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Kim Kardashian's 'Photoshop' Fails

Kim Kardashian West is Queen of the Gram, but that comes with a price! The reality TV starlet has been called out time and time again for allegedly editing some of her Instagram snaps -- as if she could fool her attentive, attentive fans! While the momma of three has never confirmed she's used Photoshop on her perfect pics, the warped backgrounds don't lie! Take a look at some of her most obvious fails (below)! CLICK HERE to view "Kim Kardashian's Instagram 'Photoshop' Fails!" CLICK HERE to vie...
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QUIZ: What Kind Of Celebrity Would You Be?

When you get discovered, what kind of star are you going to be? Do you keep it more mysterious like Beyoncé? Or do you let the whole world in like Kim Kardashian West? Are you tryng to be super relatable like Jennifer Lawrence? Or do you own your uniqueness like Cardi B? This is something you (or your publicist) will have to decide before you brand yourself! Get a head start by taking our quiz to see which celebrity lifestyle complements your walk of life (below). (function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d...
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These Celebrities Absolutely Slayed At Halloween

As the age-old tabloid section says, "Stars: they're just like us." At the very least, celebrities are just like us in the sense that they also require oxygen to breathe, food to subsist on, and shelter to live in. Unlike many of us, however, some celebrities have near-limitless resources, which they use to fuel luxuries, fantasies, and skincare routines.Celebrities' ample time, money, and creativity are on full display around Halloween, when they upstage us all with elaborate and fantastical c...
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Kim K's Klear Plastic Pumps Are a Petri Dish for Foot Fungi 

The clear shoes that Kim Kardashian West has been wearing out and about in support of her husband’s clothing line are... a choice for some and not for all. They are also probably going to give Kim a foot infection, so good luck with that!Read more...
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Can 'Sister Therapy' Save The Kardashians?!

The family that goes through therapy together sticks together... or something! That must've been Kim Kardashian West's thought Sunday night on an all-new episode of KUWTK, as she all-but-ordered sisters Khloé and Kourtney to head to therapy in a joint session so the trio could take care of their brutally-bad, recent bickering. Related: Kanye Wants To "Smash" All Of Kim's Sisters... Kourtney wasn't initially down with the idea (is she ever down for anything?!), but -- surprise, surprise -- Kim pu...
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Kanye West Drops New Song XTCY, Admits He Wants To F**k All Of Kim Kardashian's Sisters…

Oh, Kanye West. The rapper, father of three, and happy (?) husband of Kim Kardashian West dropped a new song very late last night -- called XTCY -- in which he admits that, yes, he may just find his sisters-in-law fairly attractive. Related: What Happened To Sweet, Heartbroken Kanye?! OK, TBH, it goes further than that. 'Ye doesn't really hold back with his "sick thoughts" in the song, admitting he'd be down for intercourse with every Kardashian sister. Don't just take our word for it, though --...
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What Ivanka Did This Week: Welding & Not Looking At Her Instagram Feed

Ivanka's schedule has not been made public, so each week, we will do our best to cover the public events and forums she attends, the meetings she has with lawmakers and government officials, and her social media presence.Friday, August 3• Ivanka retweets Kim Kardashian West's praise of her father; he said he is open to a compromise proposal on prison and sentencing reform that would reduce mandatory-minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.This is such an important step in really fixing ...
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Kim Kardashian Used To Hide Kris Humphries' Engagement Ring From Kanye West To Avoid Breaking His Heart

Kim Kardashian West is a sneaky, sneaky girl! Before ending her quickly-ill-fated 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries way back when (doesn't 2011 seem like a simpler time?!), the star had to really work to hide Humphries' engagement ring from then-friend Kanye West!! Related: Kylie Jenner Celebrates Turning 21!! Speaking on Big Boy's Neighborhood radio show in a new interview this week, Kim revealed how she used to have to go to great lengths to hide that diamond ring from the rapper so as not to ...
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Kim Kardashian Says She Isn't 'Homophobic' For Taking A Swipe At Tyson Beckford's Sexuality: 'All My Best Friends Are Gay'

Kim Kardashian West is many things, but a homophobe isn't one of them... says Kim Kardashian West. The KUWTK star addressed the backlash she faced after she clapped back at actor Tyson Beckford last week for body shaming her by calling him "sis" and implying he was gay. Many commenters found this swipe at Beckford's sexuality to be inappropriate and homophobic -- but Kimmy Kakes says the very idea of her being homophobic in any way is laughable. Related: Kim Had A 'Tough Conversation' With Khloé...
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Emmy Rossum Reveals What She 'Actually Weighs' In New Body Positive Post — & It's So Inspiring

Emmy Rossum wants you to forget the scales and remember your true worth! Just a week after openly criticizing Kim Kardashian West for bragging about her "so skinny" frame, the Shameless star used her Instagram platform on Wednesday to share a body positive message with followers everywhere. Related: Kim Is Raising Money For Children's Mental Health The feel-good message begins with an eye-catching question (below): Click on my stories. @i_weigh BECAUSE YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN A NUMBER.A post s...
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Kris Jenner Talks Kim & Kourtney's EPIC Christmas Card Fight On The Late Late Show With James Corden — 'They Were Playing Dirty'

If the Twitter war wasn't enough, Kris Jenner is bringing more details into the mix. ICYMI, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West got into an EPIC fight on Sunday's episode of KUWTK over the family's holiday card. Luckily "negotiator" Kris Jenner stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday to share her hot take. Watch (above)!
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Kim, Khloé, & Kourtney Kardashian 'Get In Tiffs All The Time' — But There's No 'Major Feud'

This rocky relationship is apparently not as bad as it seems! Despite feuding with Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian on Twitter Sunday night, Kim Kardashian West made it clear their relationship is "GOOD"! Related: Tristan Thompson Gushes About New Mom Khloé And on Tuesday, a source dished to People that fights between the trio is normal: "Kim, Khloé and Kourtney get in tiffs all the time. This is nothing new. Kim has been on the outs with Kourtney and Khloé before, but right now, Khloé...
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United States: Kim Kardashian West Won The First CFDA Influencer Award: Will A CGI Supermodel Be Next? - Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton

It is no secret that the world of fashion is full of surprises. On Monday, June 4, 2018, Kim Kardashian West won the Council of Fashion Designer of America ("CFDA") first-time Influencer Award and commented:
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Kim Kardashian Strips Down To Her Underwear For 'Bake Sesh' — And, Yep, She's Already Back To Long Hair!

Long hair, bake with care! Kim Kardashian West is back to her long-hair ways again today after (briefly) cutting off her locks and rocking the "mom bob" look alongside sibling Khloé Kardashian. Video: Kim SLAMS Kourtney As "Least Exciting Person To Look At" The 37-year-old KUWTK star showed off the new (old) long locks along with a TON of skin late Thursday night when she stripped down to bra and panties and opted for a "bake sesh" at home, as you can see (below): bake seshA post shared by ...
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Chloë Grace Moretz Is 'Tired' Of Us Asking Her About Kim Kardashian, Listen Up!

Chloë Grace Moretz is tired of us!! The young actress stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday to promote her new movie, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, in theaters August 3. But conversation inevitably shifted from her new project to an old beef with Kim Kardashian West and a very specific Valentine's Day perfume that one caller needed answers to. VIDEO: Chloë Grace Moretz Reveals What Happened To THAT Perfume KKW Sent Her But the 21-year-old candidly told Refinery29 that...
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Kim Kardashian West's clapbacks

What's worse: body shaming or a homophobic jab?
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A history of Kim Kardashian West's clapbacks after Tyson Beckford controversy

What's worse: body shaming or a homophobic jab?
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A history of Kim Kardashian West's clapbacks

What's worse: body shaming or a homophobic jab?
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Kanye West Bonding With His Dad Amid Cancer Treatment

Kanye West is taking time with his dad amid the recent cancer diagnosis. As we previously reported, Ray West was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and is seeking treatment in Los Angeles. Related: Kanye Opens Up About History Of Suicidal Thoughts Per TMZ, the rapper is making sure to bond with his father while he is in town from Chicago, giving Kim Kardashian West and their three kids, North West, Saint West, and Chicago West, a chance to do the same! So far, Ray seems to be responding well to hi...
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Khloé Kardashian Says True Thompson Hangs Out With Her Cousins Every Week!

The next generation of Kardashians will be as close as sisters! In a post shared on her app, Khloé Kardashian revealed that her daughter True Thompson has weekly playdates with Kim Kardashian West's daughter, Chicago West, and Kylie Jenner's daughter, Stormi Webster. Related: Sounds Like Kris Jenner Has A Favorite Grandchild Dishing on the frequent cousin bonding seshes, she wrote: "Having all of the cousins together is SUCH a blessing and a dream! We have baby class once a week together with a...
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Kim Kardashian West facing backlash for her Tyson Beckford clap back

Kim Kardashian slammed Tyson Beckford after the model and actor body shamed her on social media. Some Twitter users are calling her response homophobic.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Chloë Grace Moretz Reveals What Happened To THAT Perfume Kim Kardashian Sent Her!

Remember that time Kim Kardashian West put half of Hollywood on her "haters" list following her very public feud with Taylor Swift last year? Well, Chloë Grace Moretz apparently landed herself on KKW's shit list, and later ended up receiving a Kimoji Hearts Fragrances on Valentine's Day because of it. The 21-year-old stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday night to finally reveal what ended up happening to the bottle, while also commenting on T. Swift! Watch (above)!
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Kim Kardashian talks President Trump

Kim Kardashian West appreciates that President Donald Trump helped her.
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Trump call interrupted Kardashian photo shoot

Kim Kardashian West said she was naked during a photo shoot when President Trump called to inform her that he was commuting the sentence of Alice Johnson.
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Kim Kardashian: 'I have nothing bad to say about the president'

Kim Kardashian West appreciates that President Donald Trump helped her.
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You're Not Imagining It — Every Celeb Is Getting This '90s Haircut

Before we dive into the latest hair trend taking over our Instagram feeds, a full disclaimer: This look isn't exactly new. In fact, the revival of one of the most popular hairstyles of the '90s — the blunt bob — has been a long time coming, a twinkle in the eye of Hollywood A-listers, social-media influencers, and beauty editors everywhere. Now, the chin-grazing, cropped bob is back, and everyone is getting in on it... and this time, we really mean everyone.Of course, this is far from the first...
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Kim Kardashian Lost A Ton Of Weight And Kendall Jenner Is 'Concerned'

Kim Kardashian West shed some pounds recently, and her family might not be happy about it.
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Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's Drama In Washington Is Unearthed

The New York Times has published a piece on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s White House experience thus far that is one part puff, one part backhanded look at the disconnect between their public and work lives. There were items we already knew (the left is mad at them, they don’t always get what they want from the president) and some we didn’t (they now plan to stay in Washington, they’re ready to play bigger roles in the White House). Below are the dramatic pieces of inside the Beltway gossip...
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Kylie Jenner May Make $1 Million Per Instagram Post, But Can It Last?

Kylie Jenner's net worth, as of July 16, was a jaw-dropping $900 million according to Forbes. This figure put the 20-year-old at number three on Forbes ' Celebrity 100 list and number 27 on the (more questionable) Self-Made Women list.In her interview with Forbes, Jenner attributed much of her success to social media. Indeed, there's another, lesser known, though increasingly important, list where Jenner reigns supreme: The Instagram Rich List. This annual ranking, released this week, is compil...
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Interesting reflections on modern clemency realities

I flagged in this prior post an interesting star-studded event in DC yesterday discussing federal clemency's past, present and possible future.  This Washington Examiner piece reports on some of the interesting things said at the event under the headline "Alice Johnson recalls 'feeling of betrayal' from Obama, urges working with Trump."  Here are excerpts: Former prison inmate Alice Johnson said Wednesday she had a "feeling of betrayal" when former President Barack Obama left office with her st...
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