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Aqua Rwanda – The First Perfume Made in Sub-Saharan Africa

On the first of August, 2018, the Rwanda based perfume brand AQUA RWANDA was launched in Kigali. The brand presented their eponymous unisex fragrances in two editions; a Perfume Intense and an Eau de Toilette. A month later, the fragrances were offered for purchase in the Duty Free section onboard RwandAir aircrafts and they quickly became the best-seller amongst all fragrances and perfumes. The f... Read full article: Aqua Rwanda – The First Perfume Made in Sub-Saharan Africa from Fragrantica ...
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Boris Johnson: ‘Free trade needs a global champion’

Boris Johnson: ‘Free trade needs a global champion’ In the immediate aftermath of the historic vote for Brexit, many cheered Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, hailing it as a win for freedom, democracy, and subsidiarity. Yet others were quick to claim the move was driven only by populist fear and an inward-looking protectionism. In the years since, however, it has became readily apparent that possibilities for freer trade do, indeed, abound, ...
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#Qatar Airways to Buy Rwandair Stake to Gain African Foothold - Bloomberg

Qatar Airways to Buy Rwandair Stake to Gain African Foothold - Bloomberg:Qatar Airways plans to purchase a 49% stake in Rwanda’s national carrier, stepping up its presence in the market weeks after taking a majority holding in the African country’s new airport.The Gulf airline is investing in Rwandair after identifying Africa as a market with significant potential, Akbar Al Baker, its chief executive officer, said in a briefing at the CAPA Qatar Aviation conference on Wednesday. The holding bein...
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Tensions loom over the Great Lakes region

President Félix Tshisekedi should abandon plans to invite neighbouring militaries into the eastern DRC
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Norway opens its doors to 600 people evacuated from Libya to Rwanda

Refugees and asylum seekers who found respite in Rwanda camp after escaping conflict in Libya will be resettled in NorwayHundreds of refugees and asylum seekers evacuated from Libyan detention centres to a transit camp in Rwanda are to be resettled this year in Norway, according to Rwanda’s foreign minister.Speaking at a news conference in Kigali on Wednesday, Rwanda’s foreign minister Vincent Biruta said the African nation was currently hosting more than 300 refugees and asylum seekers at the G...
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Rwanda's grand vision for future leaves poor on the curb

Slum dwellers in Kigali are accusing city authorities of razing their homes without paying compensation, stirring anger among poorer Rwandans who feel marginalised by a government-led push to modernise the capital. This month, the first of thousands of homes slated for demolition in Kigali's unplanned settlements were bulldozed, sparking protests from owners and tenants told to move on. City authorities say the homes were built illegally on wetlands, or areas deemed at risk from landslides and...
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Pastor's daughter accused of treason. Her family says charges are fabricated

Jackie Umuhoza was coming out of a beauty salon in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, in late November when she was grabbed by five men and bundled into a van, her family says.
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Rwanda accuses a pastor's daughter of treason and espionage. Her family says the charges are fabricated

Jackie Umuhoza was coming out of a beauty salon in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, in late November when she was grabbed by five men and bundled into a van, her family says.
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How to travel sustainably

Earlier this month , climate activist Greta Thunberg became TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year, and we applaud her well-deserved award. At 16 years of age, Thunberg has communicated the urgency of our climate crisis more effectively than nearly anyone else on the planet. Months earlier, Thunberg had sailed across the Atlantic to deliver a speech to the UN, rather than release heat-trapping carbon into the atmosphere by flying there. She has drawn attention to the environmental impact of air trave...
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Two Decades in Power May Be Enough for Rwanda’s President

(Bloomberg) -- Rwandan President Paul Kagame is considering not running for a fourth term once his current tenure ends in 2024 after being in power for more than two decades.The former rebel leader who helped end Rwanda’s 1994 genocide in which about 800,000 people died, has been president since 2000. He won the east African nation’s most recent election in 2017 by a landslide after a referendum that extended presidential tenures to two seven-year terms.“Most likely no,” Kagame said at the Doha ...
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Rwanda climate change: Kigali homes built near wetlands are destroyed

Kigali residents demand compensation as hundreds of houses vulnerable to flooding are knocked down.
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Is Rwanda in line to become one of Africa's major tech hubs?

The recent announcement of the Mara phone, a smartphone manufactured entirely in Africa, has highlighted African countries' recent forays into the high-tech industry.The continent boasts more than 450 tech hubs, and while some countries have a larger market, Rwanda — where Mara phones are manufactured — is angling to become a major tech hotspot in East Africa.There's a lot of competition; what is Rwanda doing to try to beat it? None For the past few decades, Africa has been changing. Despite a...
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Rwanda’s president pardons 52 women jailed over abortions

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Rwanda’s president has pardoned and ordered the release of 52 young women who were jailed for having or assisting with abortions. Thursday’s decision follows Rwanda’s revision of its penal code, which previously imposed prison sentences for anyone who had an abortion or helped in terminating a pregnancy. The revised law says […]
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Gay man in Rwanda notes ‘intense pressure’ after coming out

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — A Rwandan gospel singer who recently came out as gay says he has quit his day job as an accountant after “intense pressure” from colleagues. Albert Nabonibo says he felt alienated and no longer a part of the beverages company that employed him in the capital, Kigali. He says that after […]
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This company claims it’s releasing the first phone to be fully made in Africa

Mara Group, a pan-African company that works in technology and finance sectors, has claimed to launch the first fully ‘Made in Africa‘ phones in Rwanda. As per a report by CNN, the company opened a new manufacturing facility in the country’s capital, Kigali, earlier this week.  The company said it’s not just assembling phones in Africa, but also handling the entire manufacturing process from making motherboards to packing in the new factory. The Mara X and the Mara Z are Android-based mid-ranged...
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Rwanda Releases First Smartphone Made Entirely In Africa

Rwanda's Mara Group just released two smartphones, earning the company the title of the first smartphone manufacturer in Africa. Their grand ambitions are to help turn Rwanda into a regional tech hub. Fast Company reports: Rwanda President Paul Kagame has announced Africa's "first high tech smartphone factory," CNN reported. While smartphones are assembled in other African nations (Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa all have assembly plants), according to Reuters, those companies all import the co...
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Rwanda Searches for Motive After 14 Are Killed in Tourist Region

(Bloomberg) -- Rwanda is questioning suspects to try and establish why militants staged a rare attack in its northern mountainous region known for gorilla trekking, one of the nation’s main tourist attractions.At least 14 people where killed in the Friday attack in Musanze district, about 58 miles northwest of the capital, Kigali. Nineteen of the attackers were killed and five arrested, according to the National Police. The militants are members of Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda or FDLR, a ...
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How to Save Money & Visit Rwanda on a Budget

Posted: 10/3/2019 | October 3rd, 2019 In this guest post, Alicia Erickson offers some handy tips on how you can visit Rwanda on a budget! She spent some time living there and, today, is sharing her tips on the country (one I haven’t got to yet!). She’s a freelance writer so I don’t have a blog to link too! Here are her tips: Rwanda, a tiny nation nestled between Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the center of the African continent, is filled to the brim with r...
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Rwanda court says defaming the president remains a crime

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Rwanda’s Supreme Court has upheld a law that says defaming the president is illegal, but it says drawing cartoons or producing writing that “humiliates” a government official is no longer a crime. The Rwanda Journalists Association had challenged parts of the penal code that criminalized the publishing of such cartoons with […]
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Suspects in murder of ex-Rwandan spy chief 'directly linked to Kigali' – inquest

Lawyer for Patrick Karegeya’s family says South African police failures point to abuse of processThe family of the murdered former Rwandan intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya celebrated on Thursday after a South African magistrate said the identities of four suspects were known and police said they were directly linked to Rwanda’s government.At the end of a 20-minute inquest in Johannesburg, the magistrate Mashiane Mathopa said there was a prima facie case to answer and he was sending the matter...
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25 years after genocide, Rwanda’s president praises healing

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame said Monday that the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide feel repentant for killing some 800,000 people and that is helping the country to find reconciliation. Rwanda has begun commemorating the genocide which began 25 years ago and in which Hutu extremists slaughtered Tutsis and Hutus who tried […]
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Rwanda begins week of memorial events for genocide victims

President lays wreath at memorial site in Kigali 25 years after mass killing beganRwanda has begun a solemn commemoration of 800,000 people killed with knives, clubs and other weapons during three months of genocide of 1994.The president, Paul Kagame, laid a wreath at a memorial site where more than 250,000 people are buried in the capital, Kigali. Songs were sung and poems recited at the beginning of a week of events. Continue reading...
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Rwanda somberly marks the start of genocide 25 years ago

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Rwanda somberly commemorated the start, 25 years ago, of its genocide in which some 800,000 people were killed, as the country continues to grapple with the consequences of the slaughter. President Paul Kagame and first lady Jeannette Kagame on Sunday lay wreaths and lit a flame at the mass burial ground […]
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Rwanda's post-genocide guide keeps the memories alive

(This version of the April 5th story corrects date in paragraph 2 to April 6 not April 7) By Clement Uwiringiyimana KIGALI (Reuters) - Every weekday, Aline Uwase Turatsinze gets up, washes her face and rides a motorbike to the site where more than 60 members of her family were buried after being murdered. The quiet woman with the long braids is a guide at Rwanda's genocide museum, a memorial to the killing that claimed 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutu lives after the then-president's plane was...
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Macron asks experts to investigate French role in Rwandan genocide

Accusations of complicity in deaths of 800,000 in 1994 have clouded diplomatic relationsEmmanuel Macron has appointed a commission of historians and researchers to investigate France’s role in the Rwandan genocide 25 years ago, as accusations of complicity in the deaths of an estimated 800,000 people continue to cloud diplomatic relations between Kigali and Paris.The French president said the panel of experts would look at state archives, including diplomatic and military documents, and produce ...
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As Ocean Waste Piles Up, Coldharbour Tiles Propose a Backsplash

"I think a lot of people have lost confidence in the recycling system," Emily Packer says. "I often hear people say things like, 'It probably just ends up in a landfill anyway.'"The British/American videographer was disheartened to discover that as little as 9 percent of all plastics actually get recycled in America, and to see the pileup of waste in her adopted hometown of Kigali, Rwanda. "Plastic is one of the most durable materials in the world," says Packer, "and yet we're using it for throw...
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Kigali city guide: where to eat, drink, shop and stay in Rwanda's charming capital

Prepare to be won over by Kigali's history, culture and cuisine [Author: Heather Richardson]
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AHIF Books Addis

The Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), which is the premier tourism and hotel investment conference in Africa, attracting many prominent international hotel owners, investors, financiers, management companies and their advisers, will return to the Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa in the last week of September, 23-25, 2019. AHIF was previously held in Ethiopia's capital city in 2014 and 2015; the following two years, the conference moved to Kigali and last year to Nairobi.
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The Kigali paradox: How did Rwanda's capital become Africa's cleanest city?

At first glimpse, Rwanda’s capital is a model African city: clean, organised, beautiful. But behind the gleaming facade, not all is well
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Africa Roundup: Kenya’s BRCK acquires EveryLayer, Nigeria’s TeamApt eyes global expansion

Kenyan  communications hardware company BRCK acquired the assets of Nairobi based internet provider Surf and its U.S. parent EveryLayer in a purchase deal of an undisclosed amount in February. Based in Nairobi, Surf is a hotspot service provider aimed at offering affordable internet to lower income segments. BRCK is a five year old venture that pairs its rugged WiFi routers to internet service packages designed to bring people online in frontier and emerging markets. With the acquisition, BRC...
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