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KT3 Kindle 2016 jailbreak

Hello all. Now i have Kindle 2016 (8-th gen) with last frimware ( (29.03.2019)). Can i do jailbreak for my device?
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PW4 serial port jailbrek kindle paperwhite4 5.11.1 can‘t stop autoboot

Hello Everyone! As the title show,i want to jailbreak my kindle paperwhite4 on the firmware 5.11.1;but when the screen show “Hit any key to stop autoboot” ;i press、hit any key do not work; Can someone tell me how to do! Here is the screen show: Code: info shutdown:begin:level=6,halt=,special=:level=6,halt=,special= info shutdown:closing password dialog:: info blanket_f:loading blanket module:shutdown:shutdown info shutdown_showimage:screen:splashing screen:splashing scree...
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PW3 Kindle PW3 5.9.7/

Hi there folks! I've already tried searching for an answer to this but I haven't been able to find a definitive one, so I apologize in advance if this is a duplicate post. I've just purchased a Kindle Paperwhite 3, with firmware version 5.9.7. From what I understand, it's not possible to software mod it on this version, so I'll go for the serial port hardware mod. My 2 questions are: 1) If I hardware mod the PW3 on this version and then update to, will it keep the mod? 2)If not, ca...
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KOA Thanks for helping my KOA.

I accidentally ran the command "fastboot set var bootmode reset" to my KOA, and it fall into a reboot loop with back lightflashing three times quickly.The PC cannot recongnized the kindle device. Any help?
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Any way to jailbreak PW2 on, model dp75sdi?

I want a jailbroken e-Ink Kindle and bought this pw (used). Now I cannot find a way to do this. Is it possible? If not, which kinds/versions of e-Inks Kindle can be jailbroken? Thanks very much.
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PW3 jb 5.10.3

My thread title is also the question. It is not possible, so it seems, to jb a Kindle with 5.10.3. I also cannot downgrade this. Some website are telling it works with moving the right bin in the root folder and make use of the Kindle update function. But it doesn't work. I guess, the Firmware checks if it < or > than the version I want to install. Too bad. Can I make it stop sending data around? Whispersync is turned off in the amazon account, but is it really, really off? I also dis-conncecte...
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Is there anyway I can jailbreak my kpw4 on 5.10.3?

I have jailbreaked my kpw3 by serial, but it seems I can not do the same thing on kpw4
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Tools Kindle E-Ink Screen Fix

Hi guys! Today I've developed a tool to fix E-Ink Kindle Screens, it's into a book format, so here you go :bookworm:: :eek: NO JAILBREAK NEEDED!!! :eek: Instructions: Open this book, go to page settings and enable page refreshing, after, go back to the first black page and start turning the pages once per second 256 times. What it may fix: E-ink ghosting, lines and errors in books and/or the system. This program/book is free to use, fully created by me using Paint, Windows Explorer, Mang...
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Kindle DX browser choked

I have a Kindle DXG. It has been updated and is registered with Amazon. I can still buy books over 3G, but I can no longer connect to sites I used for years while I was in the mountains without the internet. I used to check the weather and Gmail with ease. Now I get that "Basic Web is unable to make a secure connection at this time message except for Shop in Amazon store! I have spent a couple of extended sessions with Kindle customer support, and they insist it is because Amazon has not updated...
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PW3 PW3,fw 5.10.3 serial jailbreaking help

Hello everyone I have a pw3 32 fw5.10.3. And according to what I have read,I have reached the stage of installing the "main-htmlviewer.tar.gz" , but the latest version of the jailbreak plug-in obviously cannot be installed according to the method in the previous post. How to install the jailbreak plug-in, what are the specific steps, and who can help me?
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KT3 Any Jailbreak Yet For KT3 (8th Generation)?

Is There Any Progress On Jailbreak For KT3 (8th Generation)? Thank In Advance.
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PW2 Does jailbreak survive firmware

My PW2 that's jailbroke has version 5.10.2 and I leave it in Airplane mode most of the time but did sync a week ago and back to airplane mode. Now it's been popping up about an upgrade, I'm assuming it's but it could be 5.10.3 as I didn't install that. Does a jailbroke Kindle survive upgrading to If it doesn't can I delete "update.bin.tmp.partial" to stop it from asking about the update?
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K3 Help! Kindle 3 Power Switch is dead

Please your help. The power switch in my Kindle Keyboard is damaged and I don´t have a way of waking the device up. Is there a keyboard shortcut or key combination that has the same effect than sliding the power switch? This device has the latest firmware so I don´t think I can root it. If I reset it by disconnecting the battery, it boots and I can use it but when it goes back to sleep I don´t have a way of waking it. I can also try a hardware hack; I have changed the screen of this device tw...
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Duokan License?

Is Duokan an open source project? Is there a license somewhere? I'd like to modify it and release my modifications to the public.
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KOA2 Screensaver Hack Working?

Just checking in as it's been some time since I've heard anything. I have a Jailbroken KOA2 (thank you for all the help doing it months ago) and wanted to see if there was anyone who has been able to get the screensaver hack working? Apologies if i'm behind. Thanks for any information.
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PW3 - which kindle-usbnetwork-* do I need?

I'm on the path to Debian on my PW3 and I've got as far as KUAL. Next is usbnet and I'm a little stuck as I keep only finding posts for usbnet on non-touch devices. says to read to get usbnet and that references which seems to be quite old given I can find - but only for non-touch.
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PW2 After update to 5.11.11 my kindle stopped working properly.

My kindle updated itself to newest update, and after that I couldnt turn it on without long press of the power button. When I contacted Amazon they couldnt fix it, and they offered me a 15% discount (sic!!) to buy another device ince they have broken my current one with the software uodate which i DIDNT WANTED!!:smack: My kindle still running, but I can reset it to factory settings (its catching a bootloop), whenever I try to connect it to the computer it askd to format the space ( so I cant ge...
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KOA2 Kindle Oasis 9th Generation Demo Mode

Hi, I don't think anybody will be able to help, but it is worth a try. Amazon has made some changes on how their demo mode works on their Kindles. There is a screen that says tap to learn more, and when you tap the screen it brings you to the home screen of the Kindle. See example in image 1. The problem is that if the Kindle is no longer connected to Wifi, and you tap the screen that says tap to learn more, it won't bring you the the home screen. Instead it brings you to a slideshow of ful...
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Amazon Kindle Basic (2014) Display Problems

Hi. There is a problem with the Kindle Basic screen. The panel is not broken. But it does not display normally. It is displayed in black and a line as attached picture. This is what the last line of the boot log shows. 'monitor: writing_file: file = / var / local / upstart / system.restarts: file = / var / local / upstart / system.restarts info system_monitor: task = system, reboots = 9398 :: ' And reboot automatically. I tried to connect the ink panel cable to another device, but the screen c...
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SSH/Telnet commands

Hi, I have a K4 with Kual, usbnet, python... Something a little disturbing for me: when I connect to my K4 in ssh or telnet, after the welcome message, the usual commands to navigate through repertories have no effects (ls, cd, etc...). For exemple, nano and date are ok. I try to find what's wrong with my "kindle weather stand alone" fresh install (unable to update weather). Best regards
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Disable hyphenation? (custom firmware?)

Is there any way to disable the hyphenation on the Kindle Paperwhite? I find it quite distracting and sometimes the hyphens come in the middle of names, which is really annoying. I know that you can download and transfer azw3 files over which will lose it, but it would be nice to do away with that manual step. Are there any custom firmwares to do it? My Kindle is on 5.10.3.
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PW3 Serial jailbreaking help

Hey all. I recently decided to try and serial jailbreak my PW3 running a firmware that's too new to software jailbreak, and I've run into a little snag. Following this thread I got to the point where the PuTTY window shows the boot instructions and such, but I can't seem to interrupt the boot process before it boots normally. I'm assuming PuTTY is supposed to send my inputs from the keyboard as terminal commands to the serial port, but nothing I press seems to do anything. The connections I'm ...
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PW3 4GB Serial Debrick and Jailbreak Assistance Requested

Good Day, Respected Kindle Devs! First, a heartfelt thank you for all your work. My jailbroken KT5 is literally the favorite device in a house full of geekery. Owe you guys for all your hard work. :thumbsup: Second, apologies in advance for any poor forum intention to offend. Third: In my excitement to get a PW3 (G090G105XXX, FW 5.8.11, Rev 3243010037) jailbroken I bricked my device :smack: foolishly attempting a downgrade after disregarding the warnings on this thread: http...
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Kindle Serial Number Change?

Hi I'm new here, so apologies if I'm not following the correct protocol. I recently lost a very distinctive 8th Gen Amazon Kindle (left on a plane) and about a week later something very similar turned up on a buy and sell website for sale. The ad showed a screen showing recommendations for the book I'd been reading as well as all my recent viewed books, some less mainstream. The local police contacted the seller, but the serial number didn't match mine despite all this. My question is, is it p...
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Kindle firmware emulation?

Hey guys, I'm thinking about emulating the Kindle firmware in Qemu to make jailbreak development easier by analyzing the application behavior (especially the webkit browser and the launcher). Does anybody know if it is possible? I can't find anything on the internet. The firmware contains a rootfs, u-boot.bin and uImage but i couldn't get it to run in Qemu though.
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DX(G) Develop patch for missing certificate Kindle DX

Many Kindle DX users cannot register through the device once it was factory reset. The dump file ";dm" showing that after factory reset, Kindle DX unable to find its certificate from the amazon server. The updated firmware patch from Amazon website seemed did not solve this problem. Amazon themselves has been very slow and probably won't help to solve the issue. I think that it might be possible to patch certificates from Kindle DX 2.5.8 that still able to register and deregister to Amazon. Woul...
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PW2 Jailbroken PW2 Accidental Update to 5.9.4

Hi, I had accidentally performed an OTA updated on a Jailbroken PW2 to 5.9.4. Is there a way to downgrade this / retain my jailbreak without having to perform a serial downgrade? (I'm very lazy to do electrical work atm and would like to list out my options before going to my last resort). Thanks a lot
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crapViewer - Photo Viewer for Kindle (aur0raHAX)

A new aur0raHAX app is here! crapViewer allows you to view photos on your Kindle. Click next pic to goto the next picture, prev pic for the previous picture, and goto pic to go to a specific picture. Signing off; khitan Attached Files (2.34 MB)
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PW1 Mobile network thetering?

So I have opened my Kindle Paperwhite 1 and found that there is a modem with some SIM card. I was wondering if it's possible to put my own SIM card and the network would work? Or it's possible but very difficult and requires a lot of knowledge and hacking. And finally, if all above positive, would it be also possible to thether this connection to the PC? Spoiler: I remember that probably in the old days, when some 3G kindles had free all-around-the-world connection to amazon, wikipedia...
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