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Halle Berry Is An MMA Champion With Demons In Netflix’s Bruised Trailer

A new trailer for the sports drama Bruised, starring Halle Berry as a former MMA fighter seeking her chance at redemption, has been released ahead of the film’s Netflix release in November. Bruised stars Berry as Jackie Justice, a disgraced former champion who enters the gritty world of underground fighting by circumstance and finds herself with a chance to reclaim her former glory in the octagon. Jackie’s story is complicated when she is reunited with the infant son she gave up years prior and...
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The King's Man: Release Date, Cast, And More

(Welcome to ...And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.)It's been several years since we last saw the "Kingsman" franchise grace the big screen. Though it hasn't been for a lack of interest on the studio side of things, as "The King's Man," a new entry in the action/spy series, has been ready to go for some time. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, it had been repeatedly delayed. But ...
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5 Daniel Craig Movies To Stream After No Time To Die

"No Time to Die" is the final hurrah for Daniel Craig's James Bond, but luckily, the actor has had plenty of other great roles over the years. So if you find yourself curious about some other standout entries in his filmography, we're here to guide you. A quick note before we begin: "Knives Out" and "Munich" are not on this list. That's because A) this list is limited to just five films, B) "Knives Out" was very well-received when it came out a few years ago, so I assume you've probably seen it ...
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Matthew Vaughn’s New Star-Studded Spy Film Argylle Begins Production

Production on Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn’s newest spy film Argylle has officially begun in Europe. The filming start also comes with the addition of Tony Award-nominated actress Ariana DeBose, who has signed on to join Henry Cavill, and John Cena, the star-studded project. DeBose will also next be seen in Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited film adaptation of the West Side Story. “We have assembled an absolutely stellar cast to inhabit each of the wonderfully original and captivating character...
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All Of Matthew Vaughn's Films Ranked Worst To Best

Although his directorial credits are somewhat limited, British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn has forged an innovative style that fuses sharp humor with memorable characters, shocking darkness, and genuine sincerity. While he frequently works with established franchises and adapts previously existing properties, Vaughn makes his stories feel original, and his confidence behind the camera has made him one of the most prominent voices of his generation.Vaughn is brilliant in the way he approaches famili...
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Operation Mincemeat First Look: Netflix's Film Sounds Like Weekend At Bernie's Meets WWII

I know what you might be thinking. "Ugh, another stuffy World War II movie?" If you've seen one, you've seen them all, amIright? There's nothing new under the sun, modern filmmaking is dying from a lack of creativity, etc. Well, I'm here to tell you that this well hasn't completely run dry just yet. Netflix has acquired the rights to a new film based on the shockingly true story of one of the most incredible events to take place during the war. Titled "Operation Mincemeat," the streaming service...
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Disney Sets Dates For Movies Through 2024, Doubles Down On Theatrical

Today, Disney announced a torrent of updated release date information about several of the studio's biggest upcoming films. Let's take a look at these new dates, and then break down which ones will only be available to see in theaters. Disney Release Date Announcements OK, take a deep breath and let's go through these one by one.Disney has moved "Nightmare Alley," Guillermo del Toro's remake of a 1940s Tyrone Power drama, from a limited December 3, 2021 release to a wide release just a few days ...
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New Trailer Released for THE KING’S MAN

It seems like it’s been so long since we last saw or heard from THE KING’S MAN – originally scheduled to release last year. But fans of the original Kingsman films don’t have to wait much longer for this awaited prequel. Today, 20th Century Studios debuted a brand-new, action-packed trailer, full of director Matthew Vaughn’s signature style. […] The post New Trailer Released for THE KING’S MAN appeared first on ZANNALAND!.
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The King's Man's Newest Trailer Showcases Some Very Un-Gentle Men

If, for some wild reason, you thought the prequel to the ultra-action-packed Kingsman movies would going to be any tamer than its forebears, I can promise you, you needn’t lose any sleep over it. The King’s Man has action for days, and this newest R-rated, red-band trailer for the film proves.Read more...
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The King's Man Red Band Trailer: The Super-Spy Prequel Gets Bloody

The long-awaited new addition to "The Kingsman" franchise is finally upon us. Well, almost. After nearly two years of delays due in no small part to that pesky pandemic, Matthew Vaughn's third installment in the series looks locked into place for a December 2021 release, and we have a new trailer on deck to prove it."The King's Man" serves as a prequel to the other two "Kingsman" films, depicting the secret and oh-so-proper spy organization in its early days, long before Colin Firth's Harry Hart...
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One More Red Band Trailer for 'The King's Man' Finally Opening Soon

"While governments wait for orders, our people take action." We've been waiting more than a year for this movie to finally be released! 20th Century has debuted one final red band trailer for The King's Man, the next prequel in Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman series. This is now set for release in December later in 2021, after many many delays over the last year and plans to open it before. (Technically this is the fifth trailer so far, the last one arrived earlier this summer.) Discover the origi...
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The 15 Best Spy Movies Of All Time

In a 1956 letter to noir legend Raymond Chandler, Ian Fleming referred to his James Bond novels as "pillow fantasies of the bang-bang, kiss-kiss variety." The phrase would eventually be turned around and immortalized as hepcat slang for spy cinema around the world. The business of kiss kiss, bang bang has been booming ever since. Fleming's creation for Queen and Country is now the second-longest running franchise in film history. "Mission: Impossible" has been playing in theaters longer than it ...
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New ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Clip Puts Martial Arts Front and Center

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has a lot to live up to. As comic readers know, Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) is a skilled martial artist, on par with (or even better than) the absolute best in the Marvel world. So far, we’ve received brief teases and glimpses of the superhero’s fighting prowess in this cinematic adaptation of the character, but a new clip puts the focus entirely on his ability to stave off multiple enemies at once in the most precarious of spots … and with his only “weapons” ...
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Apple Picks Up Matthew Vaughn’s Spy Movie ‘Argylle’ in Massive $200 Million Deal

Argylle is heading to Apple. Apple Original Films is reportedly “nearing completion” on the acquisition of Argylle, a new spy/action film from Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn which is intended to launch a new film franchise. The company is shelling out around $200 million for the project, continuing the somewhat recent trend of streamers upending the established model by paying gargantuan up-front costs to entice talent instead of rewarding them with financial bonuses based...
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Mark Millar’s ‘King of Spies’ is About a James Bond-esque Spy Coping With His Own Mortality

Though Jupiter’s Legacy has been canceled, Netflix is still in the Mark Millar business. Instead of adapting an existing Millar comic to the screen, however, the company has worked up a new project in-house with the creator. King of Spies is billed as a “graphic novel translation of [an] original Netflix property.” The title will pair Millar with an as-yet-unnamed superstar comic book artist for an all-new story, which centers on Britain’s greatest secret agent. James Bond? No. Sir Roland King....
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Taron Egerton Deprives Us of a ‘High Life’ Reunion, Replaces Robert Pattinson in Claire Denis’ ‘Stars at Noon’

Taron Egerton has come a long way since he first popped up on my radar as “that punk from Kingsman: The Secret Service.” He certainly does all he’s asked to do in Matthew Vaughn‘s slick spy movies, but it was his turn as Elton John in the wonderful Rocketman that finally showed us the full potential of his charisma and screen presence. In a good news/bad news double-whammy, it seems that Egerton is adding Claire Denis Cinema™ to his credits, but at the expense of a highly-anticipated Denis reun...
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‘Argylle’: Matthew Vaughn’s New Spy Movie Casts Henry Cavill, Bryan Cranston, John Cena, and More

Yesterday, a report surfaced that Matthew Vaughn, the director of the Kingsman film franchise, would be directing an untitled spy movie about a novelist with amnesia who slowly regains her memory and realizes she’s actually a world-class spy. An official press release, which announced the film’s title and cast, has since contradicted that initial synopsis. Vaughn’s new movie is called Argylle, and the press release promises it will launch a new action franchise. Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) is s...
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Kingman Creator’s Spy Pic Argylle Sets A-List Cast Including Henry Cavill & John Cena

(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Netflix & Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images) Ahead of the long-delayed release of the latest installment to the Kingsman films this December, it looks like franchise creator Matthew Vaughn has found his next big project in the form of Marv Studios’ brand new spy feature titled Argylle. Marv has also assembled an all-star cast which will feature Grammy-winning singer Dua Lipa in her feature acting debut, who is also set to provide the original music for the titl...
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Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryce Dallas Howard Among A-List Cast for Matthew Vaughn’s Spy Thriller ‘Argylle’

“Kingsman” director Matthew Vaughn has signed up an all-star cast for his new film franchise “Argylle,” which will be produced by Vaughn’s U.K.-based studio MARV. Henry Cavill (“Man of Steel”), Sam Rockwell (“Moon”), Bryce Dallas Howard (“Jurassic World”), Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”), Catherine O’Hara (“Schitt’s Creek”), John Cena (“Bumblebee”) and Samuel L. Jackson (“Avengers: Endgame”) […]
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‘Kingsman’ Director Matthew Vaughn Making New Spy Movie With Samuel L. Jackson, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Sam Rockwell

Matthew Vaughn has spent the past seven years working in the spy genre directing his Kingsman films, and he seems to be extremely comfortable in that arena. In fact, he doesn’t seem to be interested in leaving it any time soon: a new report says he’s actually developing a new spy movie that has Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World, Black Mirror) in talks to play the lead role and a couple of other high-profile actors circling significant parts.  A New Matthew Vaughn Spy Movie is in the Works...
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The King's Man Teaser Reminds Us That We Still Haven't Seen This Yet

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Especially at the (non-existent) box office. We’ve mostly been waiting to finally see Marvel’s Black Widow finally arrive on the big screen, but lo and behold there’s another action franchise right around the corner. In this new look at The King’s Man, we take a glimpse at the past,…Read more...
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New Special Look Preview for 'The King's Man' Opening in December

"Spectacular, eh?" 20th Century has released a new "Special Look" trailer for The King's Man, the next prequel in Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman series. This is now set for release in December later in 2021, after many many delays over the last year and plans to open it at various times. Discover the origins of the very first independent intelligence agency. This prequel goes back to the days of World War I, The Great War, to tell the origin story of The King's Man agency. Lead by a great set of ...
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Witness the Bloody Origin in The King’s Man Special Look Featurette

BEGIN SLIDESHOW 20th Century Studios has released a brand new behind-the-scenes featurette for their long-gestated Kingsman prequel to Matthew Vaughn’s action spy films. The King’s Man featurette, which you can check out below, highlights the franchise’s legacy including various action-packed scenes from the first two Taron Egerton-led films along with new footage teasing the origin of the spy agency. Starring Ralph Fiennes, the film has been delayed seven times now and was originally set f...
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‘The King’s Man’ Special Look: Learn the “Bloody” Origin of the Kingsman

If you forgot there was going to be yet another Kingsman movie, that’s okay – I’m sure many others did as well. The film, a prequel called The King’s Man, has had its release date shuffled multiple times – and not just because of COVID-19. The flick was originally due out in 2019, but is now set to open this holiday season. For those who need the reminder, there’s a new The King’s Man special look below that goes behind the scenes of the upcoming Matthew Vaughn movie.  The King’s Man Special...
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The King's Man: Release Date, Cast And Other Quick Things We Know About Kingsman 3

Find out when we'll finally get to see The King's Man on the big screen.
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Cruella’s Mark Strong Talks About Why It’s More Fun To Play The ‘Bad Guy’ In Movies

The actor famously from Shazam! and Kingsman shares why he loves playing villains.
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Kingsman 3: Will Mark Strong Return As Merlin In A Sequel? Here’s The Latest

Could Merlin make a comeback post-The King's Man? Mark Strong weighs in.
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Kingsman Creator Sets Up New Spy Series, Other Originals at Netflix - IGN

As Netflix continues to bulk up its library with big properties, Netflix has turned to Kingsman creator Mark Millar to help create...
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‘What if Superman was your dad?’ Comics legend Mark Millar on Jupiter’s Legacy

The Kick-Ass and Kingsman creator is back with a TV series about a warring super-powered family. The Scot reveals how Carrie Fisher helped inspire it – and why he’s delighted Covid scuppered his move to HollywoodMark Millar is remembering one of the best bits of advice he ever came across, something he read as a teenager that was said by Alan Moore, the legendary creator of such milestones in comics as Watchmen and V for Vendetta. “Never believe that you’re a genius,” quotes Millar, himself the ...
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‘Settlers’ With Sofia Boutella, Brooklynn Prince Sells to IFC Midnight (EXCLUSIVE)

IFC Midnight has acquired North American rights to Wyatt Rockefeller’s “Settlers.” The film, which marks Rockefeller’s feature narrative debut, stars Sofia Boutella or “Kingsman: The Secret Service” fame, and Brooklynn Prince, who first captured audiences’ hearts in “The Florida Project.” Ismael Cruz Córdova, Nell Tiger Free, and Jonny Lee Miller round out the cast. IFC […]
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