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Twitter Accounts Deleted. Social Media Scrubbed. Spooked Hong Kong Braces for New Security Law

HONG KONG—On Tuesday morning, Beijing’s top legislative body unanimously passed a secretive national security law that specifically applies to Hong Kong, a special autonomous region that until now has enjoyed freedoms that do not exist in most of China.The new law will go into effect as soon as Wednesday, and targets persons in Hong Kong involved in what the Chinese government calls “secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces”—charges often slapped on Chinese nationals w...
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China’s Parliament Passes Controversial Hong Kong Security Law

“It marks the end of Hong Kong that the world knew before,” pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said.
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China’s Parliament Passes Controversial Hong Kong Security Law That Sparked Months Of Protests

“It marks the end of Hong Kong that the world knew before,” pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said.
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Only three out of 53 countries say US has handled coronavirus better than China

Survey reveals deep global dissatisfaction with US leadership under Donald TrumpChina has beaten the US in the battle for world opinion over the handling of coronavirus, according to new polling, with only three countries out of 53 believing the US has dealt with the pandemic better than its superpower rival.The survey comes ahead of a major conference on the future of democracy this week, due to be addressed by the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state John Kerry and...
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Joshua Wong: Hong Kong Cannot Prosper Without Autonomy

The prosperity of Hong Kong is based on its autonomy, not Beijing’s dictatorship, writes Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong and Glacier Kwong.
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This founder sold a company to Microsoft at 15, worked for the CIA at 19, and just raised $90 million for a fast-growing startup that writes its customers a check if they lose their battles with hackers

Joshua Motta was Microsoft's "Wonder Boy" at 15 and a CIA analyst at 19 – which he says prepared him to work in the evolving, high-risk field of insuring small businesses against hacks.  Coalition, Motta's San Francisco startup that insures small and medium-sized businesses, just raised $90 million and grew its customer base by 600% in the past year. Coalition pays claims of up to $15 million to hacked customers, and provides other services like forensics response to investigate hacks.  One cr...
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Hong Kong's 'one party, two systems' rule is dead, activist warns

Hong Kong is losing the protections for its judiciary and human rights that made it more attractive to investors, Joshua Wong told FOX Business.
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China Bans Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Xi Jinping’s paper tiger regime has once again shown its deep insecurity by banning Animal Crossing: New Horizons after a pro-democracy activist used the game to call for Hong Kong’s independence. The game has been removed from Chinese distribution platforms after Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong shared images of his island displaying slogans such as […]
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Nintendo Game Pulled From Chinese Platforms After Hong Kong Protest

A Nintendo Switch video game has been pulled off China's grey market e-commerce platforms, Reuters' checks show, after Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong used the game to protest against Beijing's rule of the Chinese territory. From a report: The game, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," is a colorful social simulator in which players can decorate their own island and invite others to visit. It became an instant hit after its launch last month and has been used by many players to interact and simulate ...
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Nintendo's Animal Crossing Becomes New Hong Kong Protest Ground

Nintendo's Animal Crossing has become a place for Hong Kong protesters to congregate without flouting social distancing rules. Bloomberg reports: Animal Crossing is a simulation game where players live on an idyllic tropical island and befriend anthropomorphic animals. Players can customize their islands with in-game illustrating tools and visit each other's islands online. Pro-democracy content created for the game has gone viral on social media, including Twitter. In a tweet last week, one of ...
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Sydney writers' festival 2020: Bernadine Evaristo, Lisa Taddeo and Anna Weiner announced

Themed around the Doomsday Clock, writers Anna Weiner, Daniel Lavery, Bruce Pascoe and Leslie Jamison will also be appearingThe 2019 Booker prizewinner, Bernardine Evaristo, Three Women author Lisa Taddeo and essayist Leslie Jamison are among the Sydney Writers festival lineup, which was announced on Thursday evening.Joshua Wong – a student activist who played a pivotal role in pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong – will be appearing via video link. The program also features Uncanny Valley author...
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Unfree Speech by Joshua Wong review – a young life of protest in Hong Kong

A memoir and fervent call to arms from a key leader of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests, written with Jason Y NgSince June 2019 Hong Kong has been – first figuratively, then literally – on fire. What began as a “summer of discontent” has become a running street battle, marked by acts of violence by both police and protesters. In November, Hong Kong’s university campuses were combat zones, bristling with makeshift barricades and petrol bombs; police responded with threats of using live ammuniti...
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“Hong Kong is at an Existential Crossroads.” Joshua Wong on the Future of His Homeland.

In the early summer of 2016, for a single minute every night the facade of the tallest building in Hong Kong, the International Commerce Centre (ICC), transformed into a giant digital timer. Second by second, the clock counted down to 1 July 2047, the expiration date of the ‘one country, two systems’ framework that guarantees Hong Kong’s semi- autonomy. The light installation was the handiwork of two young local artists who wanted to express their anxiety over the looming deadline and Beiji...
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Thousands Mass for Rally After Activist’s Call: Hong Kong Update

(Bloomberg) -- Thousands of Hong Kong protesters started arriving for an afternoon rally in the city center after a prominent activist called for continued support for the demonstrations to keep their grievances in the world spotlight.Police approved the gathering in Chater Garden in the Central business district but not a planned march to the Causeway Bay shopping area, citing concerns that it could turn violent.Sunday’s rally follows a relative lull in the past weeks, after seven months of som...
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'Hong Kong is at a crossroads': inside prison with the student who took on Beijing

Political activist Joshua Wong was 20 when he was sentenced in 2017 to six months for his role in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy ‘umbrella movement’The last words I said before I was taken away from the courtroom were: “Hong Kong people, carry on!” That sums up how I feel about our political struggle. Since Occupy Central – and the umbrella movement that succeeded it – ended without achieving its stated goal, Hong Kong has entered one of its most challenging chapters. Protesters coming out of a faile...
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Pro-democracy camp wins Hong Kong elections in landslide

By EILEEN NG and KEN MORITSUGU HONG KONG — Hong Kong’s pro-democracy opposition won a stunning landslide victory in weekend local elections in a clear rebuke to city leader Carrie Lam over her handling of violent protests that have divided the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. Wu Chi-wai, leader of the city’s biggest pro-democracy party, said Monday that the bloc swept nearly 90% of 452 district council seats, which will help it take unprecedented control of 17 out of 18 district councils. The ...
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Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Forces Bolstered by Huge Election Win

(Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong residents handed an overwhelming victory to pro-democracy candidates in a vote for local district councils on Sunday, a stunning repudiation of the city’s Beijing-backed government after months of increasingly violent protests seeking meaningful elections.Pro-democracy candidates won 85% seats of 452 seats up for election, official results showed. In the last election in 2015, they had won about a quarter of all elected seats. The pro-government camp won about 13% of sea...
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Hong Kong’s Democracy Forces Rebuke China With Huge Election Win

(Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong residents handed an overwhelming victory to pro-democracy candidates in a vote for district councils on Sunday, a stunning repudiation of the city’s Beijing-backed government after months of increasingly violent protests seeking meaningful elections.The candidates took at least 278 seats of the 452 up for grabs, according to the South China Morning Post. The vote saw record turnout of 71%, with more than 2.94 million people voting -- roughly double the previous high in 2...
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Pro-Democracy Candidates Set to Take Majority: Hong Kong Update

(Bloomberg) -- A record number of Hong Kongers cast ballots in district council elections Sunday, seizing the first opportunity to vote after months of increasingly violent protests calling for greater democracy.Pro-democracy candidates took the lead with almost half of the seats for district council, according to the South China Morning Post. RTHK says the group had won the election. More than 2.94 million people, or roughly 71% of the financial hub’s electorate, had voted, according to Barnaba...
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Pro-democracy candidates advance in key Hong Kong elections

Partial returns early Monday from Hong Kong’s local elections showed that pro-democracy candidates won more than a third of the seats in balloting that was seen as a test of support for the anti-government protests that rocked the Chinese territory for more than five months. Among the winners in Sunday’s vote that drew a massive turnout were former student leaders and a candidate who replaced prominent activist Joshua Wong, the only person barred from running in the election. Rally organizer J...
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Police surround last holdouts at Hong Kong campus protest

By KEN MORITSUGU and ANDI JATMIKO HONG KONG  — A small band of anti-government protesters, their numbers diminished by surrenders and failed escape attempts, remained holed up at a Hong Kong university early Wednesday as they braced for the endgame in a police siege of the campus. Police were waiting them out after 10 days of some of the most intense protests the city has seen in more than five months of often-violent unrest gripping the semi-autonomous Chinese city. Since the siege began Sunday...
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Lam Calls for Peaceful End to Hong Kong Siege as Numbers Dwindle

(Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has called for a peaceful resolution to a university siege that has transfixed the city and raised fears of a crackdown on scores of protesters who remain trapped in a campus surrounded by police.Lam said she had instructed police to try and resolve the situation at Hong Kong Polytechnic University peacefully and to not immediately arrest minors under the age of 18 who remain trapped there. Several dozen are believed to be left inside after some 600 p...
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China backs decision to exclude Hong Kong candidate Wong

BEIJING (AP) — China on Wednesday strongly backed Hong Kong’s move to exclude pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong from elections for local councilors, a decision seen as likely to fuel further public anger in the semi-autonomous Chinese city. The statement from the Cabinet’s Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office Wednesday came as Hong Kong’s leader Carrie […]
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Joshua Wong Disqualified From Running In Hong Kong Council Elections

An elections officials said the pro-democracy activist's call for "self-determination" in the Chinese territory was inconsistent with pledging allegiance to the city and its constitution.(Image credit: Michael Sohn/AP)
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Hong Kong: Joshua Wong calls his election ban 'politically driven'

The high-profile Hong Kong activist has been barred from running in district council elections.
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Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong Disqualified From Upcoming Election

The move could further enflame unrest in the protest-seized city
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Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong banned from running in local election

One of Hong Kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from running in upcoming district council elections, as anti-government protests continue to rock the semi-autonomous Chinese city.
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Hong Kong Bars Joshua Wong, a Prominent Activist, From Seeking Election

Mr. Wong, a teenage leader of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, had planned to run for a district council position amid widespread public anger with the government.
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Hong Kong Bars Activist Joshua Wong From Running in Election

(Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong disqualified activist Joshua Wong from running in District Council elections next month, in a blow to protesters’ efforts to win greater electoral influence in the former British colony.Wong confirmed Tuesday that he was barred from seeking a seat in the Nov. 24 poll. The government said in a separate statement, without naming any candidates, that support for “self-determination” was inconsistent with Hong Kong’s Basic Law and affirmed its support for the official who ma...
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The Latest: Joshua Wong disqualified from local HK elections

Hong Kong authorities have disqualified pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong from upcoming local council elections. Wong on Tuesday sent a copy of a letter notifying him of the disqualification to media. Wong became known as the young face of Hong Kong's 2014 "Umbrella Movement" protest movement.
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