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Silabur Cave in Sarawak

Have you heard about the Jade Caves of Sarawak? Yes, a cave that looks like it is made from jade, which is called the Silabur Cave in Serian, Sarawak.  This beautiful cave has been around for a very long time, and mostly visited by researchers, but in 2016, the cave became more popular among the locals, mainly due to the beautiful jade texture of the cave walls.  Silabur Cave in Sarawak This beautiful cave is found in the district of Serian, which is about 90 minutes drive from the cit...
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Bakelalan Sarawak

One of the most memorable trips I made was to Bakelalan in Sarawak and this was back in 2014. While some of you may already know where this place is, others may not have a clue on what or where this place is located at. Also called Ba Kelalan or Kelabit Highlands, this beautiful place is located in the highlands of Sarawak in the north east beside the border of Kalimantan Indonesia.The two main villages in the Kelabit Highlands are Bakelalan and Bario, both at an average 1000 meters (3300 fee...
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Sarawak Bird Race 2015

The inaugural Sarawak Bird Race 2015 will take place on November 1st at the Borneo Highlands Resort, where this bird watching event is organised by the Malaysian Nature Society Kuching Branch, in collaboration with the state Ministry of Tourism of Sarawak. This one day event will see local and international participation where bird watchers and photographers will explore the area to spot birds here. The bird race in Sarawak also takes place one week after the Borneo Bird Festival 2015  whic...
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