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Ronan, Rockwell & Oyelowo Team Up for New Murder Mystery Film

Ronan, Rockwell & Oyelowo team up for new murder mystery film According to Deadline, four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan, Oscar winner Sam Rockwell and Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo have officially signed on to star in an untitled murder mystery pic set at Searchlight Pictures. RELATED: CS Interview: Saoirse Ronan Talks Docudrama Romance Ammonite PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoR...
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How Working On Avatar 2 With James Cameron Is 'Calmer' Than Titanic, According To Kate Winslet

James Cameron famously worked with Kate Winslet on Titanic, and they're currently collaborating on the Avatar sequels. And the actress explained why Cameron is calmer this time around.
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The Official Disney+ 2020 Holiday Movies & TV Lineup Revealed!

The Official Disney+ 2020 Holiday Movies & TV Lineup Revealed! The full list of Disney+ 2020 Holiday lineup has been released, offering a selection of new movie and TV titles that everyone in the family can enjoy as during this festive time of the year. If you’re also in the mood for something nostalgic, the Holiday collection also includes classic Disney holiday films and TV episodes that you can revisit. Check out the titles now view below! This holiday season will also see the premieres o...
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'Yeah, I'm definitely dead': Kate Winslet held her breath for 7 minutes filming 'Avatar 2' underwater

Kate Winslet, who stars in awards hopeful "Ammonite," talks about her scary underwater shoot for "Avatar 2" and actress daughter Mia Threapleton.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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CS Interview: Saoirse Ronan Talks Docudrama Romance Ammonite

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Interview: Saoirse Ronan Talks Docudrama Romance Ammonite Ammonite is now playing in theaters and, based on critical reactions, already looks like an Oscar contender. To celebrate the film’s release, we spoke with the great Saoirse Ronan, who dropped some interesting insights into the production, her chemistry with Kate Winslet and the challenges of working on the film. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}...
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Breaking Down the Costumes of Lesbian Drama ‘Ammonite’

Costume designer Michael O’Connor worked closely with director Francis Lee to create the period look of “Ammonite,” the new drama starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan. In conversations, Lee wanted O’Connor to stay away from red, keeping it for scenes of romance and passion between the two lovers. Set in the mid-19th century, O’Connor used […]
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Michel Gondry to Direct ‘As She Climbed Across the Table’, a Love Triangle Involving a Black Hole

Countless fictional romances have been built around love triangles. But what about a sci-fi romance focusing on a love triangle between a particle physicist, her ex-boyfriend, and a black hole? Director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) is slated to tackle that story with an adaptation of Jonathan Lethem‘s novel As She Climbed Across the Table, which is set up at Amazon Studios and Chernin Entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter has the news on the film. If this is the first...
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Hear an Exclusive From the ‘Ammonite’ Soundtrack

Ammonite hits select theaters this week, and in honor of the new period romance drama, we’re debuting an exclusive from the soundtrack. The score comes from composers Dustin O’Halloran and Volker Bertelmann, who also handled the music for the 2016 film Lion. Milan Records will release the Ammonite (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) on Friday, November 13. Hear the exclusive track below. Ammonite Soundtrack In Ammonite, Francis Lee  directs  Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan in a drama ...
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Why Filming Sex Scenes Is Easier Than Kissing Scenes, According To Saoirse Ronan

The Little Women actress stars as Kate Winslet's love interest in the upcoming Ammonite.
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Mia Threapleton on Debuting in Post-Apocalyptic Chiller ‘Shadows’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Mia Threapleton, who is the daughter Kate Winslet and British film director Jim Threapleton, makes her acting debut in Ireland-set chiller “Shadows,” directed by Italy’s Carlo Lavagna and mostly shot in an abandoned hotel in the woods near the village of Howth. “Shadows” premiered last month at the Rome Film Festival’s Alice in the City […]
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'Ammonite' derives its muted shine from Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan

"Ammonite" joins a long list of forbidden love stories, yielding a movie presented in washed-out tones, which shines principally thanks to Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan. The result is a slow-moving, somewhat predictable but finally effective period romance that primarily serves as an old-fashioned testament to star power.
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'I'm being way too method': Kate Winslet talks self-imposed isolation for lesbian romance 'Ammonite'

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan discuss the "intensity" of intimate scenes and harsh shooting conditions while making same-sex romance "Ammonite."          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Black Beauty Trailer: Mackenzie Foy & Kate Winslet Star in Disney+ Film

Black Beauty Trailer: Mackenzie Foy & Kate Winslet Star in Disney+ Film Disney+ has released the official trailer for Ashley Avis’ forthcoming film adaptation of Black Beauty, featuring Mackenzie Foy’s Jo as she finds hope and strength in a black mustang. Also featuring the voice of Kate Winslet, the film will be available for streaming on Friday, November 27. Check out the video in the player below! Find your way home. #BlackBeautyMovie, starring @MackenzieFoy and featuring Academy Award-w...
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‘Black Beauty’ Trailer: Disney+ Puts a Modern Spin on the Classic Tale

Anna Sewell’s classic story Black Beauty has been adapted nine times for film and television, and later this month, Disney+ will do it again. The first trailer for the Black Beauty remake starring Mackenzie Foy (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms) and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) has arrived, showcasing a modern reimagining of the familiar story. But this time, the titular horse is female and voiced by none other than Kate Winslet. Watch the Black Beauty remake trailer below. Black Beauty Rem...
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First Trailer for Disney's 'Black Beauty' Movie Starring Mackenzie Foy

"How could a horse save a person?" Disney has unveiled an official trailer for a new Black Beauty movie on Disney+, which is more of a "re-adaptation" of the original novel than a remake of the 1994 Black Beauty movie. Yes, the original Black Beauty is based on a classic book from the 1800s written by Anna Sewell. The film's generic plot follows a wild horse and a teenage girl who forge an unbreakable bond which keeps them connected for a lifetime. When the horse is sold, Jo is determined to...
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Kate Winslet Beats Tom Cruise’s Breathtaking Hollywood Stunt Record

“It was brilliant and I was very proud of myself and I’ll probably never be able to do it again,” the actor said.
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‘Ammonite’ Theatrical Release Date Set for November, On Demand in December

Ammonite, the romantic period piece starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, now has a release date. In fact, it has two release dates. The film will hit theaters (assuming any are still open) this Friday. However, if you can’t or won’t return to a theater, never fear – the flick will find its way to premium on-demand in December. Ammonite In Ammonite: “In the 1840s, acclaimed self-taught paleontologist Mary Anning works alone on the wild and brutal Southern English coastline of Lyme Re...
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You could spend your vacation living in a castle, an old manor house, or even a former church – if you agree to swap your home for a week

This Scottish castle is available for swap on the website Love Home Swap. Love Home Swap You could spend a week living in a castle, an old manor house, or even a former church – but you have to agree to swap your own house in return. Although travel restrictions make vacations abroad tricky, more people are choosing to enjoy staycations by swapping homes with someone else in their home country. Celia Pronto from Love Home Swap spoke to Business Insider about how the industry is changing du...
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Kate Winslet Dons an Underwater Cape in New Avatar 2 Set Photo

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Kate Winslet Dons an Underwater Cape in New Avatar 2 Set Photo Another week, another intriguing behind-the-scenes image of James Cameron’s Avatar 2. This time, we get to see star Kate Winslet, re-teaming with her Titanic director, brandishing a cape underwater. The actress revealed, via an interview with THR while promoting her new film Ammonite, that she had to learn to hold her breath for an inordinate amount of time, which is just par for the course on a James Cameron ...
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Wild Avatar 2 Set Photo Shows Kate Winslet Filming At The Bottom Of A Pool

Normally the publicity machine for an upcoming movie starts really cranking six months or so before release.
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‘Avatar 2’ Behind-the-Scenes Photo Has Kate Winslet Taking a Dive

Another day, another goofy Avatar 2 behind-the-scenes photo. Since so much of James Cameron‘s long-awaited sequel is going to be created digitally, much of the behind-the-scenes imagery has looked rather silly, with actors in motion-capture suits floating in big water tanks. And this latest image – which features Kate Winslet posing like Dracula at the YMCA pool, is no exception. I know the week just started, but I can already tell it’s going to be a rough one. With the election fast approa...
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This Photo Of Kate Winslet Filming ‘Avatar 2’ Underwater Will Make You Take A Deep Breath

The Oscar-winner trained herself to hold her breath for 7 minutes playing a "water person" in the much-delayed sequel.
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A World of Calm

Well, this is interesting. A World of Calm is a new TV series from HBO Max based on a sleep & meditation app called Calm. A timely antidote for our modern lives, each half-hour episode takes audiences on an immersive visual journey into another world. Building on the record-breaking success of Calm’s Sleep Stories™ — bedtime stories for grown ups with over 250m listens — each relaxing tale is designed to transform how you feel. Transporting the viewer into tranquility through scientifically...
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