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Keith Richards Demonstrates His Famous 5-String Technique (Used on Classic Stones Songs Like “Start Me Up,” “Honky Tonk Women” & More)

For the guitarist, alternate tunings expand the sonic possibilities of the instrument. But where, say, a progressive metal player will add a seventh or eighth string, pitch everything down, and get technical, the opposite is the case with “open” tunings in folk and blues. They are an ideal basis for slide guitar and three-chord, 12-bar vamps, and became the perfect platform for Keith Richards, giving him the room he needed to translate the music of his folk heroes into the gritty, distor...
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The Story of the Rolling Stones: A Selection of Documentaries on the Quintessential Rock-and-Roll Band

The Rolling Stones define the rock-and-roll band, as they have for nearly six decades now. Exactly how they’ve done so is thoroughly documented, not least by the band’s own expansive and still-growing catalog of songs and albums (all of which I happen to have spent the last few months listening through). But the story of the Stones continues to compel, told and re-told as it is in every form of media produced by each era through which the band has passed: books, articles, podcasts, and a...
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A tiny, invasive bug and the climate crisis are changing how guitars are made, and shifting the course of music history

Fender; Marianne Ayala/Insider Swamp ash is a wood prized by guitar makers and musicians for its light weight and resonant sound. But flooding, and a tiny bug, threaten the wood and the sound that is synonymous with rock music. Fender is phasing out ash after 70 years of use, and ash trees could soon disappear altogether. See more stories on Insider's business page. In 1970, when Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page recorded the iconic solo on "Stairway to Heaven," he was playing a 1959 Fend...
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Pino Palladino, pop's greatest bassist: 'I felt like a performing monkey!'

One of the world’s most celebrated bass players has worked with everyone from Adele to Elton John, the Who and D’Angelo. But the Welsh musician has hidden from the spotlight – until nowBy his own admission, Pino Palladino is not a man much accustomed to giving interviews. “Very reticent,” he nods during a Zoom call, his accent speaking noticeably louder of his childhood in Cardiff than his current home in LA. “You know, there was a time when I was featured in all sorts of musicians’ magazines, a...
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Hear Marianne Faithfull’s Three Versions of “As Tears Go By,” Each Recorded at a Different Stage of Life (1965, 1987 & 2018)

When a 17-year-old Marianne Faithfull finished the final take of her 1965 hit “As Tears Go By” — penned by a young duo of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as one of their first original songs — Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham “came and gave me a big hug,” she recalled “‘Congratulations darling. You’ve got yourself a number six,’ he said.” Richards remembered the song in his autobiography as “a terrible piece of tripe” and “money for old rope,” but it actually peaked at number 22 ...
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All Praise Lou Ottens: The Inventor of the Cassette Tape Dies at Age 94

The cassette tape is so ubiquitous, so much a part of my life since I can even remember music as a thing, that it was a shock to find out that the man who invented it, Lou Ottens, passed away at the age of 94. Of course, somebody did have to invent the cassette tape, but in all these years I never thought to look the person up. Such an invention first makes you think of the world before it: records (dearly beloved, still around), and reel-to-reel tape (not so dearly beloved). The former ...
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Marianne Faithfull: 'I was in a dark place. Presumably it was death'

After battling Covid-19 for three weeks in hospital, Faithfull went on to finish her 21st solo album – and possibly her last. She reflects on how she might never sing again, her hatred of being a 60s muse and why she still believes in miraclesMarianne Faithfull is on the phone from her home in Putney, south-west London. She sounds exactly like you would expect: as husky as her singing on every album she has made for the past 40 years and, as the daughter of a baroness, very posh. Her vocabulary ...
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Today is Keith Richards' 77th birthday. (Thanks to Rod Nunley)
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A Visual History of The Rolling Stones Documented in a Beautiful, 450-Page Photo Book by Taschen

There is a certain look that screams rock ‘n’ roll—one part outlaw biker, one part psychedelic magician, one part pimp, one part circus performer…. But where did it come from? We could trace it back to Link Wray, Little Richard, Elvis, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. But the Rolling Stones refined and perfected the look, as they refined and perfected the slurred, shambling barroom blues that became a signature sound at their peak. Even punks who rejected the rock star image couldn’t help looking like Ke...
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Famous first words: how celebrities made their way on to children's bookshelves

David Walliams, Whoopi Goldberg, Bruce Springsteen … when celebrity authors make big money from children’s books, do young readers and other writers pay the price?Need help this Christmas? Six children’s authors kids will love What do David Walliams, Lil Nas X, Ricky Gervais, Dermot O’Leary, Geri Halliwell, Bruce Springsteen, Miranda Hart, Greg James, Chris Hoy, Frank Lampard, Clare Balding, Konnie Huq, Marie Kondo, Paul McCartney, Julian Clary, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Fogle, Tom Fletcher, Julianne...
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Keith Richards: 'I'll celebrate the Stones' 60th anniversary in a wheelchair'

Keith Richards on the US election, being punched by Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones' future.
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'I thought ours was better': Keith Richards on recording a Beatles song, solo work and new Rolling Stones

Keith Richards is reissuing "Live at the Hollywood Palladium," which documents his 1988 solo show. He reflects on friendship with the Beatles and more.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Keith Richards on His New Box Set, the Next Stones LP and Who Really Inspired ‘You Don’t Move Me’

The guitarist also weighs in on Black Lives Matter protests: “It’s about bloody time”
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Learn the Stories Behind Iconic Songs: The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You,” REM’s “Losing My Religion,” Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale” & More

There was a time when pop lyrics did not exactly spark curiosity, doo-lang doo-lang doo-lang. They may have tapped into some universal teenage feelings, but rarely inspired further thought along the lines of “Hmm, I wonder what—or who—inspired that.” Dutch station NPO Radio 2’s interview series Top 2000 a gogo lifts the veil. Each entry reveals the origin story of a well known song. The late Bill Withers, above, intimated that every woman he’d even been involved with thought "Ain’t N...
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‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’ Review: Through the Years With Ronnie Wood, a Rolling Stone Who Never Stopped Being Lovable, Even in Excess

Ronnie Wood has always seemed like he’d be nothing if not an enjoyable hang. That proves to be very much the case with “Somebody Up There Likes Me,” a documentary about the Rolling Stones guitarist from British director Mike Figgis (“Leaving Las Vegas”), who has clearly been hitting it off for quite a while with […]
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Gilda Radner Does a Comic Impersonation of Patti Smith: Watch the Classic SNL Skit, “Rock Against Yeast” (1979)

Gimme Mick, gimme MickBaby’s hair, bulgin’ eyes, lips so thickAre you woman, are you manI’m your biggest funked-up fanSo rock me and roll meeee…‘Til I’m sick                                 —(the fictional) Candy Slice, Saturday Night Live Sir Michael Philip—aka Mick Jagger—celebrated his 77th birthday earlier this summer, a milestone his fellow Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood observed remotely, as befits seniors at particular risk from COVID-19 infection. You, Mick Jagger...
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The Rolling Stones Release a Long Lost Track Featuring Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page

The Rolling Stones are readying a re-release of their 1973 album Goats Head Soup in September, featuring demos and rarities and all sorts of goodies. Yesterday, they dropped the above song: “Scarlet.” Never bootlegged before, this firecracker of a track features Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page on guitar. The recording happened in October 1974, long, long after the recording of the Goats Head Soup tracks in Jamaica at Dynamic Sound Studios. In fact, they’d also finished recording It’s Only Rock...
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Rolling Stones Drop ‘Scarlet,’ Previously Unreleased 1974 Track Featuring Jimmy Page (Listen)

As a preview to their forthcoming “Goats Heads Soup” deluxe edition, the Rolling Stones have dropped “Scarlet,” a previously unreleased 1974 outtake featuring Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page and former Traffic/Blind Faith bassist Ric Grech. Recorded in October of 1974, the song features some distinctive Page soloing over a choppy Keith Richards riff, and according to […]
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"Hunter S. Thompson was an idol of mine. I believe he has a very famous quote that says I don't condone the use of drugs or alcohol to anyone..."

"... but they've always worked for me... Keith Richards has been a role model for me. He's one of my favourite guitarists and a great role model... I have always been interested in the counter-culture and many literary heroes of mine, including Chaucer, who was an opium addict, and Thomas De Quincey, author of 'Confessions of an English Opium Eater', were into this subject."Said Johnny Depp, quoted in "I decided to divorce Amber Heard when she defecated in our bed: Johnny Depp calls his ex-wife ...
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Little Richard Burst Into the “Then-Macho World of Rock” and “Changed it Forever”

If Sister Rosetta Tharpe was the Godmother of Rock and Roll, then Little Richard, who passed away Saturday at the age of 87 from bone cancer, deserves to be its Godfather. This is no empty honorific, despite the fact that Tharpe was already touring the country as a teenage gospel prodigy in 1932 when Richard Penniman was born in Macon Georgia, and "other musicians,” including Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, and Elvis Presley, “had already been mining a similar vein by the time [Lit...
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The true, cocaine-fueled story behind Back to the Future’s time-traveling DeLorean

What’s the link between Hollywood, an American businessman, time-travel, and a mountain of cocaine big enough to make even Keith Richards’ knees tremble? Answer: the DMC DeLorean, AKA the DMC-12, AKA the car from Back to the Future. This weekend marks the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future, so let’s travel back in time and pay homage to the real version of that Mr Fusion-powered 88 mph gull-winged chariot. Strap in, because it’s a wild ride. [Read: Remembering the Nucleon, Ford’s 1958 nuclea...
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Rolling Stones Debut New Lockdown-Themed Single, ‘Living in a Ghost Town’

The Rolling Stones have released a new single, “Living in a Ghost Town,” with a decidedly lockdown-influenced theme, even though the band said primary sessions for the track went down last year before it was completed from remote locations in recent weeks. “So the Stones were in the studio recording some new material before the […]
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The Rolling Stones release Living In a Ghost Town, first original music since 2012

Mick Jagger says new single will ‘resonate through the times we’re living in’ and references coronavirus with the lyric: ‘Life was so beautiful, then we all got locked down’The Rolling Stones have released their first original music since 2012, a new – and rather apocalyptic – single called Living in a Ghost Town.Mick Jagger said the band were “recording some new material before the lockdown and there was one song we thought would resonate through the times that we’re living in right now. We’ve ...
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KISS FM: Long Live Rock n’ Roll

Keith Richards (76), Patti Smith (73) and Paul McCartney (77) are just a handful of the world-famous iconic rock stars in their senior years bursting with vitality and talent on stage. These stars appear in a new ad campaign by Kiss FM, a radio station specializing in rock. Created by agency AlmapBBDO, the new campaign features the message “Long Live Rock n’ Roll. Stay at Home”, stressing the key role of social distanc...
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Coronavirus Cannot Touch Keith Richards

This is funny, but I am genuinely worried about seniors all over, starting with family and friends.On the musical scene, Loretta Lyn is 87, Willie Nelson is 86, Charley Pride is 85, George Jones is 81, and Mavis Staples is 80. Bob Dylan is 78 years old and Chet Atkins, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Carole King and Brian Wilson are 77. Mick Jagger is 76 and Keith Richards, Joni Mitchell, Roger Daltrey, Jimmy Page, Roger Waters, and Ray Davies are 75. Debbie Harry, Eric Clapton, and R...
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The Rolling Stones postpone U.S. tour set to start in San Diego in May

There’s an old joke that only cockroaches and Keith Richards will survive a nuclear war, but the 76-year-old rock and roller and his Rolling Stones’ band mates aren’t taking any chances with the global coronavirus pandemic. The Rolling Stones announced Tuesday they are postponing all of the band’s upcoming No Filter tour dates in North America, which had been set to kick off May 8 in San Diego. The Stones, who played the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in August, planned to return this spring and summer f...
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Hollywood’s century-old Musso & Frank Grill: Closed but hopeful during coronavirus crisis

Mark Echeverria
 sounds remarkably optimistic for an L.A. restaurateur on the day after Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered all such establishments closed for weeks to help halt the spread of the novel coronavirus. With good reason, though. Echeverria
 is COO of The Musso & Frank Grill, which celebrated 100 years in business on Hollywood Boulevard in September. A favorite of filmmakers from Charlie Chaplin to Quentin Tarantino (who shot several scenes for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” there) and count...
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Covering Robert Johnson’s Blues Became a Rite of Rock ‘n’ Roll Passage: Hear Covers by The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Howlin’ Wolf, Lucinda Williams & More

American rock and roll originated from all corners of the country in the 1940s and 50s: from the exuberant gospel of the south, rollicking western swing of Texas, lean electric blues of Chicago, fast-paced Chicano music of L.A…. Truly a cultural melting pot, it represented the U.S to itself, amplifying and intensifying contemporary trends that continued right alongside the upstart new genre. But along with the deaths, arrests, and army stints of the music’s most famous stars at the e...
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"In the early 1980s, his wife inherited roughly 1,000 acres near Macon, Georgia. He farmed yellow pine and built a fancy hunting camp..."

"... called Charlane Plantation (the name a fusion of his own and his wife’s, Rose Lane, a former assistant to the vice president of Capricorn Records in the ’70s), now about 2,900 acres. Leavell hosts wealthy clients, usually hard-core Stones fans, who hunt quail by day and drink liquor by night while listening to Leavell play piano. 'It’s like bringing the audience to you, instead of having to go on tour,' he says."From "Mick and Keith—And Chuck: The Rolling Stones’ Essential, Unsung Rock-and-...
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The London Stone.

We've written about it before. I have a thing about it--probably because for now I live a lot of the time in California in an "old" 22-year-old home. Back East, in DC, NYC and Nantucket, and other parts of the U.S. where people do not use "party" as a verb, there's much older stuff, of course, sometimes going back to the 1600s--but nothing like you stumble upon every moment in dear old Albion and Western Europe. Sorry, rock and cave paintings and U.S. mound-builder relics don't cut it for me...
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