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CS Interview: Creator Jami O’Brien on AMC’s NOS4A2

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Interview: Creator Jami O’Brien on AMC’s NOS4A2 In attending this year’s virtual SeriesFest, got the opportunity to chat with Jami O’Brien, creator and showrunner of AMC’s adaptation of the Joe Hill novel NOS4A2 and discuss the horror series’ newly-premiered second season and the well-received first chapter! RELATED: CS Interview: Co-Creator Megan Ganz on Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone =...
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Revival: Mike Flanagan Offers Update on His New Stephen King Film

Revival: Mike Flanagan Offers Update on His New Stephen King Film It has been nearly two months since it was announced that Mike Flanagan is set to pen Warner Bros’ film adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel Revival, and now the Doctor Sleep filmmaker has finally revealed an update on the project’s current development. Speaking with The Kingcast, Flanagan confirmed completion of his first draft of the screenplay, describing it as dark and cynical. He also confirmed that King has also rea...
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Interim Stat Pack for October Term 2019

With the 2019-2020 Supreme Court term coming to a close, the discussion among court-watchers continues to focus on Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision-making. Much has been made of his siding with the more liberal justices in striking down a Louisiana abortion law in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo and upholding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (at least temporarily) in Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California. Roberts’ positions in these c...
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This Deep Red State Admits: We’re in Deep COVID Trouble

The mayor of Tupelo, Mississippi, can’t find just one thing to blame for a resurgent coronavirus ravaging his state these days. But he’s clear that it starts at the top. To Jason Shelton, the approach taken by President Donald Trump, and the politicizing of the pandemic, is where the problem began. Then it trickled down to the president’s followers, like the state’s GOP governor, who Shelton described as having emulated Trump’s behavior and words toward COVID-19 during the public health crisis. ...
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America’s Enduring Caste System

Our founding ideals promise liberty and equality for all. Our reality is an enduring racial hierarchy that has persisted for centuries.
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Symposium: June Medical and the many faces of judicial discretion

Jane Schacter is the William Nelson Cromwell professor of law at Stanford Law School. She signed an amicus brief in support of the petitioners in June Medical Services v. Russo. The headline from the 5-4 decision in June Medical Services v. Russo striking down Louisiana’s abortion restriction is unquestionably the vote of Chief Justice John Roberts. He determined the outcome. While he may have previewed his position a year ago when he voted to stay the ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for t...
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Martin Luther King III on a Pivotal Wave of Black Lives Matter Protests

Mr. King, the oldest son of Martin Luther King Jr., talked about what his father might have thought of the current protests for racial justice, and why this movement may be different than past ones.
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"A man critically injured in one of the shootings inside Seattle’s chaotic, cop-free CHAZ claims it was a hate crime committed by racist infiltrators who dropped the N-word."

"DeJuan Young told KIRO 7 that he was fleeing the sound of gunshots from where a teenager was shot dead early Saturday when he was accosted by at least four men who dropped a racial slur when they shot him. 'I’m not sure if they’re Proud Boys or KKK,' Young told the station... 'But the verbiage that they said was, "Hold this n—r" — and shot me.... And they stood over top of me and continued to fire.... I tried to protect myself and got shot in the arm,' he claimed of the assailants, who apparent...
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The 1968 riots and what Trump could learn from LBJ

The demonstrations that have spread across the country since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May unavoidably invite comparisons with the massive riots that occurred in more than one hundred cities after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. on 4 April 1968. The most serious disturbances broke out in Washington, DC. They began a short time after King’s death, resumed with ferocious strength the next day, and continued with gradually diminishing intensity for nearly two weeks....
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Sharper: Apple Acquires Con Artist Film Starring Julianne Moore

Sharper: Apple Acquires Con Artist Film Starring Julianne Moore Variety brings word that Apple has acquired the feature Sharper, starring Oscar-winner Julianne Moore (Still Alice, The Kids Are All Right, Far From Heaven) in a story about a con artist operating in a world of billionaires and one-percenters. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCoo...
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New Trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Spy Series Prequel 'The King's Man'

"We are the first independent intelligence agency. Refined, but brutal. Civilized, but merciless." Fox has revealed the third official trailer for The King's Man, an exciting new prequel movie in Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman series. The first teaser debuted last year, and this was scheduled for release in February. It was delayed until September, but they're moving ahead full speed. Once again directed by Matthew Vaughn, in this one we go back to the days of World War I, aka The Great War, to t...
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‘The King’s Man’ Trailer: Refined But Brutal, Civilized But Merciless

The King’s Man, a prequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service, has been waiting in the wings for theatrical release for awhile now. The movie was originally slated to arrive in theaters in November of 2019, but it was delayed until February 2020, only to be pushed back yet again to September. It looks like the fall release date is still intact, despite all the release date shuffling due to the coronavirus pandemic, and to remind everyone that the movie is still on the way a new The King’s Man trail...
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Final The King’s Man Trailer Offers Deeper Look at Action Prequel

Final The King’s Man trailer offers deeper look at action prequel It’s been over six months since we last heard that Disney had delayed the release of the highly-anticipated third installment in the hit action spy franchise and now 20th Century Studios has unveiled a new trailer for The King’s Man from series co-writer and director Matthew Vaughn. The trailer can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Disney Sets Last Duel Release, Pushes Back The King’s Man PB ...
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Stephen King Has Idea For ‘Friday the 13th’ Novel Told from Jason Voorhees’ POV

Stephen King is always working on something. The prolific master of horror seems to churn out a book every few months, firing away at one tale of terror after the next, with no signs of slowing down. King is such an institution that he can probably get literally anything published at this point, even a grocery list. And while King will continue to thrive as long as he’s typing away, and publishers will continue to eat it up, he’s not above waxing hypothetically about books he’ll probably never ...
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Change of plans: Ex-Badger Kobe King won't play at Nebraska

Former Wisconsin guard Kobe King has changed his plans and won’t be playing basketball at Nebraska. Nebraska coach Fred Hoiberg said in a statement Friday that King had informed the staff that he wouldn’t be enrolling at the school because of personal reasons. School officials had announced on April 15 that King was coming to Nebraska.
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Does Trump Want to Fight to Win 2020 Election? His Aides Are Worried.

Advisers and allies say the president’s repeated acts of self-destruction have significantly damaged his re-election prospects, and yet he appears mostly unable, or unwilling, to curtail them.
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Does Trump Want to Fight for a Second Term? His Self-Sabotage Worries Aides

Advisers and allies say the president’s repeated acts of self-destruction have significantly damaged his re-election prospects, and yet he appears mostly unable, or unwilling, to curtail them.
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How 7 Civil Rights Activists View The George Floyd Protests

The tumult and passion of the past weeks have left the surviving veterans of the civil rights era with trepidation and hope.
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Activists Who Marched With Dr. King Offer Lessons for Those Marching for George Floyd

The tumult and passion of the past weeks have left the surviving veterans of the civil rights era with trepidation and hope.
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Note to Dancers: ‘Drop Your Self-Consciousness’ and Get Into It

In a series of videos, the choreographer Alonzo King instructs performers to play with natural world. “Let’s use the wind instead of ignoring it.”
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Why Protest Movements Are ‘Civil’ Only in Retrospect

Once history has endorsed a social movement, people tend to simplify it and downplay the opposition it faced. But while movements are happening, historians say, they are always messy.
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Tattoo parlor offers free sessions to cover up of racist symbols

In Murray, Kentucky, Gallery X Art Collective tattoo artists Jeremiah Swift and Ryun King are offering free sessions to cover up racist tattoos for people who have changed their minds for the better. From CNN: "We also got a guy with a giant swastika who said he has never taken his shirt off in front of his kids, [King said.] I like seeing that. I like seeing people want to change themselves for the better. That swells me full of emotions[...]" King's first client was Jennifer Tucker...
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‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner Removed From Embassy After Trump, Pompeo Displeasure

A “Black Lives Matter” banner hanging in front of the U.S. Embassy in Seoul was reportedly taken down after it was brought to the attention of President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. According to a Bloomberg report on Monday morning, the banner was removed after it was brought to the attention of Trump and Pompeo, who were “displeased” by it. A multicolored “pride” banner paying tribute to the LGBTQ community was taken down as well. Both were replaced by a banner commemorating the ...
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Orange County man channels Martin Luther King Jr. to inspire crowds

A man found his voice. It had been lost for many years. Rich Harmon was driving on a recent Saturday with his wife, Dominique. There was no particular destination for the drive. Just a diversion to get them out of their Trabuco Canyon house after so many weekends of sheltering in place to avoid the coronavirus. They passed a Chinese restaurant, a movie theater and Rancho Santa Margarita’s City Hall, where they couldn’t help but notice a group of mostly young protesters had gathered. Rich and ...
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So you want to talk about race in tech with Ijeoma Oluo

“A lot of people denigrate the value of talking about race and racism in technological spaces,” said Ijeoma Oluo, author of So You Want to Talk About Race, which has surged to the top of the New York Times best sellers list in paperback nonfiction, two and a half years after its initial January 2018 publication. “…I don’t think there’s a more important space to be talking about it.” Oluo and I were talking this January, just before the global pandemic struck, at One Cup Coffee: a no-frills, “mor...
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‘Paddington 3’ Will Happen, But Not With Director Paul King

Few thought that a children’s series about a marmalade-loving bear could earn the critical acclaim that Paddington has, but writer-director Paul King elevated a silly premise into some of the best and most heartwarming films of the decade. And in unprecedented times like these, we need Paddington more than ever. And we may be getting it, as King confirmed that Paddington 3 is still happening — just without him. What are the Paddington movies without Paul King’s magic touch? We’ll have to fin...
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Last night we all rode together thanks to Black Girls Do Bike

(Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) After months of quarantine and weeks of heavy-hearted news and protests, Nichole Watson and Keyonda McQuarters just wanted to let loose and go on a bike ride. So they posted it on Facebook and told their friends to join. They expected a few dozen people. What they got was closer to 2,000. “Sometimes you need to take the lane and you need to demand that people see you and make space for you and that’s what today is about.”— Nichole Watson “I’m ...
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A Museum Canceled a Show About Police Brutality. Here’s the Art.

MoCA Cleveland has apologized to the artist Shaun Leonardo, whose charcoal drawings represent victims of police violence.
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USA Swimming sued under new California sexual abuse victims law

Debbie Denithorne was a Bay Area 11-year-old with Olympic aspirations in 1980 when Andy King approached her parents about coaching her. “I could be an elite swimmer, perhaps an Olympian,” Denithorne recalled King telling her parents. “This was wonderful news because I had dreamed of being an Olympian, and it legitimized that dream because Andy King had coached Olympians.” King would soon turn her Olympic dreams into a nightmare of alleged sexual abuse that continues to haunt her today, 40 years ...
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