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The Classic Star Trek Episode That Inspired Avengers: Endgame

The 2019 film "Avengers: Endgame," directed by The Russo Bros., and overseen by "showrunner" Kevin Feige, saw the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there have been absolutely no films or television shows about that timeline or those characters since. The series definitively ended with Iron Man sacrificing himself, and Captain Steve America went back in time to grow old. What a fitting ending to the series! But put aside my flippant jibes.In a recent viewing event called a Vudu Viewing Pa...
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Eternals Screenwriter Confirms Major Character Death: 'Yeah, He Dead'

Content warning: The following article contains descriptions of suicide and suicidal ideation.Those hoping to see a major character in "Eternals" return after his somewhat ambiguous death are going to be disappointed, according to screenwriter Kaz Firpo. Needless to say, there are some huge spoilers ahead.For a long time, but especially since the whole "Death of Superman" thing that happened in the '90s, death has been basically meaningless in comic books. That's what happens when you have a who...
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Listen To The Full Song From Hawkeye's Rogers: The Musical

If you've watched the first episode of "Hawkeye," Marvel's latest Disney+ offering, you've seen a bit of "Rogers: The Musical." Even if you've only checked out the trailer, you've seen a glimpse of it. In my former musical theatre world, it's been speculated on more than the plot of the show. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just my friends talking about it. If you're dying for more, we have great news for you — you can listen to the entire song. Sadly, there is no video of the whole thing on stage, bu...
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Why Does The MCU Keep Returning To Christmas? Kevin Feige Explains

Is every Marvel movie secretly a Christmas movie? Not quite, but that doesn't mean that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige doesn't have a soft spot for the holidays. The man behind the curtain of many of your favorite super hero movies is speaking out about why he enjoys setting films during Christmastime and what the holidays bring emotionally to his big budget and big scale action movies. If you need a break from the same old viewings of "It's a Wonderful Life" and "White Christmas" this yea...
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5 Marvel Characters We'd Love To See Jamie Dornan Play In The MCU

This is not a drill! Jamie Dornan has officially met with Kevin Feige! The actor met up with the Marvel Studios boss to discuss a potential role in the MCU ... and I'm unafraid to admit I might be slightly excited. Dornan is a great actor, he is more than just the star from "50 Shades of Grey," and he'd make an excellent addition to the film universe! He'd also look fabulous in a superhero suit.Since 2008, Marvel Studios has brought to life some of the best superhero films we've ever watched on ...
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How Marvel Decides Which Characters Get Films Or Disney+ Shows

Over a decade after the MCU took over the blockbuster scene, Marvel has found itself having to deal with a whole new quandary -- which stories ought to be made for the big screen, and which should go straight to streaming on Disney+? To state the obvious, this is probably the definition of a good problem to have, but it's one that comes with all sorts of tricky ramifications to navigate.As much as moviegoing habits have changed in recent years, even before the pandemic struck, there's no arguing...
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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Goes On Hiatus Today As Letitia Wright Recovers From Injuries

Any injury suffered on a movie set that is significant enough to sideline an actor and force a temporary shutdown of production is obviously a serious one. News of trouble from the filming of the "Black Panther" sequel, "Wakanda Forever," first arrived in late August of this year when a stunt mishap during principle photography in Atlanta, Georgia resulted in injuries to star Letitia Wright. Despite being characterized at the time as "minor" (her injuries ended up requiring a brief hospitalizati...
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Scarlett Johansson Is Working on a Top-Secret Marvel Project, Reflects on ‘Stressful’ Disney Lawsuit

Before Thursday night’s American Cinematheque gala, it had been 22 months since Scarlett Johansson had set foot on a red carpet. “This is more than dipping my toe in. I feel like I’m getting completely drenched. But it’s exciting,” Johansson told Variety of attending the event held in honor of her near 30-year career. Johansson […]
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Eternals Screenwriters On How Dane Whitman Made It Into The Movie [Exclusive]

"Eternals" teases big things for Dane Whitman, played by Kit Harrington. But for the most part, his decidedly human character takes a back seat to Marvel's team of 7,000-year-old cosmic superheroes. There are no less than ten heroes on that team, so the movie is already overstuffed with new faces. If you're unfamiliar with Whitman's comics history with Sersi (Gemma Chan), you may have wondered what the point of his character was beyond providing us with a love triangle and a "Game of Thrones" re...
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Andrew Garfield Reveals His Favorite Spider-Man Actor

Andrew Garfield continues to deny that he is in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," and people continue to pour over every frame of the latest trailer, circling the places where they think Marvel has digitally removed him. To be fair, there's a part in the Brazilian trailer where the Lizard does receive a blow to the face from someone invisible. At this point, if and when Garfield does or doesn't show up onscreen in "No Way Home," it won't be the least bit surprising. In the meantime, he's got other movi...
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Star Wars Bits: Kathleen Kennedy, Galactic Starcruiser, Knights Of The Old Republic, Dark Horse Comics, Life Day, And More!

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:Kathleen Kennedy Extends Her Lucasfilm ContractStar Wars: Galactic Starcruiser PreviewPhysical Re-Release of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic"Marvel's upcoming "Star Wars" comicsAnd More! Kathleen Kennedy Extends Her Lucasfilm Contract Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has committed to another three years as the head of the company. The news comes Matthew Beloni's newsletter for Puck where the former Hollywood Reporter editorial director mentions Ken...
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Scarlett Johansson Is Working On A 'Secret' Marvel Project, But It's Not Black Widow

Everything's a secret at Marvel Studios, these days. "Eternals" unleashed a surprise character played by an even more surprising actor in a post-credits scene that nobody (well, almost nobody) could've anticipated, dropping a completely new storyline out of nowhere for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to follow in future movies. "Spider-Man: No Way Home" might as well be locked up tighter than the Pentagon, with only a few tell-tale frames in an international trailer possibly hinting at what might ...
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Scarlett Johansson reflects on 'Black Widow' Disney lawsuit: 'It feels like some progress'

At the American Cinematheque Awards, Scarlett Johansson reflected on her Disney lawsuit, while Kevin Feige teased her new "top secret" Marvel project.        [Author: USA TODAY]
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Kevin Feige Teases Top Secret New Marvel Project With Scarlett Johansson

Kevin Feige has teased a "top secret" project with Scarlett Johansson planned for the MCU. Introduced all the way back in 2010 in Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2, Johansson played Natasha Romanoff/Black... #scarlettjohansson #jonfavreau #mcu #kevinfeige #infinitysaga #blackwidow #avengers #cate #ironman2 #endgame
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Scarlett Johansson Receives American Cinematheque Award; Kevin Feige Teases “Top Secret” Marvel Project Involving Actress, Unrelated To...

Tonight at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Black Widow’s Scarlett Johansson became the 35th recipient of the American Cinematheque Award. Among those in attendance to pay tribute to the two-time Os… #scarlettjohansson #unrelatedtoblackwidow #beverlyhiltonhotel #kevinfeige #blackwidow
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Jamie Dornan Has Met With Kevin Feige About Possibly Joining The MCU

Jamie Dornan has set his sights on joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The "Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar" and "Fifty Shades of Grey" actor had a long chat with The New York Times to promote his upcoming film, "Belfast," where he revealed that he's intent on joining the world of spandex-clad heroes one way or another.  Time For Dornan To Suit Up According to the interview with the NYT, Dornan has met with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about joining the biggest franchise on the planet. P...
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Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer: Spidey Versus The Villains Of The Marvel Multiverse

Buckle up Marvel fans, as we have a universe-shattering new trailer for "Spider-Man: No Way Home." Sony and Marvel Studios had teed up the ball for this one with the recent release of the movie's official poster. As was promised within that image, Tom Holland's Peter Parker will be contending with a multiversal lineup of villains from the franchise's past in his latest cinematic adventure. Let's have a look. Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer The studio has not exactly been shy about the fact tha...
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Kevin Feige On Why Hawkeye's Holiday Setting And Street-Level Stakes Are Refreshing

To this point, the common assumption of how to set one piece of superhero media apart from others in an increasingly crowded blockbuster market has been to ape a particular genre with enough easily identifiable elements before dumping all the usual superhero tropes on top. After all, that's how you normalize the ideas that, for instance, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is a "throwback '70s political thriller" or that "Ant-Man" is a "crime/heist thriller." But for far too long, studios and ...
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The globalization of entertainment has fueled the streaming wars, driven media M&A, and created new opportunity for artists and storytellers

Netflix scored a surprise global hit with "Squid Game."Youngkyu Park Hollywood's second century will be shaped by powerful creative and technological forces from across the globe. Netflix hit "Squid Game" reflects the entertainment industry's increasingly international focus.  Insider is highlighting 10 people transforming media and entertainment for worldwide audiences.   Visit Insider's Transforming Business homepage for more stories. If Hollywood's first century was d...
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Andrew Garfield Is Not In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Please Stop Asking Him

It's entirely possible that there is nobody else on Earth who needs both the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" trailer and the movie itself to release already more than Andrew Garfield. Ever since rumors first began to circulate that Tom Holland's third outing as Peter Parker in the MCU would likely be a multiversal adventure, the former "The Amazing Spider-Man" star has spent way too much time and effort repeatedly dispelling the idea that he will not, in fact, be making any appearances as another Spid...
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Hawkeye Comic Writer Matt Fraction Was Involved 'Throughout The Process' Of The Disney+ Show

The Marvel Cinematic Universe owes an immense debt of gratitude towards the original comic book writers and artists responsible for the work that Kevin Feige and his creative team have adapted. They were the ones, of course, who first introduced so many of the concepts and characters that have since gone on to enjoy incredible success worldwide on the big screen. Unfortunately, this hasn't always resulted in those creatives being fairly compensated for their invaluable contributions to these mov...
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Everything We Know About Marvel's Echo So Far

In an effort to expand its pop culture empire, Marvel Studios is developing a new batch of streaming shows which will help transition the Marvel Cinematic Universe out of the Infinity Saga and into new territory. One of the projects that will help do that is "Echo," a spin-off show which centers on a deaf superhero who has photographic reflexes, enabling her to perfectly replicate any fighting style she encounters. (If that sounds familiar, it's because another Marvel character, the "Black Widow...
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How Eternals Fails To Live Up To The Potential Of Jack Kirby

There's no getting around it: Marvel Studios' new film "Eternals" is a weird movie. Not just weird compared to other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but compared to all movies that came before or since. It contains rapid-fire tonal shifts that make your head spin, jumping from light comedy to action to cosmic sci-fi and back again seemingly without blinking. The film slings strong themes we're not used to seeing in a PG-13 superhero flick, things like sex (and sexual identity), suicide, and th...
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Everything We Know About Spider-Man: Freshman Year So Far

The world at large came to know Spider-Man in a big way when the character's first live-action movie, simply titled "Spider-Man," hit theaters in 2002. However, the Marvel Comics superhero has an iconic history in animated form, dating back to the 1967 animated series, as well as the much-beloved "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" in 1994, all the way up to the 2010s with shows like "Ultimate Spider-Man." Point is, for as much as many of us love the movies, animation is a place where the characte...
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Everything We Know About Ms. Marvel So Far

It's an exciting time to be a Kamala Khan fan. After winning over countless comic book readers through the years, the Pakistani-American teen is set to make her official live-action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among many other distinctions, the upcoming "Ms. Marvel" series will be the first Marvel property to focus on a Muslim character who chases her inspiration to become a superhero in her own right. The character's casting is authentic to the source material and was met with enthu...
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Star Wars Bits: Rogue Squadron, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor, Boba Fett, And More

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:"Rogue Squadron" Officially Delayed"Obi-Wan Kenobi" Gets a Sizzle Reel"Andor" Targets Q4 2022 ReleaseChloé Zhao To Direct Kevin Feige's "Star Wars" Project?LEGO Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) AT-ATAnd More!  Rogue Squadron Officially Delayed Lucasfilm has delayed the start of production on Patty Jenkins' "Rogue Squadron," which was originally slotted for a December 22, 2023 release date. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jenkins' busy schedule and her prev...
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Secret Invasion First Look: Nick Fury And The Skrulls Play Spy Games

Nick Fury's vacation in space is about to end, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to contend with an invasion of rogue Skrulls. The Disney+ series "Secret Invasion" takes its name from a comic book miniseries and crossover event that involves "a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls who have been infiltrating Earth for years.""Captain Marvel" first introduced Skrulls into the MCU, and while it did play on their villainous comics history, it ultimately portrayed them in a more positive light, ...
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Angelina Jolie Could Play Thena Again, But Don't Count On A Solo Movie

It was probably only a matter of time before the most popular ongoing franchise and one of the biggest genuine movie stars on the planet finally joined forces. Angelina Jolie's casting in Marvel's "Eternals" immediately helped lend a sense of uniqueness and legitimacy to Chloé Zhao's first step into the blockbuster scene, though Zhao hardly needed any extra help in that department once "Nomadland" went on to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Still, recruiting someone of Jolie's star power ...
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Blade Actor Mahershala Ali Teases What Comes Next

I was fortunate enough to speak on a panel at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, the last "normal" Comic-Con before, well, everything happened. I stared in awe as I saw the lines for the infamous Hall H wrap around San Diego city blocks, and when the Marvel announcements for Phase 4 came pouring out, I understood why so many people camped out for days to be in the room where it happens. Roars of cheering blew through the doors with every new announcement, and the joy was infectious. The building vibr...
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How The Captain America Musical In The Hawkeye Series Came Together

Marvel's upcoming Disney+ series "Hawkeye" will allow us to spend a little more time with everyone's favorite bow and arrow specialist around the holidays. Unfortunately for Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), that means he won't be heading home for the holidays with his family as soon as he'd like. The superhero finds himself keeping an aspiring archer (and Hawkeye fangirl) named Kate Bishop out of harm's way when she inadvertently puts herself square in the sights of some dangerous people after comi...
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