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The Best Contour Kits For Instant Cheekbones — No Matter Your Skill Level

It was only a few years ago that the growing infatuation with beauty vloggers and reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian West gave us the razor-sharp contouring phenomenon, but it feels like another time altogether. Chiseling your cheeks is still popular among professional makeup artists who've mastered it for red-carpet clients, but it's safe to say that the rest of us have generally toned it down about five notches. Now, the goal is to subtly define your cheekbones for a natural-looking sculpt ...
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Top 10 Celebrity Fashion Icons of the 2000s

Follow me down memory lane ... into the fashion world of the 2000s! Photo: Pacific Coast News Get ready to feel some intense nostalgia mixed with some major embarrassment as we look back at 2000s fashion and the most fashionable stars of the 2000s.As you probably remember (if you haven't blocked it out), the 2000s were filled with fun fashion statements like halter tops, shimmery lipgloss, trucker hats, lace-up jeans, bedazzled jean pockets, choker necklaces, gaucho pants, sweats with "JUICY" ...
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Are You Washing Your Hair Too Much? Here's the Answer, Once and For All

Most men do it every day. Selena Gomez does it twice a week. Kim Kardashian goes five full days without it. How often you wash your hair, it seems, boils down to personal preference. Right? Not so fast. The answer to that question is murky, but can be summed up in four words: for the most part - but there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, there's the issue of stripping your scalp of its natural oils when you overwash. "Then, you must consider your hair type, texture, scalp condition, dam...
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Yep, This Is Actually How Often You Should Be Washing Your Hair

Most men do it every day. Selena Gomez does it twice a week. Kim Kardashian goes five full days without it. How often you wash your hair, it seems, boils down to personal preference. Right? Not so fast. The answer to that question is murky, but can be summed up in four words: for the most part - but there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, there's the issue of stripping your scalp of its natural oils when you overwash. "Then, you must consider your hair type, texture, scalp condition, dam...
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The Post-Fifth Harmony Power Rankings

Fifth Harmony were the reigning girl group of their era. Although they never came close to the success of their closest predecessors, Destiny's Child, the group accumulated a rabid fan base of Harmonizers and contributed some sterling songs to the mainstream pop canon, among them "BO$$," "Sledgehammer," "Messy," and their one top 10 hit, the … More »
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Kim Kardashian: Kanye West wasn't referring to R. Kelly with controversial comments

While hosting one of his new Sunday Service events, Kanye West seemingly referenced the R. Kelly scandal and argued that art should be separated from the artist.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting fourth child

The reality star confirms on US TV that the couple are expecting their fourth child.
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Kim Kardashian confirms fourth baby is on the way – and reveals gender

Kim Kardashian has confirmed she is expecting her fourth child, just weeks after those baby...
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The Best Celebrity Perfumes That Are Still Worth Checking Out

Yes, celeb perfumes are still around. And these are the ones you need to get!Choosing a perfume is hard. Designer fragrances often don’t justify their steep price tags with unique, memorable scents, but inexpensive body sprays don’t have the staying power to make drowning yourself in endless spritzes worth it. In comes the celebrity perfume.Once a backbone of the perfume industry, these affordable scents aren't too popular anymore. (There’s a great article in Cosmo that explains how social media...
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Meet Living Coral, the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year (& How to Rock It)

Introducing the 2019 "Color of the Year" and sharing some ideas how you can add it to your style. Every year since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has announced an annual "Color of the Year." Now that we are in a new year, we are officially saying goodbye to 2018's "Ultra Violet" and hello to the color of 2019, "Living Coral", a coral pink with golden undertones.So why "Living Coral"?? This color was chosen by Pantone because it "energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." According to Panton...
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An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim, I need your help. I am impressed that a reality television star, like you, with star status as big as the President’s (I mean HUGE), can walk into the White House and bend the President’s ear. Thomas Rainer cannot. And that’s a shame.  Rainer, a landscape architect, author and teacher, lives and breathes reality. He loves gardens, nature and clean air, but he doesn’t have a television show or a cosmetics line. Phyto partners Claudia West, Melissa and Thomas Rainer. ...
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8 Products That Hide Grown-Out Roots Fast

Once upon a time, visible roots were a trend worthy of Blake Lively's approval. Now, we prefer our dark roots to be carefully curated by a colorist using the shadowing or smudging technique. But if you're a frequent hair dyer — whether you have partial highlights or a whole head of platinum blonde — you know that monthly touch-up appointments can get expensive, and sometimes you need to save that several hundred dollars for other things, like rent or a Trader Joe's haul.Luckily, there are at-ho...
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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Reportedly Having A Baby Boy

The couple are set to welcome their fourth child via surrogate later this year.
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Tennessee governor grants clemency to woman championed by Kim Kardashian

Tennessee's governor on Monday commuted the life sentence of a woman convicted as a teenager of murdering a man who paid to have sex with her, after Kim Kardashian and other celebrities took up her cause. Cyntoia Brown, now 30, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Johnny Allen, a 43-year-old Nashville real estate agent. "Imposing a life sentence on a juvenile that would require her to serve at least 51 years before even being eligible for parole consideration is too harsh,...
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US trafficking victim granted clemency over killing of man who bought her for sex as teenager

AUS trafficking victim serving a life sentence for killing a man who bought her for sex when she was a teenager was granted clemency on Monday following a celebrity-backed viral campaign for her freedom. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said Cyntoia Brown, now 30, had been given "too harsh" a sentence for the 2004 murder of a real estate agent in the city of Nashville. Johnny Allen had picked up Brown, who was 16 at the time and a runaway under the influence of a dangerous pimp, and taken her to h...
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Taylor Swift's "The Swift Life" Artist App To Shutter

Taylor Swift's "The Swift Life" gamified artist app developed in partnership with games maker Glu Mobile, announced that it would shut down effective February 1st. Glus is also responsible for “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” “Britney Spears: American Dream,” “Katy Perry Pop” and “Nicki Minaj: The Empire.” Apps by musician's have struggled to gain traction. Kardashian’s app is reportedly the only real success for Glu, and was predicted to top more than $200 million in lifetime revenue. ...
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Cyntoia Brown Granted Clemency After Serving 15 Years of Life Prison Sentence for Killing Man Who Bought Her for Sex When She Was 16

Cyntoia Denise Brown, the woman who was sentenced to life in prison for killing a 43-year-old man who bought her for sex when she was 16 years old, has been granted an early release and is expected to be out of jail this summer.On Monday (Jan. 7), Tennesee Governor Bill Haslam granted clemency to 30-year-old Cyntoia Brown and ordered her early release from prison, where she has served 15 years of a 51-year sentence for the murder of 43-year-old Johnny Allen. RELATED: Fast Facts About Cyntoia Bro...
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Kanye West Reportedly Working On New Album With Lil Wayne, Migos In Miami

Kanye West has not exactly been a model of stability lately. He has spent the past year loudly and incoherently embracing Donald Trump. His most recent songs are collaborations with incarcerated pariah Tekashi 6ix9ine. Last month, West publicly freaked out on Drake for following Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Last week, West More »
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Keeping up with the Kardashians means paying other women to have your babies | Catherine Bennett

If a group of men have their say Britain could soon have its own lucrative surrogate industryBehold the handmaid (#2) of the Kardashians. Or at least, that of Kim, the celebrity, and Kanye, artist and Trump loyalist. The couple have just announced the commissioning of their fourth child, using the womb of a gestational carrier who will, since this is the US, be paid for the rental.In details shared after their previous carrier delivered, last year, Kim Kardashian explained to her millions of fan...
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Donald Trump & The Kardashian Wests Had A Self-Congratulatory Week On Twitter

Kanye West wasted no time reminding everyone of his political affiliations in 2019 as he spent New Year’s Day posting a series of tweets about mind control, changing the world, and his unwavering support of President Donald Trump. This string of tweets started a chain reaction of West, Trump, and Kim Kardashian West congratulating each other for their ability to work together.“Trump all day,” West tweeted followed by another tweet of three dragon emojis, probably referring to a previous comment...
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ASOS Sold 20,000 Pairs Of Skinny Cat Eye Sunglasses In 2018

There is one thing Kanye West was right about: no one is wearing large sunglasses anymore. At the top of 2018, West sent his wife and muse Kim Kardashian an email stipulating such, as she related on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “[Kanye] sent me a whole email like, ‘You cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses,’” Kim tells Kourtney and BFF Jonathan Cheban, referring to those fashion-meets-sci-fi, Matrix -style sunglasses. “He sent me like, millions of...
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The 2019 State Of Pop Address

Pop is dead; meet the new pop. More »
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Kanye West Gifted Kim Kardashian With a $14 Million Miami Beach Condo

The couple’s new home is located in an 18-story beachfront tower also known as the “billionaire beach bunker”
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Kim Kardashian West is expecting baby No. 4 via surrogate

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expanding their family again.
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Kim Kardashian West expecting baby No. 4

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expanding their family again.
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9 Skin-Care Resolutions We're Making For A Glowing 2019

After years of promising to cut back on cheese and hit the gym daily come January 1st, we've come to accept that most resolutions — big or small — are more of a work in progress than an instant transformation. But even though a new year doesn't guarantee waking up a brand-new person overnight, it's still the perfect opportunity to reset your intentions for the next 12 months and recommit to your goals. As part of our 2019 ambitions, we’ve set our sights on brighter, healthier skin.Last year, we...
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Tabloid Gossip: Your Week of Links

Toni Braxton and Birdman called off their engagement. Dlisted ‘Boy Meets World’ star Danielle Fishel is pregnant. E! Online Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child via surrogate. New York Post ‘The View’ co-host Abby Huntsman is pregnant with twins. ET Online Karlie Koss released a new video from her wedding to … Continue reading "Tabloid Gossip: Your Week of Links" The post Tabloid Gossip: Your Week of Links appeared first on The Dishmaster.
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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Reportedly Expecting 4th Child

The couple expects to welcome a new baby via a surrogate in the new year.
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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Apparently Expecting Their Fourth Child

It looks like there’s some very happy news for the Kardashian-Wests right now and that’s because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reported to be expecting their fourth child. The couple are yet to confirm the news themselves, but US Weekly is claiming that they’re expecting a child via the same surrogate who carried Chicago West, who will be turning one year old on January 15. Play the video to see the seriously extra way Kanye proved his love to Kim… Earlier this year it was reported that the ...
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