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The Megaman Battle Network Inspired Hero.EXE Nearly Funded in a Single Day

Those hoping for the return of the Megaman Battle Network series can perhaps have the next best thing as Hero.EXE, which recently launched on Kickstarter, hopes to provide a game that is similar to the tile-based battler, offering just as much customizability and sure to have prospective players already planning out strategies. The title is […]
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DRAGONtail - FoxFIRE Fiberglass Short Tenkara Rods Kickstarter

Over the years that tenkara has been around, I've had two wonders.  First, why are the rods always so long and second, how come no one was using fiberglass in the construction?  A shorter tenkara rod would seem to have quite a few applications for small water and fiberglass, especially in a shorter tenkara rod, would likely be a perfect material in a rod that had full-flex capabilities.   Well, it appears that my questions were answered in DRAGONtail's latest Kickerstarter push with the FoxFIR...
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Kamen America Comic Volume 4 Kickstarter Accumulates $87,000+ in One Day

The mainstream comic book industry has been put to shame once more as a Kickstarter campaign for the fourth volume (and an omnibus) of the Kamen America comic accumulated over $87,000 in about a single day (when the original goal was a mere $500), perhaps serving as proof that Westerners are tired of the constant […]
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Beauty & Danger Awaits in Lusty VR Eroge Iragon

Upcoming VR eroge Iragon is promising lovers of sex and nudity an erotic sword and sorcery tale and it seems many are anticipating the title as it blew past it’s initial funding goal of $10,000, bound to have many hoping that the developers at Repulse aren’t using PayPal to store their considerable funds. Though the […]
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Today’s Outfit: Relance Running Shoes from France

My daughter and I were just talking about signing up for Gourdy’s Pumpkin Run because Instagram and Facebook have been showering me with their ads. And let’s face it, that pumpkin hoodie and finisher medal looks really cool. If you carry a pumpkin for the run, you get the Tough Pumpkin finisher medal. I’m thinking that’s worth a shot! Every runner knows, the key to a good 5k is a great pair of RUNNING SHOES! That’s why French company, Relance, set out to make the most comfortable runnin...
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Arclight Pedals put moving bike lights under your feet

What’s the best thing to make drivers wake up and realize there’s a cyclist in front of them? Lights and reflectors are good, but what about moving lights? Arclight plugs bike lights into pedals to leverage riders’ natural movement and get a claimed 57% increase in visibility. The study referenced by Clemson University positions it The post Arclight Pedals put moving bike lights under your feet appeared first on Bikerumor.
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OneModern S8, Mini SSD USB-C à Lecteur Biométrique (video)

Source : OneModern S8, Mini SSD USB-C à Lecteur Biométrique (video) OneModern S8 est le 1er mini SSD USB-C portable avec lecteur biométrique intégré pour Mac, PC, iPhone et iPad capable de sécuriser vos données par empreintes digitales de la même façon que vous le faites sur votre smartphone… Mini SSD USB-C OneModern S8 avec lecteur biométrique Mac / PC Fabriqué par la start-up sino-canadienne OneModern, […] The post OneModern S8, Mini SSD USB-C à Lecteur Biométrique (video) app...
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Interview: Johnny Galvatron Can’t Believe He Got Carl Weathers for The Artful Escape, Either

The Artful Escape is finally out on Xbox consoles and PC and it has been a long time coming. It was originally a failed Kickstarter from 2016 that gained life when Annapurna Interactive swooped in to help Johnny Galvatron, the game’s director. Senior Gaming Editor Michael Leri interviewed “Galvatron” (which is, as you may have guess, not his real name) about the title’s long development, how starstruck he was working with Hollywood talent, his thoughts on whether a star-studded cast detracts fro...
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Raspberry Pi-based Pi-KVM Goes to Kickstarter (linux today)

A year after the first release, Raspberry Pi-based Pi-KVM has presented its own hardware on Kickstarter. Pi-KVM turns a Raspberry Pi into a fully functional IP-KVM. This device connects to the HDMI and USB ports of the server, and allows it to be controlled remotely over the network, regardless of the operating system. You can turn on, turn off or reboot the server, configure the BIOS, and even completely reinstall the OS from an image on emulated virtual media. The post Raspberry Pi-based Pi-KV...
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Mike Mignola's Next Fantasy Adventure Journeys Into a Beloved Classic

Mike Mignola is an artist who’s turned his hands to all sorts of weird and wonderful subjects beyond the realm of his iconic creation Hellboy—and his latest project is seeing him take his style into a beloved children’s classic, in the form of a new edition of Pinocchio.Read more...
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Kickstart this cool new comic of North American folktales by Indigenous artists

Iron Circus Comics is a great independent press that's been kicking around since 2007. Founded by artist/writer C. Spike Trotman — creator of comics like Templar, Arizona and Smut Peddler — the company has lead a renaissance of diverse independent graphic novels by diverse artists. — Read the rest
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LastPad is a reusable menstrual pad that does away with disposable towels

Direct to consumer online sales have helped a number of female-focused startups get products to market in recent years — often pitching better designed and generally more thoughtful feminine hygiene products than mainstream staples. The lack of innovation in the mainstream market for feminine hygiene has certainly created a gap for startups to address. Examples in recent years include companies like Thinx (absorbent panties for menstruation) and Flex (a disc-shaped tampon alternative for wearing...
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SCOTT GALLOWAY: Facebook has been on a mission to create a virtual reality 'metaverse' since 2016 - here's why it won't work

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage at an Oculus developers conference in 2016. Glenn Chapmann/AFP via Getty Images Scott Galloway is a bestselling author and professor of marketing at NYU Stern. The following is a recent blog post, republished with permission, that originally ran on his blog, "No Mercy / No Malice." In it, Galloway discusses Mark Zuckerberg's trek to expand Facebook into a virtual reality 'metaverse.' See more stories on Insider's business page. "The gr...
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Funding Friday: EcoFlow DELTA Pro

This project on Kickstarter is cool. A UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for your entire home. I backed it this morning along with almost 2,400 other people who have backed it so far. You can see the video and back it here. USV TEAM POSTS: Hanel Baveja — Aug 25, 2021Mindset
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The Time for Carrying a Wallet Is Over

The last time I left my apartment with a wallet in my pocket was March 11, 2020 (guess why). I don’t carry one anymore, because wallets are bullshit, and you should stop using one, too. (If you are someone who prefers to carry a purse, this same advice probably broadly applies—unless you have kids, in which case you…Read more...
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How to Launch a Successful Kickstarter Marketing Campaign

Ready to launch your brilliant new idea on Kickstarter? If you don't already have a solid marketing strategy and a decent list of leads, then you may not be as ready as you think. Kickstarter is not a place to market your new product, and it's not a place to introduce your ideas to the world. Kickstarter is a venue for receiving funding from your existing leads and hopefully picking up some additional cash from casual KS browsers. That means you need to have a marketing plan ready long befo...
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The Cosyspeed PhotoHiker 44 is the most comfortable photography backpack I’ve ever used

I am notoriously difficult to find backpacks for, as I’ve mentioned on here before. I picked up a Tamrac Cyberpack 6 quite a while ago and it took 16 years to finally find another bag that felt as nice to wear. Now, I’ve found one that blows both of them away in the comfort stakes. […] The post The Cosyspeed PhotoHiker 44 is the most comfortable photography backpack I’ve ever used appeared first on DIY Photography.
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MagFlott, Support Magnétique iPad Pro aux Airs d’iMac 24 (video)

Source : MagFlott, Support Magnétique iPad Pro aux Airs d’iMac 24 (video) Parmi les accessoires pour iPad Pro, MagFlott devrait vite faire partie des indispensables avec son support magnétique en aluminium qui va donner une allure d’iMac 24 à votre tablette Apple, mais pas seulement… MagFlott, le support magnétique parfait des iPad Pro Produit par la start-up sino-californienne CharJenPro, MagFlött est un des plus élégants, mais aussi […] The post MagFlott, Support Magnétique iP...
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Role’s video role-playing platform makes a $2.75M charm attempt on the burgeoning tabletop world

Tabletop gaming is in the middle of a historic boom, despite recent restrictions imposed on in-person gatherings by COVID. The tools adopted by game masters and casual players to play remotely are powerful but not always the easiest to use or adopt. Role hopes to change that with a super-accessible video platform focused on the social aspect of role-playing games, and it has raised a $2.75 million seed round to do so. It’s hard to say what has powered the incredible growth of the tabletop gaming...
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A New World Order review – silence is survival in dystopian thriller

Daniel Raboldt’s low-budget but visually impressive film has more than a whisper of A Quiet Place about it, as two survivors fight their robotic overlords without making any noiseThis plucky Kickstarter-funded German sci-fi from director Daniel Raboldt comes with a distinct whisper of A Quiet Place, as well as Luc Besson’s almost dialogue-free film The Last Battle. Taking place in a war-against-the-machines future, its purist approach poses a few storytelling challenges, leaving its two protagon...
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Extra Crunch roundup: Influencer marketing, China’s tech clampdown, drafting growth teams

Before you hire a marketing consultant who doesn’t understand your products or commit to a CMO who has several years of experience — but none in your sector — consider influencer marketing. If the phrase evokes images of celebrities hawking hard seltzer, think again: An influencer can be as humble as an enthusiastic Reddit user who manages your Telegram channel. According to Uber growth marketing manager Jonathan Martinez: “ … You don’t need to find influencers with millions of followers. Instea...
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Indiegogo’s CEO on how crowdfunding navigated the pandemic

Andy Yang joined Indiegogo at a turbulent time. As the crowdfunding platform’s then-CEO stepped aside for personal reasons, the service also reportedly grappled with layoffs. Coming on board after a stretch with Reddit, the new CEO would have less than a year at the helm before COVID-19 turned the globe upside down. Now 13 years old, the San Francisco-based site matured alongside the world of online crowdfunding. And, certainly, Indiegogo had a front-row seat for all of the ups and downs. Indieg...
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Kickstarter’s CEO on the future of crowdfunding

Kickstarter announced on Wednesday that backers have pledged $6 billion to more than 200,000 projects over the course of the crowdfunding site’s history. The milestone comes a little over a year after the platform hit the $5 billion mark. A matter of weeks before the company hit that last massive round number, however, it revealed starker news. Kickstarter reduced its staff by 39%, through a combination of layoffs and buyouts, as newly minted CEO Aziz Hasan noted a 35% drop in new projects. The ...
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Extra Crunch roundup: RapidSOS EC-1, how to prep for an M&A exit, inside Genki Forest

According to one estimate, Americans call 911 about 240 million times every year. Sending emergency services to the right location sounds straightforward, but each 911 call is routed through one of thousands of call centers known as public safety answering points (PSAPs). “Every 911 center is very different and they are as diverse and unique as the communities that they serve,” said Karin Marquez, senior director of public safety at RapidSOS. One PSAP that serves New York City is a 450,000-squ...
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Deandra “Nika” Tan's Kickstarter launches

 We talked with Nika in 2019, and now she's going to collect her webcomic. VIENNA, Virg. 7/27/2021 — SIGNALS, a queer mystery-adventure webcomic created by Deandra “Nika” Tan,  will be coming to Kickstarter on July 27th, 2021 to fund a limited print run of the complete series.  SIGNALS follows amateur sleuth Mel Song as she tackles her first big case: searching for a woman  who has disappeared with her boyfriend into the heart of New York City. To all appearances, there’s nothing awry... ...
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Pro tips from the team behind Kickstarter’s most funded app

Alex Ruzh Contributor Share on Twitter Alex Ruzh is the CEO and co-founder of memoryOS, an edtech startup developing AI-powered gamified software teaching people how to remember anything. Here at memoryOS, we have a saying we repeat often: “Most of the Kickstarter happens before the actual Kickstarter.” Preparation is the key. But even if you understand that most of the work is done in advance, you should still prepare yoursel...
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Wooask, Écouteurs Bluetooth avec Traducteur Hors Ligne (video)

Source : Wooask, Écouteurs Bluetooth avec Traducteur Hors Ligne (video) Les écouteurs  Bluetooth avec traducteur Wooask W06 pour iPhone et Android ne sont pas une énième alternative aux AirPods, car ils sont capables de traduire hors ligne et en direct plus de 71 langues avec l’aide de l’intelligence artificielle. Wooask W06 iPhone et Android, écouteurs avec traducteur hors ligne Fabriqués par la start-up hongkongaise Wooask […] The post Wooask, Écouteurs Bluetooth avec Traducte...
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Rudy Rucker is Kickstarting his next novel, Juicy Ghosts

I just kicked in for the hardcover edition of Rudy Rucker's latest novel, Juicy Ghosts. I'm a long-time fan of Rudy's fiction, non-fiction, and software, so I'm very excited that he has a new novel. From the Kickstarter: Juicy Ghosts is my twenty-fourth novel, and possibly my best. — Read the rest
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Hyper Releases Stackable GaN Chargers With Up to 1600W of Power From a Single Wall Outlet

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, accessory maker Hyper today announced that its based on space saving and power efficient gallium nitride (GaN) technology are now available. The new HyperJuice chargers each feature a pass-through AC power outlet that is rated up to 1500W, which can be used to power devices with a pronged power cord like the full-size HomePod, or to stack additional HyperJuice chargers to create a "supercharger" with up to 64 ports and up to 1600W of power from a...
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Meet the Baby Juicero You Didn’t Know You Needed

America polishes its turds. It is our way. Now, MSCHF—the net arty drop factory behind blood sneakers and a cookies giveaway plugin—has created an online monument to shit with a gift shop of souvenirs from a generation of IoT and trash robots. The objects that inspired them passed on without so much as a boop, for we…Read more...
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