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Use This Visual Search Engine to Find Images With Similar Energy

Sometimes you see a pattern on something—like a piece of clothing you can’t afford, or vintage wallpaper in a historic home—and fall in love. Sure, you can snap a photo of it and use it as a comparison, but that only gets you so far. If only there was a way to search for images using an actual image, instead of…Read more...
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Wired Co-Founder Kevin Kelly Gives 36 Lectures on Our Future World: Education, Movies, Robots, Autonomous Cars & More

Given recent events, 2019 may now seem to us like the distant past. But to those who were thinking hard about the future the year before last, nothing that has happened since has been wholly unexpected — and especially not to those who’d already been thinking hard about the future for decades. Take Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine and writer on technology as well as a host of other subjects. It was in 2019 that state telecommunications company China Mobile commissioned him to gi...
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Why I love The Browser

Boing proudly welcomes The Browser as a sponsor. A year ago my friend Kevin Kelly gave me a 3-month gift subscription to The Browser, a newsletter he'd been raving about. It has a deceptively simple premise: every weekday it recommends five articles worth reading, providing a succinct summary of each. — Read the rest
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See inside Larry Ellison's Hawaiian island wellness retreat, a $1,200-per-night luxury spa where guests track their health data and learn how to live longer lives

Sensei Retreats in Lanai, Hawaii. Robb Aaron Gordon Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison owns an ultra-luxury wellness retreat in Lanai, Hawaii. Called Sensei Retreat, the spa uses data to track and improve guests' nutrition, sleep, and fitness. The spa partnered with fitness-tracking firm Whoop to offer a new $1,185-per-night wellness program. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. On the island of Lanai, Hawaii, nine miles off the coast of Maui, sits an ultra-luxe retreat, t...
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The Time Machine

Long Now co-founder Brian Eno in front of his 77 Million Paintings generative artwork (02007). Editor’s Note: This paper was sent our way by its lead author, Henry McGhie. It was originally published in Museum & Society, July 2020. 18(2) 183-197. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. No changes have been made.  The Time Machine: challenging perceptions of time and place to enhance climate change engagement throu...
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A 25-Year-Old Bet Comes Due: Has Tech Destroyed Society?

"Twenty five years ago I made a bet in the pages of Wired. It was a bet whether the world would collapse by the year 2020." So writes the 68-year-old founding executive editor of Wired magazine, Kevin Kelly. He'd made the bet with a "Luddite-loving doomsayer," according to Wired — author Kirkpatrick Sale. "Sale while a student in the 1950s co-wrote a musical with Thomas Pynchon about escaping a dystopian America ruled by IBM," remembers Slashdot reader joeblog. This month a new article in Wi...
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How to Upgrade 2021, With Cool Tools' Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly

This week we’re learning about the tools and tech we need to upgrade our lives in 2021, and helping us are Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly—hosts of the Cool Tools podcast and the Cool Tools blog. Listen to hear Mark and Kevin’s recommendations for what to get for the best work-from-home experience, their favorite…Read more...
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Very cheap ancient coins for learning about history

VCoins is an online old coin marketplace where you can purchase ancient coins for $2-$3 each in a lot of 20 or so. In the latest issue of Recomendo, my friend Kevin Kelly suggests that giving someone an inexpensive 2,000-year-old Roman, Greek, or Arabian coin is a great way to spark curiosity about the history and culture of those civilizations. — Read the rest
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A World Without Email

I’m pleased to officially announce my new book: A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload. It comes out March 2nd in the US (and March 4th in the UK). I started working on this book in 2016, almost immediately after Deep Work was released. At some point, I put the manuscript on pause to write Digital Minimalism, then returned my attention to grappling with its central ideas. In many ways, this book is my magnum opus on the topic of technology and the workplace....
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Kevin Kelly's 25-year bet with a neo-Luddite has been decided

In 1995, Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly (also my friend and business partner for 30 years) made a $1,000 bet with neo-Luddite Kirkpatrick Sale. If civilization had collapsed by the end of 2020, Kirkpatrick would win the bet. If not Kelly, would win. — Read the rest
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Seeing differently

Here are some books for the end of the year… fifty years of ideas that have helped me understand the world differently: Gödel, Escher, Bach — Before meta was cool, Douglas Hofstadter won a Pulitzer Prize for this intricately created examination of math, art and music. Caste — My book of the year. Wilkerson helps us see how persistent and hidden the indoctrination of race and status lie in our culture. Understanding Comics — Another meta book, and a masterpiece of explanation and insight...
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Seeing differently

Here are some books for the end of the year… fifty years of ideas that have helped me understand the world differently: Gödel, Escher, Bach — Before meta was cool, Douglas Hofstadter won a Pulitzer Prize for this intricately created examination of math, art and music. Caste — My book of the year. Wilkerson helps us see how persistent and hidden the indoctrination of race and status lie in our culture. Understanding Comics — Another meta book, and a masterpiece of explanation and insight...
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a variety of finds

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. Top Influencers in knowledge management by @cronycle [Long list to curate your own feed on KM] @DougBoneparth — “Learning how to sell provides more job security than most college educations.” I used to tell people at Wired, “Don’t come into Wired to work; work at home. Come into Wired to be interrupted and have chance meetings.” —Kevin Kelly. HT @StewartBrand If yer keepi...
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Interview with Ramona Pringle about her favorite tools

Kevin Kelly and I recently interviewed researcher and journalist Ramona Pringle on the Cool Tools podcast.  Ramona's work focuses on the interactions between humans, technology and the world around us. She's a contributor to numerous media outlets, including tech columnist with the CBC (Canadian broadcasting corp), and Director of the Creative Innovation Studio at Ryerson University, in Toronto. — Read the rest
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Tweets vs Blogposts

Hola! If you are a longtime reader of this blog (or blogs in general), you would know how blogging as a hobby has been sort of replaced by things like Instagram, tweets, and so on and so forth. Both in general and for me. And how blogging is now a lot more "content marketing" where companies pay peanuts to desk monkeys to churn out words that trap those search engine spiders logs. And how the "content" that is created does not really do anything good to any reader, even if they may want to read ...
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My Octopus Teacher

I don’t want to give away too much about this movie but I’d recommend watching the trailer and then the movie (you can find it on Netflix). I watched it last night at Kevin Kelly’s urging: This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Nothing about its subject would suggest greatness, but it was perfectly crafted. It’s such a simple movie but it packs a surprising emotional wallop and is philosophically rich. Even (or perhaps especially) the bits that seem problematic are thought...
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Comic book-style gesture messaging for video conferencing

In video meetings it's a hassle to unmute just to say one word especially if someone else is speaking. I created a video lens that uses hand gestures to show comic-book style messages instead. So far it's been pretty fun!— Cameron Hunter (@cameronhunter) September 15, 2020 Do we all have Zoom fatigue yet? So many annoying aspects to living our work and social lives over video conferencing. One of these is the need for everyone having to mute when liste...
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The Creator Economy is rising, but challenges abound

“A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living” Kevin Kelly, 1,000 True Fans At the heart of the creator economy (also dubbed the “Passion Economy” or “Hustle Economy”) is the ability of a creator to monetise attention and fandom. As described by Tim Ferriss in Tools of Titans, to be a successful creator you don’t ...
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Why great thinkers balance optimism and pessimism

When it comes to thinking about the future, is it best to assume the best or the worst? Like with most things, it's actually a little column A and a little column B. This video features theoretical physicists, futurists, sociologists, and mavericks explaining the pros and cons of both."In the long term optimists decide the future," argues Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick for Wired and the magazine's founding executive editor. "It's the optimist who create all of the things that are going to be most ...
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Joe Biden Predicts There Will Be An Electric Corvette And He’s Probably Right

  (CNN) — Joe Biden’s campaign recently released a video ad of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee showing off his classic Corvette. The campaign ad, entitled Joe Biden Gets Vetted, was posted on Biden’s Twitter account and YouTube and focuses on the candidate’s love for American-made cars and the future of the auto industry. Sitting behind the wheel of his Goodwood Green 1967 Corvette, Biden says: “I believe that we can own the 21st century market again by moving to electric vehicle...
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Childhood as a solution to explore–exploit tensions

Big questions abound regarding the protracted childhood of Homo sapiens, but there’s a growing argument that it’s an adaptation to the increased complexity of our social environment and the need to learn longer and harder in order to handle the ever-raising bar of adulthood. (Just look to the explosion of requisite schooling over the last century for a concrete example of how childhood grows along with social complexity.) It’s a tradeoff between genetic inheritance and enculturation — se...
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I interviewed Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner about his favorite shoes, anchovy paste, and why he likes Microsoft Word

Cool Tools · 237: Steven Dubner On my Cool Tools podcast, which I co-host with Kevin Kelly, we interviewed Stephen Dubner. Stephen’s an award-winning author, journalist, and TV and radio personality. He’s co-author of the Freakonomics books, which have sold millions of copies in 40 languages, and he’s host of Freakonomics Radio, which gets 8 million global monthly downloads and is heard by millions more on N.P.R. stations and other radio outlets around the world. Here are the show notes.
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The Digital Librarian as Essential Worker

Michelle Swanson, an Oregon-based educator and educational consultant, has written a blog post on the Internet Archive on the increased importance of digital librarians during the pandemic: With public library buildings closed due to the global pandemic, teachers, students, and lovers of books everywhere have increasingly turned to online resources for access to information. But as anyone who has ever turned up 2.3 million (mostly unrelated) results from a Google search knows, skillfully...
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Spellbinding CGI animation of an evolving, walking figure

Three months ago Kevin Kelly gifted me with a 3-month subscription to The Browser daily newsletter. I got hooked and paid for a subscription as soon as my gift sub ran out. From today's newsletter, I learned about" Transfiguration," a 6-minute animation of a walking figure that slowly changes into different kinds of matter (plastic, rock, water, fire, plants) over time.
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Cool Tools: 14-year-old maker talks Game Boys, cassettes, and DIY sushi

In this fun episode of Mark Frauenfelder and Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools podcast, they talk with Lux Sparks-Pescovitz, 14, about his passion for GameBoys, cassettes, DIY sushi, and his new iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit. He's quite an interesting young man; I'd like to meet his parents someday. Listen here: Cool Tools · 234: Lux Sparks-Pescovitz
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Kevin Kelly talks about the Electronic Whole Earth Catalog in this 1980s news segment

Of COURSE one of the first people to understand the power of HyperCard was @kevin2kelly! Now I want to find a copy of the Electronic Whole Earth Catalog and spend a day browsing around. — Drew Coffman (@DrewCoffman) May 26, 2020 Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly's first job was at the Whole Earth Catalog. Here's a video from the 1980s that shows Kevin describing the HyperCard version of the Whole Earth Catalog. I feel fortunate to have worked with and become a friend o...
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Long-term Perspectives During a Pandemic

Long Conversation speakers (from top left): Stewart Brand, Esther Dyson, David Eagleman, Ping fu, Katherine Fulton, Danny Hillis, Kevin Kelly, Ramez Naam, Alexander Rose, Paul Saffo, Peter Schwartz, Tiffany Shlain, Bina Venkataraman, and Geoffrey West. On April 14th, 02020, The Long Now Foundation convened a Long Conversation¹ featuring members of our board and invited speakers. Over almost five hours of spirited discussion, participants reflected on the current moment, how it fits into ou...
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Freakonomics interviews Kevin Kelly about his "68 bits of unsolicited advice"

When my friend and Cool Tools partner Kevin Kelly turned 68 a few weeks ago, he posted an essay to his website titled "68 bit of unsolicited advice." (I posted it to Boing Boing.) Kevin's advice quickly went viral, and this week he was the guest on the Freakonomics podcast, where he talked about the list, among other things. KELLY (reading from 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice): Learn how to learn from those who disagree with you, or even offend you. See if you can find truth in what they believe. ...
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Enjoy this weird newsletter/blog about all the exotic Pacific islands you will never visit.

Kevin Kelly alerted me that Jamis MacNiven, owner of Buck's, the "famous and famously weird, restaurant in Woodside at the end of Sand Hill Road," has shut down the restaurant for good because of Covid-19. "Instead," says Kevin, "he is doing this weird newsletter/blog about all the exotic Pacific islands you will never visit."
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U.S. companies discover the dark side of a COVID-19 business boom

Kevin Kelly has discovered the many ways a deadly pandemic can be both a boom and a burden on some U.S. businesses.
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