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Geophysics: A surprising, cascading earthquake

The Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand in 2016 caused widespread damage. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich researchers have now dissected its mechanisms revealing surprising insights on earthquake physics with the aid of simulations carried out on the supercomputer SuperMUC.
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Skybound - a Journey in Flight ~ Rebecca Loncraine

'The loveliest places of allare those that look as ifthere's nothing thereto those still learning to look' 'Deserts for Instance' - Brian Turner (Elemental - Central Otago Poems) Choosing another book from the shelf of Journeys that I plan to do from my armchair this year, and 'learning to look' at new places is becoming a real treat. I'd no sooner travelled back in deep time searching for Doggerland with Julia Blackburn and Time Song than I decided I was ready for a bit of vast open sky a...
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Epic Airbnbs in trending cities

Airbnb’s most trending destinations for 2019 stretch across the globe. From beach destinations to mountain getaways to urban hubs, they all have one thing in common: There are some epic places to rent in each one. Here’s the lowdown on where to find the best Airbnbs in the most popular destinations on the site. Kaikoura, New Zealand Photo: Sasapee/Shutterstock The small south island town of Kaikoura is a household name nowadays but not for the right reasons. Kaikoura was badly hit by a 7....
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2018: My Year in Review

Several weeks ago, I began planning what I wanted to include in my round-up of the past year. As I composed the opening line in my head: “There’s no doubt about it: 2018 was one of my quietest years of travel,” I paused. How many countries had I actually visited this year? Well, there was Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, England, Wales, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Greece, Italy, and San Marino. Um.  Only I could describe visiting 14 countries as a slow year o...
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New Zealand's Coastal Pacific railway back on track after Kaikoura earthquake

South Island’s scenic Christchurch to Picton rail journey reopens on Saturday after earthquake damage led to closure in 2016One of the world’s greatest scenic rail routes has reopened on New Zealand’s South Island after being closed for two years following the Kaikoura earthquake in 2016.The Coastal Pacific train route, part of which hugs the coastline, was damaged by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 14 November 2016, that also destroyed homes and roads, killing two people. Landslides caused miles ...
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Cj writes We drove from Kaikoura sleepy naturetouristoriented fish and chip restaurants to Christchurch ChCh today through the ridiculously green and vertiginous hills and narrow valleys of South Island. ChCh suffered a devastating earthqua
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New Zealand's North and South islands 'creeping' even closer together after quake

Fault lines are still settling two years after the Kaikoura earthquake opened up a record 25 faultsNew Zealand’s North and South islands are “creeping” closer together in the wake of the devastating Kaikoura earthquake two years ago, the national science body has revealed.The magnitude 7.8 quake struck the upper South Island in 2016, and initially brought the two landmasses five metres closer together but GNS Science has now found that unsettled fault lines continue to draw them ever nearer. Con...
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SC writes Yesterday was our first proper scenic drive in our hire car Nelson in the North of South to Kaikoura on the Eastern Pacific Coast.This was an lovely drive with some stunning scenery bonkers little twisty roads and most interstingly clea
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Where to travel this December

For a lot of people , traveling in December means stuffing too many Christmas presents into a too-small suitcase and braving the airport masses to spend the holidays at home. But once in a while, we need a year off from the family chaos and opt to spend the holidays in some far-flung location. For those times, the world offers a litany of destinations where you can relax on a beach, bask in colorful Christmas lights, or trek through the snow to see the aurora borealis. So if you’re not going h...
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Coastal Pacific Railway reopening

Traveling New Zealand by train is about to get a whole lot sweeter — or rather, return to its former glory. On December 1, the country’s iconic Coastal Pacific passenger rail route will reopen to the public, reinstating a popular rail expedition that runs along the South Island’s eastern coast from Christchurch to Picton. The Coastal Pacific railway has been closed ever since the Kaikoura earthquake devastated the island nation back in 2016. After extensive maintenance and repair work, the li...
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Seal slapped kayaker

Getting slapped in the face with an octopus while kayaking through the tranquil waters of New Zealand sounds like an unlikely prospect, but that’s exactly what happened to Kyle Mulinder. While kayaking off the coast of Kaikoura, on New Zealand’s South Island, a seal, with an octopus in its mouth, leapt from the water and whipped the octopus right in Mulinder’s face. And luckily, since Mulinder and his friends are GoPro employees, there were plenty of cameras on board to capture the incident. ...
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'Mate, what just happened?' Seal slaps kayaker in face with octopus

‘I could feel all the hard parts of the octopus on my face,’ says Kyle MulinderA kayaker paddling in the waters around New Zealand has been given an unusually close look at its marine life when a seal appeared to throw an octopus at him.Kyle Mulinder was enjoying a clear day on waters off the coast of Kaikōura in the South Island when he was slapped in the face by the tentacles of the flying creature. Continue reading...
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Marlborough to Christchurch along the Kaikoura coast.

Day 1 of our 100 days around the world journey adventure in 2018 has arrived. Commencing our journey with a road trip to Christchurch meant a slow drive along the Kaikoura coastline. The 2016 Kaikoura earthquake was a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in the So
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Best places to kayak in New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the most pristine scenery in the world. Snow-capped mountains, wild beaches, fjords, and excellent opportunities to spot wildlife make the country a great destination for those who love spending time in nature. Kayaking is an ideal way to explore the coastline, lakes, and waterways of the country. From the mountains of Milford Sound to the turquoise waters of the Abel Tasman Sea, kayakers get to see things from a unique perspective. Here are seven of the most beautiful...
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The Best South Island Road Trip Destinations in New Zealand

These South Island road trip stop ideas are essentially a list of the some of the highlights of the South Island of New Zealand’s immense beauty – and I don’t mean just sights to take a snap of, chuck some filters on, and plaster all over your various social media platforms. I mean the kind of beauty that can overwhelm. A landscape that will have you practically drowning in appreciation. Intense, I know. But isn’t that the point? So, this is the route that I recommend for the best road trip expe...
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The Return of Kaikoura: 5 Activities in One of New Zealand’s Top Spots

Following a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in November of 2016, for almost a year the town of Kaikoura remained cut off from the rest of New Zealand and subsequently the world. Massive rock slides, or “slips” as the Kiwis say, locked the small town in, covering the main highway, more aptly a one lane road, in mountains of rock. While with the removal of debris and reconstruction of bridges some routes slowly reopened, required permits and other limitations continued to make travel into and...
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How to Get Around New Zealand

It’s easy to get around New Zealand. Buses go everywhere, cars constantly pick up hitchhikers, campervans are easy to rent, and backpacker bus tours zigzag around the country. Plus, there are trains and planes. In short, there’s no shortage of transportation options. When I was in New Zealand recently, I used nearly every one of these options so, today, I want to share the pros and cons of each so you know how to get around New Zealand the most (cost) effective and efficient way possible! B...
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New Zealand Part 2 South Island continued

The rain we missed in Kaikoura caught up to us in Hanmer Springs. Not a problem though I just about lived at the thermal springs even in the rain. My new addiction thermal hot springs. My addiction started in Iceland and hasnt gone away. The N
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Travel to Kaikoura and had a Killer time

Very early morning bus ride to Kaikoura quick check in to accommodation and turnaround to get out to our Whale watching trip.Amazing day... sperm whale Killer Whale Orcas Dusky Dolphins Albatross sightings. Jana very pleased as it was one of
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Landslide modeling after Kaikoura Quake provides data to first responders

Hours after the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake hit New Zealand, researchers were able to share information with first responders about where significant landsliding might have occurred to block roads and rivers, according to a new report in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.
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BNZ not returning to Wellington head office

BNZ has confirmed it will not return to its Wellington head office, which was significantly damaged in the Kaikoura earthquake.Staff have been unable to work in the building on Harbour Quays since November 2016.BNZ director Richard... [Author: [email protected]]
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RTW Day 31 Kaikoura

Our bedroom overlooks the beach so we wake up to the most glorious view of the sun rising over the ocean. I take a stroll along the beach while the old man sleeps.The plan for today is to drive the 94 miles along the coastal SH1 to Kaikoura stopping
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Ten Best Road Trips in the World

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun cross-country road trip? Driving down the quiet, open road, passing by beautiful natural beauty and being able to stop whenever you like – sounds like a dream vacation, doesn’t it? The good news is that there are quite a few epic road trips from around the world that you can choose from, in all different climates and countries. Here’s our list of the top ten best road trips to take. 1. Durban to Cape Town, South Africa. Called the Garden Route, this road trip is full o...
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February 2018: Travel Summary and Statistics

Pride comes before a fall, so after I excitedly announced that January had been one of my best months on the road, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that February sucked. There were some good parts, there were some wonderful parts, and there were a whole lot of sucky parts. Let’s get stuck in. I kicked off the month by fulfilling a childhood dream. When I was 13 years old, I saw an alpaca for the first time at a theme park in Staines and burst into tears. And so began my love affair with all...
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2018 TT2000 - Day 2

Day two of my trip was to get me down to Christchurch where the TT was starting.  I had deliberately crossed the straits the day before to give me the whole day to take in the Molesworth on my way South.  This ended out being a pretty good idea as the cyclone had brought down some more slips on SH1 near Kaikoura - again.My plans had also included inviting Al along as he now lives in Picton and is always keen for some good gravel exploring.  We agreed to meet up in Blenheim and when I got to the ...
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KiwiRail shakes off impact of Kaikoura earthquake to post improved earnings

Disruption to South Island rail services caused by the November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake masked a continuation in improved operating earnings from state-owned railway operator KiwiRail in the six months to December 31.The company... [Author: [email protected]]
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January 2018: Travel Summary and Statistics

I’m now three months into this current stint of long-term travel and I’m delighted to announce it’s going better than I had even dared to imagine. January, in particular, was one of the best months I’ve ever had on the road! I’m enjoying the spontaneity full-time travel is bringing to my life, and I’m grateful to have the freedom to change up my life, whether it’s altering my travel plans to head somewhere on a whim or mixing things up if something isn’t going well. The decisions to prioritise s...
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Napier Port posts record profit, 46 per cent on last year

Napier Port lifted net profit to a record this year as the Kaikoura earthquake meant it benefited from atypically high cargo volumes, and it wants to expand so it can handle larger tourism and trade ships.Net profit jumped 46 per... [Author: [email protected]]
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Repairing the Kaikoura railroad no easy task for Dunedin-based team

"It was a bit like spaghetti tipped on a plate."This was how the rail team's "ganger", Hetaraka Kilgour, described the twisted state of the railway line the group was faced with on its first day of the project in November last year."You... [Author: [email protected]]
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Precinct v tenant in battle over building earthquake rating

Giant NZX-listed landlord Precinct Properties is battling a Wellington tenant over building earthquake ratings after the Kaikoura earthquake and the fight has gone to the High Court at Wellington.Oil and gas company OMV New Zealand... [Author: [email protected]]
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