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Here's What NASA's Probe Saw When It Flew Past Jupiter's Moon Ganymede

NASA’s Jupiter-orbiting Juno spacecraft was able to capture new images of the moon Ganymede during a close flyby on Monday. The natural satellite, the biggest moon in the solar system, has an icy surface that covers an interior of rock and iron.Read more...
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‘Clyde’s Spot’ on Jupiter Is Starting to Look Pretty Weird

Last May, a spot suddenly appeared in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere. But as new images from the Juno spacecraft show, the once circular feature has morphed into an enigmatic splotch. Read more...
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NASA’s Juno craft captures beautiful swirling cloud formations on Jupiter

NASA's Juno spacecraft has captured a gorgeous image of Jupiter during its 18th flyby of the planet. It shows dramatic circling cloud formations which swirl around a jet stream known as Jet N6. The post NASA’s Juno craft captures beautiful swirling cloud formations on Jupiter appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Juno orbiter’s view of a beautiful brownish spot on Jupiter sparks a bit of potty humor

Jupiter’s titanic storms have spawned their share of memorable cloud features, including the Great Red Spot, Oval BA (a.k.a. Red Jr.) and the now-defunct Baby Red Spot. Now there’s a new spot on the map, nicknamed “Mr. Hankey.” Mr. Hankey? The jolly cartoon poo made famous in a “South Park” Christmas episode? Believe it: The longish, brownish storm system was the star of the show during last Thursday’s close encounter involving Jupiter and NASA’s Juno orbiter. In the days since the encounter, kn...
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Eleven perijoves

Seán Doran has made a cool visual index to the images that JunoCam took during Juno's first 12 closest approaches to Jupiter.
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This Picture of Jupiter's Swirly Blue Pole Is Magnificent

I’m not usually one of those “check out this beautiful planet photo” people (jk, I am). But seriously, the images coming from the citizen scientists looking at Juno data are all incredible. I’m not sure how this latest one can even be real.Read more...
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New Image of Jupiter Is So Beautiful It's Making Us Angry

Despite our squabbles here on Earth, the universe is full of so much beauty it’s almost stupid. Jupiter is perhaps the most unreasonably beautiful thing in our entire solar system, and it’s not shy about flexing. Recently, citizen scientists/JunoCam superstars Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran created one of the most…Read more...
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Spacecraft reveals beauty of solar system’s biggest storm

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A NASA spacecraft circling Jupiter is revealing the up-close beauty of our solar system’s biggest planetary storm. Juno flew directly over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot on Monday, passing an amazingly close 5,600 miles (9,000 kilometers) above the monster storm. The images snapped by JunoCam were beamed back Tuesday and posted […]
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Our Best Look Yet at Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Finally Here

Praise Cthulhu! NASA’s Juno spacecraft has just delivered the most incredible images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot—and that’s a really high bar to clear. The spacecraft has spent the last year beaming back some of the most mind-blowing images of the gas giant. But today’s batch marks a historic moment for the orbiter,…Read more...
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NASA is about to fly over Jupiter's biggest storm for the first time — here's what the photos might look like

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a storm twice as wide as Earth. It has lasted more than 350 years. Using the Juno spacecraft, NASA will take its closest-ever photos of the giant storm on July 10. Business Insider simulated what the best single-frame image might look like. The Great Red Spot of Jupiter is about twice the size of Earth and has tumbled in the planet's atmosphere for at least 350 years. Despite astronomers' long-standing interest in it, however, it's mysterious: It's hundreds of mill...
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NASA's Juno Mission Just Dropped Its First Huge Pile of Results

There’s no drama quite like space drama. And Juno’s flight to Jupiter has been about as dramatic as a sci-fi thriller can get. Last October, Juno’s engine system malfunctioned, causing NASA to delay the orbiter’s planned approach into a 14-day “science orbit.” This February, NASA decided to forego the science orbit…Read more...
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New Up-Close Image of Jupiter Is So Hypnotic It Hurts

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has consistently been coming through with the best close-up images of Jupiter we’ve ever seen. But a newly released, enhanced-color image of a large dark spot might be the most ethereal of all—its swirling, colorful clouds make it seem like a Jovian Van Gogh.Read more...
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New Close-Up Image of Jupiter's Turbulent Region Is Breathtaking

Sure, things are pretty whacky here on Earth, but they’re nothing compared to the gigantic storm twice as wide as our own planet raging on Jupiter. The area just west of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is both dazzling and chaotic, filled with swirling clouds of mystery. Now, thanks to NASA’s Juno spacecraft—and a very…Read more...
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