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DolphinsTalk Weekly: 2021 Dolphins Draft Class Assessment and Recap of Win over Giants

In this episode ofDolphinsTalk Weekly with Kevin Dern a variety of topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins are discussed. Kevin talks about the Miami Dolphins win over the NY Giants and he shares his thoughts on what the Dolphins did right i
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Mary Hollis Inboden On Bringing Reality Into The Multi-Cam Sitcom With Kevin Can F*** Himself [Interview]

The dark comedy "Kevin Can F*** Himself" centers around Allison Devine-McRoberts, a long-unhappy housewife buried so long in the shadow of her immature husband Kevin (Eric Peterson) that she reaches the end of her rhetorical rope: she needs out. She only sees one path forward, and that is to kill Kevin and reclaim her own life. She ends up finding an unlikely partner in crime with her neighbor Patricia (Marry Hollis Inboden), a mainstay of the family's life whose own path of self discovery leads...
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A Guide To The Very Real And Legitimate Cinematic Universe Of Netflix Holiday Movies

Sure, you know may know about the burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Multiverse or have taken a trip "Into the Spider-Verse" -- but what do you know about the Netflix Holiday Universe (NHU) centered around our Netflix holiday rom-com lord and savior, "A Christmas Prince?" Just like the Marvel Studios release of "Iron Man" kicked off the MCU, "A Christmas Prince" dropped in 2017 and people went wild for it. Believe it or not, the market for holiday rom-coms is massive, and one of the smartest things Net...
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Stay In The Home Alone House With Your Family This Holiday Season, Courtesy Of Airbnb

Whether we want to admit it or not, any one of us who grew up watching "Home Alone" would kill to get to spend a cold Christmas night at Kevin's massive family home. Well, now you can!Located north of downtown Chicago, this Winnetka home was the actual shooting location for the majority of that first "Home Alone" movie. It's not one of those places where the exterior was used and then everything you see inside was a set, so if you ever find yourself getting a peek inside, especially around Chris...
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The rise of EFFY, a gay pro wrestler who overcame the odds — and slurs — to craft a lucrative personal brand

Independent wrestler Taylor Gibson, who goes by EFFY.Nick Karp Taylor Gibson is a professional wrestler who goes by EFFY, or the "Weapon of Sass Destruction." GIbson is known for his marketing and events, like EFFY's Big Gay Brunch, and having "Daddy" written across his butt in hot pink. Gibson hasn't signed with a major organization. He said that lets him control his character, who's anything but typical. EFFY is not your traditional professional wrestler. Not many in the scripte...
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Kevin Can F*** Himself Is F***ing Itself For The Last Time With Second And Final Season

If you haven't already tuned in to AMC's dramedy, "Kevin Can F*** Himself," now is the time to experience the great dramedy starring Emmy award winner Annie Murphy of "Schitt's Creek" fame. Murphy plays Allison McRoberts, a housewife from Worcester, Massachusetts trapped in a cringeworthy marriage to the titular Kevin, an irresponsible, insensitive, idiotic, and straight-up emotionally abusive manchild who acts like a character written by an A.I. bot who has only watched "King of Queens" and "Fa...
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New The Munsters Movie Image Is All About Preparing A Coffin For Grandpa Munster

Rob Zombie's "The Munsters" began filming in Budapest in early November 2021. Can you imagine a better mashup than a renowned horror director taking on an iconic goofy monster TV series? Today, Zombie posted a pic of cast member Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa Munster on Instagram. In the shot, Roebuck is getting measured for his custom coffin. "The Munsters" cast includes Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster, and of course, Roebuck as Grandpa. Zombie is a lifelong...
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DolphinsTalk Weekly: Recap of Dolphins Win over the Panthers

In this episode ofDolphinsTalk Weekly with Kevin Dern a variety of topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins are discussed. Kevin talks about the Miami Dolphins win over the Carolina Panthers and what the rest of the season is looking like fo
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Security Guard, Kevin Nishita, Shot On The Job In Oakland

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Currencies Recover From Omicron Chaos but Analysts Warn More Volatility Ahead

By Kevin BucklandOTTAWA (Reuters) - Currency markets calmed on Monday in Asia after the initial shock of the discovery of the Omicron coronavirus...
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Listen To The Full Song From Hawkeye's Rogers: The Musical

If you've watched the first episode of "Hawkeye," Marvel's latest Disney+ offering, you've seen a bit of "Rogers: The Musical." Even if you've only checked out the trailer, you've seen a glimpse of it. In my former musical theatre world, it's been speculated on more than the plot of the show. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just my friends talking about it. If you're dying for more, we have great news for you — you can listen to the entire song. Sadly, there is no video of the whole thing on stage, bu...
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Eternals Writers Explain Why Harry Styles' Eros Didn't Make The Main Character Lineup

Sorry Marvel bros, Harry Styles was part of the "Eternals" game from day one. In fact, according to Ryan and Kaz Firpo — who wrote the script alongside director Chloé Zhao and co-writer Patrick Burleigh — Styles' Starfox was originally considered as a main player in the film, not just the post-credits scene."[Eros was] definitely a card that went up on the board to be in the main movie" at the beginning of the process, Ryan told The Direct in an interview. "You know, when we first started doing ...
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DolphinsTalk Weekly: Dolphins Ground Jets on Way to Third Straight Win

In this episode ofDolphinsTalk Weekly with Kevin Dern a variety of topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins are discussed. Kevin talks about the Miami Dolphins win over the NY Jets and shares his thoughts on who played well in the Fins win ov
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Speed Read, November 21, 2021

We’re going adventure riding this week, with a mini-review of the new Husqvarna Norden 901, and a look at MV Agusta’s upcoming Lucky Explorer Project. Also in the mix: a pair of Honda CT125s from K-Speed, and a pair of whacky customs based on Honda’s Navi mini bike. Honda CT125 customs by K-Speed This Thailand shop has built its fair share of jaw-dropping scooter-based customs, but this latest pair takes the genre to a new level. Dubbed ‘Road Runner’ and ‘Rough Runner,’ these two Honda CT1...
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Oscar-Winning Costume Designer Emi Wada Dies Aged 84 -Reports

By Kevin BucklandTOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese costume designer Emi Wada, who won an Oscar for her work on Akira Kurosawa's 1985 movie "Ran", has died...
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Japan's Foreign Minister Says China Invited Him for Visit

By Kevin BucklandTOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said on Sunday he has been invited to visit China.Hayashi said in an...
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Eternals Screenwriters On How Dane Whitman Made It Into The Movie [Exclusive]

"Eternals" teases big things for Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harrington. But for the most part, his decidedly human character takes a back seat to Marvel's team of 7,000-year-old cosmic superheroes. There are no less than ten heroes on that team, so the movie is already overstuffed with new faces. If you're unfamiliar with Whitman's comics history with Sersi (Gemma Chan), you may have wondered what the point of his character was beyond providing us with a love triangle and a "Game of Thrones" re...
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Manchester City likely to be without two midfielders for Everton clash with Phil Foden also a doubt

Manchester City vs Everton Manchester City will play host to Everton this coming Sunday. The Sky Blues head into the game on the back of a 2-0 drubbing of their cross-town rivals, Manchester United.Said win, combined with results elsewhere in gameweek 11, would see Man City move up to 2nd in the Premier League table and to within just three points of table-topping Chelsea,The title race is still very much wide open, though, and 5th place Arsenal could actually draw level on points with City t...
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Alex Hales denies any racial connotations in naming his dog 'Kevin'

Rafiq has alleged it was an "open secret" that the name "Kevin" was used to describe people of colou
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Life at Yorkshire and what we should be saying about it

It’s time to write an article about Yorkshire because eventually the absence of something can start to look deeply suspicious. In 2006, before this site even had its own domain name, we made a snarky comment about how Adil Rashid had made a splash by being a Yorkshire-born player of Asian origin who played a match for Yorkshire. “That really shouldn’t be news,” we pointed out. And in a perfect world, it shouldn’t have been. It should have been just a thing that regularly happened. But of...
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Rate Bets Rule Currency Markets as Dollar Shines; Euro, Aussie Sag

By Kevin BucklandTOKYO (Reuters) - The U.S. dollar hit a fresh high since March 2017 against the yen and traded close to a 16-month peak versus a...
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Dollar Near 16-Month High as Clues on Fed Policy Awaited

By Kevin BucklandTOKYO (Reuters) - The dollar hovered below an almost 16-month high versus major peers on Monday, as traders awaited fresh clues on...
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Tesco Believes #NothingsStoppingUs From Having a Merry Christmas in 2021

Set to Queen's Don't Stop Me Know, Tesco's 2021 Christmas campaign features a return to escapism even as the country continues to feel the effects of COVID-19 on the UK's supply chain.   Titled, 'There’s Nothing Stopping Us,’  the video advert begins in front of a Tesco store, with a woman looking very determined to have nothing stop her from having a great Christmas.  The viewer then gets to see obstacles galore get overcome by what we can only say is a combination of determination, ent...
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DolphinsTalk Weekly: Midseason Review of Each of the Position Groups

In this episode ofDolphinsTalk Weekly with Kevin Dern a variety of topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins are discussed. Kevin talks about the Miami Dolphins win over the Baltimore Ravens last Thursday night and where does Miami go the fina
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These Are The 27 Most Disturbing Movies Of The Century So Far

This is not a fun list. No, this is not a compilation of movies you casually put on, hoping for a chill time on your couch. You don't watch the films on this list as much as the films on this list happen to you: they slip under your skin, slide into the folds of your brain, worm their way into your very soul. When the /Film team sat down to hammer out a list of the most disturbing movies of the century so far, we drew a hard line. Nothing could make it on the list unless we found it actively unp...
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Marc And Daniel Levin Call Kevin Garnett’s Jump From High School To NBA ‘A Spontaneous Phenomena Of Twisted Fate’

(ViacomCBS) – SHOWTIME unveils a brand new documentary looking into the life and career of Kevin Garnett tonight at 8PM ET/PT. Kevin Garnett: Anything Is Possible was produced and directed by the father-son duo of Marc and Daniel Levin. In addition to interviews with Garnett himself, the documentary also features commentary from the likes of former teammate Sam Cassell, rival Pau Gasol and even Snoop Dogg. CBS‘ Matt Weiss spoke to Marc and Daniel Levin about the documentary and what they’ve lear...
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Home Sweet Home Alone Director Dan Mazer Wants To Subvert Your Expectations [Interview]

If "Home Sweet Home Alone" feels like an inversion of the franchise's formula... Well, that's no accident.Unlike past films in the series, which always feature a young kid left alone in his home who must defend his turf from scheming burglars, the villains here aren't that bad. In fact, as played by the innately likable Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper, they're downright likable. They're just two ordinary parents struggling through a rough economic patch who think a wealthy, snot-nosed kid has made ...
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Dollar Hits 16-Month High as Inflation Fears Put It on Track for Best Week Since June

By Kevin BucklandTOKYO (Reuters) - The U.S. dollar headed for its best week in almost five months against major peers on Friday, amid bets for...
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Dollar Hits 16-Month High as Inflation Fears Set It up for Best Week Since June

By Kevin BucklandTOKYO (Reuters) - The U.S. dollar headed for its best week in almost five months against major peers on Friday, amid bets for...
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Fatal Attraction TV Show Coming To Paramount+, Will Star Lizzy Caplan

"Fatal Attraction" is officially getting the small screen treatment, as the show has been ordered to series at Paramount+. What's more, Lizzy Caplan ("Castle Rock," "Masters of Sex") is set to star in the lead role as Alex. The character is described as someone "who becomes obsessed with her lover after a brief affair."The "Fatal Attraction" TV series was initially confirmed to be in development back in February 2021. Alexandra Cunningham ("Dirty John," "Chance") is set to serve as writer, showr...
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