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Walmart, Amazon Made Donations To QAnon-Promoting GOP Lawmaker

Walmart, Amazon and other corporate giants donated money to the reelection campaign of a Tennessee state lawmaker who had used social media to amplify and promote the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to an Associated Press review of campaign finance records and the candidate’s posts. The corporate support for a QAnon-promoting politician is another example of how the conspiracy theory has penetrated mainstream politics, spreading beyond its origins on internet message boards popular with right...
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The US police department that decided to hire social workers

In 2016, the Alexandria, Kentucky, police chief talked the city into hiring a social worker – and four years on, the current chief sees the program as indispensable The Alexandria police chief, Mike Ward, was “sick and tired” of sending his officers to respond to 911 calls that they lacked the skills and time to handle. In this small Kentucky town of 10,000 people 15 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio, two-thirds of the calls police responded to were not criminal – instead, they were mental health ...
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'Frustrations at US policies' behind Melania Trump statue, says artist

Brad Downey says first lady shows contradiction between US’s position on race in 2020The American artist behind a controversial statue of the US First Lady Melania Trump, unveiled this week in bronze in her native Slovenia, has defended the work as a representation of the contradictions of her husband’s presidency.Brad Downey, a conceptual artist from Kentucky based in Berlin, said the statue that replaced an earlier wooden carving destroyed in an arson attack in July, was motivated by his “frus...
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GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she wouldn't vote to confirm a Trump nominee pre-election hours before Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, arrives for a hearing, Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Jacquelyn Martin/AP Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska has indicated on multiple occasions in 2020 that she is opposed to filling a Supreme Court vacancy before 2021. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87 from cancer, setting up a high-stakes and bitter Senate confirmation fight before the November election.  Murkowski said in early August that attempting to replace a...
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Democrats' last hope to stop Trump from replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg rests with a handful of Republican senators

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has reignited critical questions about whether President Donald Trump will be able to force through a nominee to replace Ginsburg, and what, if anything, Democrats can do to stop it. Given the current makeup of the US Senate — 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and two Independents who caucus with Democrats — the minority party has no power to stop the president and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell if t...
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Here are all of Trump's possible Supreme Court nominees, including several conservative judges, lawyers, and 3 senators

US Supreme Court in Washington, DC. Eric Thayer/Reuters The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has raised the stakes for the fate of the Supreme Court. President Donald Trump earlier this month announced 20 new names that he may nominate if he's reelected, in an effort to energize evangelicals and socially conservative voters. Though Trump may put forth a pick before then because of the sudden vacancy created by the late Ginsburg. Trump added Republican Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh...
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Kentucky man arrested after allegedly killing girlfriend and transporting her body parts to Illinois, police say

A Kentucky man was arrested Monday in Illinois after his family discovered dismembered body parts of his deceased girlfriend in a duffel bag, according to law enforcement authorities.
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Man arrested after allegedly killing girlfriend and transporting her body to another state

A Kentucky man was arrested Monday in Illinois after his family discovered dismembered body parts of his deceased girlfriend in a duffel bag, according to law enforcement authorities.
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Long Violent History

To send you into the weekend with conviction, a striking bit of BLM music and oratory from Kentucky musician Tyler Childers: First the song: Now the reflection:   [Author: David Kurtz]
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10 senators are at risk of losing reelection. It may be enough to give Democrats a majority in Congress.

U.S. Senator Collins talks with reporters after announcing she will vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh during speech on Senate floor on Capitol Hill in Washington Thomson Reuters Following a Republican wave in 2014, Democrats are looking to regain control of the Senate in 2020. The Senate is currently comprised of 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and two independents who generally caucus with the Democratic Party. While the House has passed numerous bills since the Democrats gain...
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10 incumbent senators most at risk of losing reelection in 2020

U.S. Senator Collins talks with reporters after announcing she will vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh during speech on Senate floor on Capitol Hill in Washington Thomson Reuters Following a Republican wave in 2014, Democrats are looking to regain control of the Senate in 2020. The Senate is currently comprised of 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and two independents who generally caucus with the Democratic Party. While the House has passed numerous bills since the Democrats gain...
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Stream Tyler Childers’ Protest-Minded Surprise Album Long Violent History

Ever since he released his 2017 album Purgatory, the Kentucky singer and songwriter Tyler Childers has been one of the biggest stars in the world of rootsy country music. (Childers doesn't like the word "Americana"; he likes to be known as a country musician. But Childers is a lot closer on the spectrum to his … More »
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How LeBron James has helped Anthony Davis shoulder the Lakers’ pressure to win

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — In the middle of the Lakers’ biggest win so far this postseason, Anthony Davis was struggling. It was hard to tell from the 6-foot-10 forward’s body language that his team was blowing out the Houston Rockets in Game 5. He hung his head. He slumped his shoulders. As he shuffled to the bench during a timeout in the third quarter, he brushed past several open palms of his teammates, who looked at him with concern. Davis was in the midst of what would be a 4-for-9 night from...
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Finding a silver lining in new report on Prez Trump's disappointing nominees to US Sentencing Commission

The Marshall Project has this new mostly depressing article about the troubling slate of US Sentencing Commission nominees announced by Prez Trump last month (basics here).  Even the headline of the piece, "Before Election, Trump Tries To Stack Prison-Sentencing Agency With Right Wing Allies," is telling and depressing since the US Sentencing Commission should be a whole lot more than a "Prison-Sentencing Agency" even though this is a disconcertingly fitting descriptor.  In any event, ever eager...
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1 million+ Californians top list of missed COVID payments

If you're hoping for a second COVID-19 stimulus check, it's looking like you're going to have to wait until after the November election for Congress to act. However, there is better financial pandemic payment news for millions of folks who didn't get the first coronavirus economic impact payment (EIP). Non-filers left out of first payments: Nearly 9 million individuals missed out on the first payment, notes the Internal Revenue Service, because they didn't file a tax return for the 2018 or 20...
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CDC officials dismissed state and local health authorities' concerns about COVID-19 and suggested they seek advice from other states, documents show

Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention speaks while U.S. President Donald Trump listens during the daily briefing of the coronavirus task force at the White House on April 22, 2020 in Washington, DC. Drew Angerer/Getty Images The Centers for Disease Control advised state and local health authorities to make decisions on their own or look to other states and academic studies on how to handle the coronavirus pandemic, USA Today reported.  Documents ob...
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Kentucky man traveled to Illinois with dismembered body in suitcases after homicide, police say

The man's family unzipped his bags, and inside "to their surprise were human remains" of one female body. This is the city's 117th homicide.         [Author: Louisville Courier Journal]
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Mitch McConnell Needs Six More Years In The Senate

Mitch McConnell Needs Six More Years In The Senate, iStock-884184136 Kentucky – -( With all the focus on the Presidential election, Second Amendment supporters should also be working to re-elect the one person who is responsible for making Donald Trump’s first term a major success in terms of protecting the Second Amendment. That person is Mitch McConnell. McConnell, the senior Senator from Kentucky, has long been a supporter of our Second Amendment rights. In addition, he led t...
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Lindsey Graham neck-and-neck with Jaime Harrison, Susan Collins 12 points behind challenger in latest poll

The good news keeps pouring in for Democrats looking to retake the Senate this fall.After a poll released earlier Wednesday put Democrat Mark Kelly 10 points over Sen. Martha McSally (R) in Arizona, a Quinnipiac University poll out Wednesday gave Sara Gideon a similar edge over Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine.). The poll also showed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tied with his Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, mirroring other recent polls that show a tight race in the state.Collins is a moderate s...
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Cock-eyed Optimist Meets Chicken Little: Jack Balkin on the American Future

For the Symposium on Jack M. Balkin, The Cycles of Constitutional Time (Oxford University Press, 2020).    Given that we are close friends and the co-authors of some twenty articles and a book, Democracy and Dysfunction, it is not surprising that I think very highly, and agree with much of, Jack Balkin’s new book The Cycles of Constitutional Time.  Perhaps it is relevant that I read it in two sittings; it is a real page-turner, written with brio as Jack presents a remarkably comprehensiv...
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Louisville Will Pay $12 Million to Breonna Taylor’s Family, Reform Police

The city of Louisville will pay $12 million to the family of Breonna Taylor as part of a legal settlement six months after the Kentucky EMT worker was fatally shot in her home during a botched police raid. Taylor, a 26-year-old who worked for two local hospitals, and her boyfriend were asleep in their apartment on March 13 when Louisville officers executed a “no-knock” search warrant looking for a suspected drug dealer who lived in a different part of town. Taylor was shot several times, spurrin...
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Louisville Will Pay Millions To Mother Of Breonna Taylor

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — The city of Louisville will pay several million dollars to the mother of Breonna Taylor and install police reforms as part of a settlement of a lawsuit from Taylor’s family, The Associated Press has learned. The settlement would be the largest sum paid by the city for a police misconduct case, according to a person who has seen the settlement. The person asked to not be identified because the settlement has not been announced publicly. Taylor’s shooting by police serving a...
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Coronavirus Update 9-15-2020: Is your business ready for the coming “tidal wave” of COVID-19 employee lawsuits?

A Texas man sues, claiming he wasn't allowed to keep teleworking after the office reopenedA Kentucky worker sues after being fired for complaining about a lack of face masks at workAn older New York employee sues, claiming he was laid off because he was in a "vulnerable" COVID age groupThese are but a few of the dozens (and exponentially growing) lawsuits that employees have filed all over the country over COVID-related concerns. CNN Business quotes Joseph Seiner, an employment law professor ...
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Breonna Taylor: Louisville reaches 'substantial' settlement with family – reports

City officials expected to announce settlement in civil suit stemming from fatal shooting by police of Taylor, 26, inside her apartment in MarchThe city of Louisville, Kentucky, has reached a “substantial” settlement with the family of Breonna Taylor in a civil suit stemming from the fatal shooting by police of the 26-year-old inside her apartment in March, according to reports. Related: 'No justice, no derby': Breonna Taylor demonstrators protest Kentucky race Continue reading...
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Breonna Taylor’s Family Receives $12 Million Settlement from Louisville in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

UPDATE: PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor has confirmed that Breonna Taylor’s family will receive $12 million from the City of Louisville as a result of settling their wrongful death lawsuit. CONFIRMED: A source familiar says City of Louisville has agreed to pay Breonna Taylor’s family $12 million. Note: The city also says it will implement reforms. The officers involved in Taylor's death have not been arrested or charged. — Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) September 15, 2020 The city of Louisv...
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Health officials worldwide are receiving death threats because of their work to educate the public and stop the spread of COVID-19

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young speaks at a press conference as she gives an update on Queensland COVID-19 Border Controls on June 30, 2020 in Brisbane, Australia. Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images Health officials across the globe are facing death threats for their coronavirus responses.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top-infectious disease expert, said he received death threats last month.  Officials in Australia, Sweden, and Germany also reported threats, The Washington ...
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Honor A. P. retired after being injured in Kentucky Derby

ARCADIA -— Honor A. P. has been retired because of an injury suffered in the Kentucky Derby, where he finished fourth. The 3-year-old colt will stand at stud for next year’s breeding season at Lane’s End Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. Honor A. P. had two wins in six career starts and earnings of $532,200, according to Equibase. Trained by John Shirreffs, Honor A. P. rallied to win the Santa Anita Derby on June 6, beating Authentic, the colt that went on to win the Kentucky Derby on Sept. 5. Honor...
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DIY bourbon barrel ring serving tray

We live in Kentucky, deep in the heart of bourbon country, so bourbon barrel rings are easy to find and a popular rustic decor element. My friend Casey recently gave me a couple of bourbon barrel rings and I decided to transform one of them into a serving tray. To make your own barrel ring serving tray, start by tracing the inside of the narrow side of the ring onto a piece of 1/2" thick plywood. Then use a jigsaw to cut out the circle, but angle the blade so that the sides of the plywood ...
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Smoke From Western Wildfires Causing Haze All The Way To Washington DC Area

SACRAMENTO (CBS13/CNN) — Smoke from severe wildfires raging on the West Coast has blown thousands of miles east, reaching parts of the Midwest, Canada, upstate New York and Washington D.C. At least 35 people have died in the fires, the worst of which are burning in California, Oregon and Washington state. They’ve burned over 4.6 million acres in the West, devastating the environment and sullying air quality. Now, smoke from those fires has swept eastward in two large swaths: One has blown across...
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USPS’ Confusing Vote-By-Mail Postcard Frustrates State Election Officials

The United States Postal Service has begun sending postcards to voters nationwide with information on casting their ballots through the mail. But Republican and Democratic election officials alike in several states say the information could just confuse voters with its one-size-fits-all advice.  “These recommendations are not accurate for Nevada voters,” Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, a Republican and the state’s top election official, said in a press release  over the week...
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