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North Korea wants to give candies to kids for Kim Jong Un's birthday, but it's making its citizens pay to produce them: report

A worker stands before a machine on a production line for "Taeha" brand cakes at the Unha Taesong Foodstuff Factory in Pyongyang on April 6, 2021.KIM WON JIN/AFP via Getty Images North Korea is making residents pay for sweets to give children on Kim Jong Un's birthday, RFA reported. Surging prices amid a food shortage this year led officials to impose a tax on candy ingredients. The sweets are a long-time tradition for the Kims' birthdays. Local governments in North Korea are requirin...
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Player Banned From Forza Horizon 5 for 8,000 Years Due to Kim Jong-Un Decal

A friend of an avid Forza Horizon 5 player reported that his friend was banned for roughly 8,000 years, most likely due to his very creative custom decals, such as the prominent image of the leader of North Korea on the side of their car. Reddit user AllThingsRacing recounted the events in a post, and […]
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Why Republicans are embracing Kyle Rittenhouse as their mascot

Congress members float the idea of offering the 18-year-old internships as experts say their use of him is ‘a very dangerous thing’Wearing suits and ties, the two men give the camera smiles and thumbs up. One is Donald Trump, former president of the United States. The other is Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two people at an anti-racism protest. And behind them is a framed photo of Trump meeting the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.The mesmerizing tableau emerged from the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago...
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North Korean Squid Game Smuggler Sentenced To Death After Students Caught Watching The Show

A startling report came out of Radio Free Asia (via Variety) yesterday, as a man who smuggled copies of the hit South Korean Netflix series "Squid Game" into North Korea has been sentenced to death by firing squad for the crime. RFA learned that the series was smuggled in from China on USB flash drives, and authorities first learned of the show's presence in North Korea after catching high school students watching the program. "Squid Game" is an outlawed program in North Korea in violation of th...
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Trump says Kyle Rittenhouse called him and asked if he could visit Mar-a-Lago 'because he was a fan'

Former President Donald Trump talks with Sean Hannity about Kyle Rittenhouse, who visited with the ex-president in Florida.Screenshot/Fox News Donald Trump said Kyle Rittenhouse asked to visit with him following his acquittal "because he was a fan." The former president hosted Rittenhouse and his mother at his Palm Beach resort on Monday.  A slew of right-wing lawmakers and other conservatives have lionized Rittenhouse as a hero. Former President Donald Trump said Kyle Rittenhouse, who last w...
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Carcharu dyn am anfon pecyn amheus i ffatri brechlynnau

Anfonodd parseli tebyg i Downing Street, labordy yn Wuhan a Kim Jong-un yn sgil obsesiwn gyda Covid.
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N.Korea's Kim Visits New City in First Public Outing in Over a Month

By Hyonhee ShinSEOUL (Reuters) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited a new city being built near the border with China and a sacred mountain...
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North Korea is breeding black swans for people to eat, as the reclusive nation faces a crippling food shortage

Black swans and a cygnet seen in Christchurch, New Zealand, on October 01, 2021. Sanka Vidanagama/NurPhoto via Getty Images North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared a food shortage in June and asked people for solutions. State media said Monday that the country is now breading black swans to slaughter for their meat. A United Nations expert said in early October that the country's food shortage was perilous. North Korea has started breeding black swans to slaughter for their meat as th...
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Slim Kim Jong-un: North Korean leader believed healthy despite weight loss

South Korean spies used advanced techniques to analyse why Kim Jong-un appears to have lost 20 kgNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un has recently lost about 20 kilograms (44 pounds) but remains healthy and is trying to increase public loyalty to him in the face of worsening economic problems, South Korea’s spy agency has told lawmakers.The National Intelligence Service gave the assessment during a closed-door parliamentary briefing on Thursday, saying it used artificial intelligence techniques, an a...
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North Korea has the world's largest special-operations force. A defected spy offers hints about how they'd be used in a war.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspecting a North Korean military special-operation forces event in a photo released April 14, 2017. STR/AFP via Getty Images Within North Korea's massive army is another massive force: some 200,000 special-operations troops. Not much is known about those troops, but they are believed to well trained and highly motivated. Pyongyang would likely deploy them before or early in a war to disrupt US and South Korean military operations. North Korea frequentl...
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North Korea may be making plans for a future without Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un at a celebration of North Korea's 73rd anniversary, at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, September 9, 2021. Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP Rumors have swirled around North Korean leader Kim Jong Un since he took power in 2011. Long absences from public view have prompted speculation about his health and who would succeed him. Political moves in North Korea suggests preparation for such a change, but experts said who comes next is unknowable. Few world l...
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North and South Korea are both showing off new weapons, but they're trying to send very different messages

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un aboard a submarine in an undated photo released on June 16, 2014. REUTERS/KCNA North Korea said it successfully tested a new, smaller submarine-launched ballistic missile on Tuesday. South Korea has also been busy showing off its military prowess recently, but its defense ambitions are driven by several complex factors. North Korea has announced that it successfully tested a new, smaller submarine-launched ballistic missile, or SLBM, on Tuesday.State media c...
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North Korea’s Missile Test Belies Grave Problems at Home

Despite the provocative test and assertions of strength and power, the regime of Kim Jong Un faces perhaps an unprecedented crisis.
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9 Best Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Movies, Ranked By IMDb

Ever since the instant classic high school comedy Superbad put them on the map and the subsequent release of action-packed buddy picture Pineapple Express proved they weren’t one-trick ponies, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been two of the most prolific and sought-after screenwriters in Hollywood. They’ve moved into producing streaming shows like The Boys and Invincible, but Rogen and Goldberg haven’t lost sight of their big-screen roots.Not all of their movies have been as great as Superbad ...
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Kim Jong-Un "dead" in this week's dubious tabloids

'National Enquirer' "Why COVID shots don't work!" screams the scare-mongering cover story. "2,675 fully vaccinated Americans have died!" The 'Enquirer' fails to mention that most of those deaths were people with underlying medical conditions. or that millions of vaccinated Americans have avoided hospitalization and death thanks to the shot. — Read the rest
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North Korea's Kim Jong-un faces 'paradise on Earth' lawsuit

North Korea's leader should pay damages after people were lured to live there, a Japanese court hears.
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Top Stories this AM: Netflix head defends Chappelle, again; J&J vax benefits from Moderna and Pfizer boosters; South Korea cracks down on Chanel sales

Good morning and welcome to your weekday morning roundup of the top stories you need to know.For more daily and weekly briefings, sign up for our newsletters here.What's going on today: Graham says he spies Gucci at the border. Sen. Lindsey Graham is claiming that Brazilian immigrants are arriving at the border "wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags." Graham made the claim on Fox News and to The Washington Post. However, pictures his spokesman sent to The Post did not appear to show Gucci ...
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Defectors tell court they were promised ‘paradise on earth’ in North Korea

Five people seeking compensation say they were lured to country and then denied basic human rightsFive people who say they were lured to North Korea decades ago as part of a resettlement programme have told a court in Japan they were promised a “paradise on earth” but were instead denied basic human rights.The plaintiffs – four ethnic Korean residents of Japan and a Japanese woman who went to the North with her Korean husband and their daughter – are seeking 100m yen (£644,000) in damages from t...
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North Korean leader watches extreme martial arts performance – video

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has watched an extreme martial arts demonstration by soldiers at a military event marking the 76th founding anniversary of its ruling party. In the video aired by the North's state-run television station, KRT, soldiers performed multiple shows of strength: smashing items, breaking free from chains, lying on glass and throwing knives. Kim smiled and clapped as he watched the show at the Defence Development Exhibition 'Self-Defence-2021'. During the exhibition, Kim ...
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South Korea just launched itself into a very exclusive club. Here's why its new sub-launched missile sets it apart.

A South Korean Navy's Type 209-class submarine surfaces during the international fleet review near Busan, October 7, 2008. KIM JAE-HWAN/AFP via Getty Images On September 15, a South Korean submarine successfully test-launched a domestically built ballistic missile. That test puts South Korea into the club of now eight countries with SLBM capability and makes it the only member without nuclear weapons. It may also open a new phase in South Korea's arms race with North Korea. On Sept...
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WaPo's front page features 2 different articles about North Korea promoting its superiority.

1. "Shirtless soldiers lie on broken glass, smash bricks with hands as Kim Jong Un vows ‘invincible’ military": "The extraordinary videos were part of a 'self-defense' exhibition on Monday in which totalitarian North Korea showcased its latest nuclear and other weaponry..." 2. "Netflix hit 'Squid Game' is so big North Korea is using it to slam South Korean society": "While the dystopian series has gripped viewers around the world with its gruesome tale of economic despair and deadly childhood-i...
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N.Korean Musician Spotted in 'Rare' T-Shirt With Kim Jong Un's Face

By Josh SmithSEOUL (Reuters) - In what analysts said may be a first, a member of an orchestra performing at an official event in North Korea this...
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N Korean soldiers smash bricks and bend iron rods

The display of force was put on for leader Kim Jong-un at a defence exhibition.
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'Never seen anything like this before': Experts worry about North Korea's latest move

CNN's Brian Todd looks at a recent weapons display put on by Kim Jong Un that has analysts and experts concerned.
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Surrounded by missiles, Kim Jong Un blames US for regional instability

North Korea's weapons are needed to defend the country against a "hostile" United States, said leader Kim Jong Un, state media KCNA reported Tuesday.
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10 Things in Politics: Texas amps up vaccine fight

Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics. Sign up here to receive this newsletter. Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android. Send tips to [email protected]'s what we're talking about:Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order barring private companies in Texas from mandating COVID-19 vaccinesInsider is suing the Biden administration for secret Trump and Pence staffing recordsStephanie Grisham doesn't want forgiveness. She ju...
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Missing Kim Jong Un not unwell, designing NK logos instead: report

Kim Jong Un has taken seven breaks, each lasting two weeks or more, in 2021 alone, NK News reported. Some experts have speculated that...
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North Korea's Kim Jong Un blames US for regional instability

North Korea's weapons are needed to defend the country against a "hostile" United States, said leader Kim Jong Un, state media KCNA reported Tuesday.
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Kim Jong Un blames US for regional instability

North Korea's weapons are needed to defend the country against a "hostile" United States, said leader Kim Jong Un, state media KCNA reported Tuesday.
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Surrounded by missiles, North Korea's Kim Jong Un blames US for regional instability

North Korea's weapons are needed to defend the country against a "hostile" United States, said leader Kim Jong Un, state media KCNA reported Tuesday.
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