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Enjoy this rather weird social distancing flipbook animation

Keep on doing your part by staying inside and keeping a safe distance from one another. For those who don’t have that option for whatever reason...thank you and stay safe #FlattenTheCuve #QuaratineLife— The Flippist (@TheFlippist) March 21, 2020 The Flippist presents "Social Distancing... A Flipbook," inspired by Kirsten Lepore's wonderful "Hi Stranger" (2017) and Juan Delcan's "Safety Match" (2020).
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Natural History Museum

Like Andy Warhol famously said,1 someday in the far future you might end up in an exhibit in someone else’s natural history museum. That what happens in this short film by Kirsten Lepore, who you may remember from the weirdo Hi Stranger video. (via waxy) Who’s to say he didn’t?↩ Tags: Kirsten Lepore   museums   video [Author: Jason Kottke]
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MINI Remains Big and Bold When It Comes to Reinventing an Iconic Brand

Small cars are disappearing at a rapid pace from the US marketplace, but MINI—with its spunky British heritage, line of hatchbacks and unique branding—isn’t among them. Despite trends against small cars that have reconfigured the American market, BMW-owned MINI has been holding its own, with sales so far in 2018 only down by 1% from the year to date. Indeed, MINI has shown remarkable resilience over a half-century in which it has passed through six different owners and can still be described as ...
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MINI USA Challenges Artists to Produce Videos that are Literally “Created in a Countryman”

Turns out, the MINI Countryman isn’t so mini. To artfully illustrate that the 2019 Countryman has enough space for even the biggest adventures, we teamed up with MINI USA and challenged stop-motion animator Kirsten Lepore (who you may recognize from her quirky “hi stranger” video that lit up the internet and late night shows last year) and Brooklyn-based diorama-duo Nix + Gerber to create short films in their signature styles. But there’s a catch – the intricate works of art were entirely cr...
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Stephen Colbert Gives That ’Hi Stranger’ Claymation Video A Donald Trump Twist

As if that “Hi Stranger” claymation video wasn’t weird enough. On Friday, the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” gave artist Kirsten Lepore’s bizarre clip that swept across the web last week a Donald Trump twist.  But be warned, you will not be able to unsee the cartoon president whispering sweet nothings to camera.  Check out the segment above, and see how it compares to Lepore’s original below: type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58df43bae4b0c777f787ac7b,58da2...
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Hi Stranger. Do You Find 'Hi Stranger' Creepy?

As someone who sorts through internet content for a living, many of my normal human responses have been deadened. Shame, horror, and the more pleasant side effects of emotional manipulation, like joy, are all gone now. However, this short animated video by artists Kirsten Lepore somehow got under my callouses.Read more...
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People Are Really Conflicted About This Nude Claymation Video

Hi, stranger: Prepare to be deeply disturbed, but somehow also oddly soothed.  Artist Kirsten Lepore uploaded the claymation video “Hi Stranger” (above) to YouTube Monday and reactions have been interesting to say the least. At first glance, the clip, which features a nude, dead-eyed clay man with a prominent butt uttering sweet-but-creepy nothings to the viewer, is just plain unsettling. this is SO horrible but I cannot look away— Kate Bratskeir (@Kbratskeir) March 21,...
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Do not watch "Hi Stranger" while high

A short film written and animated by Kirsten Lepore, starring Garrett Davis. It's part of the Strangers anthology from Late Night Work Club... ... a loose, rotating collective of indie animators. That is, animators who do independent, non-commercial work. It’s an excuse to bring a whole bunch of us together and make something great, and also to promote the work of the artists involved. Some of the best, most personal, experimental and vital animation going right now is happening on the inte...
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