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‘The Magicians’ Faces “The Serpent” in an Episode All About Magical Terrorists and Human Nature

Like most episode titles of The Magicians, this week’s title , “The Serpent,” has many layers. There’s the obvious reference: The Serpent is the name of a magical terrorist group that is infecting hedge witches with earworms that make them boil to death from the inside if they do magic. But then there’s the subtler reference, a nod to the notion that many “serpents” in the world aren’t an evil, external force looking to do harm, but are things that live inside us, issues or facets of ou...
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Dorian raises $2 mln

Dorian said March 19 that it raised $2 million in seed funding led by March Capital Partners. London Venture Partners participated in the round. Dorian is an immersive fiction app that aims to deliver interactive storytelling. PRESS RELEASE SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Dorian, a San Francisco-based company developing a new immersive fiction app to deliver interactive storytelling for the next generation of readers, announced today that it has raised $2 million in a Seed funding r...
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Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha talks sister Julia and coping with fame

Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha shot to fame as Annie Palmer when she joined EastEnders...
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Comment on roberta’s roasted garlic caesar salad by Julia

I thought I had white vinegar and sherry vinegar in my cupboard, but it turns out that I didn’t. :( I didnt have time to go to the store, so I substituted with apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar. I’m not sure how it compares with the recipe as written, but still so good I want to eat it daily.
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Julia Roberts Just Got The Dreamiest Haircut For Spring

Just when you thought you'd perfected your spring hair inspiration moodboard, Julia Roberts went and got a haircut that'll make you reconsider that appointment you made for "just a trim."Days before the official start of spring, the actress visited her longtime go-to hairstylist Serge Normant to get a fresh new lob that couldn't be more perfect for the season. The celebrity hair guru posted a photo of Roberts on Instagram that showed off her choppy shoulder-length cut and natural-looking blonde...
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How Successful Women Advocate For Themselves At Work — & How You Can, Too

Women rarely have just one job. In addition to our careers, there’s the nurturing we do at home, within ourselves, and in our relationships. And let’s face it, it doesn’t even end there. At work, we’re often tasked with the additional, invisible labor of fighting for respect, recognition, and fair compensation.That’s what makes self-advocacy such a critical skill for women. We’re not always lucky enough to have a benevolent boss or a workplace that inherently recognizes our worth and power. But...
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‘The Magicians’ Presents Big Questions in “Home Improvement”

Several characters in “Home Improvement,” the title of this week’s funnier-than-normal episode of The Magicians , deal with some concept of home. First, there’s Fen, who does whatever she can for her homeland, even if that that means undergoing back-breaking yard work for the supposed prophet in her dreams. There’s also Alice, who must visit her mother to cast a location spell for Zelda, the Librarian who has her own home-related desire to find her daughter in the mirror realm. And then there...
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Best pie shops in the United States

March 14 is Pi Day . In the numerical format that Americans list dates where the month is first followed by the day, it’s 3/14, or 3.14, which are the first three numbers in pi. For people not currently taking a high school math class or in a math-oriented career, that’s about the extent of common knowledge about pi. Pie, on the other hand, is something we can celebrate on Pi Day as well as every other day. That extra “e” turns a conversation about a math equation into a conversation about a d...
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5 powerful books by 5 powerful Southern California women writers

It’s a happy accident that the five books I’m looking forward to reading this spring are all by women, and an even happier one that this column coincides with Women’s History Month: The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker – San Diego hometown girl, UCLA alum, and New York Times bestselling author. In her previous novel, “The Age of Miracles,” Walker imagines a world where the days and nights are inexplicably growing longer while her young protagonist, Julia, is experiencing her own off-kilter expe...
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Charmed Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 13 Recap In the previous episode of The CW’s Charmed, Macy made a deal with Julia to help save Parker in exchange for helping get the demon blood out of her. In Charmed season 1 episode 13, the Charmed Ones deal with a pixie, who killed a film student. Manic Pixie Dream Girl Parker invited Maggie and her sisters to a memorial for his friend, Judd. He livestreamed jumping to his death with his girlfriend, Chloe. Another student, Noah, had seen a flash of light durin...
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Review: John Adams’s Newest Opera Returns to the Gold Mines

The reception was mixed for the 2017 premiere of “Girls of the Golden West.” Now, with revisions, it has arrived in Europe at the Dutch National Opera.
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March's Best eBook Deals

eBooks on sale for $1.99 this month: After the Fireworks by Aldous Huxley Born To Drum by Tony Barrell Cocaine + Surfing by Chas Smith Confessions of an Art Addict by Peggy Guggenheim The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav The Dissident by Nell Freudenberger Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie Hurry Down Sunshine by Michael Greenberg My Word Is My Bond by Roger Moore The Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole Nothing Gold Can Stay by Ron Rash Overclocked by Cory Doctorow Second Nature by Mic...
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‘The Magicians’ Returns to a Forgotten Character With “A Timeline and Place”

Episode 6 of The Magicians , “A Timeline and Place,” addresses the long festering question: what the hell is the original Penny (AKA the Penny from Timeline 40) doing ? Last time we saw him was in Season 3, where—stuck in the Afterlife branch of the Library—he had a chat with Hades that convinced him to take on the role of a Librarian in the eternal (and infernal?) institution. Thankfully, actor Arjun Gupta has remained on the show playing the Penny from Timeline 23—a more subdued, melan...
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‘The Magicians’ Taps the Brakes With “Marry F–ck Kill” and “Escape From the Happy Place”

The fourth and fifth episodes of The Magicians are slower paced than the beginning of the season, allowing viewers to marinate in some under-explored relationships and to circle back to some dangling storylines. The results are mixed, but the show’s quick dialogue and unexpectedly poignant character moments make both episodes—especially Episode 5—rich fodder that fans will enjoy. “Marry Fuck Kill” The Magicians’ fourth episode, “Marry Fuck Kill,” is a detour from the main conflict...
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An Iconic Women’s Relay as Sweden Holds off Norway; U.S. in Fifth

Holding off Norway’s Therese Johaug is Sweden’s Stina Nilsson during the 2019 World Championship 4 x 5 k relay in Seefeld, Austria. (Photo: John Lazenby/ The beautiful chess match on snow came down to the wire in Thursday’s 4 x 5-kilometer relay at the Seefeld, Austria World Championships. The chaser was Norway’s Therese Johaug, hustling to close an 18.8-second gap to Sweden’s Stina Nilsson. Known as a sprinter who comes to distance events with aerobic chops, Nilsson, won bron...
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Comment on boulevardier by Julia the Tree Surgeon

This cocktail is something special. My husband and I are tree surgeons and when we get home after a day climbing, we’ve taken to mixing a cocktail before supper. Thank you for this recipe – it’s one of our favourites.
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Ex-husband who admitted to killing El Segundo real estate agent released on parole

After more than a decade in prison, a former American Airlines mechanic who admitted to killing his ex-wife in El Segundo and discarding her body in the trunk of her car was released on parole last week, angering family members who said they were blindsided by a decision to set him free. Deede Keller. (File photo) Erwin Percy Howard was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison in September 2008 after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Julia “Deede” Keller, a well-known So...
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Sixty years on, the idea of order at Pasadena’s Sequoyah School

As a child, I used to stare at the black-and-white class pictures my stepbrother and stepsister Bart and Victoria Hibbs brought back from Sequoyah School in the early 1960s. Jeez, but those kids looked smart. And not just bohemian — they looked a little wild. Not feral, mind you. They were just banging a different drum before different drums were cool. As a young parent, I used to hear the Sequoyah kids’ calls across the wonderfully crazy-quilt campus at California Boulevard and Pasadena Avenue:...
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Fox’s Sisters Drama Pilot Adds Megalyn Echikunwoke

Fox’s Sisters drama pilot adds Megalyn Echikunwoke Following the recent announcement that Brittany Snow has boarded Fox’s new drama pilot, Variety brings word that Megalyn Echikunwoke (Late Night) will also be starring in the pilot based on the Endemol Shine Australian series Sisters. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() {...
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Brittany Snow Boards Fox Drama Pilot Sisters

Brittany Snow boards Fox drama pilot Sisters Fox has tagged Brittany Snow to headline a drama pilot based on the Endemol Shine Australia series Sisters, according to Deadline. Snow will play Julia Bechley, an only child who discovers her fertility doctor father has been using “his own sperm to conceive dozens of children,” whom she then begins to track down. Her journey leads Julia to her only two sisters among a large number of brothers, and the three girls begin life anew as a family. RELA...
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"L'école Des Trois Gourmandes" Badge (Julia Child's Cooking Badge)

If you've ever watched The French Chef with Julia Child, you'll recognize her ubiquitous L'école Des Trois Gourmandes badge. [Author: Missy C.]
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‘Fighting With My Family’ Featurette Focuses on the True Story

The marketing for Fighting With My Family isn’t shy pushing the Based On A True Story angle, because that’s the type of feel-good entertainment that gets butts in seats. The Stephen Merchant comedy about wrestler Paige and her rise to fame. A new Fighting With My Family featurette peels back the gauzy biopic curtain to focus on the real true story that inspired the film. Check it out below. Fighting With My Family Featurette  Earlier today, we ran a story that delved into the truth behi...
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Wrestling With the Fact and Fiction of ‘Fighting with My Family’

It’s a given that biopics adhere to real life closely but also take creative liberties in order to (hopefully) streamline the experience for great dramatic effect within a two-hour running time. Fighting With My Family is no exception, and it is very accurate, with only a few understandably tweaked elements. Written and directed by Stephen Merchant (and based on the Channel 4 documentary of the same name that should absolutely be sought out after watching the movie and reading this), the profes...
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‘Fighting With My Family’ Director Stephen Merchant on Stepping Beyond Comedy and Into the Wrestling Ring [Interview]

Through his years of work as a writer, director, and producer (and eventually performer) on such television series as The Office , Extras , Life’s Too Short , and Hello Ladies , Stephen Merchant has proven to be not just one of the great makers of comedy currently working, but also a craftsman of awkward moments. And few moments in life are more awkward than the ones with have with our family, which may have been one of the reasons  Dwayne Johnson hand-picked his Tooth Fairy ...
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Trying to Stop Brexit, Using Catchy Songs and Washboard Abs

The Breunion Boys are wading into a bitter debate with a clear mission: “We just want to show the real love between Britain and Europe.”
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‘Fighting with My Family’ Trailer: Wrestling Has Never Been More Heartfelt and Hilarious

Fighting with My Family is a true underdog story about the amateur female wrestler from the United Kingdom who would go on to become the championship Diva known as Paige. Florence Pugh takes the lead role in the film from writer/director Stephen Merchant (the co-creator of The Office), and one more Fighting with My Family trailer highlights the heartfelt and inspiring wrestling comedy before the film hits theaters this weekend. Watch it below. Fighting with My Family Trailer Fighting wit...
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Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 Recap In the previous episode of The CW’s Charmed, Macy discovered that her parents brought her back from death. In Charmed season 1 episode 12, Macy and Harry searched for answers. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([0, 0...
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Tekken 7 DLC Characters Julia & Negan Arrive in Late February

Bandai Namco announced at this year’s EVO Japan that Tekken 7 DLC characters Julia and Negan will be arriving for all platforms soon. Environmental activist and scientist Julia and The Walking Dead’s Negan will be joining the roster on the 28th of February, 2019 for all supported platforms worldwide. The preview trailer showcasing the cute […]
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These Oscar Speeches Will Make You Laugh, Cry & Cringe

Right this very moment, the chosen ones in Hollywood are carefully considering their words, listing every agent and publicist, and jotting down some witty asides onto index cards, which they will carefully tuck inside a jacket pocket or Swarovski-embellished evening bag. If there's ever a time to ensure your public-speaking skills are on point, it's Oscars night. (Unless you're nominated in one of the four categories the Academy has decided to honor during the commercial breaks, in which case —...
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Announcement: Let’s Help Envision Take FLYTE

Posted: 2/14/2019 | February 14th, 2019 As travelers, we constantly meet people from around the world and experience cultures and values different than our own. I think that is why we travelers tend to (generally) be more open-minded. We want to see the differences in the world. Traveling gives us a broader perspective and understanding of life, the world, the people in it, and, often most importantly, ourselves. Three years ago I started FLYTE, the Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Ed...
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