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This heartfelt film offers a brief history of modern art in India

The iconic Bandra mansion owned by gallerist Kekoo Gandhy gives the name to a new documentary by his daughter, Behroze Independent film ‘Kekee Manzil: The House of Art’ also showcases the life of the gallerist A young, lean Maqbool Fida Husain painting, intensely, intently; Tyeb Mehta’s wife, Sakina, speaking into the camera, “People say his art is violent; I say it is against violence”; the demolition of Babri masjid—these are scenes from independent film Kekee Manzil: The House of Art. Whi...
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Stories Within Stories: Malavika Sangghvi on Zoru Bhathena

In this city, every story has at least one, if not a hundred more behind it. If things had gone as planned, yesterday Mumbai would have woken up to two very different stories about the same individual, perhaps symptomatic of the fractured times we live in and a reminder, that in this city, every story has at least one, if not a hundred more behind it — and it us up to us to dig deeper and bear witness to as many of them as we can. Article by Malavika Sangghvi | Hindustan Times One story begin...
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Zoru Bhathena who campaigned against decision to cut trees at Aarey, caught up in ugly property dispute with father

As Darayus Bhathena lands up at police station with injuries, his son says the wounds are self-inflicted and files a counter complaint, saying his father’s motive is the family bungalow. Article by Vinay Dalvi | Mumbai Mirror Environmental activist Zoru Bhathena, 44, who campaigned against the previous government’s decision to hack trees at Aarey Colony for a Metro car shed, has been accused of assault by his father Darayus Bhathena, the rally racing legend and member of the Federation of Motor ...
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Remembering Soli Batlivala

It was a scene out of a film. The young patriot supporting the Quit India struggle heard the police knock on the door of his Parel home. Though no stranger to jail, alerted by his mother Bachoobai, he bolted from a back door and jumped on the tiled roof. Unable to share his son and wife’s sympathies, red faced before the officers was Dr Shiavax Batlivala, a physician and Mayor of Bombay under the British. Article by Meher Marfatia | Mid-Day Soli Shiavax Batlivala, diehard Congressman turned card...
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Metro speedily realigned at BKC but not elsewhere

Work on the 2B corridor, which will connect D N Nagar and Mankhurd, has begun at several places along its 23.6km route. The corridor will run along the 3.6 km-long arterial BKC road. MMRDA metropolitan commissioner R A Rajeev did not respond to calls or texts by TOI. A senior MMRDA official said, “Earlier, the Metro 2B viaduct and the flyover at Kala Nagar were to be constructed on the same pillar on the BKC road median. The flyover was planned on Level 1 and the viaduct on Level 2.” Article ...
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Five dead in India after plane crashes and bursts into flames in busy Mumbai district

A small plane crashed into a construction site in a densely populated part of India's financial capital Mumbai on Thursday, killing five people including one on the ground, officials said. Images broadcast on Indian news channels showed flames and black smoke billowing from the area, which sits right next to several high-rise residential towers. There were four people on the 12-seater aircraft, disaster management officials said, with witnesses reporting hearing a loud blast as it smashed i...
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Exploring Old Mumbai

It is said that ‘Mumbai is a city, but Bombay is an emotion.’ Mumbaikars who have lived the better part of their lives in Mumbai, can easily relate to it. The city has grown immensely over the past decades, and in the race to become the next Shanghai, it has lost several aspects that made it Bombay. While the city has changed from Bombay to Mumbai, you can still experience the old-world charm in certain parts of Mumbai. While cabs in Mumbai can be one way to explore the old city of Mumbai,...
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Ratti Petit: Li Gotami – The Woman Who Dedicated Her Life to the Arts

Born into a wealthy Parsi family on 22 April 1906 in Mumbai, Ratti Petit, more commonly known as Li Gotami, was a talented painter, photographer and writer. Her family owned the Bomanjee Dinshaw Petit Parsee General Hospital located in Cumbala Hill, Mumbai. She attended a school in Harrow on the Hill (an area northwest of London) in England and later studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in 1924. Article Published on Li Gotami was a passionate traveller and journeyed all over...
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Singapore Airlines Absolutely Denies Almost Landing at the Wrong Airport in Mumbai

This morning’s Singapore Airlines Singapore – Mumbai flight SQ422 initiated a go around as it attempted to land and there are two competing explanations for what happened. The Airbus A350 was cleared for approach into Mumbai’s international airport using runway 9. However air traffic control sources suggest that the flight was actually on final approach to runway 8 at Juhu airport, a general aviation facility in the Mumbai suburbs. Continue reading Singapore Airlines Absolutely Denies Almost L...
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Death in Bollywood: who killed Jiah Khan?

Jiah Khan was one of India’s rising film stars. But at just 25 she was found dead in her family’s apartment. The question of whether it was suicide or murder has now pitted two of Bollywood’s leading families against each otherOn 3 June 2013, Jiah Khan planned to spend the evening at home in Mumbai binge-watching Game of Thrones. The 25-year-old British Bollywood star wanted to stay awake to greet her youngest sister, Kavita, who was arriving at 3am on a flight from Heathrow. Jiah had been shopp...
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Unending Love for Juhu Beach

The people of Mumbai have a special love for Juhu beach, a prominent beach in the city. They throng there in large numbers every evening and if it is a weekend it turns out to be a sea of crowd. However, Juhu keeps charming despite all the odds and people keep going back to her. [Author: R Niranjan Das]
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Pink Film - Firm Against The Teeth

Juhu, ein Anlass zum Klugscheißen! Pink Film (Pinku Eiga) ist erstens ein Japanisches Filmgenre, das seine Anfänge in den 60er Jahren hatte und eine für unser westliches Verständnis etwas unwahrscheinliche Verschmelzung von Arthouse-Kino und Softcore-Erot (in post Pink Film – Pink Film from 12XU. More by this artist at )
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Pink Film - Kill The Spectators

Juhu, ein Anlass zum Klugscheißen! Pink Film (Pinku Eiga) ist erstens ein Japanisches Filmgenre, das seine Anfänge in den 60er Jahren hatte und eine für unser westliches Verständnis etwas unwahrscheinliche Verschmelzung von Arthouse-Kino und Softcore-Erot (in post Pink Film – Pink Film from 12XU. More by this artist at )
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Motorcycle Diaries

My journey into the two wheeler world began in 1948 when my youngest uncle Shapoor bought a war- surplus Matchless 350 cc, with a rigid frame. I don’t remember if it had shock absorbers at the back, but there were definitely none in front. Due to the large extended families of the time, there was not much of an age difference between Shapoor and myself, and he very sweetly offered to teach me to ride. Article By Rumi Taraporevala The first perquisite was to get a temporary license. A tough j...
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Katy Mirza The Asli Braveheart

Tracing the Playboy Bunnydom to Bollywood journey of the yesteryear sensation who succumbed to cancer at her central London home a week ago No one cried for Katy Mirza, the pleasure principle of the soaring 1970s and ’80s. Not in Bollytown at least. She passed away in her central London home, close to Marble Arch, after warring with cancer, last Thursday. Article by Khalid Mohamed | Times of India Her cremation will be held today in the city which she had made her home for decades. A sing...
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Clean up Drives Being Organized Across India

[An elephant-headed Hindu God Ganesh lies on a beach before its immersion in the sea after the Ganesh festival./ Photographed by Jeong In-seo] By Jeong In-seo, New Delhi correspondent, AsiaToday - While mosquito-borne diseases chikungunya and dengue are taking the toll on New Delhi and Mumbai, the Indian government's "Clean India" initiative is garnering attention. Floating pieces of idols thrown into the rivers and beaches during Ganpati festival for elephant-headed God Ganesh across India, a...
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Priyanka Chopra: ‘I’m not arrogant, I’m self-assured’

She originally wanted to be an engineer, but winning Miss World put Priyanka Chopra on the path to Bollywood super stardom. Now she’s wowing America in a new smash hit TV drama. Sarfraz Manzoor meets a woman on a missionIt was January 2000 and in a car by Mumbai’s Juhu beach 17-year-old Priyanka Chopra was hanging out with friends. She had recently been crowned Miss India and was starting to consider a career in Bollywood. Through the windshield she could see six billboards advertising the lates...
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Carcass of whale washes ashore in western India

A woman takes selfie as municipal workers use cranes to lift carcass of Bryde whale at the Juhu beach, in Mumbai, India, Friday, Jan 29, 2016. Marine biologists in India were conducting an autopsy on the carcass of 35-foot long Bryde whale that washed ashore on a popular beach in the western city of Mumbai.
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Six held for firing outside film producer's house in August

The Mumbai Police Crime Branch have arrested six people in connection with the firing outside film producer Karim Morani's Juhu residence in August. Three of these men, along with seven others, were also allegedly planning to kill a Bollywood producer/director outside his office in Khar, officials said. [Link to media]
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