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St. Vincent talks bringing ‘Daddy’s Home’ to Hollywood Bowl as ‘The Nowhere Inn’ film debuts

“Daddy’s Home,” the sixth studio album from St. Vincent, arrived in May, but Annie Clark, the artist behind the stage name, says it hasn’t felt fully finished until now. “A record doesn’t really feel complete to me until I’ve actually played the songs for people and with people in real-time,” Clark says on a recent phone call. “Because you get to see how the energy in the crowd changes. “You get to see, like, ‘Oh, they’re all singing along to that part,’” she says. “You get to know in a real way...
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The 70 Best Songs of 2017

70. The Horrors - "Machine" On their fifth album V , the Horrors expand on the bright, psychedelic territory they explored with Luminous , anchoring the ten new tracks with retro synths and guitar fuzz freakouts. "Machine" is the delicious outlier and the most vitriolic cut on the record, with Faris Badwan belting out accusations to the song's subject, who may even be us. The concept of alienation is nothing new, but here the Brits incorporate a b...
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2 new M83 tracks: “Solitude” x “Do It, Try It”

M83 impacted the music world a long five years ago with their last album, and on April 8th, we’ll have the group’s newest one, Junk. “We think about it in terms of all the space junk orbiting the planet,” said M83’s Justin Meldal-Johnsen to Pitchfork. An in explaining the slow tempo of “Solitude”, Anthony Gonzalez said, “Nowadays everything goes so fast and everybody is kind of throwing away art in a certain manner. People will listen to an album for instance and just pick a track they like to p...
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