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This could have ended badly for our resident blacksnake. We count on him or her to keep down the rodent population and to deter copperheads. While Layla was definitely interested, she was also a bit intimidated. The snake was in defense mode but really just wanted to get away. John, who took these pictures, was able to get Layla inside so that Big Black could ooze away back to his/her job.  I hated to miss the action but was in the house with Josie and didn't wan...
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Josie Maran Argan Smooth Skin Resurfacing Serum Hydrates and Exfoliates” rel=”noopener nofollow” target=”_blank”>Josie Maran Argan Smooth Skin Resurfacing Serum ($70) is a new interesting take on Josie’s popular argan oil. This new formula has a base of Argan Oil but also contains lactic acid which acts to gently exfoliate skin. I find the entire formula very, very interesting as it’s a blend of Argan oil and other hydrating oils! The main ingredients are argan and lactic acid! I’m not sure how well lactic acid will per...
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A Perfect Birthday Party

The above is maybe my favorite picture of the even one hundred I took.  And of course that's Josie's hand  reaching for the first slice-- she knows how good the icing tastes. The rest of the pictures are in more or less chronological order. It was a fine day. Claui and her folks worked like mad,  providing rainbow themed décor, rainbow veggies with hummus, rainbow chips, a rainbow of fruits on skewers, and rainbow veggie pizza. Josie had a great time. She was perfectly at ease as ...
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Making Pancakes . . . and a Sincere Birthday Cake

Josie decided she could flip the pancakes yesterday morning. She has figured out that the Windsor chair is the perfect perch from which to supervise cooking.   I had intended to let her help me make the birthday cake for today's party -- six layers in rainbow colors -- but by the time the butter was at the required room temperature, she was down for her nap.  And by the time she was up again, the layers were assembled and lightly frosted.  The hard part -- the decorating -- was yet t...
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New York is a City for Dreamers in the Katy Keene Teaser

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New York is a city for dreamers in the Katy Keene teaser In the first-look teaser for The CW’s Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene, New York City is a place for dreamers, which is why the title character ended up there. The teaser comes just after The CW announced its upcoming fall schedule. You can check it out in the player below! Katy Keene follows the lives and loves of four iconic Archie Comics characters – fashion legend-to-be Katy Keene (Lucy Hale), singer/songwriter Josi...
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Josie's Little Birthday Party

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Making Do and Finding Memories

Recently Josie has been pretending to ride her walking stick (and also a black cane she calls The Hammer.)  So I decided to make a little stick horse/hobby horse for her.   I drew a pattern, unearthed some pretty material a friend gave me about twenty years ago, realized that the edging on a pillow case that had just developed a hole would make a nice mane, and looked around for a stick.  John found one that seemed a little too heavy and then he produced this little stick. I...
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One Man's Meat

This book of deceptively simple and simply wise essays is a compilation of White's monthly columns for Harper's  plus three essays from The New Yorker -- the first written in July of 1938 and the last in January of 1943.  White and his family had moved from New York City to a saltwater farm in Maine and the essays range from his adjustment to a new way of life to animal husbandry, his neighbors, and, increasingly, to the looming threat in Europe.  Though the last essay was written a mon...
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Nature Study With Josie

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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PSA: The Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack Is Available to Stream

There have been two really good times to be a TV- and film-loving fan of Archie Comics. The first time is now, what with Sabrina and Riverdale being as delightful as they are. The other time was in 2001, when Josie and the Pussycats came out. Read more...
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Up to 65% Off Josie Maran

I’ve been wanting to try some of Josie’s Holistic Fragrances but they got such poor reviews that I never wanted to pay full-price! They are on sale today along with a ton of other Josie Maran goodies at with prices slashed up to 65% off or more. Maybe I’ll indulge. If anyone tried these give me a shout because I’m debating if I should listen to all those bad reviews or just take the plunge and try the perfumes for myself! Where to buy Hautelook You may also enjoy... Jo...
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Scenes from a Busy Life -- Josie

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Comment on lasagna bolognese by Josie

Hi Deb, I have to agree with you about the ricotta. Just beautiful and amazing fresh, but like beaten or cooked egg, has no place in lasagne (blech!). At any rate, I think ricotta is completely superfluous when you have a good bechamel. I also like to add a layer of spinach for the vegetably-challenged eater.
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Ford and Gina Rodriguez Prove It’s Never Too Late for Women to Achieve Their Dreams

Mary Lou, Gale and Josie dreamed of being astronauts when they were growing up during the baby boom years, but their heads were in the clouds, according to the established, male-dominated order of the day. The trio, now women of a certain age, finally got their shot at the stars through a program called "Breaking...
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Back to Normal with Josie

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Yain, Tain, Eddero . . . and Mystery Eggs

My friend Josie in California sent me a book that I've been doling out to myself like expensive candy -- One Man's Meat by the legendary E.B. White is a delightful collection of essays and I'll talk about it at length when I've finished reading it. But for now, I just had to share this bit of esoterica from his book: ancient Celtic sheep counting numbers. Here goes, from 1 through 15 --Yain, Tain, Eddero, Peddero, Pitts, Tayter, Later, Overro, Covvero, Dix, Yain-dix, Tain-dix, Eddero...
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The Day After

Easter Monday dawned bright and clear -- everywhere on the farm! John and his sister and I headed for the house while the younger generation was still partying -- it had been a long weekend and we were ready for a bit of a sit down, leaving the mess in the barn and elsewhere for the next day.  And when we came down Monday morning, the younger generation had done it all -- quilts down, utensils washed, tablecloths in the wash, and all party paraphernalia back in the boxes t...
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Stuff I Do . . . Josie

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Comment on almond horn cookies by Josie klynev

Omg David’s almond cake is my absolute favourite. A must a Christmas
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Panoramas, Memories, and a Young Person

A perfect spring day and just right for a little walk.   Still with the little camera. And I've just been told that a part is on order and it may be another three or four weeks before I get the Nikon back. But I'm discovering things about the little camera I hadn't known (I was on pain meds back when I first got the camera and couldn't really concentrate. Plus, if there was an owner's manual, I don't know where it is nor, indeed, if I ever saw it. A lot is hazy about ...
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Josie Is Getting Ready

The eggs are for practicing hunting -- we don't want our girl at a loss on the Big Day. Mario tagged me with some gorgeous pictures of pancakes in the shapes of various sea critters -- octopi, squid, etc. -- and suggested I give it a shot.  See below.    [Author: Vicki Lane]
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The Little Camera is Okay

The lens on my Nikon has some sort of problem and it (and the Nikon) are in for repair and cleaning. I looked for the little Sony CyberShot I had two plus years ago when I was in the slammer recovering from the catastrophe. I found it but, alas, the battery was dead and wouldn't charge. Oh no! And at the best time of year for pictures. My phone (only semi-smart) doesn't take very good pictures and I (not smart at all) don't know how to get them from the phone to my computer.  ...
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A Gift from Louise

My friend Louise gave me a bucket of daffodil bulbs last fall. She was digging up and dividing some large clumps (as I need to do myself this coming fall) and so I stuck in bulbs here, there, and yonder in our little entry garden. Of course you can't tell by looking at the dormant bulbs, but I'd more or less expected they'd be the standard single yellow daffodil. Which is lovely. But what a delightful surprise to find an fancy assortment! White and pink and yellow and coral! W...
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The Little Things

Sunday was a special day all round -- beginning with pancakes for everyone! Claui, Justin, and Josie along with Uncle Ethan who was here for a quick visit. I wish I had gotten pictures, especially of Josie twirling and rough housing with her daddy on the sofa, then falling down and saying Wow! - while cutting her eyes at Ethan to make sure he was appreciating the show. (He was -- he said Wow! too.) After the gang left, I took advantage of the warm, clear day to get outside, pull some...
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Josie is a Pancake-Eating Girl

Her mama told me that the next morning, when she asked Josie what she wanted for breakfast, Josie suggested they come up here and have some more pancakes.  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie and the New Stuff

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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A Portrait of the Artist As a Young . . .Josie

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie -- The Lone Arranger

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie Is Doing Silent Ninja Moves for SnugglePuppy

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Select Josie Maran 50% Off

Select Josie Maran is 50% off today! Enjoy! Where to buy Hautelook You may also enjoy... Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara ReviewToo Faced Friends and Family 20% Off 2015Up to 50% Off Makeup Geek and Josie Maran50% Off Josie Maran The post Select Josie Maran 50% Off appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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