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Juice WRLD’s Posthumous Album Is Haunting And Bittersweet

The last track on Juice WRLD's new album is a 30-second spoken-word snippet called "Juice WRLD Speaks From Heaven." This is an unsettling title because Juice WRLD is dead. The superstar sing-rapper born Jarad Higgins passed away last December, just days after his 21st birthday, from an accidental overdose of oxycodone and codeine. So when … More »
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Are Shinedown America’s Most Popular Rock Band?

Filter bubbles are real. Particularly in the social media era, we are all trapped inside a likeminded feedback loop of our own making. I think we all recognize this on an intuitive level, but sometimes a reminder that you inhabit a bespoke cultural silo will come along and smack you in the face. Recently I … More »
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Kesha – “Children Of The Revolution” (T. Rex Cover)

In April, the longtime Saturday Night Live music producer Hal Willner died from complications of COVID-19 at the age of 64. Before his death, Willner was working on his dream project: AngelHeaded Hipster, a tribute album dedicated to the music of glam gods T. Rex and their late mercurial frontman Marc Bolan. The … More »
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Kiss Kruise Postpones Tenth Anniversary Run; Kesha, Slipknot, All the Best Fest Sails Pushed to 2021

The cruise industry is being dealt another blow, with leading festival at sea promoter Sixthman’s announcement on May 14 that the remainder of its 2020 events — including the KISS Kruise, Slipknot’s Knotfest at Sea and Kesha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride — will be postponed. “Going above and beyond to create moments and memories […]
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Actress Hailee Steinfeld Does A Decent Pop Star Impersonation

Hailee Steinfeld was precocious from the start. At just 14 years old, Steinfeld scored an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the Coen brothers' 2010 True Grit remake. None of her gigs in the decade since have dripped with quite so much prestige, but appearances in films like the … More »
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Kesha’s Powerful ‘Resentment’ Performance Delivers Standout Moment of Elvis Duran’s Stay At Home Ball (Watch)

Kesha’s “Resentment” is among the standout tracks from her album “High Road,” released in January, and not just because Brian Wilson (of Beach Boys fame), Sturgill Simpson and Wrabel are featured on it. Kesha delivers the country ballad about a frayed relationship with believability and intensity, as the artist proved during her appearance on Elvis […]
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Now Kesha’s Made A Song About Home Alone

Last month, Kesha . "I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas/ Request my presence here’s the number call my agent,” she sang on the track. “Bitch, I’m a National Treasure, I make it rain in the desert/ I got an octopus, I got a pyramid/ You think I’m extra? … More »
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Stuck at home? Here’s your 14-day virtual wedding planning bootcamp

Once upon a decade ago, Kesha implored us all to remember that “the party don’t stop…” and this is exactly the kind of attitude we’re encouraging you to take today if you’re wedding planning during the quarantine. Whether your wedding was postponed and you’re faced with the challenge of pivoting in some areas (and spoiler alert – you can totally overcome this challenge + end up with a bigger and even better result), or whether you are in the beginning stages of your engagement, today we’re shari...
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Kesha Shares New Song About Nicolas Cage

Kesha is not dating Nicolas Cage -- she says they're just friends -- but she did write a song about him. "I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas/ Request my presence here’s the number call my agent," she sings on the new track she just dropped on Twitter. "Bitch, I’m a National Treasure, I make it …
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Kesha Goes Way Modern on L.A.’s Westside

Though she remains locked in a long-running legal war with powerhouse music producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, Kesha is no proverbial shrinking violet. The veteran singer-songwriter just released a new album, 2020’s joyous “High Road,” which Variety described as “the sound of reclamation and abandon, of finding her form and shedding old skin.” And so, […]
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From Elton John to Blake Shelton to Kesha, you've got to see these 15 Milwaukee concerts this spring

Other must-see Milwaukee concerts this March through May feature Willie Nelson, Ozuna, Tame Impala, Mandy Moore and Omarion's Millennium Tour.          [Author: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]
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Kesha and Taking the High Road

What is the high road for Christians who are unsettled by Kesha’s provocative party pop? [Author: [email protected] (Chad Ashby)]
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US LGBTQ and Pride events in 2020

Let’s get one thing straight — LGBTQ people know how to throw one hell of a party, and in the United States, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to curating a queer shindig. From ski-slope soirees to fetish-themed festivals, the only thing more difficult than choosing which events to attend in 2020 is choosing who to vote for in the Democratic primary. Luckily, choosing from this list of epic LGBTQ gatherings is a win-win situation. Editor’s note: Queer culture doesn’t begin and e...
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Setback for Kesha in Legal Battle Over Rape Claims Against Dr. Luke

A judge’s ruling makes it easier for the producer Dr. Luke to prove that the singer defamed him. The judge also said Kesha wrongly claimed Dr. Luke had raped Katy Perry.
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The Judge Sides With The Doctor

The Judge ruled in favor of Dr. Luke over his defamation case against Kesha. Kesha texted Lady Gaga claiming he raped Katy Perry. That’s false. Katy Perry was never raped by Dr. Luke. New York Supreme Court Judge made the ruling after stating there was no evidence to support Kesha’s rape claim. The judge ordered Kesha to pay $374,000 in interest on royalty payments she failed to pay – a breach of her contract. Kesha accused Dr. Luke of sexually assault and harassment. Dr. Luke sued Kesha in 20...
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#AColorStory: New Filter +Pack with Kesha!!

If the party don’t start ’til we collaborate with Kesha, then drop the confetti + pop the champagne! We’re excited to announce our newest FREE filter +pack, High Road, to celebrate Kesha’s newest album. Photo courtesy of Kesha, edited with Chasing Thunder in #HighRoad Photo courtesy of Kesha, edited with High Road in #HighRoad Chasing Thunder, High Road, and Tonight all feature custom light leaks. The light leak from Chasing Thunder grazes both the left and right hand sides of the frame, giv...
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Dr. Luke scores victory in legal battle with Kesha, singer to pay more than $373K

A judge ruled in favor of music producer Dr. Luke in his years-long legal battle with singer Kesha, according to court documents.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Kesha suffers setback in Dr Luke defamation trial

Kesha defamed Dr Luke when she sent Lady Gaga a text claiming he'd raped Katy Perry, a judge rules.
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Judge Rules Kesha’s Claim That Dr. Luke Raped Katy Perry Was Defamatory

The legal battle between Kesha Rose Sebert and Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald has been going on for five years and shows no signs of slowing down. In the latest development, a decision by a New York State judge rules that a claim that Kesha made in a text message exchange with Lady Gaga … More »
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Dr. Luke Scores Big Victory in Ongoing Defamation Battle with Kesha

Lukasz Gottwald, the music producer better known as Dr. Luke, scored a comprehensive legal victory on Thursday in his six-year legal battle with the singer Kesha. Gottwald sued the singer in 2014, accusing her of defaming him by fabricating a rape allegation in a bid to get out of her recording contract. Kesha has alleged […]
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LGBTQ travel in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is queer — and not just in the “Donny Osmond singing and dancing in a rainbow-colored coat” kind of way. It’s queer because it defies simple categorization. Although there are 1.2 million residents, SLC feels like a small town where everybody knows your name. In the height of summer, you can burn in the brown desert hills of downtown only to freeze by piles of snow in the verdant Wasatch Mountains 45 minutes away. Most importantly, Salt Lake City is both a conservative Mormon m...
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Louis Tomlinson’s Walls Sadly Stops Short Of A Full-Blown Britpop Revival

Since parting ways, the members of One Direction have all carved out their own place in the pop music firmament. Zayn Malik split before the British boy band's final album, 2015's Made In The A.M., and immediately banished himself to some hyper-sexualized adult contemporary netherworld. Niall Horan became a folksy soft-rocker … More »
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Kesha’s ‘High Road’: Album Review

In this, the moment of proper justice that is #MeToo and Time’s Up, it is hard considering Kesha — in her past, the walking embodiment of a cross between a beer bong and a disco ball — without thinking about the headlines, heartache and hassles she’s been through for the better part of the last […]
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Kesha Makes Partying Sound Like a Chore on 'High Road'

All of this is to say that, by and large, High Road's sound and narrative feel anything but fun: flailing or frantic, sure, but not fun. Practically the entire runtime exists in service of righting the perceived wrongs of an early career that has actually aged into a great deal of respect. The caustic electro influence of Animal and Cannibal can be found in all corners of the hyper-pop landscape of 2020. What Kesha decides to reaffirm and commemorate on High Road are the worst parts of that mu...
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Kesha – “Tonight”

At the end of the week, Kesha will release her new album High Road, an entertaining and sometimes moving collection of songs on which she successfully moves beyond the drama that has defined her last few years. After releasing advance singles "Raising Hell" (the one with Big Freedia and a televangelism-themed … More »
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Kesha’s Week: Digging Springsteen and Meeting Nicolas Cage

The pop singer and songwriter shared what she watched, wore, listened to and read over 48 hours.
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Kesha Turns The Page

How do you move on? This is the defining question on High Road, Kesha Rose Sebert's fourth album and second since the public drama that redefined her life and career. More »
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How a Wave of Ascendant Pop Stars Could Define the Next Decade of Music

While 2019 may not have been an explosive year in pop music, it teed up the personalities and story lines that could define the next decade in listening. A new generational gap opened up, one separating the veteran stars of the ’10s–think Beyoncé, Drake, Rihanna and Taylor Swift–from a new crop of ascendant artists like Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Post Malone. A quiet year for the former group included live albums, B-side compilations and a focus on nonmusical pursuits. Among the few to releas...
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Nicolas Cage talks melting down in a Volvo, mutual Kesha love and missing his lost meteorite

Nicolas Cage is plagued by a mysterious meteorite in "Color Out of Space," but in reality, the star misses the space rock stolen from his house.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Selena Gomez’s Rare Was Worth The Wait

Rare is an accurate title for a Selena Gomez album. Gomez, the former Disney Channel teen actress turned pop superstar and tabloid fixation, is part of the class of big-time pop singers who haven't released a full-length project since the middle of last decade -- a group that includes Adele, Rihanna, and her former boyfriends … More »
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