I hate what he has done to the country. I hold his enablers even more responsible for what has happened on his watch. But today I feel that stew of emotions in a new deadening way I have seldom experienced. I am baffled and aghast and angry in a way I seldom have been. The US is not experiencing a surge. We are back to exponential growth in the virus just as most of the rest of the wealthy, industrialized world is moving on. COVID is not done for ...
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As many of you have seen we are currently experiencing site issues at TPM. This has affected site availability and log-in. In some cases, it’s lead to people seeing ads in Ad Free. We believe as of about 9:45 AM eastern that we have it at at least partly resolved. Our tech team is working to resolve it. We really appreciate your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience. [Author: Josh Marshall]
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This Is a Big Deal

This may seem trivial on the surface. But it is a big, big deal. President Trump is trying to use an NDA stop Omarosa Manigault-Newman from talking about her time working as a government employee at the White House. But the specifics are key. It’s the Trump campaign taking the action, not the White House or the federal government or even Trump personally. So the Trump campaign, a private organization, is trying to use an NDA to block someone from talking about their time working as a government ...
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St. Louis Man Who Pointed Gun At Protesters Says He Was Victim Of ‘Terrorism’

Mark McCloskey said that he and his wife — who are the subject of a viral video that shows them barefoot and b randishing loaded weapons at a crowd of anti-racism protesters outside of their St. Louis mansion on Sunday — were victims of “social intimidation” and “terrorism.” McCloskey made the comments when asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo if any damage had been done to him or his property as demonstrators  marched near his house en route to the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson to demand h...
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Folks, Let’s Do This

We love TPM. We think you love TPM. CANDOR ALERT: We need you to try this. We’re now running this offer to try Prime AF (Ad Free) for two weeks absolutely for free. It really transforms your reading experience. Everybody who tries it agrees. We’re coming up to the end of the offer period on the 4th. So please give it a try now even if you don’t think you’d upgrade permanently. It’s a great and really important way to support what we do. And it is especially critical for our future in these days ...
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Biden Should Commit to And Trump Should Be Warned: The Cover Ups End in January

It now seems likely that President Trump will lose his bid for reelection in November and perhaps by a margin large enough to head off any effort to contest the results and unconstitutionally hold on to power. But even if this doesn’t happen in November it will happen one day. Now is the time to plan for accountability for and recovery from the catastrophe of Trumpism. One of the most abiding criticisms of the Obama administration is that no one was held accountable for the actions that led to t...
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Man Who Pointed Gun At Peaceful Protesters Compares March To Storming Of Bastille

Mark McCloskey, the man in St. Louis, Missouri, who aimed a rifle at peaceful anti-police brutality protesters as his wife Patricia swung her tiny pistol around on Sunday evening, painted the situation as some kind of French Revolution in miniature. During an interview Monday on local NBC affiliate KSDK, McCloskey claimed that the protesters had broken the gate in front of Portland Place, the gated community where he resides, which prompted him and his wife to retrieve their guns while orderi...
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More on Shifting COVID Age Demographics

Yesterday I discussed how shifting age demographics could mean fewer deaths from the current COVID outbreaks than the ones mostly in the North in March and April. Here’s a much more granular discussion of this issue at the COVID Tracking website. Highly recommend if you’re interested in going deeper on this question. [Author: Josh Marshall]
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Princeton Drops Woodrow Wilson from Name of Public Policy School

The Board of Trustees of Princeton University has voted to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from the University’s public policy school and one of its residential colleges. [Author: Josh Marshall]
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Not Long Ago. Not Even Past.

We should remember that until quite recently — just about a year ago — Harriet Tubman was scheduled to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. It wasn’t just an idea. Much of the work and preparation had already been done. But the plan was canceled because it made President Trump mad. [Author: Josh Marshall]
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More On Bill Barr’s Friday Night Caper

As we noted this morning, we still don’t know what was so urgent or important that Bill Barr tried to force the ouster of the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York on Friday evening, even going so far as to lie in a series of press releases and letters about what US Attorney Geoff Berman had done (resigned; he hadn’t) or what President Trump had done (fired Berman; he denied it). But another critical question is why Barr thought he could trust the US Attorney from the District of New...
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Wait. Stop! Check This Out.

This is important. Also, I couldn’t have said it better than TPM Reader JS … So…I took the bait and clicked on your free offer of Prime Ad Free for two weeks. I intended to bail after the free two weeks but alas…I’m not. Why? Because it’s so much better! As I said last week, we’re so confident you’ll love Prime AF (Ad Free) we’re currently offering two weeks of AF to any Prime member totally free and with zero obligation. You can start the free trial by clicking one button and it’s just as simpl...
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Trump Denies Involvement In Berman Ouster—Right After Barr Told Berman POTUS Fired Him

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr apparently forgot to consult with each other while coming up with an explanation for the abrupt firing of U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoff Berman on Friday night. In a seething letter sent to Berman on Saturday, Barr accused the U.S. attorney of choosing “public spectacle over public service” by announcing that he would not resign in defiance of the press release Barr had issues earlier. “Because you have declared ...
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Trump Denies Involvement In Berman Ouster–Right After Barr Told Berman POTUS Fired Him

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr apparently forgot to consult with each other while coming up with an explanation for the abrupt firing of U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoff Berman on Friday night. In a seething letter sent to Berman on Saturday, Barr accused the U.S. attorney of choosing “public spectacle over public service” by announcing that he would not resign in defiance of the press release Barr had issues earlier. “Because you have declared ...
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A Remarkable Turn of Events

A remarkable turn of events last night unfolding in New York City and Washington, DC. As you see in the headline, Bill Barr attempted a Friday Night purge of the Manhattan US Attorney’s office but it seems not to have gone according to plan. (This in itself is evidence of Trump’s ebbing power.) Barr announced that Geoff Berman, the US Attorney in the Southern District of New York, had ‘resigned’ ‘effective immediately’ and was being replaced on a temporary basis by the next door US Attorney for ...
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Wait. Stop. This is Super Important.

If you’re a Prime member we have a great no-risk offer we’re rolling out today to celebrate signing up our 33,000th member – which happened just a few minutes ago. If you’re already a Prime member we’ll let you try out two weeks of Prime AF (Ad Free) for no cost and zero obligation. Simple as that. Just click here. Upgrading to Prime AF is also a great way to support TPM, as I describe below. So even if you’re not sure it’s for you it would mean so much to us if you’d give this free trial a tr...
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A Definitive Rundown Of Unrelated Tangents Trump Raised During His Police Reform Event

President Trump’s signing of an executive order on police reform at the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday quickly veered into an event where he aired his grievances on a number of non-related topics. Shortly after announcing his police reform executive order — which he said includes banning chokeholds “unless an officer’s life is at risk” — the President went off script to jab Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and tout the stock market’s performance amid an economy hard hit by the COV...
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Trump lies, 'They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine'

Donald Trump, June 16, 2020: “They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine.” “They” have not. There is no AIDS vaccine. Here's a clip of the video. “They’ve come up with the AIDS vaccine” — Acyn Torabi (@Acyn) June 16, 2020 Said Trump: "These are the people, the best, the smartest, the most brilliant anywhere, and they've come up with the AIDS vaccine. They've come up with⁠— or, the AIDS— and, as you know, there's various things and now various companies are involve...
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BREAKING: NM Militia Member Shoots Protestor

A chaotic scene unfolds in Albuquerque. A crowd of protestors who were intent on pulling down a statue of one of conquistador founders of New Mexico were met by a group from a far right militia which goes by the name ‘New Mexico Civil Guard.’ Precise chain of events is unclear. But one militia member opened fire and hit one protestor. The militia members have been taken into custody by police who arrived on the scene. The condition of the shooting victim is unknown. [Author: Josh Marshall]
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Rubio Adds to Viral Freak Out Over Hippie Jugglers Mistaken for Antifa Invaders

I love this story. It’s an amazing story, which is part of the suburban Antifa invasion genre but takes it in an interesting and novel direction. We start in Columbus, Ohio, another city with BLM protests and what is probably best described as an old school hippie bus with all the flowery freeform murals and the like. It’s the home of a group of street circus performers who do something called Flow Art which the paper calls “an umbrella term for a type of street performance that usually involves...
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Trump Claims He Wanted To ‘Dominate The Streets’ By Using ‘Force With Compassion’

President Trump has a new defense regarding his demand earlier this month for governors to “dominate” protesters by activating the National Guard to quell the violence that emerged during protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death. During a roundtable at Gateway Church in Dallas on Thursday afternoon — which included faith leaders, law enforcement officials and small business owners — Trump said that his administration “working to finalize an executive order” that will encourage police depar...
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Every so often I like to say thanks to all of you who subscribe. You make what we do possible and we really appreciate it. Even during this trying period, when the world is on fire and the economy is in crisis, you have made it possible for us to make small incremental gains in our subscriber numbers. We’re now nearing the milestone of 33,000 paying members, just 74 subscriptions away. So if you’ve been thinking about joining, today is a great day to become a member. Indeed, every day is a great...
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A Small Data Point about Masks

I’ve been talking about the question of the effectiveness of masking for many weeks now. So I wanted to share one very small data point that I found noteworthy. All the caveats: small sample size, not a controlled tests in any way. Still I found it notable. A few weeks ago right after Missouri relaxed its COVID restrictions two hair stylists at a salon in Springfield, Missouri came down with COVID. Contact tracing revealed they had potentially exposed about 140 clients and six coworkers. The ke...
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A Note from Our Past

From TPM Reader SG … It was the Lott/Thurmond brouhaha that caused me to discover TPM almost 20 years ago! And this Southern Partisan interview obviously predated that matter by almost 20 years. I hadn’t read it since you first linked to it. Very interesting to reread now, given the links to key elements of Trumpism. At least two dog-whistle references to Civil War as “unrest between the states” and “war of northern aggression.” Mocking Ferraro’s Catholic (“ethnic”?) name (which I guess Bannon w...
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Trump Casts George Floyd Smiling From Heaven Because of Trump Recovery

There’s been some dispute about whether Trump cast murdered African-American civilian George Floyd as applauding from heaven about today’s job report or Trump’s success dominating cities and guaranteeing rights. He was riffing enough that both interpretations are possible. But I think Trump’s noting that today was a “great day” that Floyd was happy about was clearly a reference to the jobs report which was the subject of Trump’s appearance today. Trump imagines George Floyd celebrating new job...
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