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Detroit Golf Club Profile: Historic Course Faces Modern Game At Rocket Mortgage Classic

(CBS Detroit/CBS Local Sports) — The history of Detroit Golf Club dates back to the 19th century. But the Club is a recent arrival to the PGA Tour, hosting its first event, the Rocket Mortgage Classic, just last year. The newly established tournament marked another first for the area. It was the first time a PGA Tour event took place within Detroit’s boundaries. The city of Detroit was a much different place in 1899. Henry Ford had recently constructed his first vehicle, but the city was still k...
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Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Sues “Communist” Nashville Over COVID-19 Restrictions

Earlier this month, Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk And Rock & Roll Steakhouse had its beer permit suspended for repeatedly ignoring health department restrictions put in place for social distancing. Over the weekend, Steve Smith -- the owner of the Kid Rock-branded bar -- joined a lawsuit seeking financial compensation for lost … More »
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You’ll Never Guess Whose Big Ass Honky-Tonk And Rock & Roll Steakhouse Lost Its Beer Permit For Ignoring Social Distancing

Remember Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky-Tonk And Rock & Roll Steakhouse? You know, the Nashville bar with a giant neon sign shaped like a guitar and also a woman's butt? The one where Kid Rock got pulled offstage for going on a drunken rant about Oprah? The one that More »
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Morgan Wallen apologizes after arrest for public intoxication: 'We didn't mean any harm'

Country singer Morgan Wallen apologized after his public intoxication arrest, saying he was "horse-playing" with friends at Kid Rock's Nashville bar.         [Author: Nashville Tennessean]
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Carly Rae Jepsen’s Joyous Low-Stakes Rom-Com Continues Unfettered

The television landscape in this era of Peak TV comprises many overlapping tiers and ecosystems. Within this moment of seemingly infinite choice, there are genres -- dramas, comedies, talk shows, reality shows -- but more importantly, there are target audiences. The style, subject, and stars of a program are not meaningless, but the more important … More »
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Country star Morgan Wallen arrested for public intoxication after being kicked out of Kid Rock's bar

Country singer Morgan Wallen apologized after his public intoxication arrest, saying he was "horse-playing" with friends at Kid Rock's Nashville bar.          [Author: Nashville Tennessean]
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‘Lady Time’ Will Make You Laugh In The Face Of Death & Adultery

This laugh-until-you-cry series is for EVERYONE Death isn’t funny, but these ladies’ reaction to it? Hysterical. Lady Time is a five-episode series about four women who somehow put the FUN in FUNeral and find friendship in the face of grieving their husbands’ tragic death and intense infidelity. What makes the Lady Time ladies friendship so funny to watch is that Kathy, Megan, Heather and Eleanor literally have nothing in common (except that their late husbands completely suck). What make...
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You Know What They Say — Mo’ Monet, Mo’ Problems

Check out ‘Lady Time’ episode 3! In an attempt to expand their horizons, the Ladies attend at a painting-and-wine night... Which never ends well. But in the light of day, it turns out Heather has actually painted a masterpiece. What’s up, drunk Picasso! She quickly gets in over her head when Kid Rock’s art buyer commissions a lot more work. Check back Mondays and Wednesdays for more episodes of Lady Time Directed by: Rachel Lee Goldenberg
Written by: Juliet Seniff
Executive produce...
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Kid Rock’s Nashville Honky Tonk Refuses To Close Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

This is for the questions that don't have any answers. Somehow, the worst people in America have made a political issue out of a global pandemic. Naturally, one of those people is Kid Rock. Around the country, cities and states are closing bars, restaurants, and music venues temporarily in an effort to stem the spread … More »
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Nashville Tourist Bars, Including Tootsie’s and Kid Rock’s, Defy City Edict to Close

Despite edicts from the city of Nashville to shut down over coronavirus concerns, some of the tourist-filled bars along the city’s perpetually packed Lower Broadway are defying the local government’s and many citizens’ call to close, conducting honky-tonk business as usual. Steve Smith, the owner of nightspots like the venerated Tootsie’s and the controversial Kid […]
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Nashville Tourist Bars, Including Tootsie’s and Kid Rock’s, Agree to Close After Previous Defiance (Updated)

UPDATED: Late Monday, Nashville business owner Steve Smith reportedly backed down under public pressure and said he would close the popular bars he had vowed to keep open in the tourist-filled Lower Broadway area, including Kid Rock’s Big Ass Steakhouse and Tootsie’s. It was not immediately known whether all the other nightspots in the area […]
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Selena Gomez’s Rare Was Worth The Wait

Rare is an accurate title for a Selena Gomez album. Gomez, the former Disney Channel teen actress turned pop superstar and tabloid fixation, is part of the class of big-time pop singers who haven't released a full-length project since the middle of last decade -- a group that includes Adele, Rihanna, and her former boyfriends … More »
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"Searching for A Kardashian: Kim helped get clemency for Alice Johnson, who will help me?"

The title of this post is the title of this notable commentary authored by Christopher Hunter and recently posted to Medium.  The piece is a poignant accounting of what it is like to be serving a lengthy federal prison term for a drug offense while there is on-going talk of clemency prospects.  I recommend the piece in full, and here is an excerpt: In 2005, a federal judge sentenced me to 420 months in prison for selling cocaine.  That’s 35 years.  I never believed I would do all that time.  Ca...
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Trump golfs with Kid Rock in Florida, one day after Mueller finishes Russia probe

One day after special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his lengthy investigation into possible collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign, the president relaxed and spent his Saturday on the golf course with Kid Rock.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Nick Stern Exits Vector Management for Izzy Zivkovic’s Split Second (EXCLUSIVE)

Manager Nick Stern has left Vector for Izzy Zivkovic’s management concern Split Second, which counts Arcade Fire and Banks on its roster. Stern, who spent nine years at Vector, brings with him music clients Saint Motel, Phosphorescent (pictured above), Ben Abraham and Black Angels, among others acts, as well as managers Hampton Howerton and Lauren Pattenaude […]
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Kid Rock Stirs More Controversy With Giant Neon Butt Guitar

Kid Rock may be a hateful shitfuck, a stain on the public discourse, but at least he's dependable. For example, if I were to tell you that Kid Rock is planning to open a bar on Lower Broadway in Nashville, you would probably be immediately be able to figure out all the relevant facts of … More »
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Celeb secret Santas: Glenn Beck inspired by Tyler Perry, pays off holiday layaway items

Tyler Perry paid off $400,000 worth of layaway balances at an Atlanta-area Walmart, then Kid Rock and Glenn Beck followed suit in Tennessee and Texas.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Kid Rock Saved Christmas, Paying Off All 350 Layaway Accounts At A Tennessee Walmart

You may disagree with his Trumpian politics, but someone’s holding a parade somewhere for Kid Rock, after the "$20 Concert Tour" rocker paid off all 350 layaway accounts at a Tennessee Walmart. Rock, who said he was following the lead of Tyler Perry, Paid off accounts to the tune of $81,000, a story manager told The Tennessean. Perry tweeted Thursday that he had paid off the layaway accounts at two Georgia Walmarts. Perry’s gesture was apparently meant to be a little less splashy, saying...
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Did Kid Rock and Ted Nugent Raise More Than $10 Million to Fight the War on Christmas?

Apparently Bill O'Reilly forgot to tell them he won the War on Christmas in 2006.
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Community hero steps in for Kid Rock to lead holiday parade

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A community hero has stepped into the role as grand marshal for the Nashville Christmas Parade as a last-minute replacement for Kid Rock, who got the boot for his profane comments on TV. News outlets report James Shaw Jr. hopped into a horse-drawn carriage Saturday. The Tennessean reported Kid Rock was […]
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Kid Rock Booted From Christmas Parade After Calling Joy Behar A Bitch On Live TV

Kid Rock's profane comments on live TV have gotten him booted from leading the Nashville Christmas Parade. More »
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Kid Rock Fired from Nashville Christmas Parade… But Plans to Show Up to Lead It Anyway

Kid Rock was fired from his role as grand marshal of the Nashville Christmas Parade Friday night, following a morning appearance on “Fox & Friends” in which he called Joy Behar a “b—h.” But associates are insisting he still plans to lead the parade, booted or not. Bryan Lewis, the attorney for Steve Smith, Kid […]
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Mayor leans toward missing Kid Rock-led parade after remarks

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Nashville Mayor David Briley’s office says he’s “inclined not to participate” in a Christmas parade if Kid Rock remains grand marshal. The comment follows a Fox & Friends interview Friday in which Kid Rock used an expletive to describe Joy Behar of The View. Multiple Fox & Friends personalities apologized. Kid […]
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Joy Behar Invites Kid Rock To Have A Beer With The ‘B*tches’ On The View

While Kid Rock may not need more alcohol this morning, comedian Joy Behar laughed off the musician’s profanity against her — he called her a “bitch” live on “Fox and Friends” hours earlier — by inviting him on “The View” to have a beer, with her and her fellow “bitches.” “This bitch and these bitches will be happy to have you on the show and have a beer,” she said, before reveling in the fact that “Fox and Friends” hosts had to apologize for the singer’s remark. “You know what’s great? Fox ha...
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'Screw that Joy Behar': 'View' host reacts to Kid Rock's NSFW insult from 'Fox & Friends'

After the Detroit rocker joked "Screw that Joy Behar (expletive)" live on "Fox & Friends" Friday, the "View" host reacted on her ABC show.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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‘Fox And Friends’ Is Very Sorry Kid Rock Called Joy Behar A ‘B*tch’ On Live TV

Bawitda-wha? It might have been the whiskey Kid Rock casually pulled straight from the bottle at 7 a.m. talking, but “Fox and Friends” is very sorry their musical guest called comedian Joy Behar a “bitch” on live television. During an interview with the musician — who just opened a new restaurant in downtown Nashville — “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy immediately apologized when, during a rant about political correctness, Kid Rock told viewers to “love everybody,” except “screw that Joy...
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Joy Behar Invites Kid Rock on ‘The View’ After Fox News Remarks

Fox News Channel and ABC’s “The View” have interesting ties: Co-moderators Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman used to work at the 21st Century Fox-owned network. But on Friday, “View” panelists opened the program by pointing to remarks made on Fox News that troubled them. Appearing on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, rock singer Kid Rock […]
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Episode 468: Kid Rock Vs. The Scalpers

We talk to Kid Rock about how he tried to cut scalpers out of the business, then compare that to what Taylor Swift did.(Image credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)
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Kid Rock cleared of federal election violations after last year’s Senate gimmick

In dismissing a complaint, the FEC deems that the "Kid Rock for US Senate" promotion was artistic expression — not an actual election campaign            [Author: Detroit Free Press]
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Jimmy Kimmel joked Kid Rock won a Senate seat and people actually believed him

Jimmy Kimmel pretended Kid Rock won a Michigan Senate seat. "Watch now as real people weigh in on a fake election," he said.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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