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Jack Kerouac’s “Beat Paintings:” Now Gathered in One Book and Exhibition for the First Time

Most of us enter Jack Kerouac's world through his 1959 novel On the Road. Those of us who explore it more deeply thereafter may find much more than we expected to: Kerouac's inner life came out not just in his formidable body of written work, but in spoken-word jazz albums, fantasy baseball materials, and even paintings. Though Kerouac has now been gone for nearly half a century, it wasn't until just last year that his works of visual art were brought together: Kerouac: Beat Painting did it in ...
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Kerouac famously getting it exactly right: On The Road.

Jack Kerouac sometimes got the thrill and promise of simply being alive pitch perfect. The famous "mad to be saved" passage happens the first chapter On The Road, and very early on. ...the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.
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Is This the Greatest Photo in Jazz History?

A quiet Sunday night in 1953. The Dodgers had just won the pennant. J.F.K. and Jacqueline Bouvier had just married. And four titans of bebop came together in a dive bar for a rare jam session.
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Nevada as you've never seen it

Nevada as you’ve never seen it Lake Tahoe. Photo: Shutterstock/Topseller N evada covers a hefty 110,000 square miles — you could fit three Indianas in there, or 11 Marylands. And while it’s simpler on the imagination to picture this vast landscape as all ghost towns and desert, you’d be missing a whole hell of a lot: the alpine lakes, the snow-capped mountain ranges, the singing sand dunes, the art enclaves, the surreal rock formations, the lush river ...
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"Have I got a college for you. For your first two years, your regimen includes ancient Greek. And I do mean Greek, the language..."

"... not Greece, the civilization, though you’ll also hang with Aristotle, Aeschylus, Thucydides and the rest of the gang. There’s no choice in the matter. There’s little choice, period. Let your collegiate peers elsewhere design their own majors and frolic with Kerouac. For you it’s Kant. You have no major, only 'the program,' an exploration of the Western canon that was implemented in 1937 and has barely changed."From "The Most Contrarian College in America/What’s the highest calling of higher...
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Gary Shteyngart’s latest novel ‘Lake Success’ echoes Kerouac and Nabokov, irresistibly

Gary Shteyngart's new book is his best yet, combining the passive-aggressive takeover of New York by the Bros of Wall Street with a road novel.
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Something About Airplanes Turns 20

I imagine Ben Gibbard circa 1998 situated under a tree reading Kerouac. A sensitive 20-something in sandals and jeans, probably the brainiest of his friend group. Grounded, but reactive. That August, 20 years ago tomorrow, he would release Something About Airplanes with his newly-assembled band Death Cab For Cutie. When I spoke to … More »
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The Discipline of D.E.: Gus Van Sant Adapts a Story by William S. Burroughs (1978)

Everyone who's read Jack Kerouac knows what it means to go visit the sage Old Bill Lee. And even many who haven't read Kerouac know who Old Bill Lee really was: innovative writer, Beat Generation elder statesman, and substance enthusiast William S. Burroughs. Gus Van Sant, who had imbibed from the counterculture early on, paid his own visit to Old Bill Lee a few years after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. On a recent episode of WTF, Van Sant tells Marc Maron how, havin...
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British Columbia road trip: the art of getting lost

This epic Canadian landscape is best enjoyed on a meandering, unplanned overland tour – in a Jeep with a bed on the roofPlus four more overland adventures in CanadaThe best road trips have few set plans. They’re about the thrill of discovery, of not knowing what comes next. Forget detailed itineraries that look like a shopping list. As Kerouac said: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep rolling under the stars.” That’s my kind of road trip.This is why I was so excited to find out...
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New York Public Library making it easier to See Dickens' desk, Woolf's cane, and Kerouac’s boots

NYPL's Berg Collection ranks among the greatest collections of literary ephemera and artifacts, but it's been very hard to see these items until recently. (more…)
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Route 66 Fact & Fiction – What You Should Know About The Mother Road

This post was written in partnership with Marriott International, whose sponsorship made this adventure possible and with whom it’s easy to travel Route 66 staying in a variety of Marriott International brands. Naturally, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. On the first or second day of driving Route 66, I realized that most of the preconceptions about driving the so-called Mother Road are entirely incorrect. Well, to be more accurate, they’re gross generalizations. Over the decades,...
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Embarking on the Drive of a Lifetime – Tackling Route 66

Two years ago I was working on a project with The Ritz-Carlton and found myself staying at their beautiful property in St. Louis. During my time in the city, I wandered over to the Missouri History Museum and found a temporary exhibit on the history of Route 66 through the state. It was wonderful and I quickly lost myself in the vast array of Americana assembled and it rekindled something special. For years I’ve been fixated on driving Route 66. I can’t explain why, not exactly, but it’s someth...
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"The American police are involved in psychological warfare against those Americans who don’t frighten them with imposing papers and threats."

"There’s no defense. Poor people have to expect to have their lives interfered with ad infinitum by these neurotic busybodies. It’s a Victorian police force; it peers out of musty windows and wants to inquire about everything, and can make crimes if the crimes don’t exist to their satisfaction. Neal was so mad he wanted to come back to Virginia and shoot the cop as soon as he had a gun. 'Pennsylvania!' he scoffed. 'I wish I knew what that charge was! Vag, probably; take all my money and charge m...
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The hippie trail and the search for enlightenment

The Hippie Trail was one of the last, great expressions of the counterculture during the mid-1950s to late 1970s. Headed to the East, the most celebrated route was from London to Kathmandu, although many stopped in India or went on to Australasia, and there were subsidiary routes to the Mediterranean, to Morocco and to the Middle East. When the overland path was all but closed by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian Revolution, travellers found other routes and other destinations. ...
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"It might be most helpful to compare a social network to a party. The party starts out small, with the hosts and a few of their friends."

"Then word gets out and strangers show up. People take cues from the environment. Mimosas in a sun-dappled atrium suggest one kind of mood; grain alcohol in a moldy basement suggests another. Sometimes, a pattern emerges on its own. Pinterest, a simple photo-sharing site founded by three men, happened to catch on among women aspiring to an urbane life style, and today the front page is often a collage of merino scarves and expensive glassware. In other cases, the gatekeeping seems more premedita...
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31. Write big and write small.

That's Jack Kerouac's list of 30 rules for writing. I don't think he planned to come up with 30. More like 18 to 20, but he damned well resisted turning that page. When you need to cover a blank page, write big, because you might run out of things to say, and when you see the end approaching, don't wrap it up in fewer words, write smaller and smaller. I used to teach my classes this way, talking expansively in the first half, with side roads and pauses, gearing up and pushing forward expeditious...
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The books which influenced me: Jim Coleman

Admap recently featured our UK CEO, Jim Coleman, talking about the six books which have inspired him most and helped to shape his career. They’ve been kind enough to let us reproduce it below. Ed Catmull – Creativity Inc. In Creativity Inc., Ed Catmull articulately and honestly charts his personal career journey, as well as the journey of building Pixar into the world’s most successful film and animation business. It’s a book that I’ve taken so much from over the last three years as we’ve grown ...
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Board Question #90897: Am I considered a homebody if I like to go ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Am I considered a homebody if I like to go out and do things, maybe once or twice a week? I like to go out and eat. I like to go to movies. I like to try new things. I wouldn't go to parties if I didn't know anyone, and probably wouldn't even go if I only knew one person. I, myself, tend to think I'm more on the homebody side of things (especially since I'm a huge introvert), but when I compare myself to my girlfriend, I'm an adventurer! She would stay in all day, every da...
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Is Charles Bukowski a Self-Help Guru? Hear Five of His Brutally Honest, Yet Oddly Inspiring, Poems and Decide for Yourself

I don't know if he’s been replaced as a major influence on young, restless (and almost exclusively male) aspiring writers, but once upon a time—if you weren’t into the romantic wanderlust of Kerouac but still considered yourself a fringe character—it might be to the hard-boiled shit-talking of wise old man Charles Bukowski that you turned. Upon first learning this, and being a busy college student, I decided to take a crash course and checked out a documentary. I did not find myself ...
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Jack Kerouac Was Really A Catholic Mystic Poet

Scott Beauchamp: "The spiritually inverted radicals of the Sixties who sacralized their politics and secularized their spirituality - blame Reich and Marcuse - read Kerouac with blinders on. They only saw what they wanted to see, and what they wanted to see was a celebration of the 'freedoms' of hedonism. ... The truth is more […]
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Board Question #90887: Can tourists visit Morgan Island, SC? -kerouac jr

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Can tourists visit Morgan Island, SC?-kerouac jr A: Dear kerouac jr., Unfortunately not. However, you can take a boat and view it from afar! -guppy of doom A: Dear Kerouac, YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THERE WAS AN ISLAND FULL OF MONKEYS THERE THE ENTIRE TIME AND I NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT?!?!?! -Frère Rubik lived in the Beaufort area for a few months. He thought he was going to die when his GPS told him to drive down No Man Land road late at night and it turned into a dirt road tha...
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Getting high on virtual reality

It’s a chilly November evening, but inside Apiary Studios in East London, things are heating up as the venue gradually fills with people. The atmosphere is electric; everyone is here for the Cyberdelics Incubator, an event aimed at showcasing the latest in psychedelic arts projects using immersive media and techno-wizardry. Through the course of the evening, eight speakers will showcase their projects, which are united by the use of immersive media as a tool for transforming conscious experience...
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Take Chances. Lots of Them.

I didn’t lose too much sleep over my decision to immigrate to Canada. I was already here—all I needed was a legal status, a bit of luck and an open mind. I didn’t have anything to lose, after all. I took a much bigger chance that day of November 11, 2001, when I flew to Mexico City to meet Feng. At 18-and-a-half-years-old, I boarded the Paris-London-Mexico City flight with confidence and my favourite outfit. I wore a grey Hard Rock Café Hong Kong t-shirt and a pair of jeans also bought in China ...
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""solitude for the holidays.. a late rise.. a fresh brewed coffee.. a chilled cocktail.. a good meal and thanks for the tranquility and getting away from it all.."

"... bah humbug to ya all.. home alone for christmas.. peace on earth finally.."The top-rated comment on "Debunking Myths About Estrangement/New research challenges the deeply held notion that family relationships can’t be dissolved and suggests that estrangement is not all that uncommon."The 3-dot ellipsis in the quote is mine, because that's what I always do when I break up a quote. The 2-dot ellipses are the commenters'. I don't know if that approach to punctuation has anything to do with the...
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When you happen to watch 2 movies in a row and see a common theme.

There are a million things you might perceive in a movie. So when you see 2 movies in a row, you brain is going to match things up, and then something looks interesting and you go running down that road.Let me tell you about the 2 movies we happened to watch this week. Because we almost never watch movies, 2 recently watched movies are going to suggest a lot of connections with each other, even when they have little in common.1. "Magic Trip/Ken Kesey's Search for a Kool Place." This is a documen...
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I wonder whether the New Yorker's "comma queen" considered whether to put a hyphen in "Adventures in Geriatric Dogsitting."

Remember, we were just talking about the difference between "dog-lover" and "dog lover," as discussed by Mary Norris, in "Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen":A dog-lover is one who loves dogs; the dogs are the object of his love. James Thurber was a dog-lover. A dog lover, without the hyphen, is still a dog—the Tramp, say, in Lady and the Tramp.... A bird-watcher is a watcher of birds; a bird watcher would be a bird that keeps an eye on things.... In 'star fucker,' without the hyphen...
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Jack Kerouac’s Hand-Drawn Cover for On the Road (1952)

This falls under the category, “If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself." In 1950, when Jack Kerouac released his first novel, The Town and the City, he was less than impressed by the book cover produced by his publisher, Harcourt Brace. (Click here to see why.) So, in 1952, when he began shopping his second novel, the great beat classic On the Road, Kerouac went ahead and designed his own cover. He sent it to a potential publisher A.A. Wyn, with a little note typed at the very to...
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How to Get Started With the Ghost Blogging Platform

If you’re looking for a new way to publish your content, you might want to consider using Ghost instead of other, more featured blogging platforms. It doesn’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades. Instead it focuses on publishing and displaying content – which offers some benefits for a savvy blogger. What is Ghost? The Ghost blogging platform is the brainchild of John O’Nolan. Ghost was first conceived in 2012 in a blog post while O’Nolan was working for WordPress on the User Interface team. He fel...
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17 Best Travel Books To Fuel Your Wanderlust

What are the Best Travel Books? Travel Inspiration These are some of the best travel books ever (in my opinion). If you’re looking for travel inspiration, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful collection of travel stories & helpful guides. I’ve been traveling the world for 7 years now, and it all started after I was inspired by reading some incredible travel books. Some of my favorite travel books are based on other people’s travel adventures, while travel how-to guides taught me that inter...
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17 Best Travel Books To Fuel Your Wanderlust (Plus A Kindle Giveaway!)

What are the Best Travel Books? Travel Inspiration These are some of the best travel books ever (in my opinion). If you’re looking for travel inspiration, you can’t go wrong with this wonderful collection of travel stories & helpful guides. I’ve been traveling the world for 7 years now, and it all started after I was inspired by reading some incredible travel books. Some of my favorite travel books are based on other people’s travel adventures, while travel how-to guides taught me that inter...
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