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PW Considering Jailbreak, questions on functionality

So got a PW1, and yes it's on, but there's information here to deal with that. My questions are more on usability AFTER jailbreak. I'm seeing posts on custom fonts (goal #1) and inverting colors (white text black screen). Good deal... But the biggest concern is, will whispersync still work after jailbreak? Thanks!
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Kindle PW2 to PW3 ?

Hello, This is a very weird case. The board of my PW3 died suddenly. Not even serial output. So I found a ebay listing of the PW3 board (PCB: 30-001512) and bought it. It just came today but to my surprise is a 30-000539 board, which seems to be a PW2. The display does not work in main mode. In recovery mode the display shows the pictures but in a corner, lower resolution. I've been reading a lot about recovering from erased boards but this case seems undocumented to me yet. I've been tamp...
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PW4 restoring jailbreak on 5.13.2?

Hi everyone! My kindle was updated to 5.13.2 today and I wanted to restore the jailbreak. I tried the hotfix through the "Update Your Kindle" menu but I got a "007" error during the update. I believe ":log mrpi" is no longer there in this version - I tried it and it just searches for the string. What other options do I have? I believe some part of it is still active, as I can see a little prompt that says "*** 5.12.x :( ***" during the boot process. Before this upgrade, I believe it was running...
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KOA long time no up date

Hello, looking for quick advice as it has been a long time since I've last updated FW and JB etc… and haven't been keeping up with the news here. I know my way around generally but don't want to step in anything nasty. Any help is greatly appreciated! Situation: KOA device, at FW I am 99% sure it is properly jailbroken, with hotfix, but somehow not 100%. Q1: How can I check? Q2: Can/should I just go ahead and install most recent jailbreak/hotfix to be sure? KUAL (3b62d83 201806...
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[KUAL Extension] HTTP-based file browser

I use my Kindle Paperwhite 3 everyday for my studies at university. However, it's quite inconvenient to copy documents, specially PDFs into the kindle, because most of the time, I don't bring my laptop or a micro USB cable with me. After a quick search for standalone HTTP-based file manager, I luckily found , which is an open-source option. They are also very nice to have the prebuilt binary for ARMv7 so that I can write some code to implement it into KUAL. Download KU...
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PW4 Safe update questions

Hi people! I'm thinking of updating my Jailbroken KPW4 to a newer version, on Open Sesame thread I can see 2 information regarding the use of newer versions, and they refer to "5.12.x" and "5.12.2", so may I assume that FW "5.12.1" is safe to update? :help: Sorry for any English mistakes. :bookworm:
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Jailbreaking kindle 8th generation

I have a kindle 8th generation (G000 K905...) with firmware version, purchased in 2017. The thing is that there's very little jailbreak information about this model, so I don't know what to do. The only info I've found is a reddit post ( Any help would be appreciated.
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Kindle ppw3 32 jailbreak

I have a kindle ppw3 32gb fw 5.9.5. I want to jailbreak it, please guide me. Thanks
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Update jailbroken PW2 and K4 to the latest firmware

Hello. I want to sell my old readers. Therefore I want to update them to the latest firmware. The following is available (current version -> last version): PW2: 5.9.5 -> 5.12.2 KT4: 4.1.0 -> Can I do this with working JB when I install a current hotfix? Is it still possible to register the devices at Amazon and buy books there, read on the device. And also to use homebrew software like KOReader without problems?
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Kindle Basic (2014) jailbreak?

Hey guys, I just want to ask if it's possible to install soft, 5.12 or newer, on Kindle Basic (90C6 serial no. prefix)? My friend asked me to find out if I can make device language Polish since it's not officially supported by Amazon. I have found GitHub page with 5.12.1 translated to Polish but have no idea if it will work.
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PW2 Can you help me make a picture frame from PW2 with broken touchscreen?

Hi folks I have a kindle paperwhite 2 (serial begins with 9017), which I'd like to turn into a picture frame. The touchscreen isn't working since the kindle was dropped last week. There's a hairline crack cutting across the top-left of the screen. I factory reset the device, so right now it either shows a standard Kindle screensaver, or if I press the power button, it shows a screen listing all the languages I could setup in. If only the touchscreen worked. :chinscratch: I have a USB-to-serial ...
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KV Kindle Voyage 5.13.1 Serial Jailbreak Help

Hi, New member here so be gentle. Quite some experience with arduinos, uart serial and Linux/Windows. Brought a used Kindle Voyage from ebay which came with 5.13.1, sucks right :( Seems I can't get the uboot 'Hit any key to stop autoboot: 1 ' message all the serial jailbreak threads I read seem to show. Yes I've tried mashing a key at on battery connect. While my soldering job couldn't have gone worse, I'm still able to TX/RX because I am able to read the kernel boot log as well and write int...
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KOA Disable notification battery of cover low

Hello. I just jailbreak, can turn off cover low battery notification?
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PW3 Are there any chance for me to jailbreak kindle PW3 firmware 5.12.2

Hi! I was so stupid to click update. So Can I have opportunity to jailbreak my kindle :(. P/s: sorry, If I have any grammartical mistakes because English is not native language.
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PW4 Update PW4 firmware?

Hi, my pw4 came with newer firmware than stated in post 5.12.1 Should I just go ahead and update firmware? Or wait?
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What is the current state-of-the-art in Kindle weather displays?

I'd like to buy an old, second-hand Kindle and mount it to a wall as a weather display. All the posts I can find about this via Google are five or more years old. What is the current situation with using a Kindle as a weather display? Is it still possible? If so, how? I want it to look good, so I don't want an option using the built-in "experimental" browser.
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PW4 Custom screensaver for the PW4 latest firmware?

Hi! I just got my first Kindle Paperwhite 4 last week (G000PP - Kindle PaperWhite 4 (2018) WiFi, 8GB - PW4) (no ADs), and it's running the latest firmware (Kindle 5.13.1 (3643170037)). When it arrived, it was probably on a much earlier FW, but I connected it to WiFi and used it for a while, and on the same day it restarted on its own and updated to the latest FW. I did buy it wishing to jailbreak it, but I didn't know if I wanted to jailbreak I was supposed to absolutely not let it update itse...
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KV Kindle Voyage problem--please help

Hi, I have a Kindle Voyage, serial 9013, wifi only, with firmware 5.9.4 Never jailbroken. It's restart and resetting itself to an earlier state randomly. Here's what I've tried: (1) Factory reset from the menu. It just reverts itself to an earlier state, but not factory. (2) Manual reset by holding the power button for 30s. Also reverts itself to an earlier (the same) state. (3) Manual update thru usb: it reverts itself to the same earlier state. (4) Manual downgrade thru usb: doesn't wor...
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PW3 - Check if jailbreak survived (5.12.3)

My Kindle (PW3) was jailbroken, and running 5.10.x perfectly. The jailbreak survival code was installed, but might have been an older version. I then made the stupid mistake (I know) of doing a flash-upgrade to 5.12.3, before checking the forums completely. Now, I'm not sure if my device is still jailbroken - since the usual ;log mrpi command doesn't seem to work. I've tried to install KUAL using the Update_KUALBooklet_hotfix_44a61b6_install.bin UYK method to install KUAL, but that doesn't see...
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PW4 Blocking updates - most recent firmware version?

Can anyone confirm what the latest firmware version is that OTA updates can be blocked using any method other than turning off WiFi?? I’m running 5.11.2 using the Prevent OTA Updates option in KUAL and it works fine - no updates offered. Anyone running a more recent version and can confirm whether this works or not?
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KOA Kindle Oasis Gen 1 fw 5.13.1 (or older) - Serial Jailbreaking Step by Step

Good day Oasis 1 owner! Finally there is a guy! I know :thumbsup: I also happy to bring this tutorial to all of you. Disclamer: I am not responsible for bricked devices. Good luck! Before doing anything, I strongly recommend you should take a look at below instructions: 1. Kindle Oasis 1 back cover removal from iFix 2. Serial Jailbreaking your fw >= 5.6.x Kindle for Dummies You'll need: - A computer - Your kindle oasis - USB-TTL serial adapter - Solder - Tool to open your kindle - ...
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KOA Serial Jailbreak Kindle Oasis 1 - Need help

Hi! After some experiments, I finally find out the serial port of Kindle Oasis 1 (Tx, Rx, and GND) as in the picture. :D [IMG=853,400] 967[/IMG] I successfully access to uboot by connect with USB to TTL adapter. But when I enter the code Code: bootm 0xE41000 to access diag mode, it stucks somewhere in loading kernel. Could anyone have any idea? :help: Attached Thumbnails ...
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Help with Jailbreak 3G 3.4.3

I have arrived 10 years late!! :smack: i received a gift from an old friend, he gave me a Kindle 3G Keyboard (B00A) with the 3.4.3 update but I cant do the jailbreak, could someone help me?? :help:
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PW4 Paperwhite 4 iptables

Howdy all, I have made some changes to my Paperwhite 4 iptables without first backing it up, rookie mistake I know, but here we are. Now, I have no connectivity with either WiFi or lte. I've tried restarting, and restoring them to what they were (using my obviously faulty memory) I of course have tried Google, but I've found nothing helpful. I'd be appreciative if someone could send/post the default iptables for the WiFi/LTE(4g) specific device. Much thanks. EDIT: I do have lte/wifi connectivity...
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PW4 Default margins on the PW4

Hi, I tried searching for the answer myself, but could not find it even browsing the Mobileread Wiki. I really like Koreader and especially the user self controlled contrast function on EPUBs. I thought extra real-estate without the margins would benefit me, but sadly it does not since I'm used to PW default margins it seems. I tried setting them up just like a Kindle in Koreader but I only have one so I can't really compare side to side. Are there official values of the default margins post...
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PW2 Changing kindle account on jailbroken PW2

I have an old jailbroken PW2 which I want to give to my mom. I do not remember what version of FW it has. It is the latest which was automatically deployed and the jailbreak survived. Will changing the account on the Kindle affect the jailbreak?
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PW2 Jailbroken on 5.12.2 KUAL with lot's of exceptions

Hi, probably this belongs on the long KUAL thread, anyway; It was all working fine, don't really know what changed. The attachment has the exceptions that i'm getting with almost everything I click on KUAL menus. Somethings work even with the exception (ex: open KOReader, yields an exception and nothing happens, then I hit the 'Home' button, KUAL exits and KOReader starts) I've tried to reinstall almost every package I remember since the jailbreak but it didn't help. Any more suggestions? ...
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Restore Broken USB Port in Kindle Paperwhite 4?

Hi, I was tinkering with my jailbroken Kindle Paperwhite 4 quite a long time ago over ssh. The device was connected via a USB cable with a magnetic head. Occasionally, it fell on the floor and stopped detecting by the PC. Luckily, it hadn't lost the charging ability, and the USBNetwork hack was configured with WiFi, and was written to the device. Immediately, I wrote a couple of big files to the kindle storage (/mnt/us, left around 60MB of free space) using dd util to prevent OTA upda...
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PW4 Jailbreaking Questions

Hi, I recently bought a Kindle Paperwhite 4 and fell victim to an OTA update to 5.13.1. I have read that there were issues with jailbreaking the PW4 via serial. I was wondering if there has been any progress regarding serial jailbreaking for the PW4 or if someone has started to look into jailbreaking 5.13.1? I look forward to hearing your responses.
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PW2 jailbreak PW2 (9017) FW15.2.2

Hi Is it possible jailbreak PW2 FW 15.2.2? If there is a description (preferably step by step), please show it to me. Forgive me my English ;) best regards beegos
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