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KCRW Moves Into New Headquarters as Star DJ Jason Bentley Mulls His Future

Influential public radio station KCRW has finally left the basement and entered its new home: a sparkling, 34,000-square-foot, three-story $21.7 million glass structure on the campus of Santa Monica College. Part of a $115 million development of its Center for Media and Design, it’s a glittering, shiny and massive step up from its previous studio […]
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The Case for Why Captain Beefheart’s Awful Sounding Album, Trout Mask Replica, Is a True Masterpiece

I’ve had Trout Mask Replica in my collection for years. I can’t say I regularly pull it out to give it a listen, but I know I’d never get rid of it. It’s a sometimes impenetrable slab of genius, wrought from endless sessions and then a short burst of recording, led by a man who couldn’t read music, was prone to fits of violent anger, but dammit knew what he wanted. (And Zappa produced.) When I learned later that the house where a lot of this went down was located in the hills behind the ...
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Watch an Animated Score for Steve Reich’s Minimalist Piece “Clapping Music“–and Try Your Hardest to Follow Along

Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is one of the simplest scores of modern classical music, and as you might soon find out, one of the most difficult to perform. Written in 1972 while on a European tour and after a night of mediocre flamenco, Clapping Music is for two players. One claps a steady rhythm (technically an African Bell Rhythm). A second performer claps in unison in the same pattern for eight bars. At the end of the eighth bar, the second performer goes out of sync for one eighth no...
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DJ Sessions: Global Beats From 5 Countries

We talk to KCRW DJ Jose Galvan about tunes that take us from Los Angeles to Cape Verde with a few stops in between.
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Watch Gary Clark Jr. Perform 'The Guitar Man' Live In The Studio

Gary Clark Jr. shines with a soulful rendition of "The Guitar Man," live in the KCRW studio.(Image credit: Brian Lowe/KCRW)
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Nic Harcourt Becomes Eclectic: Noted Radio DJ Releases His Own Music

In his 30-year music industry career, Nic Harcourt boasts a wide-ranging resume. Currently manning morning drive at Cal State Northridge’s Triple A standard-bearer KCSN, his recognizable voice is probably best known for his stint at influential public station KCRW, but he’s also been a film music supervisor, consultant, artist manager and host of DirecTV’s “Guitar […]
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Hear Patti Smith’s New Work With The Soundwalk Collective, a Tribute to the Avant-Garde Poet Antonin Artaud

The Soundwalk Collective has made music art out of found sounds since 2004. They recorded 2012’s Medea while traversing the Black Sea and fishing for sounds using a scanner and high powered aerial antennas; 2014’s Last Beat used contact microphones on the architecture of a music club to collect vibrations instead of music; 2017’s Before Music There Is Blood collaged deep echoing recordings of classical music played in various halls. This time, in their upcoming The Peyote Dance, they hav...
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Hear Underground 12, the Earliest Known Case of Musicians Recording While Under the Influence of LSD (1966)

Music and LSD: after “Tomorrow Never Knows” and Sgt. Pepper, we knew what an acid trip should sound like. Other folks needed to know more. Somewhere in Los Angeles in 1966 a group of musicians were dosing and recording while tripping. The resulting recording--credited to “Underground 12” and considered the earliest known case of musicians recording while under the influence of LSD--was only available,  as the legend goes, by mail order-- you can see a copy of it here on discogs , a plain...
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Thriving After 15 Years: 6 Keys To Independent Music Success

Success as a DIY artist has never been easy, and for most, their rags to riches story comes down a little heavier on the rags. Still, as artist Yael Meyer illustrates in these six best practices, indie music success is achievable. ___________________________ By Yael Meyer from CD Baby's DIY Musician blog Yael Meyer’s 6 keys to independent music success. The impossible dream. When I first decided to make music for a living it was as much an act of passion as it was an act of...
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Hear the First Musical Composition Created by a Computer: The Illiac Suite (1956)

Think “Generative Music” and what may come to mind is Brian Eno, pushing a button and letting music flow from his studio computer. But the idea is much older than that. The “Illiac Suite” from 1952 is named after the cash-register-looking ILLIAC computer on which it was composed, and is one of the first examples of bringing computer programming into the task of creating music within some well defined parameters. The resulting score was then played by humans. You can hear the first experi...
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New Video: Madlib & Oh No “Big Whips”

Gangster Doodles, aka hip-hop illustrator Marlon Sassy, is following up his awesome 2017 book with a compilation album called Gangster Music Vol. 1. The project, dropping on March 1, features new music from KAYTRANADA, Max B, Jonwayne, Quelle Chris, Blu and more. Sassy’s biggest coup, though, is a collaboration between the elusive, legendary Madlib and his brother Oh No called “Big Whips,” which comes complete with an equally dope video that places Pink Panther in the hood. Watch after the j...
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A Six-Hour Time-Stretched Version of Brian Eno’s Music For Airports: Meditate, Relax, Study

Writing in his 1995 diary about his seminal ambient album Music for Airports, Eno remembered his initial thoughts going into it: “I want to make a kind of music that prepares you for dying--that doesn’t get all bright and cheerful and pretend you’re not a little apprehensive, but which makes you say to yourself, ‘Actually, it’s not that big a deal if I die.’” Created in 1978 from seconds-long tape loops from a much longer improv session with musicians including Robert Wyatt, Music for Ai...
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The Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious Sings Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”: Is Nothing Sacred?

In the great garden of forking paths and alternative timelines there are two other versions of The Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle that Julian Temple never directed. One would have been directed by Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame, but “he behaved gloriously badly to Malcolm (McLaren)” according to John Lydon many years later. The other was to be written by film critic Roger Ebert and directed by buxom beauty lover Russ Meyer (who Lydon called "shabby” and “a senile old git.”) But you do h...
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President Trump’s State of the Union: When and where to watch and listen to it

President Donald Trump had to wait a week — and reopen the government without funding for a border wall — before he got the OK from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to deliver his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. But deliver it he will, and the speech is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. Pacific time (9 p.m. Eastern) Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. The delivery of the annual message helps the president check a constitutional box, so to speak. Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution ...
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The Real Locations of Ukiyo-e, Historic Japanese Woodblock Prints, Plotted on a Google Map

The undisputed last great master of ukiyo-e was Utagawa Hiroshige. He is best known for the many series he created of bucolic landscapes, which offered collectors a chance to see parts of Japan they might never reach. The Japan of his early 19th century work holds a special place in Japanese hearts--a final look at an isolated and beautiful country just before the opening up of the ports to the West and, with it, industrialization. Apart from Mount Fuji, the locations that Hiroshige drew have l...
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Radio: Find out who got a holiday ratings treat last year

As expected, holiday music gave KOST (103.5 FM) a huge boost in the ratings during the season. The station dominated the Holiday ratings released week, according to Nielsen, with ratings up by a full four points to 13.0 from the already high 9.0 for “December.” KOST in “November” had a 5.1. Why the quotes? Ratings are done in four-week periods, which gives 13 ratings “months” each year. So “December” is actually mostly November, making “Holiday” the last four weeks of the year. KOST started play...
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Visualizing the Bass Playing Style of Motown’s Iconic Bassist James Jamerson: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “For Once in My Life” & More

As part of Motown’s Funk Brothers house band, James Jamerson was the bubbling bass player behind hundreds of hit records from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, and plenty more. His licks duck and dive and weave like Ali but never get in the way of the melody or the rest of the band. Paul McCartney was an early fan, but for the general public, Jamerson was not a household name for decades--Motown never listed the Wrecking Crew in its credits--until much l...
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Radio: Local news is the big winner at the Golden Mike Awards

Last weekend was a big weekend for many local radio stations (and that other broadcast service called “television” that we are still waiting to catch on). January 19th was the night of the Golden Mike Awards, presented by the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California (RTNA). The awards are given in two divisions, those stations with large news departments (Division A) and those with not-so-large news departments (Division B). Note that the size of the station itself, or the ra...
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A Virtual Tour of Every Place Referenced in The Beatles’ Lyrics: In 12 Minutes, Travel 25,000 Miles Across England, France, Russia, India & the US

Ach, the wonders and the blunders of the Internet. The wonder: Vanity Fair--lovely magazine, a bit too many stories about the royals and billionaires though--has the budget and the wherewithal to commission this video. It’s a 12 minute ride around the world using Google Maps, touching down to show locations mentioned in the Beatles lyrics, from Liverpool to the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota to Moscow, where the balalaikas are always ringing out. The blunder: it’s laced with inaccuracies...
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Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Regine Chassagne to Perform at Sundance (EXCLUSIVE)

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Regine Chassagne, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and photographer Danny Clinch are among the participants in Make Change, a series of conversations and intimate performances to be held at the Salesforce Music Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival. Chassagne is of Haitian descent, by way of Canada, and she and Butler have previously […]
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The Art of Creating Special Effects in Silent Movies: Ingenuity Before the Age of CGI

If anyone tries to claim that modern day movies have too many special effects remind them of this. Films have always used special effects to trick the audience, and we’re just using new variations of tools from a century ago. In fact, right from the beginning, creators like Georges Méliès were pushing the boundaries of celluloid and 24 frames per second like the showmen and magicians they were. By the time we get to the silent comedians as seen in our above video, technology had advanced...
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Watch Christine And The Queens Perform '5 Dollars' Live In The Studio

With French flare, Chris performs this Chris highlight in the KCRW studio.(Image credit: Elli Lauren/KCRW)
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Where and when to watch President Trump’s address to the nation on border security and the wall on TV, radio and the internet

President Donald Trump will address the nation at 6 p.m. Pacific time (9 p.m. ET) Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019, from the Oval Office in a broadcast carried by the major broadcast and cable news networks. To be more precise, the address will begin at 6:01:30, according to CBS. The president said on Twitter that the topic of his speech will be “the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border.” NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and Fox will carry the president’s speech, and a Democratic Party respon...
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Look How Young They Are!: The Beastie Boys Performing Live Their Very First Hit, “Cooky Puss” (1983)

Would you look at this video? Here we have the original line-up of the Beastie Boys (when they had a fourth, female member, Kate Schellenbach) playing a Christmas-time gig in 1983. And you just wanna scream: LOOK HOW YOUNG THEY ARE! Adam Yauch is probably 17 at the time, Michael Diamond younger, and Adam Horowitz is younger still, and they are plainly enjoying themselves while also being a bit nervous and unsure. (Ad-Rock blanches when he has to brag about the size of his member, while A...
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Guillermo del Toro Names Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can the Most Underrated Great Movie of All Time

Director Guillermo del Toro, as one Twitter wag put it recently, is the kind of film friend we’d all love to have--a great conversationalist, a good listener, a fan at heart, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the form. And while it’s not rare to hear him praise Steven Spielberg, this recent Twitter post most people by surprise: Catch Me If You Can is honestly a film I haven’t thought about since I watched it in the theaters. That’s not to say it was bad--it was an enjoyable romp with Le...
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5 acts to see at Insomniac’s year-end San Bernardino music events, Audiotistic and Countdown

Mega-party brand Insomniac closes out 2018 with two bashes at San Bernardino’s NOS Event Center. Kicking off the end-of-year festivities is Audiotistic, a one-night, two-stage blow out on December 29 that merges dance music and hip-hop. There are big names galore on this line-up, which includes the likes of Porter Robinson, Lil Uzi Vert, Flosstradamus, Lil Xan and AC Slater. On New Year’s Eve, Insomniac returns to NOS Event Center for Countdown. The stacked bill runs the gamut from mainstream ar...
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Every Spider-Man Movie and TV Show Explained By Kevin Smith

Look, I’ve never been a fan of Kevin Smith’s ooooooov-rah, per se, but I will never criticize his ability to spin a bloody good yarn. He’s funny, engaging, charming, and knows his pop culture. WIRED also knows this, so when on the eve of the (apparently very good) Spider-verse movie, they called on Smith to sit down and run through every Spider-man Movie and TV Show and opinionate all over that mess. (And because Sony’s contract with the Marvel superhero is up, this might be a nice demar...
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DJ Sessions: The Best Music Of 2018

From Kamasi Washington to Christine and the Queens, we round up new music that had us grooving this year with KCRW DJ Anne Litt.
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New Year’s Eve 2019: 20 events to go laugh, sing and dance in the New Year in Southern California

There never seems to be a shortage of things to do on New Year’s Eve in Southern California. Sure, you’ll have to fork out the extra cash for the surge pricing of a Lyft or Uber, but 2018 has been a beast and it may be a time to hire a babysitter, get all dressed up and find an event that includes an open bar. This year’s variety of experiences includes everything from burlesque and circus performances, live heavy metal, punk rock, electronic, ’80s and jazz music and comedy shows with lots of pa...
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Looking for a HOT, Haute NYE Event? Hit Union Station for Prohibtion NYE!

Prohibition NYE and Bumble Partner for New Year’s Eve in Downtown LA Prohibition NYE rolls out the yellow carpet for event-enhancing partnership with Bumble     McCullough and Ross, in partnership with KCRW, present the seventh annual Prohibition NYE, now with special event activations from buzzworthy social networking app and new event partner, Bumble.   […]
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