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Meet the Messman Sisters who cake-started their entrepreneurial journey with Theobroma

Meet the two sisters who cake-started their entrepreneurial journey with Theobroma Sisters Kainaz Messman Harchandrai and Tina Messman Wykes, the Founders of Theobroma, are a ‘batch made in heaven’! In an interview with HerStory, Kainaz speaks about their new book, Baking a Dream, their strengths and weaknesses, and plans for the future. Article by Rekha Balakrishnan | Her Story If you haven’t tried brownies from Theobroma, you have missed out on one of India’s most popular desserts. But did you...
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Kainaz Amaria Wins the John Long Ethics Award from the NPPA

We are happy to announce that our friend Kainaz Amaria is the winner of this year’s Jong Long Ethics Award. Per the award’s website…. The John Long Ethics Award is awarded to Kainaz Amaria, an outstanding photojournalist turned editor, first on NPR’s Visual Team before becoming the visuals editor at Vox. This award recognizes an individual who has, through her efforts, upheld, shaped and promoted ethical behavior in all forms of visual journalism. Amaria’s career as a photographer speaks for ...
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