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New writing for Medium and the Visual Thesaurus

Looking for naming advice? Read my latest post on Medium, “How journalism can help you create a name.” (Free, but clicking on the clapping-hands icon may someday result in my earning a few pennies.) Curious about the origins of the “__ Nation” formula—Live Nation, Pantsuit Nation, Side Hustle Nation? I dig deep (and explore the side routes of national and nationalism) in my latest column for the Visual Thesaurus, “A Nation of ‘Nations‘.” Full access is restricted to subscribers; here’s an exc...
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Gizmodo to be acquired for second time in 4 years

“Private equity firm Great Hill Partners has agreed to acquire Gizmodo Media Group from Univision, forming a new company led by digital media exec Jim Spanfeller,” reports the Wall Street Journal's Benjamin Mullin. Here's the story: The new boss of GMG, Jim Spanfeller, plans to invest in paid content and e-commerce. — Ben Mullin (@BenMullin) April 8, 2019 Excerpt: For the second time in four years, the former Gizmodo Media Group — home to both the eponymous t...
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PR and ad-blocking – don’t do it

Most public relations professionals now acknowledge the importance of paid media, alongside earned, shared and owned – PESO. But for earned media to work there … The post PR and ad-blocking – don’t do it appeared first on Stuart Bruce.
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I guess I'm supposed to stop pretending.

Maybe this is the beginning of the end of Trump derangement syndrome.Those who are coming to terms with the wrongness of their belief in the Russia collusion may take refuge in the idea that the other side is delusional.ADDED: One way to deal with the collapse of the big Russia hoax is to switch to all the many things, the "multiple fronts." I only looked at the headline. I just don't believe Greg Sargent's scattershot approach is anything but an attempt to recover from the devastating loss of t...
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I will read one and only one of articles on the "Popular in Slate" list, which I think stands on it's own as something worth reading.

I'll update soon with something about the one I want to read.ADDED: The article I chose — could you guess? — was "It’s Time for the Heroic Male Paleontologist Trope to Go Extinct" by Riley Black (subheadline: "The New Yorker’s story on the day the dinosaurs died brings up more questions than it answers, but it does make the staleness of this genre clear").Under the sweltering desert sun, a man painstakingly scrapes away at ancient stone. A weathered fedora offers what passes for shade in these h...
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"Yes adderall is passed around D.C. like candy, and many of your favorite journalists also do meth."

Yes adderall is passed around D.C. like candy, and many of your favorite journalists also do meth. — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) April 4, 2019 I have no idea whether this is true, but I will just say that I would not watch a newsperson or commentator on TV if I knew they were on such drugs. And I do have an aversion to the TV news and news commentary shows. Perhaps those 2 things fit together. I would read an article even if I knew the person used meth or adderall. You...
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Intelligence officials sue to end pre-publication government review of writings

Two civil liberties groups today sued three U.S. intelligence chiefs and the current acting defense secretary, “seeking to have declared unconstitutional their agencies’ pre-publication reviews of former officials’ writings and speeches,” reports Reuters. U.S. intelligence and military officials, active or no longer active, have to submit anything they write -- speeches, op-eds, formal public comments -- to pre-publication reviews where a government official verifies that the writings do not ...
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Xconomy Is Hiring a Digital Product Manager—Apply Here

If you (or someone you know) is an expert web developer/designer and product manager with a passion for journalism, then we want you!We’re looking for someone to join our Boston office and take charge of the website: help us maintain the site, figure out what needs improving, and then work with a global team of designers and engineers to make those changes happen. This new person will be a critical part of the Xconomy team, helping us grow our audience and business and deliver our d...
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Nonny de la Peña wants to put virtual reality within Reach

Telling a story in VR can sometimes pack a punch regular films can’t. As a pioneer in immersive journalism, Nonny de la Peña wants to open that experience to everyone with her Reach platform. The post Nonny de la Peña wants to put virtual reality within Reach appeared first on Digital Trends.
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"Shortly after Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the Soviet Union, in 1985, he released a banned film, Repentance, that explored the underlying institutional, ideological, and personal dynamics of Stalinism."

"The film set off a nationwide media trial and condemnation of that murderous era. Though Russiagate has generated in America some Soviet-like practices and ruined a number of lives and reputations, it is, of course, nothing even remotely comparable to the Soviet Stalinist experience. By comparison, therefore, some introspective repentance on the part of Russiagate perpetuators should not be too much to ask. But... there is unlikely to be much, if any. Too many personal and organizational intere...
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Legal Journalism Takes All Forms

I’ve been wondering of late how many lawyers have hands on, blue collar work experience. Jobs that shape character for life, as my colleague, Bob Ambrogi, put it to me this afternoon. I was concerned that if lawyers lacked such experience they wouldnt be as good a lawyer.  So walking off the ferry yesterday morning I put the question of blue collar work experience before law out on Twitter. Has anyone every done a survey as to the percentage of lawyers who have worked “blue collar ...
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"[I]t was Mueller, not Barr, who concluded there was no underlying crime, so if the next stage of this madness is haggling over an obstruction charge..."

"... that would likely entail calling for a prosecution of Trump for obstructing an investigation into what even Mueller deemed non-crime. After all the insistence that we put our trust in St. Mueller because he 'knows all,' the new story suddenly is that Mueller all along didn’t know and didn’t try to know.... Therefore, despite the fact that Mueller didn’t determine he had evidence for a charge, we can 'infer his conclusions by reviewing how he marshaled the evidence for and against guilt.' Th...
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Apple News+ is a great deal, but what does ‘full access’ really mean?

Curious whether you should cancel your existing magazine subscription and just subscribe to Apple News+? Apple certainly seems to believe News+ is an outsized bargain for you. The company’s claim that it would cost users $8000 to get annual access to the publications they are giving readers for $9.99 per month suggests that they see News+ giving consumers the full value of of these publications’ subscriptions. While you may have access to most of these publication’s editorial content, due to ...
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"The Mainstream Media is under fire and being scorned all over the World as being corrupt and FAKE."

"For two years they pushed the Russian Collusion Delusion when they always knew there was No Collusion. They truly are the Enemy of the People and the Real Opposition Party!"Trump's morning tweet, 19 minutes ago.ALSO: From last night:WSJ: Obama Admin Must Account for ‘Abuse of Surveillance Powers’ via @BreitbartNews— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 26, 2019 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I'm avoiding reading the many pundits who seem to be straining to resist the reality of the Mueller report.

I read. I don't watch the news on TV. But if I wanted to laugh at these people in their ludicrous scrambling for dignity and a way to keep hating on Trump, I'd watch it on TV. I'd do what you can see Scott Adams doing in this video, watch them on TV and laugh at them. Look at their faces! They're so unhappy! But — maybe a bit like Trump himself, with his cheerful simple tweets this morning — I don't want to get bogged down in their dismal, entropic experience. It's too time-consuming. I watched ...
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"Stories have been coming out for some time now hinting Mueller’s final report might leave audiences 'disappointed,' as if a President not being a foreign spy could somehow be bad news."

"Openly using such language has, all along, been an indictment. Imagine how tone-deaf you’d have to be to not realize it makes you look bad, when news does not match audience expectations you raised.... The story hyped from the start was espionage: a secret relationship between the Trump campaign and Russian spooks who’d helped him win the election.... It was literal spying, treason, and election-fixing – crimes so severe, former NSA employee John Schindler told reporters, Trump 'will die in jai...
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How any good news for Trump will be reported — the rule is quite clear.

I'm seeing 2 big examples of how the media are reporting good news for Trump this weekend. It's really embarrassing for them because the 2 stories are very big and very good for Trump and, in both, the same move is made to turn it into something negative and ominous.1. The Mueller investigation has concluded, and though we can't read it yet, we know that it means that there will be no charges against Trump or any of his people that have to do with colluding with Russians to affect the election. ...
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"The Islamic State’s so-called caliphate has been defeated, a U.S.-backed force said Saturday..."

WaPo reports in "The Islamic State’s caliphate has been defeated, U.S.-backed forces say."I celebrate this victory, but please forgive me if I look immediately turn to WaPo's treatment of President Trump. The first mention of him is in paragraph 4, and it's negative:The militants switched gears as territorial defeat loomed, seeding sleeper cells across former strongholds as they prepared a new phase of insurgency. U.S. military officials have also warned that President Trump’s planned troop with...
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"As a man charged with publicly explaining Donald Trump’s often meandering and colloquial vernacular in highly adversarial TV settings..."

"... I appreciate more than most the sometimes-murky nature of his off-script commentaries. But these Charlottesville statements leave little room for interpretation. For any honest person, therefore, to conclude that the president somehow praised the very people he actually derided, reveals a blatant and blinding level of bias. Nonetheless, countless so-called journalists have furthered this damnable lie. For example, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace responded that Trump had 'given safe harbor to Naz...
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Which Transcription Service to Use for Every Job

With audio transcription, you get what you pay for. For a dollar per minute of audio, Rev will give you a well-formatted transcript. For 25 cents a minute (a little lower for large volumes), Trint will give you a transcript riddled with errors, but will help you correct it with a sophisticated editing tool. And for 10…Read more...
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Ars Technica is looking for a "technology and society" reporter

If you've got 3+ years of experience and want to cover "the growing political and cultural Big Tech backlash,' copyright clashes, the culture of Silicon Valley firms, tech-policy battles, and important tech-related court cases" then Ars Technica wants to hire you.
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“Two years of challenging & rewarding experience” Raza Rumi says while leaving Daily Times

Senior and well known journalist and analyst Raza Rumi has resigned from his editorship in Daily Times. He announced his resignation on Facebook with good words. “My editorship at Daily Times ended last week. Two years of challenging & rewarding experience. Professionally satisfied that I contributed to the revival of the paper. In 25 months,... Read More The post “Two years of challenging & rewarding experience” Raza Rumi says while leaving Daily Times appeared first on Jahane Rumi.
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I'm reading "Tucker Carlson unapologetic over ‘misogynistic’ comments on statutory rape, insults against women."

In WaPo.Carlson was widely criticized on Sunday following a report from the nonprofit Media Matters for America that compiled and transcribed more than a dozen instances of the host appearing on the “Bubba the Love Sponge Show,” a popular radio program broadcast from Tampa [recorded between 2006 and 2011]...On at least two separate occasions, Carlson voiced opinions on underage marriage and Warren Jeffs, the former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who is c...
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Decline in Readers, Ads Leads Hundreds of Newspapers to Fold

More than 1,400 cities and towns across the U.S. have lost a newspaper over the past 15 years, according to an Associated Press analysis.
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Legal Tech Companies Should Contribute to Legal Journalism

Bob Ambrogi made clear in his talk last week that the future of legal journalism is founded on law blogs.  Law blogs whose content is aggregated and curated by LexBlog into a meaningful network of content and contributors segregated by channel, industries and topics. And which content is distributed via the Web, email and social media.  Rather than these lawyers and law firms hiring public relations and marketing agencies to get them in the news, these law firms and lawyers are creating ...
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Legal Tech Companies Largely Absent in Today’s Legal Journalism

Bob Ambrogi made clear in his talk last week that the future of legal journalism is founded on law blogs. Law blogs, rather than treaditional legal journalism and reporting, are now the primary source for legal news, information and commentary. Law blogs whose content is now being aggregated and curated by LexBlog into a meaningful network of content and contributors segregated by channel, industries and topics. And which content is distributed via the Web, email and social media.  Rathe...
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SXSW Startups: Acciyo

An example of the Acciyo desktop experience. The Forrest Four-Cast: March 3, 2019 Fifty diverse startups will aim to impress a panel of judges and a live audience with their skills, creativity and innovation at SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx. Winners in 10 categories will be announced at the Pitch Award Ceremony at 6:30 pm Sunday, March 10, at the Hilton Austin.A finalist in Entertainment and Content, which will pitch at 3:30 pm Sunday, March 10, Acciyo has a mission to transform reading the n...
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Slaying of One of Their Own Unnerves Gangland Reporters

Zack Stoner's still-unsolved slaying exposed an ominous side to this line of reporting and showed how vulnerable these newsgatherers are.
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Hiding in Plain Sight: PAC-Connected Activists Set Up ‘Local News’ Outlets

Star News Digital Media, Inc. may look like a media company that produces local news, but a Snopes investigation reveals deep, undisclosed connections to political activism.
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Media Education and Change

Lately I’ve been scolding myself that I have not been radical enough — yes, me, not nearly radical enough — about rethinking journalism in our still-emerging new reality of a connected world. And if journalism requires rebuilding, then so does journalism education and all of media education. Every fall, when I am lucky enough to talk with our entire incoming class at the Newmark J-school, I tell them that they are the ones who must reinvent journalism and media; they should learn what we teac...
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