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The history of Karachi’s Homi Katrak Chambers

If you head to Clifton after passing Sind Club and Frere Hall in Karachi, you’ll come to a traffic signal at Lilly Bridge, with a piece of history on its left: Homi Katrak Chambers. This stunning pre-Partition heritage building was bought by TPL Properties and will be converted into a luxury real estate complex. This is its story. Photo: Twitter/@annusraza The building’s story begins with a Zoroastrian businessman by the name of Kavasji Katrak. He came to India in the early 1900s and was base...
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A Walk In Karachi’s Katrak Colony

Parsi influence on Karachi’s architecture is immense. Parsi businessmen and philanthropists commissioned some of the most remarkable structures in Karachi especially at the turn of last century. People still don’t hesitate to spend lavish sum of money on buildings in present day Karachi but the city suffers from our collective lack of aesthetics and sense of community living. We can all learn a few things from Parsis, not just sense of aesthetics but life in general too. Drive to Katrak Parsi Co...
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Pakistan Parsi community’s migration alarming

KARACHI: As you enter the Parsi Colony from MA Jinnah Road you experience a strange feeling. You are truly taken away by the architecture of beautiful bungalows and houses. But then you are taken aback to find that their owners have long gone and now no one lives in these houses. Once a vibrant community, the number of Parsis now living in Karachi is fast shrinking. Article by Emanuel Sarfraz | The Nation Parsis are Followers of Zoroastrianism, which is one of the oldest religions in the world...
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