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14 Movie Roles Denzel Washington Should Have Turned Down

It goes without saying that Denzel Washington is a living legend -- a man so inherent to our perception of cinematic talent that his mere presence is considered an improvement to any film. Washington-starring movies become, in their own inevitable way, Washington-esque movies. "Malcolm X," "Fences," "Crimson Tide," and "Training Day" -- with just a couple of lines here and a forehead rub there, each one becomes Washington material in the most Denzel-ion sort of way.With Washington at the ripe ag...
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Other Denzel Washington Movies You Should Watch After The Little Things

"The Little Things" is an entertaining throwback to neo-noir investigative thrillers that debuted in January, 2021. The film's pulpy storyline and ambiguous ending elevated it above other "Se7en" wannabes, but really, it was the film's incredible cast that garnered attention. Recent Academy Award winners Rami Malek and Jared Leto brought to depth to their respective roles, but both were overshadowed by their co-star Denzel Washington. One of the most acclaimed actors of all-time, Washington has ...
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Star Wars: Visions Review: A Refreshing And Gorgeous Spin On A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Westerners love to take on Asian properties and regurgitate them (which often means dumbing down) for American crowds, but "Star Wars: Visions" innately understands the Kurosawa influence on George Lucas and the stories he tells. So this collection of anime shorts set in the "Star Wars" universe is more of a return to roots than a regurgitation. Exclusive to Disney+, "Star Wars: Visions" unrolls over nine standalone episodes. The anthology is produced by Lucasfilm Animation and joins hands with ...
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First Peacemaker Footage Revealed: John Cena Reprises His The Suicide Squad Character

One of the most delightful inclusions among the now-mostly-deceased ensemble of antiheroes in James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" was John Cena's "douchey Captain America" take on Christopher Smith, AKA Peacemaker. Now HBO Max has debuted our first look at actual footage from the upcoming "Peacemaker" series in a promo which also includes looks at other hot ticket items like "Dune" and "The Matrix Resurrections."  Peacemaker Footage Last time we saw Peacemaker, the jingoistic kill machine had but...
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HBO Max Drops First Look at Peacemaker, Sex and the City Revival & More

HBO Max has released a brand new promo reel for their highly-anticipated TV shows and films that are set to debut later this year and in 2022, featuring the first footage of upcoming new and returning shows. It provides us our first look at upcoming HBO Max originals shows such as James Gunn’s Peacemaker, starring John Cena; the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That… which includes the return of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis; and creator Mindy Kaling’s newest comi...
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Sci-Fi Box Office Bombs That Deserve A Second Chance

As we emerge from the other side of the pandemic, a bunch of big budget science-fiction franchises are about to return to the big screen: Denis Villeneuve's adaption of "Dune," Lana Wachowski's "Matrix 4," James Cameron's "Avatar 2: The Klumps," and Patty Jenkins' contribution to the eternal Star Wars juggernaut, "Rogue Squadron."But a big license and major studio backing is no guarantee of success. "Solo" famously underperformed, as did David Lynch's "Dune" long before it. However, box office r...
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Sounds Like Keanu Reeves' Stunt Double on The Matrix Had a Hell of a Time (gizmodo)

The most iconic scene in Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s first Matrix movie is, without question, the lobby battle where Neo and Trinity (Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss) use a truly alarming amount of guns to make their way to rescue Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). And the most iconic shot from that scene is Neo, under…Read more... [Author: Rob Bricken]
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From Neo’s awakening to Agent Smith’s omniscience: how well do you know The Matrix?

The Matrix is returning! But how much do you remember about the original films? Take our quiz to find out how plugged-in you really areThe Matrix is more than a blockbuster movie franchise, more than a cultural touchstone, more than an epic sizzle reel for philosophical speeches delivered by a dude in a trenchcoat with nose-clip sunglasses. With the first instalment arriving in 1999, positioned at the edge of the good old 90s and the impending doom of the 21st century, The Matrix became a credib...
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Watching Movies: Keanu Reeves Wears A Casio G-Shock On A Runaway Bus in 'Speed'

And there's a bomb attached to a gold watch in our watch-related movie of the week.
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SXSW Hit Women Is Losers Will Stream On HBO Max In October

Writer-director Lissette Feliciano is having a good year. Following an SXSW premiere, her feature debut "Women Is Losers" got a pick-up from HBO Max. The streaming service snagged North American rights to the film, a '60s-era drama starring Lorenza Izzo ("The Green Inferno"), Chrissie Fit (the upcoming "I Know What You Did Last Summer" series), Bryan Craig ("General Hospital"), and star Simu Liu ("Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings"). The film drops on HBO Max only on October 18, 2021. Th...
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We Have A Wild Theory On The Matrix 4, So Hear Us Out

The Matrix Resurrections may push Keanu Reeves into a very modern, and very trippy, world of intrigue.
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Here's Where You Can Stream Every Matrix Movie

(Welcome to Where to Watch, which provides a clear and simple answer to the question, "Hey, where can I watch this thing?" In this edition: the Matrix franchise.)The recent trailer for "The Matrix Resurrections" has stirred its fair share of reactions both positive and negative, including our own staff's mixed-positive opinion. Whichever way you went with it, if you're a fan of the over two-decade-old series it no doubt stirred some memberberries, and perhaps put you in the mood to enter The Mat...
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The 15 Best Anthony Hopkins Roles Ranked

The 15 Best Anthony Hopkins Roles Ranked Sir Anthony Hopkins isn't a man that requires much introduction. He's one of the finest actors of his generation, breaking into the mainstream with his portrayal of the villainous Hannibal Lecter. However, his talent was noticed decades before "Silence of the Lambs," and he shined in roles like Richard the Lionheart and the paradoxical Captain Bligh. What makes Hopkins special isn't pretension or devotion to his craft, though. He's simply a consummate pro...
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Upcoming DC Animated Movies To Keep On Your Radar

(Welcome to On Your Radar, a series where we take a look at what's next for the biggest actors, filmmakers, and companies, and why you should be excited ... or not.)If there's one thing many comic book fans crave, it is continuity. Luckily, a long-running series of DC Animated movies have been steadily rolling out since 2007 to give fans the consistency and fidelity to the original source material they crave. The DC Extended Universe of live-action movies, and the many liberties they've taken wi...
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The Matrix Resurrections’ Lana Wachowski Reveals Keanu Reeves’ Reaction To The Finished Cut

The Matrix Resurrections will be in theaters shortly, and Keanu Reeves had an A+ reaction to the sequel.
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These Wild Matrix Resurrection Theories Will Get You Thinking

Hey kids, we just had the first trailer for the highly-anticipated — and, frankly, long overdue — The Matrix Resurrections from director Lana Wachowski and … wow. This movie, the fourth in The Matrix franchise, looks absolutely awesome! RELATED: The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Brings Neo and Trinity Back to the System Naturally, considering the mystery surrounding the plot and the wild, action-packed footage, fans have taken to Twitter to lay out their theories for the film; and because they we...
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Where to watch the 'Matrix' movies - the complete trilogy is available on HBO Max

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. "The Matrix" trilogy is streaming on HBO Max. Warner Bros. HBO Max subscribers can now stream the first three "Matrix" movies A fourth film, titled "The Matrix Resurrections," will be released on December 22. The ad-supported plan from HBO Max costs $10 a month, and the ad-free plan costs $15 a month. Max (ad-supported) (small) Twenty-two years after the release of the original "Matrix" film, Keanu Ree...
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The Matrix Resurrections: Everything we know about the upcoming Matrix sequel

Original co-director Lana Wachowski will write and direct a new sequel to The Matrix, called The Matrix: Resurrections, with Keanu Reeves returning.
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Keanu Reeves back as Neo in new 'Matrix' trailer

The first trailer for "The Matrix Resurrections" had been released. The long-awaited sequel is the fourth film in the "Matrix" franchise and is set to premiere in December.
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The Matrix: Resurrections' trailer shows Keanu Reeves return as Neo for the first time in decades

Fans of the “Matrix” franchise got their first trailer for the highly anticipated fourth installment, appropriately titled “Matrix:...
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Red Or Blue Pill Predicaments: Watch The Trailer For ‘Matrix Resurrections’ Starring Keanu Reeves & Yahya Abdul-Mateen

The highly-anticipated Warner Bros. film directed by Lana Wachowski, The Matrix Resurrections, will be released theatrically and on HBO Max on Dec. 22, and it features some familiar faces as well as a host of newcomers to the film franchise. The first trailer for the film already has fans excited.
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San Francisco's massive Salesforce Tower, the city's tallest building, stars in the new 'Matrix' movie

The trailer for the fourth "Matrix" movie shows characters Neo and Trinity jumping off a high-rise. Salesforce Tower is on the left. YouTube/Warner Bros./Insider San Francisco's massive Salesforce Tower stars in the fourth "Matrix" movie with Keanu Reeves. Production of the movie began in San Francisco in early 2020 before the pandemic delayed it. The movie's trailer shows its main characters leaping from a skyscraper, with Salesforce Tower in front of them. See more stories on Ins...
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The Matrix Resurrections Looks As Wild As The Sequels...Which Are Actually Good, Sorry

Have you recovered from that pulse-pounding "The Matrix Resurrections" trailer yet? No? Same here. Many of us thought this day would never come, but filmmaker Lana Wachowski is officially following the white rabbit and returning to the world of the original mind-bending classic. The three minutes of brand-new footage are full of hints and teases that demand thematic speculation and deep-dive breakdowns suggesting what's to come, but the particular blend of imagery, visuals, and tone on display a...
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Yes, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Appears To Be Playing Morpheus In The Matrix Resurrections

The first trailer for "The Matrix Resurrections" arrived with a bang this morning, giving us a peek at the sequel to the sci-fi action franchise that seemingly came to an end nearly 20 years ago. Even though Keanu Reeves is back, he's no longer the unplugged master of martial arts known as The One. Instead, Neo is back in The Matrix, and it appears that he doesn't even have any memory of his life with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss). So who better to remind him of the man he used to be than another f...
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The Matrix 4: Trailer gives first taste of Keanu Reeves' sci-fi comeback

White rabbits, an exploding train and a plastic duck are just some of the treats in store for fans.
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Breaking Down The Matrix Resurrections' Head Trip of a First Trailer

Now that The Matrix Revolutions’ first trailer has been uploaded to the real-world internet that keeps our world humming, it’s time to break down Lana Wachowski’s vision for the next chapter of the Matrix franchise.Read more...
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Blue-Pilled Keanu Reeves Plugs Back Into First ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer

The sequel brings back Reeves to join Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.
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WATCH: Blue-Pilled Keanu Reeves Plugs Back Into First ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer

The sequel brings back Reeves to join Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.
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