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Superhero Bits: Marvel Studios Skipping Comic-Con at Home, Kanye West Wants Presidency Like Wakanda & More

Are you bummed that Marvel Studios won’t have a panel for San Diego Comic-Con at Home? Did you hear Kanye West wants his presidential administration to be like Wakanda? Will Agents of SHIELD have Coulson reunited with Captain America while they time travel? Is Keanu Reeves returning for a Constantine movie for J.J. Abrams? Will Cyborg get his own Knightmare sequence in Zack Snyder’s Justice League? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Sorry for bad news, but Marvel Studios wo...
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Avengers: Endgame Director Gives His Thoughts On Justice League’s Snyder Cut Being Released

Here's what one of Endgame's directors has to say about Zack Snyder's Justice League.
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Junkie XL Will Use Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel Theme for Justice League

Junkie XL Will Use Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel Theme for Justice League Lost among some of the most recent Zack Snyder’s Justice League news was the reveal that Junkie XL would return to score the film — and he’ll be using work previously created by Hans Zimmer, including the epic Man of Steel theme. The news was confirmed by Snyder himself during the Fourth of July Q&A during which he was asked, “We getting the Junkie XL score for Justice League?” Snyder responded with an enthusiastic, “F#$k...
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Superhero Bits: Comic-Con At Home Panels Mostly Pre-Recorded, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Barbie Dolls & More

Why can’t Ray Fisher get more specific about his complaints regarding Joss Whedon‘s work on Justice League? Are you interested in a Stan Lee Universe featuring non-Marvel characters? Which comic book role does Janelle Monáe have a great desire to play? Did you know Batman Returns has an Easter egg reference to The Flash? Want some Wonder Woman 1984 Barbie dolls? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Marvel paid tribute to the real heroes helping us during the coronavirus pan...
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Patty Jenkins Teases Amazon Olympics in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, More Themyscira in An Animated Series

Wonder Woman 1984 should have been in theaters by now, but it’s been pushed back several times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, it’s slated to arrive in October, but that all depends on when movie theaters actually reopen. In the meantime, director Patty Jenkins wanted to tease a particularly thrilling sequence in the sequel that takes us back to Themyscira for the Amazon Olympics. And that’s not the only return to Wonder Woman’s homeland that’s in our future. Patty Jenkins talked ...
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Snyder Cut: Justice League’s J.K. Simmons Explains Why All DC Fans Should Be Interested In The Alternate Version

Commissioner Gordon has a good reason for why all DC fans should take a look at Zack Snyder's Justice League.
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Superhero Bits: David Koepp Releases Unused ‘Spider-Man 2’ Script, Captain America Arrives in ‘Fortnite’ & More

Ready to listen to Audible’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman? What questions are still left unanswered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What did Kevin Smith add to the discussion about Ray Fisher‘s experience working with Joss Whedon on Justice League? Want to read David Koepp‘s unused script for Spider-Man 2? Ready to play as Captain America in Fortnite? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Audible and DC present the first-ever audio production of Sandman, the best-s...
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Zack Snyder’s Latest Snyder Cut Update Is Going To Make DC Fans Very Happy

Zack Snyder has revealed more about Zack Snyder's Justice League, and fans will love it!
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New Details for Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Confirmed, Including Junkie XL’s Original Score

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will arrive on HBO Max next year, and that has fans of the filmmaker’s vision for the DC Extended Universe over the moon. However, with such a long wait until they can see the movie they’ve demanded for over two and a half years, fans are hungry for any new information they can find out about Zack Snyder’s cut, and the director fed them some scraps over the holiday weekend. When Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrives next year, it will come with the original score tha...
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Zack Snyder Shows Support for Jared Leto’s Joker

Zack Snyder shows support for Jared Leto’s Joker Following the official announcement of the Justice League Snyder Cut, director Zack Snyder continues to reveal new facts about the film including the death of Robin, who he recently confirmed as one of the Joker’s casualties. Because of this, a fan asked the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice filmmaker if he would have liked to see an interaction between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Jared Leto’s Joker. Snyder warmly responded by revealing that he ...
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Zack Snyder Says His Justice League Will Feature Zero Studio Compromises

Zack Snyder Says His Justice League Will Feature Zero Studio Compromises Over the weekend, Zack Snyder responded to several questions on Vero in regard to the upcoming release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and dropped several interesting tidbits. You can check out the full posts below, but we’ll break them down here as well. What Snyder revealed about Justice League in his posts (per DR Movie News on Twitter): PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStand...
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Kevin Smith Adds Fuel To The Fire Regarding Bad Blood On Joss Whedon's Justice League

The Clerks director has shared some intel about what life was allegedly like on the Justice League set.
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Jon Berg Responds to Ray Fisher’s Justice League Accusations

Jon Berg Responds to Ray Fisher’s Justice League Accusations Earlier today, Ray Fisher rocked social media when he accused Joss Whedon of acting unprofessionally while making Justice League. Fisher, who starred as Victor Stone/Cyborg in the DC team-up vehicle, also name-checked producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg for not doing anything to stop Whedon’s behavior. Now, Berg has responded to Fisher’s claims with a statement of his own (via SuperHeroHype). PB = PB || ...
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Henry Cavill Finally Opens Up About Superman Rumors

Henry Cavill finally opens up about Superman rumors Last May, DCEU fans were treated to some good news when various outlets reported that Henry Cavill was currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. to reprise his iconic role as Superman. However, in a new interview with Variety, Cavill addressed recent reports regarding his possible return to the DCEU, confirming it as speculation since conversations about that subject aren’t taking place. “The amount of speculation, the stuff I read on the...
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Superhero Bits: Meet the TMNT Megazord, J.D. Dillard Wants to Direct a ‘Cyborg’ Movie & More

Want to see an alternate method of transformation for Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger? How awesome is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Megazord in the Power Rangers crossover comic series? Would you like to see a Cyborg movie directed by J.D. Dillard? How does Asa Butterfield feel about missing out on playing Spider-Man? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Watch as the gang at Marvel sit down to play through the extremely fun LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 game...
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Superhero Bits: Gabriel Luna Laments Cancellation of ‘Ghost Rider’, Ray Fisher Criticizes Joss Whedon Again & More

Will you watch the Harley Quinn animated series when it comes to HBO Max this summer? Are The Infinity Stones really destroyed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What is Justice League star saying about Joss Whedon today? When and where will The Falcon and the Winter Soldier resume production? Where did The Avengers land on the box office chart after returning to theaters recently? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Shiv keeps giving grief to Stargirl in the upcoming eight...
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David Ayer Reveals the Original Big Bad in Suicide Squad

David Ayer reveals original planned big bad in Suicide Squad It’s no secret David Ayer’s Suicide Squad was put through the studio wringer before it even began filming and in his latest social media revelation regarding his original cut, the 52-year-old writer/director revealed that the original big final boss fight in the film was set to be a parademon before Warner Bros. nixed the idea. RELATED: David Ayer Explains Tonal Differences in His Suicide Squad Cut PB ...
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Justice League Producer Responds To Ray Fisher's Accusations Of Abuse On Set

Another interesting update to this fast developing story.
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Justice League's Ray Fisher Alleges Joss Whedon Fostered a 'Gross, Abusive' Environment On-Set

With the announcement that HBO Max would be bringing some version of Zack Snyder’s take on Justice League to the streaming service, actors involved with the production have become increasingly frank about the movie’s troubled path to box office and critical disappointment. But in recent days, Ray Fisher has made those…Read more...
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Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon of Unprofessional Behavior on Justice League

Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon of Unprofessional Behavior on Justice League Earlier this week, Ray Fisher, the actor who portrayed Victor Stone/Cyborg in Justice League, shared a Tweet in which he withdrew all public support of Joss Whedon. When Zack Snyder left Justice League to deal with a family tragedy, Whedon was brought in to re-write the script and finish helming the film. Prior to the movie’s release, Fisher called “a great guy,’ and praised him as Snyder’s choice to finish the film. ...
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‘Justice League’ Star Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon Of ‘Gross’ And ‘Abusive’ Behavior

The actor, who played Cyborg in the 2017 blockbuster, called Whedon's treatment of the cast "completely unacceptable."
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Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon of ‘Abusive, Unprofessional’ Behavior on ‘Justice League’ Set

Actor Ray Fisher accused director Joss Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behavior on the set of the 2017 film “Justice League,” in a tweet that quickly went viral on Wednesday. Whedon took over directing duties for extensive additional photography on the DC comics adaptation from Zack Snyder, after Snyder left the project […]
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Comedy Legend Carl Reiner Passes Away at Age 98

Comedy legend Carl Reiner passes away at age 98 It is with great sadness that (via Deadline) must report the passing of writer, director, actor and comedy legend Carl Reiner of natural causes at age 98. The father of noted actor/director Rob Reiner was most famous for creating The Dick Van Dyke Show, directing The Jerk and his role as Saul Bloom in the Ocean’s movies. Here is his final Tweet made three days ago… PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone...
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Ray Fisher Retracts His Support for Joss Whedon’s Justice League

Ray Fisher Retracts His Support for Joss Whedon’s Justice League Poor Joss Whedon. The man is taking it hard in the chin for essentially doing the job Warner Bros. asked him to do on Justice League. Now, Ray Fisher has taken to Twitter to renounce his loyalty to Joss Whedon, effectively retracting a statement he made at Comic Con in which he threw his support at The Avengers director. You can check out the full Tweet below. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = ...
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Superhero Bits: New X-Men Art By Alex Ross, Ray Fisher Lashes Out at Joss Whedon & More

What DC Comics should you read if you’re just now digging into comics? What is the working title for the Ms. Marvel series on Disney+? Want to get a print of some new X-Men art by Alex Ross? Want to see Ryan Reynolds crash a charitable X-Men reunion? What did Justice League star Ray Fisher recently say about Joss Whedon? What does Wonder Woman‘s Golden Eagle armor do? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Mr. Suday Movies created a guide of the best DC Comics titles to check...
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