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Joey Graceffa Launches ‘Escape the Night’ Horror Board Game on Kickstarter

The next season of “Escape the Night” — the murder-mystery series hosted by Joey Graceffa — may or may not be happening, after YouTube declined to renew its longest-running original. But separately Graceffa, a popular YouTube creator, author and influencer, has now officially revealed a new project based on the franchise: “Escape the Night Game,” […]
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How Crowdfunding Transformed Tabletop Board Games

The board game Frosthaven has become Kickstarter's "most-funded board game on the site ever, with nearly $13 million pledged toward funding the game's development," reports NPR. "Only two projects have ever crowdsourced more funding on the site." NPR sees a larger trend: Frosthaven's success seemed to exemplify a shift that has been happening in the tabletop gaming community for years: toward games that are not only focused on strategy and adventure, but also a new type of funding model where ...
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A new perfume can help you smell like space

After years of trying, a group has produced the smell of outer space in a perfume.Astronauts have described the smell of space as similar to "ozone," "gunpowder," and "fried steak."Exactly what causes the scent is still debated. Have you ever watched a sci-fi film and thought, "I wonder what everything smells like in this scene?" If that sounds like you, then you're in luck. A Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to produce a perfume that smells like outer space. Now you can go about your day ...
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Romance Puzzle Game Mirror 2 Transitions Into 3D

Developer Kagami Works has begun a Kickstarter to fund a sequel to their romance puzzle game Mirror, with the new game improving on past elements whilst also transitioning the graphics into 3D. The premise of Mirror 2 involves players encountering a magical mirror that allows them to travel through time and space, where they’ll happen […]
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CutiePi Is World’s Thinnest, Hackable Raspberry Pi Tablet, Available for Pre-Order Now

CutiePi tablet was launched today on Kickstarter as the world’s thinnest Raspberry Pi tablet that promises to be fully open source, ultra portable, and incredibly intuitive.
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‘Gamemaster’ Trailer: A Documentary Love Letter to Tabletop Games

It’s never been a better time to be a tabletop game nerd. Attractive celebrities are obsessed with Dungeons & Dragons, Kickstarters for quirky board games raise millions of dollars, and documentaries are being made about the passionate community behind the board game industry. Concourse Media is making a board game documentary called Gamemaster, and they have released a trailer for the documentary directed by Charles Mruz. Watch the Gamemaster trailer below. Gamemaster Trailer From the ...
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Amazing bird-identifying A.I camera brings birdwatching into the 21st century

Ever wanted to know what avian visitors you get in the garden?
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GravGrip iPhone, Mini Stabilisateur Hydraulique à 35 € (video)

Source : GravGrip iPhone, Mini Stabilisateur Hydraulique à 35 € (video) GravGrip est sur le point de devenir le must des stabilisateurs multifonctions à petit prix pour iPhone et smartphones, si l’on en croit l’engouement qu’il … The post GravGrip iPhone, Mini Stabilisateur Hydraulique à 35 € (video) appeared first on
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AirTab, Écran Tactile USB-C 15,6′ pour Mac, iPhone, iPad (video)

Source : AirTab, Écran Tactile USB-C 15,6′ pour Mac, iPhone, iPad (video) AirTab n’est pas le premier moniteur d’appoint pour Mac avec écran tactile, cependant il est l’un des rares à disposer d’une connexion USB-C, de quoi … The post AirTab, Écran Tactile USB-C 15,6′ pour Mac, iPhone, iPad (video) appeared first on
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AudioWow, Mini Studio d’Enregistrement Audio (video)

Source : AudioWow, Mini Studio d’Enregistrement Audio (video) Conçu pour les podcasters, journalistes et autres musiciens, AudioWow est un mini studio d’enregistrement audio sans fil et Bluetooth qui va vous surprendre par son … The post AudioWow, Mini Studio d’Enregistrement Audio (video) appeared first on
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Hackable CrowPi2 STEAM education laptop available with 8GB Raspberry Pi

Elecrow is Kickstarter-ing a $140-and-up, 2nd gen “CrowPi2” STEAM education laptop and hacker kit for the Raspberry Pi with a 11.6-inch HD screen, 2MP camera, mic, speakers, and a hacking bay full of sensors and modules. Hong Kong based Elecrow has followed up on its 2018 Kickstarter campaign for its Raspberry Pi based CrowPi computer […]
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This $59 Alexa-shaped, dirt-free planter will help you not kill your plants and has raked in over $5.2 million on Kickstarter — here's how it works

A dirt-free planter priced at $59 has raised over $5 million on Kickstarter. The Terraplanter uses a ceramic structure with pores that hold water and slowly "feeds" your plant over time. It's also reusable — when you want to replace your plant with another, you can simply peel it off of the planter. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For many of us cooped up indoors during the pandemic, we're turning to houseplants for some much needed companionship and for something to do. A...
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PhoneSIDE, Support iPhone à Clipser sur le MacBook (video)

Source : PhoneSIDE, Support iPhone à Clipser sur le MacBook (video) Travailler simultanément sur un ordinateur portable comme le MacBook et l’iPhone, c’est ce que vous allez pouvoir faire avec PhoneSIDE, un astucieux support qui ne … The post PhoneSIDE, Support iPhone à Clipser sur le MacBook (video) appeared first on
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Duncan Jones is raising money for a great looking graphic novel follow-up to "Moon"

Director/writer Duncan Jones — whom you may know from his hyper-focused, small cast sci-fi films like Moon and Source Code, or the larger-scale Warcraft film that I admittedly never saw — has a new project out in the form of a graphic novel. Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future is written by Jones and author/letterer Alex de Campi, with a huge team of artists including Ed Ocaña, Pia Guerra, James Stokoe, RM Guéra, Chris Weston,  Rufus Dayglo, Annie Wu, David Lopez, Christian Ward, Matt Wilson...
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This Nintendo Switch Painting App Includes a Pressure-Sensing Stylus Powered by Sound Waves

A popular painting app for the Nintendo DS and 3DS that relied on each handheld’s stylus is finally coming to the Switch. But instead of forcing users to paint with their fingers, Colors Live will include a stylus that cleverly uses the Switch’s headphone jack for pressure sensitivity and a better painting experience.Read more...
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CamTag, Cache Camera Autocollant pour iPhone et Mac (video)

Source : CamTag, Cache Camera Autocollant pour iPhone et Mac (video) Parmi les nombreux autocollants réutilisables permettant de masquer la caméra des iPhone, iPad, Mac et autres MacBook, CamTag est de loin le plus pratique et … The post CamTag, Cache Camera Autocollant pour iPhone et Mac (video) appeared first on
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KICKSTARTER: Kaiju Big Battel Kaikeshi Part 2

Kaiju Big Battel has announced that their Kaiju Big Battel Kaikeshi Part 2 mini figure series is now listed on Kickstarter. The plan is to release 11 figures as well as a miniature building or two. Those characters include: Mung Wun; American Beetle; Powa Ranjuru; Unicorn Party; Penelope Plaintain; Scab; Hell Monkey; Dusto Bunny; Swarm Member; Sharkatron; Zombie Plantain. Each figure will be approximately 2 inches in height - think those classic M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.  There are plenty of fund...
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KICKSTARTER: Vikings vs Barbarians

Creative Comics & Collectibles is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign for their  Vikings vs Barbarians line. The poseable 6-inch scale action figures feature unique designs and weapons/accessories/extra parts allowing for team building and battle scenarios. The rewards include the following: Poster of Viking and Barbarian in battle 11" x 17" - $10.00 Basic weapons pack - $15.00 Standard Viking Action Figure - $30.00 Standard Barbarian Action Figure - $30.00 This project will on...
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Relicblade launches campaign for new two-player starter set

It seems weird to be writing about something as frivolous as a game while the world is infected and on fire, but we do need a little distraction and joy to keep us sane, and for some of us, the gaming hobby offers just that. Sean Sutter, the one-person game designing artistic juggernaut behind the fabulous fantasy narrative skirmish wargame, Relicblade just launched a Kickstarter for his latest product, a two-person starter set. Within 30 minutes, he had blown past his funding goal and is curre...
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SEND IT! Never stop shredding with the board game for mountain bikers

You can now go full send from the comfort of your own living room, with SEND IT! a board game all about mountain biking. Become Cross-Country Carrie, Downhill Derrick, Dirt Jump Delilah, Enduro Elsa, Singletrack Sammy or Trials Terrence, and send your way around the board in a race for the Golden Burrito. Here’s how you […] The post SEND IT! Never stop shredding with the board game for mountain bikers appeared first on Bikerumor.
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CS Interview: Magic’s Richard Garfield On New Game Half Truth

CS Interview: Magic: The Gathering’s Richard Garfield on new game Half Truth got the opportunity to talk with iconic game designer Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) to discuss his latest project, Half Truth, which he co-created and developed with 74-time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings and is available on shelves now! RELATED: See Joe Manganiello’s Star-Studded Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns! The inspiration for the game, which has been in the works for nearly 13 years, came...
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Duncan Jones and Alex de Campi on Why Comics Was the Next Place for Moon and Mute's World to Go

Between taking us to Azeroth and trapping us in time loops, director Duncan Jones has crafted a sci-fi universe of his own making in little ways, through his work in his directorial debut, Moon, and its spiritual successor, Mute. Now, that world is getting another addition: but it’s not on the big screen. It’s in the…Read more...
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Shopify helped earn the founder of Ring $1 billion. Here’s how you can follow that gameplan

TLDR: The Ultimate Shopify and Ecommerce Expert Bundle will give the complete 411 on building and growing a successful online sales operation. Almost a decade ago, serial entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff couldn’t find any investors to bite on his latest big idea: a home doorbell with a camera to see who was on your doorstep. Kickstarter offered too many problems and Siminoff even famously struck out in front of the sharks on the hit show Shark Tank. So in 2015, Siminoff launched his product, now rech...
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This Record-Breaking Duvet Cover Wants to Spare You the Hassle of Making Your Bed After Washing the Sheets

Koa Duvet Cover | $85+ | Kickstarter
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Ohsnap Grip, Bague Multifonction pour iPhone et Smartphones (video)

Source : Ohsnap Grip, Bague Multifonction pour iPhone et Smartphones (video) Bien plus qu’une simple bague de prise en main, Ohsnap Grip pour iPhone et autres smartphones va remplacer efficacement et discrètement les bagues ordinaires, les … The post Ohsnap Grip, Bague Multifonction pour iPhone et Smartphones (video) appeared first on
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Fervor Playing Cards Decorated With Salacious Anime Girls

Ridiculous Gaming Studio is requesting funds to create “Fervor Playing Cards”, the first in a planned series of playing cards that contain beautiful illustrations of anime-style girls for those who want to assert their card game dominance in style. Serving as their first premium anime playing card collection, the Fervor Playing Cards set features art […]
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Kickstarter Lights On

So many of our favorite community anchors have shuttered in the wake of the pandemic. And reopening them won’t be easy. Music venues, movie theaters, art galleries, restaurants, performance spaces, maker spaces, conferences, festivals, and bookshops are the places we hang out in, enjoy each other, and and connect to art and culture. But these spaces also have communities of people connected to them, rooting for them, and eager to help them. Enter Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform ...
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Crowdfunding "In Search of Tomorrow," the ultimate 80s sci-fi film documentary

In Search of Tomorrow is slated to be a four-hour-long love letter to the sci-fi films of the 1980s. It is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and has raised almost $470,000 dollars to date, with 32 hours left to go. It is being produced by the same folks who crowdfunded and produced the documentary on 80s horror films, In Search of Darkness. In Search of Tomorrow will take viewers on a year-by-year deep dive into the many awe-inspiring worlds of ‘80s Sci-Fi movies, breaking down the...
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The PumPiX Asks: What if Spider-Man's Web Slingers Shot Hand Sanitizer Instead?

As impressive as Spider-Man’s abilities are, there’s not much that a superhero who shoots webs from his wrists can do to combat covid-19. But what if you upgraded Spidey’s web-slingers with virus-killing hand sanitizer instead? That’s the idea behind the wrist-worn PumPiX blaster.Read more...
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Kickstarter Loses Nearly 40 Percent of Its Workforce After Layoffs and Buyouts

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter filed a regulatory notice in New York last week revealing it had laid off 25 employees, or about 18 percent of its workforce. But according to The Verge, Kickstarter told them that its workforce reduction "is more than twice that, as close to 30 employees decided to take voluntary buyouts as negotiated between the company's management and Kickstarter's employee union." From the report: "The filing is correct, however, it does not reflect an international employe...
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