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Listen to Karen Carpenter sing "California Dreamin'" when she was 17

I don't like The Carpenters very much, but I just heard Karen Carpenter's 1967 demo version of "California Dreamin'," which she sang when she was only 17 and I love it. Features brother Richard's cool keyboards, too! From ObscureMedia: Richard Carpenter: From Joe's Studio, circa 1967. — Read the rest
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Olivia Newton-John: ‘I don't wish cancer on anyone else. But for me, it has been a gift’

The pop star and actor talks about her third diagnosis of cancer, taking cannabis and ayahuasca, having Karen Carpenter as her spirit guide – and why her hit film Grease shouldn’t be accused of sexismOlivia Newton-John likes to sing to herself. Over and over, she will repeat, “I’m healthy, I’m strong” to a random melody she has picked up. “I think it’s very important to keep that positive message in your head,” she says cheerfully. “You know, if you have a difficult moment, music is always a gre...
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We’ve Got A File On You: Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore has done so much in his decades-spanning career that he can barely remember some of it. Performing with Sonic Youth on cult comedy classic The State's network television premiere? Doesn't remember it. What about when the band appeared on the Canadian kids show Yo Awesome Awesome? Nope. Providing the voice of Mark Twain … More »
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13 Tales of the Weird

I love musical theatre more than anything else in the world. But I also really love horror. New Line has brought the two together on several occasions, with Night of the Living Dead, Sweeney Todd, The Rocky Horror Show, In the Blood, Lizzie, and The Zombies of Penzance. Depending on your definition, I might include on that list Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party, Love Kills, Sweet Smell of Success, and Assassins.Even before the pandemic hit, but especially now, I'm always looking for new writing pro...
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Popular With Us 2019: Buzz Bands LA’s Albums of the Year

The mere existence of 100 Gecs excepted, 2019 was a fantastic year for music, worldwide and locally. Following is “Popular With Us 2019: Buzz Bands LA’s Albums of the Year,” an unwieldy list of L.A. artists who caught our ears and wouldn’t let go. As our year-end lists have tended to be over our 11 years, it’s light on pop, heavy on rock and includes some positively genre-bending releases. In the Top 20, the common denominator is strength of artistic voice. Speaking of rock, and we often do, 201...
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12 Days of Christmas with Norm Lewis: Celebrate the Season with Karen Carpenter

I would be remiss if I did not include this angel in my 12 Days Of Christmas choices. Yes, the singular voice of Karen Carpenter. Arguably the most perfect pop voice of all time. Effortless. Full of pathos. Perfect. I remember hearing her beautiful voice ringing throughout our house during the holiday season. It always made me feel like I was being wrapped by a warm blanket whenever she sang. [Author: Norm Lewis]
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When holidays make you sad, here’s trick you may not have known

“Holidays are joyful,” sings the late but great Karen Carpenter. But not always. Mother’s Day can be sad for those who’ve lost their mothers. Or for me, whose mother is in a facility. I know friends caring for a mom with Alzheimer’s or dementia. I want to talk to those who struggle through today. When the mind brings you to a sad moment or you feel guilty, take a walk outside and witness nature. Even better, turn off your phone, go into your backyard or nearby park, feel the warmth on your face ...
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Charles, Duke and Ella

This week in The Wall Street Journal, I interviewed actor-comedian Charles Grodin for my "House Call" column in the Mansion section (go here). Chuck talked about living near the Pittsburgh zoo as a kid. Coming up with jokes at bedtime, he'd try them out loud, but he'd time the punchlines so the hyenas would laugh at the right moment. A laugh-track with spots. [Photo above of Charles Grodin at his Connecticut home by Julie Bidwell Photography for The Wall Street Journal] Here's the full He...
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“Make Me Stay” by Debbie Anthony Premieres on The Country Note ~ VIDEO

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – -( Adult-contemporary and country singer Debbie Anthony is excited to announce the premiere of her new song and video for “Make Me Stay” on Anthony delivers a rare combination of experience and emotion, with a voice that will satisfy and surprise true lovers of country music as she shares her soulful and honeyed voice through heartfelt lyrics. “I'm excited to share my heart in this piercing, emotionally-packed song about love and the elemen...
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Joe Fiedler Brings Together Jazz and 'Sesame Street' on 'Open Sesame'

It's gotta be tough being a serious jazz musician. All those serious notes, all those tricky licks and grunty wild improvising. The small audiences. The sense among most folks that you play music that isn't any fun. Add to that doing it all on the trombone: the most awkward of horns, or so folks might have you believe.And trombonist Joe Fiedler is a serious jazz musician: brilliant and daring and no smooth-jazzer playing watered down goop. But MAN is he fun. Not only does he play his horn wi...
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John, Melvyn and Wanda

In The Wall Street Journal this week, I interviewed men's clothing designer and retailer John Varvatos for my "House Call" column in the Mansion section (go here). His designs always seem torn from the pages of rock magazines. John was born in a working-class suburb of Detroit and grew up listening to rock and thumbing through fan magazines. Which is how he developed an eye for the singular fashion trends of rock stars. After stints working for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, and time spent a...
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Aretha Franklin: Context, Intersectionality, and the Rock Canon

None Let's face it, the established canon of popular music, especially from the mid-20th century on, is dominated by rock and white male artists: the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones. How does Aretha Franklin fit into this canon, and what challenges can she pose to it, as one of the few women of color whom it has unequivocally embraced? Franklin fits within a prescribed framework of artists of color and female artists, as tied to specific contexts, including social mov...
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Karen Carpenter lives (sort of)

I found this on YouTube and it's pretty remarkable. I've always loved Karen Carpenter's voice (even when it wasn't cool to like the Carpenters).  This Japanese singer has her DOWN.  Give a... [Author: Ken Levine]
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Vanessa Blakeslee's Playlist for Her Short Story Collection "Perfect Conditions"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Jesmyn Ward, Lauren Groff, Bret Easton Ellis, Celeste Ng, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Vanessa Blakeslee's impressive short story collection Perfect Conditions is filled with characters finding the way through their darknesses. In her own words, here is Vanessa Blak...
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Dw. Dunphy On… Carpenters Were Never Cool

Before the first person pipes up and says, “what about that tribute album in the ’90s?,” I’ll take that on first. Yes, A&M Records released the multi-artist collection If I Were A Carpenter in the 1990s and it featured a host of artists who were, at that time, pretty notable. That album, however, was not fully intended to recast Carpenters as cool. At one earlier point, during the formation in the late-60s, Carpenters was more of a band but was later best known for the two siblings at its hel...
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The movie "The Happytime Murders" uses "Sesame Street" puppets in a way that is "explicit, profane, drug-using, misogynistic, violent, copulating, and even ejaculating."

The Daily Beast reports on the lawsuit brought by the "Sesame Street" company to stop the distribution of the film, which, of course, it did not license or authorize in any way. The film is directed by "one of Jim Henson's family member."“Sesame seeks an injunction that forces Defendants to cease and desist their trading upon the goodwill associated with Sesame Street in furtherance of box office receipts,” the lawsuit says. “The promotion of The Happytime Murders should succeed or fail on its o...
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12 Videos of Christmas

Television has always done a blissful job of capturing the warm, kind spirit of the holiday season. Over the decades, twinkly TV specials with popular singers and sugary sets have showered viewers with music and post-card imagery. No matter your background or religion, these shows had a way of reminding everyone that goodness was a universal virtue. [Photo above of Karen Carpenter] Here are 12 stand-out videos from holiday specials of yore: Here's Patti Page in 1955 singing Home for the Holiday...
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"In this vast and troubled world, we sometimes lose our way, but I am never lost/I feel this way because...."

"It was Mr. Margo’s idea for the Happenings to do an up-tempo version of the Gershwin brothers’ 'I Got Rhythm,' his nephew Noah Margo said. The record reached No. 3 on the Billboard singles chart in 1967."That's from the NYT obituary: "Mitch Margo, an Original Member of the Tokens, Dies at 70." You think of The Tokens — if you think of them — as the group that did the much-loved early-60s song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." But I see that The Tokens went on to produce records for The Chiffons, Randy...
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Stream: Sarah Chernoff, ‘Markings on You’

After serving as the principal voice of brooding electro-pop trio Superhumanoids for two albums, two EPs and assorted singles, L.A. native Sarah Chernoff has set off on her own. Her solo debut “Warm Nights” will be out Aug. 15. The solo work is not the first we’ve heard from Chernoff since Superhumanoids parted ways — Mt. Si, a collaboration with Kisses’ Jesse Kivel and Michael David of Classixx — released an EP last year. She also appeared on last year’s albums from Classixx and Brett, among ot...
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98 Degrees' Drew Lachey to Star in Reading of New Musical BULLDOZER

Karen Carpenter directs 98 Degrees' Drew Lachey in upcoming readings of BULLDOZER on Monday, May 22 at 1230 and 615. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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most of which is not mine.

Saturday 9: I Won’t Last a Day without You (1972) 1) This song makes reference to rainbows. Have you seen one lately? About a month ago. 2) When Sam heard this song, it occurred to her that she wouldn’t last a day without a game of online Yahtzee. What little commonplace pleasure reliably brightens your day? Dogs 3) Richard Carpenter was emphatic that his group’s name was “Carpenters,” NO “the.” Whenever he hears the group referred to as “The Carpenters,” it gets on his nerves. What little comm...
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Ella Fitzgerald at 100

Ella Fitzgerald was born 100 years ago today and died on June 15, 1996. By any measure, she was easily the most important singer of the 20th century. By the time she was 21 in 1938, she had completely transformed pop singing, dragging the vocal into the Swing Era by giving it more relaxed, jazz-influenced feel. In the 1940s, following Chick Webb's death in 1939, she led Webb's band and became the Swing Era's first important female big-band leader. By the early 1950s, she was already considered ...
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Rachel Mason - Heaven

photography by sheva kafai It was the tone of her voice when she sang that was so fascinating to hear. Like mid-period Karen Carpenter mixed with late-period Johanna Went, performance artist / filmmaker / musician Rachel Mason’s voice… (in post RACHEL MASON: IS THAT A GOOD REVELATION? from L.A. RECORD. More by this artist at )
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Major Labels Under Gun In The Carpenters, Sales v. Licensing Case

The age old dispute between artists and labels over digital download revenues is once again rearing its ugly head, with Richard Carpenter having recently audited his label A&M/Universal, revealing a rash of under-reported downloads. ___________________________ Guest Post by Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. The dispute between artists and labels over the income earned from digital downloads continues to rage. Traditionally, record labels sold physical copies of music mediums, like CDs, and ...
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Fun Roundup of Holiday Videos

Window shopping at YouTube yesterday, I came across nine fun seasonal clips that I thought I'd share with you. Have a wonderful holiday weekend one and all... Here's a clever mash of the James Bond Theme and Carol of the Bells... Here's the first film depiction of Santa in a silent movie from 1898... Here's Lou Costello singing White Christmas in 1952 and the orchestra's response after... Here's a Christmas message from the Honeymooners... Here's Nat King Cole singing The Christmas ...
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VIDEO: Jim Caruso's Sixth Day of Christmas Featuring The Carpenters!

This ravishing song has an interesting history. The lyric was written in 1946 by a nineteen-year old Frank Pooler, as a gift to a girlfriend he was missing. Twenty years later, a nineteen-year old Richard Carpenter set it to music. In four years, this recording by The Carpenters went to 1, which it did for three consecutive holiday seasons. It sounds as fresh today as it did in 1970, partly because of Richard's lush arrangement and backup vocals, and that famous tenor sax solo. But honestly, it'...
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The Christmas Music War

In just a few short days, a battle's going to break out in my (mostly) happy home. Every November, my family starts its annual Christmas Music War. Each year it's me against my husband, Joe, and the three darlings that I brought into this world. I might add after a collective 36 hours of labor and three, count them three, C-sections. This year, I'm taking a proactive stand and putting my family on notice. Mom wants to listen to "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" without the groans and moans from the...
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Book Notes - Melissa Yancy "Dog Years"

In the Book Notes series, authors create and discuss a music playlist that relates in some way to their recently published book. Previous contributors include Bret Easton Ellis, Kate Christensen, Lauren Groff, T.C. Boyle, Dana Spiotta, Amy Bloom, Aimee Bender, Jesmyn Ward, Heidi Julavits, Hari Kunzru, and many others. Winner of the 2016 Drue Heinz Literature Prize, Melissa Yancy's short story collection Dog Years is powerful, nuanced, and heartfelt. KIrkus wrote of the book: "All these st...
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Songwriter Rod Temperton wrote classic pop track 'Thriller'

Rod Temperton worked on various hit songs, including the Michael Jackson song 'Thriller.' He also worked on music for artists including Heatwave, Karen Carpenter, and Herbie Hancock.
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Songwriter Rod Temperton wrote classic pop track 'Thriller'

Rod Temperton worked on various hit songs, including the Michael Jackson song 'Thriller.' He also worked on music for artists including Heatwave, Karen Carpenter, and Herbie Hancock.
Tags: Michael Jackson, Karen Carpenter, Rod Temperton